Published On: Fri, Aug 27th, 2010

Somaliland religious community condemn Al-Shabab attack

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland prominent religious leaders have condemned recent bombings of Muna Hotel in Mogadishu. The militant group, Al-shabab has claimed responsibility of the attack.  31 people including six MPs were killed in the attack. During the Friday sermons, religious leaders around Somaliland condemned the attack and talked about how such violent attacks are far from Islamic teachings.

Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Hassan— one of the most respected and popular religious leaders in Hargeisa, condemned the attack during the Friday sermon and he described Al-Shabab actions as crimes that need to be stopped.

It is a crime to kill a Muslim person during the holy month of Ramadan. This is not Islam. Islam does not call to kill innocent people. The religion of Islam is about peace, mercy and love. It is not a terrorist religion.

On Wednesday of this week 31 people were killed in suicide attack in Mogadishu. six of the victims were part of the Somali parliament. The militant group Al Shabaab claimed responsibility of the attack.

number of leading Imams in Hargeisa also denounced the attack.

Somalilandpress’ reporter Abdiqani Baynah talked to people on the street of Hargeisa about the Muna Hotel attack. Faysal Ahmed Muse, a businessman in Hargeisa expressed disgust and anger:

Al shabaab are murderers. They are not defending the religion. They are using children as suicide bombers. They give them liquor, which makes them absent-minded when the child is doing this kind of attacks. These kids are not fit mentally. During the holy month of Ramadan, it is forbidden to kill a Muslim person.

Muna Omar Jama who is a student at University of Hargeisa told our reporter that she is feeling sad for the innocent people who were killed in Mona Hotel.

“It is a sad situation. May Allah make Al shabaab realize that killing Muslims is forbidden in our religion.” she says.

Abdifatah Ahmed, another Hargiesa University student expressed anger and questioned Al-Shabab political savviness.

“It is something people do not do. If Al Shabab kill all the people, whom would they rule? What is their political objective?”

Although the Transitional Government in Somalia has implant the most elements of Islamic law and used the Sharia as the main source of legislations and constitution of the country, the extremist group Al-Shabab have refused to negotiate with the Somali government until all African Peace keepers are out of the country. The attack came after Al-Shabab fighters declared a “final” war against what they called “invaders and infidel” and attacked army barracks in several districts of Mogadishu on Monday.

Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Rage, al-Shabab’s spokesman, then said fighters were starting a new war against “invaders”, an apparent reference to the 6,000 African Union troops deployed in the country to support government forces.

Reported by Abdiqani Baynah in Hargeisa & edited by Isahaq Hashi Ahmed

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  1. Kayse says:

    I respect our religion leaders they are very open minded and people's people. We have to make sure al shabab and other extremists dont infiltrate into them and hijack our scholars.

    In particular our Sheikh Dirir is a blessing. He and many others have kept us in the right path.

    Ramadan Kariim!

  2. Jama Hasan says:

    Some thing we should all be doing like this prominent shieks is to be condeming such evil deeds and erroneous ideologies that misrepresent Islam, If this article was about politics everyone would be sprurring a passionate hatred about each other, but when it comes to the simplest thing as condeming such evil in our door steps, we observe silence, awaiting someone else to chip in to condem for us.

    Where are your voices people

  3. Abdulla Hassan Ali says:

    Too late to condemn Alshabab attack. I think, it was both religious and human to condemn the recent attack of Muna Hotel in Mogadishu where many people died and injuried, which Al-shaydaniin have claimed responsibility later on. Why are we
    so silent about such incidents that are daily occurring in Mogadisho. It would have been better that both the Somaliland Government and people to speak out before now and show our kind solidarity to our people in the South, when such disastrous incidents occur. As Somalilanders, we should not misunderstand to play our right role about the South,s fighting.

  4. M. Khalid says:

    It is very important for all Somalis everywhere to unite against the Al-Shabab group. They are adherents of an imported ideology which has nothing to do with religion. Their behavior is alien to our religion, culture and tradition. They are cold blooded beasts intoxicated by hatred. This kind of ideology is far from solving the somali plight.

  5. Abdillahi says:

    Somaliland should conquer the rest of Somalia, and help bring order to chaos.

  6. Omar says:

    I totally agree with u, Abdillahi. I have always believe that SNM did not accomplish their final objective, which was to conquer Mogadishu and replace Mr Siad Bare regime to a civilian government like ours in Somaliland. Instead we left the country to a bunch of warlords and now have been replaced by guess who, Al Shabab, the terror.

    I strongly believe that it is interest of all Somalis to come together and form another SNM which will take over Mogadishu and bring that much needed stability. I'm sure of push come to shove and that Al Shabab threatens the existence of Somaliland, it will be a matter of weeks before they become history!

  7. Mahamud says:

    It is good to see our Sheikhs coming out to condemn the blood-letting Al-Shabab militants. I hope his message does not end there because Al-Shabab will never stop killing innocent Muslims be they Somalis or non-Somalis. Al-Shabab have nothing in common with our religion and culture. They are just spreading fitnah among our people and should be condemned, fought and removed from our land so that such poisonous fitnah does not spread to peaceful areas like Somaliland and Puntland. This is the only way to stop this murderous gang from spreading further mayhem.

  8. AbdisamadUK says:

    I wouldn't worry about Al-Shabaab for long only a tiny minority are extreme fanatics the rest are just paid militia, they pay their fighters $300 per month while the Somali Govt only pays $100 per if that. We have seen how they turned on each other like their allies Hizbul Islam. Also there have been many defections from their ranks as they see al Shabaabs cruelty and extortion against the people. Also within al shabaab their tribal tendency are beginning to show as follow clan members afre killed while others are spared. soon inshallah they will eat themselves out of existence.

  9. abdirahman yusuf says:

    what ever is going on in muqadisho is almost unparrelble and beyond believe
    its what islam called it (FITNA) there also people who can't even read the Qur'an al karim propley using the religion of peace as scape goat to commit most evil crime and terrorist attacks. I thing is minority of people who felt they robbed before or unlawfully killed by superior clans and using the religion of all mankind to comitt crimes. al shaydan rather than al shabbab

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