Published On: Sun, Dec 11th, 2011

Somaliland: President Dismisses Joint Chiefs of Staff Nuh Tani

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HARGEISA(Somalilandpress)-Somaliland president Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo today dismissed the country’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mr. Nuh Tani. The president appointed Mr. Mohamed Hasan Jidhif as the new man who will be responsible for the smooth running of country’s defense forces. The head of state Mr. Siilaanyo relieved from all his duties the man by the name of Mr. Hasan Abdi Yusuf better known as ‘Hasan Keyse’ who was responsible for Somaliland armed forces for operations.

The president appointed Mr. Mohamed Adan Saqadhi known as ‘Dabagale’ to head of operations of Somaliland armed forces. According to press release issued by the presidential spokesman Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir Cukuse stated that the head of the country Mr. Ahmed Siilaanyo issued today a presidential decree in which he dismissed the former head of Somaliland armed forces Mr. Nuuh Tani and the head of operations Mr. Hasan Abdi Yusuf.

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  1. Abraham says:

    What have they done to get sacked by the president? Care to elaborate?

  2. Omer Hussein Dualehi says:

    No need to comment on what they have done now, but we need to be Somalilanders who care of their country. The new appointees must take over the security between these two clans and restore the peace in the first place. Secondly, we need Awdalites to make clear that Somaliland is their home and stop flag waiving when such problem eases, because such thing happens all over Somaliland from time to time, but nobody waves the flag of our neighbour country Somalia. this is ridiculous and should not be repeated, because it's not the first time.

    People of Gabiley and Borame are to me one family, and throughout the history, such conflict has happening many times, but not reached this proportion. Awdalites belong to Somaliland and nowhere else as far as i am concerned.

  3. amal says:

    I wonder too, one cannot just get sucked without a reason, but if they were lazy and inactive people then that's a good reason because we need tough and pro-active people that takes the security of Somaliland SERIOUSLY. I believe our president is serious on the issue of safety for his country and people and maybe that's why he took a drastic action by starting with sucking these people in charge of the security. This issue does not only happen between gadabursi and their sacad muse buddies but it happens all over somaliland and the government needs to be very pro-active in solving such issues and watching over the citizens. This is an interested initial action taken by silanyo.I have a good faith in silanyo- lets wait and see whats next.

    • amal says:

      correction: sacked not 'sucked' kkk also interesting and not 'interested' plz ignore my crazy mistakes due to speed typing

      • ali says:

        the issue is not why the president has sacked the 2 chiefs of army but the timing of this sacking… ceelbardale was always like this even in the time of syad barre.. the president could have sacked them when he was appointed but from my point of vue the timing is wrong.. you dont please anyone for the security of the country… nuuh was a good general and i hope the new one will be as effective as his predecessor .. the new general is a mujahid and hope it will be a good appointment

  4. Adan Somalilander says:

    From Inside Sources.: Ismaeel Nuur Taani Waa iskaa tageey Shagadaa waayo waa nin Gaboobey..Markaa Retired weeyaan . Talabaad Good Luck to the New DF Chief. Mohamed Hasan Jidhif
    Shabackaa iyo Cidamadaa Somaliland Ha Nolaatoo
    Ajanabii Kaa Naax oo Naff waa.

    Adan ,26June Neighbourhood ,Somaliland.

  5. HMObsiye says:

    It doesn't matter, what Mr. Tani did or did not, the Issue has risen, and one clan of Somaliland has lost faith in his leadership.They particularily blaming him for the murder of innocent civilians in Ceelbardale. Therefore, its logic for the President to remove him from this sensitive position. I am sure Mr. Tani, himself will understand this move and accept it for the sake of our Country's stability. This has nothing to do with his guilt or not, it has something to do with Somaliland national security.

    • ayanle says:

      That was well said HMObsiye "This has nothing to do with his guilt or not, it has something to do with Somaliland national security".

      • ali says:

        i dont agree with this statement but at the end i have to support the decision of the president… as i already the timing is wrong because investigation is taking place.. i dont mind even if my own brother is put in jail for a murder like the one in seemaal..all somalilanders have equal right to everything.specially the security.. good luck to the new chief of army and may allah help you in your duty.

  6. abdi says:

    if Any one doubted the seriousness of Somaliland people and authorities even the slightest, this should put an end to that. I think the president is right to make such bold decision not because the honorable General Tani couldn't perform his national duty or had anything to do with such tragic act, but rather the repercussions of the speech he made in response to the honorable guuriti member who called for his dismissal and death. This move is in response to restore confidence in people. This highlights the seriousness of the adminstration in resolving this crisis.

    That being said, we seriously have to consider number of things frankly in this crisis to ensure that we avoid this kind of misunderstanding and conflict in the future. 1) We need to put an end to jumping to conclusion as to who is responsible for anything that happens when no one is a direct and honest witness to crisis or events, this means let the authorities do their investigation without issuing rhetoric, accusation or threats, unlike what has happen in this crime scene where local people invaded the crime scene and removed shell casings of bullets that could have been used from the crime for forensic purposes which could have helped with the investigation (i.e. They could have been used to match to the weapon or specific guns they came from so if and when the perpetrators are caught with these weapons, they can be used as evidence for their enditment.

