Published On: Mon, Feb 7th, 2011

Somaliland Not Ready for Dialogue & Cooperation with Somalia – Foreign Minister

Addis Ababa, February 7, 2011 ( – Somaliland Foreign Minister, H.E. Mohamed A. Omer, told in an exclusive statement that Somaliland was interested in seeing peace and stability in Somalia but was not ready for dialogue and cooperation with the Transitional Federal Government in Mogadishu.

This statement was issued as a direct response to a recent article about the current situation in Somalia [“Leaders See Need for Cooperation between Somalia & Somaliland”, 31-01-2011].

In that recent article the UN Special Representative for Somalia and the Foreign Minister of Somalia both expressed a concrete interest in dialogue and practical cooperation with Somaliland.

Protecting Somaliland´s Independence

Somaliland declared independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Siad Barre regime in Somalia; a brutal dictatorship that had engaged in mass killings and the displacement of Somaliland´s population. Since that time Somaliland has not only remained internationally unrecognized, but also uninterested in reunification with Somalia.

Furthermore, there have been longstanding tensions and mistrust between the governments of Somaliland and Somalia. Somaliland leaders have often expressed their mistrust of the TFG in Mogadishu, and any perceived attempt at reunification.

From that perspective, Foreign Minister Omer told that: “We would like to sit down with Somalia when there is a legitimate, accountable and responsible government to talk about how we plan to live side by side as two independent states that cooperate on a range of areas of mutual interest. Until such time, there are no plans for talks, but we encourage them to make peace”.

Support for Peace and Transition

Foreign Minister Omer assured that his government supports both international and domestic efforts to end the conflict in Somalia. He further expressed his appreciation of how the ongoing crisis in Somalia also has a harmful spillover effect on Somaliland; regardless of Somaliland´s history of relative peace and stability.

He further expressed his government´s position that “The instability in Somalia has claimed the lives of many innocent people and brought misery and poverty to millions…Therefore Somaliland would like to see this long-standing conflict resolved peacefully.”

Source: EZAGA

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  1. Gobaad says:

    Waar low-life(kan) cancan leh yaa yidhaa wibe-ka nooga bax.

    As the Minister said, Somaliland is not interested in reunification with Somalia, period. And if at all there has to be a dialogue it has to be about the retribution of the death and distruction they cause the people of Somaliland. We are not seeking recognition from Somalia, but seeking their blessings and cooperation on common interest in the region.

    Long live Somaliland!

  2. mohamed says:

    The Somaliland Foreign Minister is absolutely positive 100% and that's how the SL position
    stands. Somalia has no peoples elected Govt. in power and the rubber stamp weak TFG
    warlords who failed their own people will not be upto the task of tackling issues with the
    Somaliland well prepared entity who as the SL FM expressed will only talk to a Somalia elected
    Govt. who would be in a position of prestigious dignity and integrity.

  3. mohamed says:

    Keep always showing your ugly face Puntlandgeezer. You are already earmarked with the

  4. Hargeisawi-in-London says:

    Fqsh fowqa Fqsh, ma markii hore ayaad wax is ka hagranaysay. Sow digii sida naagaha madaxa maryaha ku qaatay !!

    Having said that, I appreciate that you need to write these meanigless stuff just to assuage your bitterness at having lost the war; and that you and your ilks were chased out of Hargeisa and Mugadisho.


  5. ahmed says:

    all said an heard sland moved an extra mile to b whr it is now an wat we vomitted in 1991 con not b a meal today. before dialog with somalia let them creat wat we already have

  6. Musa says:

    Caydu waa calyo, horta caydu inaga reeban mar haddii aynu dad waaweyn nahay. Haddii aanay caruuri meesha wax ku qorayn. Hadalka Somaliya lala hadalaayo, waa inay jirtaa dawlad dadweynaha Somaliya ka wakiil ahi oo markaas la wado hadlo, balse haddii aan dawladiba jirin ayaa lala hadlaa, ma Shariif oo reer Galbeedkii soo doortayba ku hungoowday? Arrintuse ma ahaa la hadla ee waxaa weeye, markii wax kasta la sameeyey kuwan Koonfurta loo taagwaa ee Reer Waqooyiyow kuwan fadlan u taliya ma la taliya. Bal si uun idinku ugu taliya. Waa dadka Waqooyiga degi jirey oo dhan ayaan ka hadlayaa oo runtii caqli wanaagsan lagu tuhmaayo.

