Published On: Tue, Jan 4th, 2011

Somaliland says Shabaab ties claim a smokescreen

HARGEISA (Reuters) – The breakaway enclave of Somaliland said on Monday the neighbouring Somali province of Puntland had linked it with the al Shabaab rebel group in order to divert attention away from its creation of a large army.

Semi-autonomous Puntland, also in the north of Somalia, said in a statement over the weekend that it was concerned by Somaliland’s growing ties to al Shabaab, an Islamist group linked to al Qaeda.

The statement escalated a row between the two sides that has been simmering in recent weeks. Officials in Somaliland accuse Puntland of covertly building a large army with the help of foreign experts, despite a U.N. weapons embargo on Somalia.

Somaliland last month detained a plane that landed with military equipment on its way to Puntland’s commercial capital Bosaso. Officials say foreign security contractors are training an army of more than 1,000 in Puntland.

“Puntland’s concern about Somaliland and al Shabaab is baseless, false and intended to take the focus away from Somaliland’s … arming and training a large army,” Mohamed Abdillahi Omer, Somaliland’s minister for foreign affairs told Reuters.

Somaliland authorities say they are worried armed elements in Puntland could destabilise Somaliland, which is proud of the relative stability it enjoys compared to southern areas of the failed Horn of Africa state. Insurgents control large tracts of Somalia and are fighting a weak Western-backed government.

For its part, Puntland’s government said in its weekend statement that its forces were obliged to “ensure internal security and stability” and expressed surprise that Somaliland saw such moves as a threat.

It accused Somaliland of providing a safe haven and organising support for “the fleeing remnants of the al Shabaab terrorist group which was recently defeated in Galgala hills area (Al Medo mountain range).”

Rejecting the Puntland accusations, Omer said Somaliland was a democratic state with universal democratic values abhorred by al Shabaab.

In July, Somaliland’s President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo was sworn in after an election international observers said was free and fair, furthering its democratic credentials as it fights for international recognition. (Reporting by Hussein Ali Noor; Writing by Duncan Miriri; Editing by Jon Boyle).

Source: Reuters

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  1. moha BRH says:

    Apparently looks like some walaweyn pseudo-reporters got contracted to report wire news for reuters and they are trying hard to impose their anti-somaliland attitudes on their work…. sick people with perpetually irredeemable hate for s/land people.

  2. mohamed says:

    Ignore this article its all screwed up.

  3. HMObsiye says:

    There is nothing that is good and trustworthy, that is associated with Puntland. If they are serious to what they said they intend to do, then they have to do two things : 1) Stop sending poor Somalis and Oromo to their death, by charging them and throw them into the sea. 2) Stop those pirates that uses ONLY, your territory to kidnap innocent people and hold them hostages in puntland until they are paid. Until Puntland authorities fulfil these responsibilities, they are nothing but a mafia state that wants to expand the territory towards Somaliland.

  4. 100% Somali says:

    Puntland said this …Somaliland said that…….this is truly sad.

    Both governments should be embracing each other and working together as neighbors but day by day it seems like things are going backwards.

    How are the youth of Somalia suppose to plan to come back and contribute to Somalia/Land ??….i think the media has a MAJOR role here and people can downplay it as much as they like but it is vital that the free press of Somaliland / Puntland try to unite the people as MUSLIMS and as SOMALIS but hope is fading day by day.

    Articles like this only incite comments like HMObisye who is probably chewing while he types.

    • Jimcaale says:

      Hmobisye is not to blame and neither is SL. Puntland has been itching for a fight for the longest time. They make political statesments to their citizens about reclaiming land that never belonged to them BY FORCE. They push Las Anod Dhulbhante to fight against one another by telling the hardcore Darood tribalist to fight against proSL Dhulbhante. Never did they once think about the effect such actions would have on the locals and region at large. They have also labelled the Warsengli of Galagal terrorists to justify their removal to make way for their Australian oil partners. Tell me, what ever happened to their stance of uniting darood against SL. We all thought they actually cared about their so called tribesmen.

      Now, they want to raise an army to physically challenge SL over their corrupt land claims, over a people they have proven not to give a damn about. Actions speak louder than words. The people of SL always knew that PL never had any substance. It was a state simply built to undermine Somaliland drive for recognition and nothing else. The leaders are elected by elders and not fair elections. Based on reports 2/3 of their budget comes from piracy and these privates operate freely from the CAPITAL Garowe. And now they say SLis supporting terrorism lool

      The last time PL started a fight it ended with their ministers calling SL and telling them not to enter Garowe. By this time, SL forces were already 40km from their capital. SL could have humiliated PL and made their administration look useless, but they packed up and went home. If Al shabab were in our place they would have destroyed or captured every last city in PL. Luckily, the people of SL have only wanted 1 thing and that is to separate and be left ALONE.

      According to the latest news, SL forces have been deployed at the 1960 border and is what promoted PL to issue a press release stating their surprise at SLs reaction. I say PL should tread carefully and stop picking fights they can not win. Allah(swt) does not like those that transgress and oppress. Keep your peace and give us ours or the people of SL will take it from your dead corpses. You Choose!

      • Jimcaale says:

        My apologies for the typos..Nonsense and liars get under my skin easily

      • Ayanle says:


        • Jimcaale says:

          Allah(swt) does not like those who transgress all boundaries. Both Somaliland and Puntland are Somali and Muslim regions. Fighting should be the last resort! And even if it does lead to fighting SL's army should only defeat the opposing army. Before fighting they should be given terms 1) Agree to never mention the SSC again and never pass the 1960 border or 2) FIGHT! . If they choose the latter then no mercy should be given to their forces. However, at NO time should the SL forces enter a city or attack a civilian population. That would be extremism on the level of the Takfeeris!