    2) Secondly, although the majority of Awdalites are loyal Somalilanders, they really need to take deep and hard look at the type of society they live in (peaceful, just, democratic and full of opportunity not found elsewhere in this continent or in the Near East), a society they help created. There is no secret that many well-known Tribal Leaders, elders and guurti members had hijacked this crisis as an opportunity to throw unfounded accusation without any shred of evidence at many member of this society or political elite they don't like or agree with including Muuse Biixi, Tani and Timacadde among few. It is an absolute disgrace to attribute such terrorist acts (which neither has the Hallmarks of Somaliland people or that of its authority), especially when the other tribe has issued statements fully opposed to the character of such horrendous act, confidently demonstrating that they would never sanction such awful terrorist act, and that they are ready to fully cooperate in this matter in apprehending those responsible even if by the slightest chance they hail from their tribe.

    3) Awdalite need to also bear some responsibility and confront those who use their name in negative light and place doubt to their full allegiance to the society they have helped build and their nation Somaliland. Members of their Major Sultans, guurti and civil society had uttered statements that are dispeakable in nature (specially when coming from responsible Elderly members), including issuing inflammatory remarks that contribute to the incitement of violence (which by the way led to the murder of an innocent person living in that same area), issuing unfounded accusations at honorable members of our civil and political society, equating or likening this event to the mast killing that the Siad Barre had committed against the Isaq people in Somaliland, attrocities that are still fresh in the minds of many Somaliland people today, essentially insinuating that they are undergoing similar prosecutions in the hands of authorities or anyone else for that matter.

    • abdi says:

      4) In additon as Somalilanders, we should all put an end to the erosion of confidence in our Police Forces and Arm Forces every time regrettable acts like this occur especially when we diminish or constantly, knowingly or unknowingly under-cut their ability to do their job at every opportunity in the name of tribal wars, etc, just like exactly what has happened here. For instance when this terror act initially happened, the arm forces and police were accused and prevented by the same elder mentioned above because the army was under the leadership of Gen, Tani and therefore wouldn't do its job, thereby giving the perpotrators the chance to escape and the murder scene to be contaminated. Our police and arm forces should not heed this sort of threats, but should proceed to do their job wherever they might be. Our troops (police or army) should not be told where they should go and shouldn't go otherwise this would erode our confident in our forces.

      5) And finally, we need to hold individuals accountable for their actions not for an entire tribe, because they hail from such tribe unless otherwise sanctioned by an entire tribe, which is not the case here, this practice need to end, if we want to avoid mass conflicts and tribal tensions. We also need to avoid utterances and speeches that cast doubt to our allegiance to this nation or hinder keeping our peace and preserving our democracy. I also welcome very much the sincere and rational statements made from responsible awdalites and Somalilanders like Bashir Goth who spoke in a manner consistent with Somaliland's values and democratic credentials. We are facing an animosity at a presidented level from every corner, from those who are for no reason then being jealous, resentful and displeased with what we have accomplished want to undermine our peace, democracy and prosperity, so we need to be very vigilant their constant efforts at sabotaging our hard-earned prosperity.


    • mohamed says:

      Abdi you are brainwashed bro. where have you got the statistics that most Samaroon people support the so-called country of Somaliland? please give reference!

      if you are not being biased which i believe you are, why then did you fail to comment on the links between the evil killer and taani himself????

      Somalia ha is raacdo
      long live Somalia

  7. Caddeeye says:

    Nuux Taani had to go if peace between Reer Nuur and Reer Xareed is a priority for the goverment.

    I say 'Kudos' for the president. Finally he got the gut to fire him.

    After all, Taani held the position since 2003! How much more time he wants to be there?

  8. Mohamoud.I.Jama says:

    The chief of staff was sacked for obvious reason. The president is covering his back. He wants to look like decisive and we all know he bowed to the Awdal citizens. He is looking for their vote. They did vote for him during the presendial election. They voted for their son Riyalle. If president Silanyo wants to appease Awadal it it his choice. In doing so he alienated his core supporters and if he chooses for another term he will not win.
    You can not and should not play clan politics. That is Somalia characteristics of Syad Bare era. May be he learned that from his ex-boss. The Awdal so called Sultans asked for the head of Tani and Muse Behi. They got their wish. When is he going to tell Muse to resign from the secretary of the Kulmeye party that has put him in power.
    Where is the investigation of the murders of the inocent people. Your inept police force is to blame. You are using Tani as a escapegoat. Catch the criminals and bring them to court. Firing Tani is not going to solve your problem. Logicaly you should have fired the police chief as well because he is the one shoud have caught the criminals not the chief of the staff.

  9. Weerar says:

    The President crafted the right moves thus far; I congratulate him for his swift and decisive undertaking. We all should commend him and obey the verdict to nib at the bud of such despicable cowardly act.

    Having said that, and to be honest with you I become very frustrated with Awdalitie’s unwise response to every incident big or small by blowing it out of its proper proportion. Sometimes I felt they don’t really pay close attention and comprehend what Somaliland is all about and stand for.

    Long Live Somaliland

  10. Ahmed says:

    The protesters waved the Somali national flag, Its sad that the ligitimate government in Mogadishu cannot rescue them at this time' but times will change. It is becoming clear to everyone that only one clan is loyal to the so called Somaliland.

    • ali says:

      looool dream on…gadabursi and jibril abokor from sa3ad muse are brothers …the sultan who said to the government he will give them 3 days to find the murderers,we know he was trying to put the 2 clans against each other because his own son is a member of the so called awdal state.. therefore whatever he says is irrelevant but it doesnt mean we agree with the murderers.. awdal,salal,gabiley are all united to bring those responsible to justice.. mistakes happens as welll. may allah unite us in his mercy.. for those against the prosperity of somaliland we say die with you anger… we ask allah to unite the south somalians and bring peace to them

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