Published On: Thu, Apr 19th, 2012

Somaliland Pulls Out of Proposed Talks With TFG

HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)–Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Mohamed Abdilaahi Omar has announced the decision reached by the government of Somaliland to pull out of the upcoming talks with the Transitional Government of Somalia which were to be held in London soon, we also denounce the tactics deployed by TFG President which are meant to undermine and hijack the Talks.

Hon Mohamed Abdilaahi Omar said the government of Somaliland has official pulled out of the upcoming talks with TFG of President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed which were to be held London in August in accordance with the requirements set by the London conference so as to
agree practical outcome. The Somaliland foreign minister said the reason we are pulling out of this talks is because it has became clear to us that the TFG President Sheik Sharif is not interest in form of talks, we on the other hand were committed to negotiate with them to expedite process, but it came clear to us when he added two more members to the previous team of seven elevating TFG negotiators to a 9 member team contrarily surpassing the maximum five required.

Hon Mohamed said this talks are doomed to fail he added, the simple fact of appointing the two negotiators who are originally from Sool and Sanaag regions of Somaliland proves it is pointless having any form of dialogues with the TFG hence meaningless as negotiating stand
to fail and also contradicts the very principles in which we agreed to engage in this talks in the first place.

Somaliland was not only obligated to participate in the conference and spearhead a vigorous campaign to end Somalia’s carnage, but also Somaliland has the opportunity to put its case for independence in front of the world. Forty nations including Somaliland were invited in the conference, hence a golden opportunity for Somaliland to push its quest for an International recognition, while finding a lasting solution for Somalia, echoing across the conference hallway its [Somaliland] success to achieving a lasting peace and establishing democratic institutions.

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Friday, April 20, 2012
Reported by Goth Mohamed, Somalilandpress, Hargeisa

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  1. muse abdi says:


  2. Saddam says:

    We are not desperate for mr. Minister concentrate on your other works because talking to the TfG government wouldn't have yielded anything positive coz they represent nobody.

  3. Ina Cali says:

    The Somaliland authorities should have know better. The position of both Somaliland and Somalia are well understood. In a negotiation every party is going to try and strengthen there hand. It was Somaliland that has change it's law for this talk and yet again the Somaliland authorities are shown to be naive and a little childish in their preparation and expectations. The accusation will be that Somaliland is setting conditions before the talk have started. If there no stratage and policy frame work for dealing with Somalia then we will be waiting for time when our chooses are limited to the extremists.

    • Ina Cali says:

      Correction I meant extremities

    • Beeldeeq says:

      According to Article 6 of LCS communique – Somaliland and Somalia may start talks "which means based on their status before 1 July 1960". So it's obvious that Sh. Sharif does't want to have meaningful talks with Somaliland simply because he gets orders from Farole of Puntland and IC knows that. now it's better for Somaliland to wait until August 2012 and see what comes after that, instead of wasting time with the weak and unreliable TFG.

    • inayuusuf says:

      Ina Cali, you should have known this:
      Somaliland has the upper hand in the Somalia-Somaliland talks. Simply put we are not only have a functioning government but a democratically elected leader that respond to their citizen’s will and work on their interest.
      Don’t you see that its Somaliland that triggered the nomination. Your Sharif (but not sharif) has only responded to Silanyo’s announced committee formation.
      Don’t worry pal, we have a fully drawn strategy that extends to when the IC’s last endeavour to put your central government in place fails. Remember… the last endeavor.
      We are not in hurry… just being preemptive.

  4. Abdiwahab says:

    Good news Somaliland is doing the right thing – I mean seriously Somalia might be recognised and not us but we have law, order, democracy, peace and a GOVERNMENT so I advise our southern neighbours to make peace with each other, make a govt. and accept our seperation in order to stop urself bleeding because to be honest – its more likely pigs will fly than Somaliland reuniting with Somalia

  5. Mohamd says:

    The Somalis say "doqon usheedaa lagu karbaashaa". UN appointed "TFG" is doomed to failure with everything it touches. This failed before it even started and that is a warning to their sponsors. Total waste of international community's donations.

