Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2012

Somaliland: President Names New Minister and Appoints Four Director Generals

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HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)-Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) has on Wednesday March 28, 2012 appointed a new Minister of Posts and Telecommunication, three Director Generals and a new managing director of the state printing agency. President Ahmed Silanyo has issued a presidential decree appointing Hon Ali Elmi Gelle as the new Minister of Posts and Telecommunications which was previously held by Hon Ahmed Hashi Oday and the new Minister is to assume office with immediate effect.
Appointed Director Generals
1) Director General in the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon. Mohamed Elmi Aden (Ilka-case)

2) Director General in the Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Tourism Hon Abiib Ahmed Ali

3) Director General in the Ministry of Resettlement Ali Mohamed Cabdulle (Bikolo).

4) Managing Director of National Printing Agency, Abdilahi Mohamed Jama

Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) has named a new Minister of posts and Telecommunication and three new Director Generals to fill the vacant posts left empty when the President announced a major reshuffle two weeks ago.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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  1. osman5 says:

    The first wave of the alleged pirate prisoners are here. We have to show the world that our correction system is parallel with international standards with no short cuts by treating these individuals with dignity and respect .

    In order to get dual benefits, now, it's a time where our law students in our law faculties put their law theories into action and try if they can reverse some of the sentences, of course, under the supervision of experienced law attorneys.

    Osman Qaal

  2. osman5 says:

    oops! I guess posted the above entry where it doesn't belong to. sorry!

    Osman Qaal

  3. M. Khalid says:

    It is clear from the current president's decisions and the decisions of the ones before him that he is enjoying an absolute power perhaps given to him by the constitution or that he is abusing his authority. As a loyal Somali lander, I am against a government system where all authority is in the hands of one person. Parliament should reconsider this because this kind of governance can lead to dictatorship. We need power relegated to the bottom. We see all people seeking to see the president to solve their problems. Where are the other government ministers and officials?

  4. Yusuf says:

    @ M. Khalid

    FYI Someone has to take control and run the country, you can not have many people with the same powers in the helm. That only happens in Mogadishu and is called anarchy. In Somaliland the powers are equally divided between the three branches of government namely, the executive,the legislative and the juridical.

    I agree with you that every Jack and John are taking their minor problems directly to the president, instead of taking them to the ministers or even departmental directors, Mayors,governors etc that the matter concerns. This system anomaly was inherited from previous administration and will take time to educate the people and change this impractical system.

    Our people are having hard time understanding the difference between local and central governments, that is why the President is blamed for the decision taken by the municipality of Hargeisa to clean-up the street. The more importantly, people have difficulty to understand that the Judicial branch is independent from the executive administration headed by the President and that is why the president is also blamed for the arrest and release of people charged with corruption etc.

    During Siad Barre regime of the Somali Republic and before this current Silanyo administration all the government powers were in the hands of the president and that is why people still get upset when the President tells them that I can not release Mr. X from prison, because that is within the Justice systems jurisdiction.

  5. osman5 says:

    I think you have nailed it indeed, just to add one more generic piece.

    A government system by nature is a very cumbersome item, especially if one tries to be educated through " university of Google" but to understand it a little bit we have to understand and acknowledge that the people are the ultimate power and the President's primary responsibility is to govern the country by the constitution. It sounds a bit trivial, but to understand fully you have to be a constitution lawyer or in the politics.

    One must assumed though that democratic government exists where people can voice their opinions without a fear of recourse and the people by majority choose who they want to govern them through free and fair elections. if elements those 2 are interlaced together all other subsequent elements democracy entails are, let's say the icing on the cake.

    Osman Qaal

  6. Ciise says:

    I think that , you two had pointed out right things on this government. But, I would like to add one more point that would clarify a bit . One of the good working government has to have power sharing and it should distribute powers evenly from up to button and ought to avoid that someone owns all powers.

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