Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2012

Somaliland: Presenting a noble case

The following piece is part of our continuous coverage on the upcoming conference on Somalia in the British capital. Our policy of encouraging free and open discussion of the issues or presentations of all facts and opinions is always open to all regardless of view/political affiliation or beliefs.


By Yusuf Dirir Ali, MD

I am in favor of attending the London conference on Somalia in February because I believe Somaliland sovereignty will not be adversely affected in any way, shape or form. We will achieve more by attending this conference – thanks to Her Majesty’s government for offering this generous grant to Somaliland. This opportunity will spare us both time and money for hiring multinational posh lobby firms to argue on our behalf.

This is a life time opening. For the first time in more than two decades, we will be able to present our case to the leaders of more than 40 countries; these include among others, our immediate neighbors and friendly members of the Security Council. This is an Allah (God) sent blessed opportunity for Somaliland.

We have nothing to fear, because we have to tell the story of Somaliland history and democracy that can not be claimed, denied or opposed by our opponents. Remember, our opponents consist of sea pirates, warlords and former Al-shabaab allies; they must have all the reasons of fearing us not the inverse, because they have no rational case to present against our cause. This is the right time to trounce them with the power of logic and irrefutable facts.

We will present our case and state that our well-merited sovereignty is not negotiable. We can ask the international community to recognize our sovereignty right away and if not to arrange for internationally monitored referendum. I have no worries what so ever regarding the international community forcing us into the abhorred union with Somalia. In the worst case scenario, Somaliland will get easy on the pocket, unprecedented and long-awaited international exposure and I think this is a chance that merits being highlighted, grasped and not wasted.

The downside of not attending the conference includes; maintaining the status quo of talking to our selves about our aspirations, but not to the international community. Risking losing whatever sympathy and support we get from the international community. Furthermore, wasting this opportunity will mount to a political disaster for Somaliland government. We can’t afford to cowardly cover ourselves with a blanket and talk to ourselves about recognition. We have to be bolder than that, no one; I say no one can take away what we have today.

Attending this London conference will tip the scale to our side; therefore, we must all be in favor of attending this conference. Yet still, we can ask for protocol alterations here and there, for instance, we can ask the host country to grant us a conference protocol status equal to other attending states, because apart from Djibouti, we will be the only Somali entity with a democratically elected, functioning government and with a real constituency. We can also ask for the schedule before hand and then decide which sessions to attend and which not to attend.

We must start preparing and rehearsing for our presentation from today. This conference will decide our destiny and we must present our case in the most eloquent and powerful fashion. How about getting Raqiya Omaar involved in this process or may be asking her to do the presentation on behalf Somaliland government? A good presentation of our case will get us all the support that we need from the international community and a bad presentation will make us lose our case, so we must pay a great attention to the presentation of the infinitesimal details of our case.

The anarchic TFG and its allies have lethal forces and evil ideas to destroy their country and the lives of their people, but Somaliland has noble ideas and democracy for building its country and the lives of its people, so let us face them and let the international community be the witness.

Dr Yusuf Dirir

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  1. Salebaan Haybe says:

    It looks that we are brainwashed by the western trust and British love, if we attend that conference it will be the end of our struggle and the dream of having free independent Democratic Somaliland. Do not ever try to mislead us to our doom.

    • abdi2 says:

      What u scare of Haybe….just provide reasons for ur reluctance. Somaliland's sovereighty is not granted by any one but ourselves. nothing to fear bro,,,,This is the time to emparase this morons and show them different direction for better future and increase our exposure…..

  2. I Jama says:

    Somaliland people must decide themselves without the diaspora. I say this because it is them who will be compromised either way. The humanitarian side of me can see that the South Somalis are running out of options and the prudent side says they may not appreciate the second chance if given judging by the way some still can't empathise with our own struggles of our rights for the past 21 yrs.

  3. slwadani says:

    This Somaliland has present itself you have fight for rights in international court manner.These are how disputes are handle through intermediaries.These fourty nations will be our judges and we prevail in letting them know thats Somaliland history of struggle will not be wasted. We have to present our case expose Somalia TFG unreliable entity should not be able to decides the millions that live Somaliland self determination will be complete with recogntion.We only have to fight to get observer status like palestine than later we can present a new referendum and complete full recognition.

  4. Allemagan says:

    The ongoing clashes in Buhoodle tonight (see story above) will determine the fate of Somaliland more than any evil mechanization by TFG or imaginary evil forces. Somaliland must show the international how its different from any other Somali region that is being contested by feuding tribes. The precious blood of the people of northern Somalia is senselessly being spilled in a tribal war. Calling these people tribal Melita will not mask this Somali tragedy.