  6. reer jigjiga yar says:

    Hi, as a somali from somaliland whose brother is stationed in Buhodle district. I think there should be a referendum with international observers on whether somaliland should be independent or not. All the somali that live in the ex British protectorate should participate and it should be what the majority decide. This is the only bloodless way that this can be decided. I was speaking to my brother about who ha been stationed in that area since 1996 and he agreed with this. This should be the only point that somaliland should be talking about.

    • hasan ali says:

      Go & ask referendum international community i doubt you have The numbers,i don’t Think any s/land militia base in buhodle district been kicked out by local forces with The blessing khatumo administration,any land accopied majority is@q clan should have Their own referendum if can get Permission from UN.put rest of north somalia will remain intact within somalia.

    • Gobaad says:

      Jigjiga yar, we have been there and done that. In the referendum 97% said 'yes' to revert to our previous Statehood. So, we are not interested to waste our precious time with more useful things.

  7. M. Khalid says:

    I don't believe that there is what is called Somalia. The Italian Somalia before the independence was colonized by Italy with the help of some members of the Majeerteen clan who were at that time the leading intellectuals. Now that that era is gone and the other Somalia felt the danger of using tribal power after Siyad Bare dictatorship, the major clans of the South are suspicious of their former leaders. Thus there are about 12 governments formed in the region. The TFG is part of them. Somali land cannot negotiate with Somalia in such a state and there is no necessity for this.

  8. Ali says:

    Seeing as the TFG will be disbanded in August & these talks were scheduled for August, then I guess it's OK to delay the talks until the formation of the next Somalia TFG. However, will the next TFG be any different to the current dysfunctional, incompetent, bunch in Villa Somalia – only time will tell. But, Somaliland must must hold talks so we can settle our differences and so the south can finally pay us compensation for our property and wealth they robbed from us or at least they can acknowledge the injustices they perpetrated on reer waqooyi galbeed. Wa billahi tawfiiq.

    • Gobaad says:

      Ali, you are right. These delusionally still think that Somaliland may re-union. What an absurd to even suggest that there may be reconciliation. What Somaliland should talk about is retribution of the death and destructions of our people and country, reestablishing of cordial relations, to building the idea of good fences make good nieghbours, to stop of all forms of hostilities, and to give each other their blessings to go own their separation ways. Anything other than that is unacceptable.

  9. Abdi Noor says:

    TFG is doomed, titanic -like it is sinking beneath the waves. Not a fan of the current Somaliland Gov, but a reasonable decision. Who will we negotiate post August will be interesting. The current move by the TFG is so amateur it reflects the lack of diplomatic skills and narrow mindedness that pervades politics in Somalia.

  10. osman5 says:

    Well done Somaliland. It’s clear that Somaliland is in the driver’s seat. We initiated a dialogue as a goodwill gesture with Somalis to move forward, primarily for a few reasons:

    Firstly, Somaliland was also willing to offer an invaluable lesson to Somalia as to how to fix its broken government system.
    Secondly, Somaliland administration was showing the world, the political maturity in Somaliland government, confidence of its citizens and the deep trust exists between the 2 can take Somalilanders collectively to higher grounds.

    Now, understandably, Sherif doesn’t understand the political dynamics of new the world, hence, it’s a leap frog jump for him from a Madasa teacher to a president of failed state, Somalia, as such, Somalia unfortunately lost a golden opportunity by Sherif’s actions like as a disobedient K-9.

    Somaliland conversely secured further great confidence of the IC by showing at least it can engage talks with Somalia if possible. Sillanyo has certainly proved again he’s a strong leader and he’ll hold Somaliland standards high.

    Osman Qaal

    • Abdi2 says:

      I totally agree with your positions Osman and Abraham, you both made good arguments and I couldnt have said it better. Long Live the Land of the Free and Proud.

