Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2011

Somaliland not falling from grace

Last week the Kulmiye administration faced its worst political nightmare since the inauguration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud. Internal disputes and squabbling between the cabinet members became public and were irresponsibly leaked to the media.

It was stated in the leaks that the Minister of water and natural resources was caught red-handed in a corruption scandal. This was established to be a false allegation according to the auditor general’s televised statement. That is not all; the minister responsible for the leaks to the press is still there and not fired. The cabinet meetings are expected to be strictly confidential and leak proof.

Most people saw this as dark page In Kulmiye administration, but in my humble opinion, this was a blessing in disguise for Somaliland. We all had the longest and most heated debate regarding government corruption and transparency. This debate was some times unpleasant to me and full of colorful and biased statements from all sides. No matter how disagreeable the debate was, it made us all to reflect on ways of sorting out what is wrong with our government and ways of getting it better. This is really very optimistic and heartening to all those who want to build a better and transparent Somaliland. We will not be able to drain the marshes of corruption unless we point our fingers on all those who we think are involved in corruption.

If you read back the various comments made in Somalilandpress on this subject you will clearly see how passionate Somalilanders are about their country. At times we loose the control of our tongues, but in point of fact it is the tongue that looses its allegiance, the heart and mind stay focused on one objective – a better Somaliland. In that debate, we revealed corruption loop-holes and people who are allegedly involved in this despicable act.

It will be cordial if the president looks at all those allegations and takes action where it is appropriate. The cabinet needs discipline and coherence. All ministers that are not ready to work hard for the people, but instead are there to serve their self interests must be expelled. The president himself needs to reassure Somalilanders that he is in command and stop being nice to all.

Despite our political difference we do not fall from grace, but find concrete solutions to our problems. That is why we proudly call ourselves Somalilanders.

Yusuf Dirir Ali

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  1. mohamed cheers says:

    Sounds good. Keep up the good work. BTW Yusuf you sound awesome like DR. Gaboose?
    What's your relationship and commonality? Why don't you go home and become another DR. Gaboose eh?Just curious you know?

  2. Kayse says:

    Mohamed Cheers at times appears to be smoking something forbidden, I wonder what it is because he does not make sense. Dont you find it funny how he connects Dirir and Gabose simply because they both "DR"

    Sxb pass the substance I want to analyze things like you.

  3. MOHAMMED NOOR says:

    Mr.Yusuf, You are a very unproffesional liar, The Minister inquestion, refused to surrender the money, he is not rejecting that OPHIR did not pay the money, he believes part is his and the rest belongs to only his ministry.

    Come on guys we can never be a goverment if we do not implement rules, All monies recieved on behalf of the govt has to be deposited in the accounts of the Govt., and not personal account.

    Unfortunetly the president i had vote for is loosing grip.

  4. Weerar says:

    Nice piece, Thanks brother Dirir for the effort and the wise intervention before things turn into real sour. Now the matter is in the hand of our beloved President and his ill equipped cabinet, towards where Team-Working and keeping secrets are a priority. Let us be patient to wait and witness how the President and his Government deals with the imminent screeching halt of the honey moon delights.
    Peace & Milk

  5. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    stop covering the current government's corruptions and mess. If you try to help your nephew instead of supporting the well being of the whole society and interest of the nation the government system will collapse soon like Southern Somalia.

  6. Zakariy Ahmed says:

    Audit that thief minister and sentence him to jail time otherwise very minister will pocket very penny and there will be future for this society. Do something about the minister of education too.

  7. Zakariy Ahmed says:


    Audit that thief minister and sentence him to jail time otherwise, every minister will steal and pocket every penny which they can and there will be no future for this society. Do something about the minister of education too.

  8. AhmedY says:

    Yusuf Dirir

    You know some thing we don't know. When did the Auditor General released his report and where is it?

  9. jama says:

    What a load of nonsense. Anyone that thinks this administration or any other administration will develop policies to counteract corruption in our country is kidding himself. Just go to any government office and you will immediately be asked for a bribe.