  7. togdheer boy says:

    I really apprecaite when people express their ideas and feelings but we must behave and debate like cultivated people.
    What i wonder is: Who is this short sighted ADMINISTRATOR who is responsible about these comments.
    He is not fair. He accepts only what he injoys. (The dead horse -Somaliweyn).

  8. somalia says:

    i totaly agree with sl minister. i am a pro somali activist and the only way sland and south could have a dialog is thruogh a legitimate govnt. untill that i wish sland all the best and hope they maintain the peace.
    finally all those whobring hatred and enmity remr if we cant respect and love eachother as somalis then remeber we are muslims and the children of prophet muhammed scw. we are muslims and instead of helping outher muslim countries that realy needds us we shouldnt engage i such primitive and unislamic behaviours.

    • khadra from djibouti says:

      I AGREE, HATRED THAT'S NOT HELP, MUSA AND SOMALI FUTURE, are two reer badye, too dumb, typical somali men who destroyed their people and children because of land.

  9. Hargeisawi-in-London says:

    This site is called Somalilandpress not SomaliaPress. The sooner these cretins get it the better.

    • Ali says:

      Bro this is an open site in which all Somalis can express their political views regarding our nation. My dream is to see peace in all parts of Somalia and bring economic development and job creation.

      I as a Northerner, I can not and will not reject a southern Somali brother.

  10. Somalia Future says:

    This is an open site in which all Somalis can express their political views regarding our nation…..Wow you just deleted my comments!!! aad ban oo ka xumahay!
    I didn't even used profanity. I can understand thought…….but keep on dreaming dreamland….HARTI WORRIERS ARE ON THIER WAY TO HARGEISA .
    Damn I thought you are highly and dangerously intellectuals, for a moment you get me nervous…but you keep deleting my comments, which only prove one thing TRUTH HURTS OOCH! Dreamers don't like to wake up.

    • mohamed says:

      Hargeisa or Kalshaale???. Whatever is in the minds of the PSS(NSUM) supported by the
      leadership notorious thugs of Puntland..the Somaliland Armed forces are in those areas
      to defend and maintain the peace. It's clear that the PSS(NSUM) choose to fight instead of
      giving in to the peace processes. Already their bites are being felt by the SL Armed forces
      in and around Kalshaale and the Media is reporting that the SL Armed Forces suffered
      considerable casulaties. It's time that the SL take these well planned PSS(NSUM) insurgency
      warfare too seriously..otherwise Hargeisa will be the next target as Somalia future tutors
      in his clumsy outcasted profanity. PSS(NSUM) pro Alshabab coming to Hargeisa is too much to digest.

    • khadra from djibouti says:

      poor you, enough killing is not enough, now if there is blood in hargeisa where will you go, let me guess, you will become a pirate, have a nice job

  11. Ayaan says:

    We Somalilander don’t trust any government in Somalia, because for the last twenty years not only that have been fighting, but they have been getting rich from their own people, as leader you need to think for your people, but it seems that the leaders in Somalia are in for the (aid $). We care about the innocent children, mother, and the elders who are dying for no reason. We don’t want to be part of Somalia, but need to see this crisis to stop.
    We will defend Somaliland and maintain the peace. (SL Horumar) Aamiin

    We Somalilanders don't need to called names to anyone. (SL Horumar) Aamiin

  12. Musa says:

    The Foreign Minister of Somaliland is presiding the London meeting while acting like a regional administration of Somalia or a part and parcel of somaliweyn, as the Foreign Minister of Somalia already declared. I think the Silanyo Administration is the spearhead of Somaliweyn, if they are not, they would have exposed their proposal of Somaliweyn meeting participation to the people of Somaliland and the Opposition Political Parties. I think, they have a sharp knife that can cut at both ends. Who knows but, I am skeptical about this incident, which I never had experienced, since we declared our secession 20 years ago. Riyaale Administration never ever did any similar happenings of its kind, during his tenure in office.