    • baashi says:

      Either your naive or pretending to be one what invaluable lesson could give s/land it’s current condition & looming war in The north it’s like selling fake story in dream time.inmature mind not difficult to see The whole world could not fix problems some Part southern somalia let alone small region s/land,when Their time comes They will fix & it’s getting better by The does not see s/land mature political system They see is tribel region or addministration,sharif he’s right whether he stays in august or not anyone who replaces will do The some & s/land go back it’s cage.

      • Gobaad says:

        baashi, Sharif is digging his own grave deeper and deeper by the day. At least had a chance of good spot on his tainted legacy that he was the one who had a role in the peace process of Somaliland and Somalia, but he blow it big time. And now with his term as a President of Somalia ending in August, no doubt he will go down the history as a corrupt, weak, incompetent leader who had a hand in the destruction of Somalia and killed thousands of innocent Soamlis. What a shame!

        • osman5 says:

          I don't know about you but I was a bit leery about the fact Somaliland was actually planing on having diplomatic talks with a former Madarasa teacher.
          Whenever the guy is on TV, I see nothing but a lowlife street whore on cheap bright red lipsticks.

          Osman Qaal

        • baashi says:

          @gobaad,mr sharif not digging his own grave it is natural Thing to do & commen sense,who ever changes will do The some,he did not blow up This meeting for simple & accoret reason who want’s to be in a shanty negotiation which will not work as long as 1.9 million somali northern not happy current condition,let’s not say small manority who are making The problem it is The majority.if Think sharif is The only one who’s causing hovic to innocent people better Think twice no need to look far ex-rebel leader & murderer silanyo commiting The some crimes.

        • baashi says:

          Talk like man not like “foodlay” or lost teenage chick,nothing wrong teaching madarasa or teaching god his words,so you Think someone who has PHD will be better so he can grant your little recognition he will do The some,probable you need MRI scan.

          • osman5 says:

            The truth hurts. I was only expressing my first impression on Sherif..We don't usually hire an accountant to come up a specific engineering design. Politic dynamics is more complicated than engineering tasks..

            Osman Qaal

          • baashi says:

            Infact The truth hurts when if The person telling “The truth” ,in This situation you just insulting a man who can’t or not interesting granting recognition which is unreachable.somali politics it does’t need experts it’s not That complicated as you Think it requires fairness forward & not stepping on someone’s toes Than every Thing will be find.

          • osman5 says:

            Somaliland was getting prepared for discussions between the 2 nations to move things forward. Somalia in the mean time, was meddling with Somaliland's internal affairs…
            It takes 2 to tango….

            Osman qaal

          • baashi says:

            It was not two country talking & never will be,it was lost renegade state coming to it’s senses trying to get out The mess it’s in.

  11. Abraham says:

    This is a very good move by our government indeed. There was absolutely no need to negotiate with a bunch of warlords who have no legitimacy to call themselves a government, no mandate to govern their people, no morals to conduct their duties, no vision for their country, and certainly no right to speak to us. The government of Somaliland should just concentrate on their priorities and wait for a reasonable counterpart to emerge from Somalia with whom we can have a meaningful dialogue. In the meantime our government should let the international community know about the reasons of our pull out and why negotiations with the current TFG is just a waste of time.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Good thinking Brothda Abraham with one exception: There's no necessity for S/Land to wait for
      for a reasonable counterpart to emerge from Somalia or even the IC driving forces for that matter!
      Your good ideas granted, S/Land should instead go ahead with the quest plea for quick recognition
      to become a full member of the UN World body. Ofcourse, the S/Land stances stand favourable
      chances across the political chess board of almost all the key Govts of the contemporary modern
      World of our time and age. S/Land have proved their Govts are working reasonably well to satisfy
      the needs of the IC interests, now the question is which key Govt will take the lead to come to the
      side of the S/Land recognition…US Democratic Govt , EU,AU,AL/OIC,China,India,Russia?
      The S/land just case have reached the levels of when instead of how?.