    • Dhugtame says:

      OK, cut it short. Every fool understands the motives of the terrorist attacks against Somaliland in Buhodle. These actions were planned and executed by Somaliland enemies, the TFG and Puntland in collaboration with Ali Khalif and cohorts. This was meant to destroy and undermine Somaliland's internationally approved good standing just weeks before the upcoming London conference.

  5. Allemagan says:

    Correction – international community that is

  6. Jans says:

    No one is forcing anything on us, and neither the west or the tfg or should i say timo jareer and xabashes want war with us. the tfg/puntland simply cant win a fight with us period. Its a matter of being better equiped, focused, prepared and we have the upper hand in that we have the populations support.

    I say Somaliland should invest in getting some nerve gas or some war world 1 gas we could deploy on those who choose war. Pick a day when the wind is blowing in their direction and let lose. Just so we dont have to deal with them coming back trying that sh it again. Bosaso should be the first to go!

  7. Jans says:

    and before you get your panties in a bunch i am warsangeli, I know those mofos better than you might think!

    • Abdi says:

      jans, you are not Somali at al, for get about Warsangali, if you are somali as you claim, explain this in somali – Ayax tag eelna reeb". i am waiting the translation of this and nothing else period! exposed!

  8. mohamed cheers says:

    The closing para of the Author says it all. The biggest problem facing Somaliland in the
    Somalia London Conference is that the anarchic TFG and its allies have already worked out
    their agenda roadmaps and well prepared with their anarchic evil ways, well supported by the
    host Govt and the other 40 participating Govts. Against this highly profiled worked out goals,
    unless Somaliland has strong defense team, and here I doubt that DR. Omar will be able to
    deliver the required expertise that Somaliland needs to push across their case, in all probablities
    the Somaliland will be on the weaker side. You see, Somaliland before and after 1991 is indeed
    an undeniable A dejure Sovereign State based on the Independence from Great Britain in 1960,
    and should not be treated as A defacto part from Somalia. In this case, Somaliland should ask
    the recognition should be added to the working agenda and two state solution reinstituted
    for actions. Somaliland needs diplomat expert who should understand the stakes but has a good
    command of the Language and diplomatic styles. Besides weak foreign language diplomats could
    use their mother tongue and use expert intrepretors like Raqiya Omaar or else.

  9. Mohamed says:

    I think we get the opportunity that we are waiting long time,let us go this London conference and we present our case,no one can force Somaliland and it's people to back again in re-union south somali region.
    Mr President (Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud) the somaliland nation elected you,no other one to share power that you have on behalf majority somaliland people, so go where ever you want,don't feel any pursuer.

  10. Allemagan says:

    @Jans & Dhugtame

    You are telling Somali people to use nerve gas and weapons of mass destruction to anihilate each other! What kind of buffoon are you to think that anyone will hear you make that kind of preposition and not know your nasty motive in this forum. Your names are not Somali names. The inflexions of your tongues are dead giveaway. Your comments are confused and are ill-informed. It is obvious that you are not clear of which tribe is which in Somalia and your comments are nothing but pathetic attempt to incite hatred and animosity among Somali people.

    Spare us the nonsense. Go to an Abyssinian website to spew you poison as your comments have no place here. Or even better, spare your comments until the day the rag-tag behemoth next door falls apart and disintegrates to the million tribes that form what is called Ethiopia.

  11. Dhugtame says:


    I don't understand why you come here and cut and paste all this crap. You don't belong here. This is Somalilandpress and not Somalia website. Do us a favor, go somewhere else, because you are waste of time and space and have nothing to contribute to this our forum. All you do is ranting against Somaliland.

    In this forum we respectfully engage one another on a healthy debate, but you seem not understand that at all.

    I have not and will not advocated using nerve gas against anyone and will not. You are inciting terrible clannish hatred and wars, which far worst than nerve gas. Your nonsense belongs to Garoweonline go and do your ranting over there. You will not be able to divert our attention from our serious discussions with your childish crap.

  12. somalilandlover says:

    Many thanks Yusuf Dirir ..I do really agree 100%. Nice article!!!!

  13. Kayse says:


    I'm sorry to say son but those in Buhoodle are tribal militia as well as extremist and fanatics who still support the Mad Mullah. Britain fought with them and bombed them to the ground killing over 20,000, I am sure they will understand when its our turn if we kill 20 militants. We fought the same war and are still fighting the same. Britain understands. Those extremists will remain the Kurds of Africa shared by three nations (Somaliland, Somalia and Ethiopia).

    We might even donate Buhoodle village to Ethiopia just to complicate things even more.

