By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Abdu llahi Omar said he was encouraged by the outcome of the one day of the international conference on Somalia which welcomes the continued dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia which was held in Ankara talks in April 2013 to clarify their future relationship during an interview with BBC Somali service.

Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar stated that the fourth paragraph of the joint communiqué from the London conference which clearly emphasizes on the significance of ongoing talks between federal government of Somalia and Somaliland, under the auspices of Turkish government.

“Although we (Somaliland) fully support return of peace and stability in Somalia, I don’t think the immensity the foreign aid will change the situation on the on the ground in Somalia,considering the issues which need to be resolved and existing differences in the distribution power among others”, stated Dr. Omer

“it’s  encouraging  to see how ongoing dialogue talks between Somaliland  and Federal Government held in  Ankara in April to clarify their future relationship, building on the meeting at Chevening in June 2012, and the Ankara communiqué was received  at the London conference,” said Dr. Omer.

President Silanyo was recently quoted saying “Somaliland wishes the conference well. Increased international attention and support for Somalia and the wider region is in everyone’s interest. But with real regret, we will not be attending.

This is not because of any ill-feeling to Britain or to Somalia, who are co-hosting the conference. Britain has been one of Somaliland’s staunchest friends and we are hugely grateful for its generous support. We are also now establishing relations with the new government in Somalia.

It is just that we cannot take part in a conference that does not recognise Somaliland’s unique status or move forward our long fight for international recognition.

I accept that this will be confusing to those not immersed in the troubled history and politics of this region.