  12. BURCO says:

    i have to adimit this is a stupid mistake for a government who wants to be independent. yes sure the TFG may have broken the conditions but the point of these talks was to about both the future of somaliland and somalia. this government and the past government have kept on saying that they want to be independent yet they do not do enough to achieve this but the biggest mistake they have made is try to ignore all talks with somalia. they fail to understand that the key to independence is based on the negotiations with somalia to come to an agreement to seperate instead of crying out to the world to grant them independance. it seems to me more than ever that this government is considering joining somalia because they fail the points above i have made.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Are you from Puntland. Sorry but in all respects, the S/Land Govt. is just doing fine in dealing with
      the subject matter concerning the proposed talks between Somaliland Govt. and the Somalia

  13. Gobaad says:

    osman5 and Abraham, I couldn't agree. Dealing with warlords and incompetent so-called leaders was a waste of time and energy. Besides, the don't have a tangible arguments to face Somaliland and instead they would beat around the bush and moronically trying to interfer with Somaliland's Internal Affairs.

  14. Gobaad says:

    Good job, Mr. Mohamed Abdilaahi Omar for standing your ground and defeating these morons in their own ill-advised games and a conspiracy they thought will work.

  15. amal says:

    I'm glad, I was starting to worry and was thinking, in what capacity will the government negotiate with warlords who are fixed on dead union. Well done to Somaliland for being wary of people who've been known for their cunning skills. This shows Somaliland's seriousness about the matter.
    Hargeisawi-in-london sensed the dodginess already.

  16. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Somaliland must insist that they cannot negotiation with TFG who are continously undermining the stability that we enjoy, instead of trying to learn from us. This is what i said in 2011 and if you anyone of you wish to read that article of mine. THE LOOMING DANGER THAT AFRICA & INTERNATIO​NAL COMMUNITY NEEDS TO CONFRONT WISELY. In aan Maarshaal ahay ogaada hadaba!

    Somaliland is bigger than few CALOOSHOODA U SHAQAYSTA YAAL AH oo sheegta in ay metelaan reer ka mid ah Somaliland.

  17. osman5 says:

    Mr. Dualleh,
    I have no doubt in my mind that you're a true Somalilander. I'm not sure if you can recall it, you and I had collided once through emails prior to the conference in London on Somalia. you authored a article back then you're basically persuading Somaliland not the attend the meeting.
    Nevertheless I beamed you a private email asking to stop your mere tactics of tempting to detail the effort.

    At the end however, we've had reconciled our wide range of differences with mutual understanding and respect. As result, I respect you in a great deal. Never doubt yourself you're a noble man with great knowledge based skills in terms of debates on hot issues pertaining to Somaliland.

    Osman Qaal

  18. Hargeisawi-in-London says:

    Guys[Somalilanders], we are not out of the woods yet — I hear Mahinga is in Hargeisa; we need to be vigilant.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      What's he upto this time around? His policies are all out in Public and he's too deep in the
      DKMG's so called roadmaps 1+2..What's there he could possibly satisfy the solid just cause of
      the S/Land position?.

  19. osman5 says:

    Mahinga has nothing to offer Somaliland. He's another useless UN diplomat. We should put him on a short leash and tied him up on a post at Doqon-ma-waaye market in Hargeisa.

    Osman Qaal

  20. Allemagan says:

    Mohamed Abdilaahi Omar claims that Somaliland (sic) is committed to negotiate with the Transitional Government of Somalia (TFG) – an entity whose remaining days are numbered. But for argument sake, can Mr. Omar tell us which part of Somaliland his administration represents and is negotiating for? Also, why Somaliland wants to negotiate with an unelected government that will be on the Somali political scene for only a couple of more months in the first place? What does Mr. Omar mean by saying “we wanted to expedite the process”? It is political naivety by Mr. Omar if he expects to meet one Quran school teacher in a dark alley and secure a quick recognition for his separatist enclave.

    Let me put it this simple way to you Mr. Omar. Somaliland has to convince and negotiate with those who are originally from Sool and Sanaag regions of former British Somaliland before it can conclude any agreements with anyone else. Sheikh Sharif is from Mahaday Aday and I doubt if he can today negotiate on behalf of that city let alone decide the territorial integrity of Somalia. Charity begins at home.