          The idea is to punish their government and not their people. Their people are poor like us and they don't deserve to be grouped with Faroole and the funky bunch! So I respectfully disagree with you Ayanle. The hereafter does not distinguish between tribes.

  5. Mohamud says:

    Discard and disregard…….the statement is nothing but a dirty trick, to say the least! The mafia is basically crying wolf in smoke screen!!! But wait a minute! How many ships have you projected to be raided this month off the coast of Bossaso to boost the budget for your so-called government, Mr. "President?"

  6. nasir says:

    pirates of majeerteeniya is worst than alshabab as i believe,, because, alshabab is harming for somalis and if extended the east Africa region alone, but pirates of majeerteeniya are an enemy and terrorizing for the entire globe.

  7. Ayanle says:

    F…….THE REST.

  8. S... says:

    Ayaanle stop shiit stiring Ni99a i find it hard to believe that you a Somalilander.

  9. mohamed says:

    Ayanle waxay isku dhaqan yihiin dameeraha haku daalina hee!

  10. Wadani-Somali says:

    Hey people what is going on you trying compare isaaq to Majarteen, don't you know isaaq is equal to Daarood weyne. There is nothing call Somaliland is only isaaq that is it, even Gadabiirse don't want isaaq they want Somalia. Isaaq belongs only waqooyii galbeed iyo half of togdheer and 20% of Sanaag that is all. Lascaaano belongs to Dhulbahante and they part of Puntland, Isaaq they stay lascaano because of they pay money, if they stop paying money they will not be lascaano. Soon or latter you will leave lascaano, Puntland cantrol 80% of Sanaag.

    No international county will reconize you because Somalia is one and that will be fore ever.
    Guul Somalia
    Guul Puntland

    • Jimcaale says:

      Wrong on all accounts. In Sanaag both Isaaq and Darood are proSomaliland. Sool is split. Las Anod is majority Dhulbhante, the second largest city Caynabo has a junk of Isaaq. You have also conveniently forgot to mention that many Dhulbhante are proSomaliland. The elders in Sanaag have given an open statement stating that they are 100% against Puntland. Puntland has in turn replied with "We will never accept". Furthermore, the issue is between the Majeerteen and the people of Somaliland (Isaaq and Darood). The MJs are alone, because they have chosen to abuse other darood. The people of Galgala (Puntland region) have also stated their hatred for Puntland and their willingness to meet the SL government. Puntland's ONLY supporters are the small group called the SSC; which are ONLY located in Buhoodle and nowhere else.

      You should also know that being pro-puntland is by default Anti-Somali. PL has openly broken the constitution of Somalia (TFG) and the president has said that Puntland's actions were completely against the constitution and illegal. Furthermore, PL has been caught lying when they stated that their dealings with the Saracen company were outlined in a government backed contract, when in fact puntland is not included in the contract.

      - So Puntland does not flow the rules of being a federal state of Somalia
      - They have secret dealings with Australian oil companies
      - They kill the locals (warsengali) to make room for the foreign companies,
      - They claim land based on tribal affiliation; which is
      1) Outside of their jurisdiction as a federal state,
      2) Not supported by their head office – TFG,
      3) Puntland and cayn regions are newly recreated regions and never existed in the 1960's and so
      PL's claims have no legal merit – Somalia use to be 2 parts British and Italian Somaliland (Puntland
      was one with the south)
      – Puntland claims the entire regions – Sanaag, Sool, and Cayn (created by abdullahi yusuf) and this is wrong b/c
      1) They don't live in any of these regions and so how can they lay claim on regions that they don't
      actually own
      2) They have purposefully avoided to recognize the century old blood relations between the locals. The
      Isaaq, Dhulbhante and Warsengali have been intermarrying for years. And so simply saying "Any
      one with a Darood father is with us" is completely mindless. Or should we say "pure blood daroods
      on this side and half breeds move out"? How unifying would that idea be?
      3) Trying to divide the region by pitting relatives against one another will not help anyone. It would only
      serve to destroy the entire area. Puntland tired this experiment in Las Anod when they told the
      hardcore darood tribalists to attack any darood SL supporters. The result was Dhulbhante vs
      Dhulbhante. And it was the SL elders that requested THEIR supporters not make peace with their
      fellow Dhulbhante. The have built water plants, disarmed the population, improved the hospitals,
      and improved the legal system. Why? They should be the EVIL ISAAQ right! They even agreed to
      pay the damages of the entire ordeal as well as any blood money owed to families who lost a
      member. Why didn't Puntland offer anything? They started it! (refer to lasanod newspapers and
      media for proof)

      If you are TRULY wadani then you would have to agree that Puntland should be stating their disapproval of Somaliland's separation in its entirety rather than making tribal claims that are Anti-Somaliweyne, inaccurate and potentially disastrous.

  11. Jimcaale says:

    My apologies for the few typos…

    • Jimcaale says:

      CORRECTION " And it was the SL elders that requested THEIR supporters (not) make peace with their
      fellow Dhulbhante."

      It WAS the SL elders. The word NOT is a speed typing mistake

  12. Ali says:

    Fighting Losing battle in Lascanood. Better spend the litle money you receive on you'r people who are dying for hunger in Hargeysa than Fat cats who take you for ride untill you run out money or better paying suitor shows up. Dreamland project is doomed.

    Wisen up.

  13. mohamed says:

    Notwithstanding and regardless of all the matters under discussions there is one important indisputable factor which's the two-state solution…Somaliland & Somalia. Anything else is purely absolutely futile nonsense. Whether the two will find ways to reunite or go seperate is an ongoing process which will eventually hit the ground. The question of Puntland comes under Somalia.

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