  13. Mohamed says:

    Darod chose Dorodism when there everybody else sacrificed their money and lives for the 5 stars. And now they still continue their Darodism hiding behind "unity". The medicine of Darod is violence, once you show them the hate they display; they run.

  14. Musa says:

    Patience,honesty and forgivness are our own basics, or our principle mottos, that is, we are enjoying peace and stability, while every where of our corners are burning. Never, ever think of a useless mind based on chronic hatred that cannot be cured.

  15. Aw-Gass says:

    For heaven sake be civil! Somaliland people should take the high road! Be kind and patient with our Somali brothers; they are down and out, and our FM is in London teaching the Somalis civility and democratic governance at grass-root level. Other Somalilanders are equally responsible to educate our distraught Somali people! Stumping on a dead body is sin!

    • mohamed says:

      The stinking odour of a dead body not done away and buried into the graveyard with all
      the parasites happily feasting..imagine how any civility and democratic governance can remain comfortably
      save. Hard to imagine and pretty scary situation.

  16. Ali Dheere says:

    WOW! Look at the elite educated Harti Somalia Future saying some nasty words!!

  17. Ali Dheere says:

    Right on Hon. FM. When there is a legitimate government to our south, then, (maybe,then), we can go into something like a common market.

  18. Axmad says:

    My dear brothers,

    There is a "LEGITIMATE" government in Somalia. It is the TFG. It may not be legitimate in the eyes of some of the Somali people but the WHOLE of the international community recognises the TFG as the ONLY Somali government. The Arab League recognises the TFG. The African Union recognises the TFG. IGAD recognises the TFG. The European Union recognises the TFG. The TFG has a seat in the UN general assembly and can participate in world sport competitions. So, why is the S/land Foreign Minister stating that the TFG is not legitimate? Is there a hidden agenda here as the S/land position does not make sense. It was OK to hold this position while Somalia was controlled by warlords. But since the TFG was formed it has been recognised by every world government.

    Southern Sudan achieved recognition because the north agreed to seperation. Sadly, I as a S/lander believe that S/land will NEVER get recognition unless the TFG agree to it. So why is S/land government refusing to talk to the TFG about secession? Yes, we have a legal right to secede because we were a recognised country before we joined Somalia in 1960. But that is baseless according to the international community. The Ethiopian FM said what the AU holds which is S/land will never get recognition unless they talk and agree it with the TFG.

    • mohamed says:

      Too confused, too contradictory, too controversial. What you fail to understand is simply
      that Somalia is for Somalis and not the International Community. Again you fail to acknowledge
      that since 1991 there has not been an elected legitimate Governments for Somalia except
      unlawful warlords including the TFG. who are good for nothing rubber stamps for the IC to get
      their pay checks. That's why the people of Somalia are suffering under the worst clamities of
      human disasters. Somaliland is entirely opposite. Since 1991 it has maintained elected orderly
      Govts. and relatively peaceful democratically good governance. Brothda now do you see that
      your polished english is void of the virtues of good intellectuality.

      • ali says:

        There is no confusion, the man is right. Let us support our Hawiye brothers to stand on their own feet.
        For years we have neglected our interest in Somalia. It is time to put things right and revive Irirism. If we isolate ourself, people like Mr farmaajo who participated the killing fields of Siyad Barre will take advantage of the situation.

  19. ali says:

    Somaliland should cooperate and help somalia to stand its feet. It is Somaliland's interest to have a stable Somalia. I belief Somaliland has got a responsibilty to build bridges and support a government in somalia led by its partner, The Hawiye Community. This is part of Irirism which Mr Egal dreamed of.

    • mohamed says:

      Somaliland is suffering from deliberate problems coming from Mogadiscio and Garowe.
      both areas are troublemakers. I don't see that one's better than the other. When Isaak was
      wrongly designated with Dir Hawiye designated himself independently and claims as bigger
      than Isaaq Darood R/wayn Bantu and others.5. Like Darood with due respect to all other somalis
      Hawiye does not recognize Somaliland and look deep into all their leaders since 1st July 1960
      todate of the TFG and opposing forces. The problems of Southern Somalia are so enermous that
      Somaliland has no choice but to defend itself against these uncompromising evil forces.

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