    • Abdiwahab says:

      why are you lying for mate all clans in former british protectorate support independent somaliland so just eat your eyes and heart out fool

    • cabdirizaq says:

      @Allemagan,your right,which side of north somalia mr omar represents his addministration? one Thing is sure he’s not representing majority northern somalia,The reason omar want’s to hasten process quickly is There’s mentality & foolishness in s/land Think someone from TFG or future goverment will recognize no one can & no one will for simple reasons,first They have to pass or have referendum whole population of north secondly all somalis have to approve i know This small argument 1960 we have different borders & This nonsense Those days north were together today totaly complete picture,Third They need to get approvel from UN.

    • inayuusuf says:

      @Allemagan; excuse me sir, I really cherish stalking you and I hope you don’t mind it.
      “why Somaliland wants to negotiate with an unelected government that will be on the Somali political scene for only a couple of more months in the first place?”
      Simply because no legitimate govt will be after the TFG and trustees will be the successor (sorry for being harsh). Thus we intended to engage with the TFG so that we can protest to the IC, later on, that last recognized government was talking to us and trustees have not choice but to continue talks on behalf of Somalia. Unfortunately enough Mr. Sharif (but not sharif) proved to be politically savvy and thwarted our well prepared plot by including two Harti descendants from the Nabaddiids in the negotiating committee.
      And “let me put it this simple way to you:; Mr. Omar shouldn’t be negotiating “with those who are originally from Sool and Sanaag regions” simply because he (Mr. Omar, the FM of Somaliland’s democratically elected government) represents them.

  21. Burcawii says:

    Excellent move SL government. We have no time to waste on dealing with bunch of corrupted officials from the south. I hope this will be a wakeup call for them so next time they will think twice before they meddle in SL internal affairs. Simply don’t stick your nose in other people’s business.

    Well done Mr. Omar and the rest of the team. For president Silanyo I say what an outstanding leadership.

    God bless Somaliland.

  22. Gobaad says:

    Whether Sharif is Quran school teacher or not, he is the sitting President of Somalia after all and the only one who has a mandate to negotiatte with Somaliland for now. Somaliland is not rushing anything and the negotiation between the two countries was initiated by the Internatiional Community at London Conference either with this Administration or with their replacement and we were on the right track or so we thought, until they tried to interfere with Somaliland's internal affairs. Well, what do you expect from mafia gangs who modeled themselves after Italian Mafioso. They thought they could over smart and outmaneuver Somalilanders by resorting to a conspiracy they cannot win. Way to go, Mr. Omer and good job for standing your ground! Keep up the good work.

    FYI, Somaliland territorial integrity will always be intact and its internal affairs is between Somalilanders to solve any issues they may have and any foreign entities trying to destabilize the peace and cohesion of our people will be met with an iron-fist

  23. mizz khaatumo says:

    the separatist enclaves should now this by now they will never gona have talks with somalia without khaatumo/puntland being part of… excellent choice faroole

    • Gobaad says:

      mizz khaatumo, neither Faroole nor Sharif has anything to do with Somaliland internal affairs. And their intrusive in meddling in our own business, will only make things worse and will drive both sides far apart. Somaliland is for Somalilanders to solve their own issues and nobody else's business period.

    • osman5 says:

      Dear mizz khaatumo,
      if it's true you're from Khatumo. you've been misguided. Somalinad is flying at a high altitude be part of it for your own good…

      Osman Qaal

      • hasan ali says:

        osman5,flying high altitude without a polit it’s suicidal,no one want’s to be in That plane it will crash & heading on The ground speed of light.

        • osman5 says:

          hasan ali,
          Our plane is not an iron graded plane like ones that were sold to Puntland.
          Ours was built to last, It's been flying save for 21 years. the maintenance records are up to date.
          our pilots are the best of the best.

          Why would you think it'll suddenly crash? You're among the lucky ones, so, we only ask you once not twice. C'mon! please have a faith and get on aboard quickly..

