The Somaliland Ministry of Education announced the results of the final for intermediate and secondary schools for the year of 2012 with students from private schools securing top grades.

In a press Conference held today at Somaliland’s National Examination board Headquarters the Minister of Information accompanied by the chairman of Somaliland National Examination Board Mr. Daud Ahmed Farah announced the results of the final examination with private schools securing  the ten top positions .

Somaliland Education Minister Hon Zamzam Abdi Adan, said on behalf of the ministry of education I take this opportunity to  congratulated all the students who sat for the this year examination for their hard work and fortitude in their pursuit for knowledge.

Hon Zamzam Abdi Adan, told reporters that more than 5842 pupils sat for the exams from 63 different schools all over the country ,the highest number of students to sit for a national  examination since Somaliland broke away from Somalia back in 1991.

The Ministry of education honored the top 10 students for each Intermediate and secondary schools for the year 2012/2013 during the ceremony, with majority of them from the privately owned schools most notable Nuradin schools and S.O.S schools.

It’s no secret education is reserved for the rich in Somaliland with the 1% who can afford to pay the $25-$30 a month per child are  getting quality education compared to their counterparts the 99% who are the majority in the public schools, this not only proves the inequality which is now becoming common trend in the country with privately owned establishments offering better quality services than public institutions.

With the rate of children enrolling in public schools increasing countrywide due to the obliterating of the school fees by the current KULMIYE government which primary schools used to charge, one is left to wonder what is cause of deteriorating  learning standards in Public schools .

Goth M Goth