    Britain you bombed them, now let us. Fair game.

  14. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    There you go again! You are unbelievable in your propensity to twist; I am sorry, but once again, your reasoning is muddled.

  15. Gobaad says:

    An excellent article, Dr Yusuf Dirir. I totally agree with you 110%. Yeah, Somaliland has to put its best foot forward and to bring its most eloquent speakers, intellectuals and high educated people on board to handle our presentations. You can probably invite Rage Omaar too as an observer to analyze the political spectrum and the flow of discussions. He is very skillful in situation analysis and is reputable Journalist.

  16. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    For the information of all, the government of Somaliland was working vigorously for the last few months to gage this event and have engaged the government of Britain about the best possible way that do not comprise our status. After having consulted with its people, the government will not doubt attend this meeting, but with dignity and pride that all Somalilanders expect our government to have.

    Somaliland is not an egg shell, but strong and the leaders and those scholars at disporas will show the world what exact we are, and how we built our country. The country that its people have 21 years back made their mind, and based on what they did, have the courage to go wherever the issue of our statehood is discussed.

  17. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    I was one of those who had reservations, about this conference, but I have lately made my mind. Our people should not expect to know everything that the international community has in mind for us, and we should not listen those who discourage us, whenever there is a light at the end of tunnel. We are strong and beautiful country, which just needs to have a place in the international political stage.

    I would like to tell my fellow citizens who oppose Somaliland attending this conference, to put the stomach, the summer Mellon, which refreshes. This is an Arabic proverb, that has some meaning.

  18. 4Somalia says:

    There is nothing called "Somaliland country" in the World! Guys stop trying to convince yourselves delustional existance that is no other state recognizes. The so-Called Somaliland has been seeking for international recognition for the last 20 years and it has not achieved such thing. Therefore, stop chasing after a ghost that will not matelize and participate in the Somali peace process. Look at puntland – it has a peaceful regional admistration just that exists in Hargesa. Puntland reaffirmed its commitment to remain united with Somalia and now they are moving forward exploiting resources for the entire Somali people.

  19. Gobaad says:

    Why, wouldn't it another 100 years Moron? As long as we have our country and managing our own affairs, no problem. We can tolerate rather than going back to that hell-hole.

  20. inayuusuf says:

    I thank you Dr Yusuf Dirir for this valuable and well said article. I’m eagerly waiting for your upcoming articles too.
    I’m in support of the SL government attending the LCS to present our case. I believe this is a golden chance that will never occur again and SL needs not to discard it.
    I’m appalled by those Somalilanders opposing the Govt. attending this conference on the basis of baseless suspicions. Please note that we have elected our president and he is entitled to lead the country and thus decide on issues like this. For those citing constitutional constraints, please note that the constitution prohibits anyone (incl. Govt) that participates in Somali reconciliation conferences seeking share but not those defending the SL sovereign and fighting for its cause. We have voted to Mr. Silaanyo to fight for our cause and dig deep wherever our interest hides.
    For those suspicious about the aim of the LCS conference….. continued

  21. inayuusuf says:

    For those suspicious about the aim of the LCS conference, I would say; In my humble opinion the LCS’s agenda shouldn’t necessarily stipulate what is for Somaliland in this conference. Nor the British Govt. is expected to announce to the public what it plans for Somaliland. And whoever is expecting is mere idiot.
    There are too many positive things in this conference and I will mention a few:

  22. inayuusuf says:

    There are too many positive things in this conference and I will mention a few:
    1.The conference is clearly not a reconciliation forum of Somali factions
    2.The host is an strategic ally of Somaliland
    3.The TFG is considered a failed state and the IC will exert more pressure to dictate what is good for Somali people.
    4.The Agenda is vague and obscure and all (incl. TFG) are in confusion as to what is being discussed and what the outcome will be.
    5.Somaliland will be given a chance to present its case.

    That said, the TFG and pirates-land will not sit idle and might have already adopted their counter plan(s) which may include but not limited to:


  23. inayuusuf says:

    That said, the TFG and pirates-land will not sit idle and might have already adopted their counter plan(s) which may include but not limited to:
    1)Suggesting that Somaliland leads the whole Somalia instead of going alone.
    2)Suggesting division of power in a 50-50 proportions between Somalia and Somaliland.
    3)They may even relinquish the Somalia name and emblems (incl. the blue flag) suggesting to adopt ours. Remember they are ready to do whatever they can do to halt SL recognition.
    As the author said our leaders has to prepare well for this historical event and arrange an escape route for any evil and malicious attempt that the vague Somali and Pirates-land delegates might do to thwart this well-prepared event.
    …. end.

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