          Osman qaal

          • hasan ali says:

            No one knows what sort of material made This plane may be boxes or maakeshift backyard plane,This plane is flying wrong direction & hight altitute above 45,000ft That means if commercial plane goes over This altitude it will lose contact or communication air traffic control on The ground,That is why no one can trace last 21 years This plane becuase it’s lost on high altitude & heading head on first on The ground,who want’s to be in This plane unless mentally unstable person,i advice all citizens in north somali to wait genuine plane & trained Pilots so They can get save Their destanition.

          • osman5 says:

            They would'n be able to make the high altitude if they're made substandard materials as per your comment. I could sense you're mistakenly thinking of the poorly manufactured planes we've purposely sold to Puntland.

            You should know the G-force, turbulence and different climate effects would disable their instrumentation systems, if they weren't made to last. Our planes have a proven track record and our pilots are the cream of the crops they've been taking frequent fliers in and out over the last 21 years safely. reliability is highest in the commercial avionics.

            The last time I checked the flight schedule showed, a plane was heading for Buhodle to pick up a large number passengers under the big shade trees on the west side of town. it'll be a bit dusty as well as windy due to the utilization of the air craft's hovering capability so be prepared should you wish to get on board for better and prosperous live.

            Osman Qaal

          • hasan ali says:

            Any plane can fly high we are not in 1920′s,what’s important is how The plane can indure or measure & balance G-FORCE againest The plane when flying,every plane desing by The manufacture either by boeing or airbus There’scertain hight The plane could fly in This scenario This untrained pilot went over That specification That’s why The plane not on The radar.Three Things went wrong here,one plane bought from Aeroflot company which is worest aircraft manufacture,two untrained polit’s & plane not registered world aviation regulating authorities That means every aircraft flying in The sky whether it’s corporate or not should by law registered in a country which is recognize by The international community in This case no one knows or have any clue which country owns This weird aircraft & where it’s heading,at moment Puntland planes are not going wrong direction or may be waiting The wheather man for clearance in This turbulence time & above all not forcing The passengers or taking Them wrong unwanted distanition”remember customers are always right”.

            OOh no last time i checked The air-space of buhodle-sanaag-sool-ceyn,unauthorized aircraft will face russain made ZSU-23-4″SHILKA” ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS unless you & your poorly manufacture plane are suicidal.

  24. Hargeisawi-in-London says:


    I am afraid, your comment confirms the irrelevance of your delusional Khatumo Seeg project in Somali politics. Never mind!

    As for your question "…which part of Somaliland his administration represents and is negotiating for?", you answer it yourself — the very line that comes after your question gives the answer, Somaliland! You don't have to take my word for it, just read carefully what you've written. Gosh! This is really embarrassing. It seems your head and heart are out of sync.

  25. Abdi Noor says:

    Khaumo project was always a non starter, what makes me laugh, is the concerns of Puntland… so insecure. They would be better off controing unpaid policemen in Bossaso.

  26. karash says:

    shiekh sharif made it clear if one clan in somalia wax tabanayso from the prevous government (siad barre's) will have to deal some other times now they have other priority…

    and khaatumo being a new state, puntland has fill their possion.. well done faroole for the excellent choice. (dhuloz and waroos)

  27. Jamac says:

    No talks should take place until the people of Somalia vote for a government which represents them. The Foreign Minister of Somaliland should not speak to any interim government.

  28. reer khaatumo says:

    khatumo will stand forever the unity of somalia,,

  29. Eng: Abdirashid says:

    Its wrong Somaliland to abandon talks with Somalia, Puntland has a full right to attend those talks since they have disagreed Somaliland over Sool region. This region became contagious issue and the world is focusing fluctuating politics in the region. Bear in Mind, Puntland is the cornerstone and the role model of Somalia Politics hence its incredible to hear Puntland out of Somaliland-Somalia talks.

    Puntland president Dr. Faroole is playing one of the serous political games ever experienced, one of the notable evidences is this issue where he forced instantaneously Sharif to appoint two ministerial members.

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