  10. Muhidin Salah says:

    I can not believe how sometimes peoples memory remains elective. Silanyo gov was the first one that established the Anti corruption agency, it was also the first gov in Somaliland hat has given the Auditor the full authority to go and inspect any government institution. The fact that we are hearing the auditor inspecting the ministry is a credit to Silanyo Administration.

    Corruption can happen in any society it was only a few years ago when we heard the scandal of MPs in UK, but the important this is that we have the mechanism in place that will check whenever a scandal is suspected.


  11. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Mr. Dirir, your piece is good as far as you encourage of anti corruption and speak for transparency, but you said the whistle blower is still in power and not discharged. 99% of our people solidly behind the Finance Minister because he is someone we can trust with money and development. Then, why you think he should go?

    With due respect, the State Auditor in his interview did not clarify where the rest of the money [$425,000] is gone, while said there is $ 75,000 in the account of Ministry. furthermore, the Finance Minister did not divulge anything to the media, but left that meeting while angry. The leakage was, I believe from someone else.

  12. Abdiweli2-Awdal boy says:

    Well done Yusuf for presenting a fact and unbiasedinformation/ wisdom.
    Your artilcle has uncovered the unprofessional side of some of the ministers as some them have been behaving as a layman by leaking a highly confidential informations to the press. This indicates that some of the ministers in the cabinet had been attempting to discredit their fellow ministers by spreading un founded remours. Does the goverment need to revisit it's ministerial code of conduct.

  13. Jay says:


    What do you have against Hashi? Lets hear your side of the story.

    • Abdiweli2- Awdal boy says:

      I aint get nothing against mr Hashi but I am of the view that hehas been doing well in terms of keeping the money away however he seems that he lacks the vision of implementing any strategy of how to spend the money on the community. I am saying this because the clash between the two
      Ministers was born out of mr Duale saying this is how his ministry willbe spending on this money where Mr Hashi was arguing that he will keep this money away from anybody let alone spending on want it was aimed for k

      • Dhugtame says:

        As the Minister of trade in the Riyaale administration Mr. Haashi tried to takeover the Ministry of Finance. Awil, who was then the finance Minister brought the budget to the cabinet and to the surprise of all, Mr. Haashi tabled an alternative budget of his own. Mr. Haashi was told that it was inappropriate for him to do so. Mr. Haashi threw-out tantrums and rushed out of the cabinet meeting and later was fired by president Riyaale.

        Again Mr. Haashi made-up and labelled a false accusations on the Minister of Water and natural resources and submitted his resignation to the president. He later withdrew that resignation and acted as if nothing has happened. All his allegations were investigated and proven unfounded.

        Now that all the facts are out in the public domain, Mr. Haashi has two choices, to either resign or apologize publicly to the Minister of water and natural resources and also to the Somaliland public. In either case people will be grateful.

        to Jay, don't you see a pattern going on here?

  14. Abraham says:

    Such a scandal would never have happened had our useless parliamentarians bothered to do the job they were elected to do and legislated laws, rules, and regulation for all the citizens and residents of Somaliland, every business, every government department, and all the security organisations to abide by. Where there is no law, their is no order. Simple as that really.

  15. Afhakama says:

    I believe the system that we adopted, e.g. western democracy is not the one that fits to us, to our culture. Since the economical crisis the Europeans and people in USA themself are wary about their government and the trust in the system decreases more and more. Although limited there is corruption in Western countries. Anyhow Somaliland could have a much better government if they would find the appropriate democracy and ruling system. I thought before that the elders participation in the government would have such an influence that everything goes well. The former government showed that they easily could ignore the resolutions of the elders. It was great malfeasance because they infringed on the constituation. But they just did it. And no consequence! Now the impact of the House of Elders is almost zero. There must be a mechanism that best possible doesn't allow that mistakes like corruption happen. And if mistakes happen the mechanism must efficiently prosecute each single case. It is good engough that the news media is able to report about failures and nonachievements. The government must enhance in performing in their time of tenure. If the people see that the ruling party improved things for file and rank they will stay in power in order to devise the further development of Somaliland. Alas the current government doesn't perform well, notwithstanding the hope in the inception of power accession. Insha Allah they will come up with good idea's. Otherwise …

  16. somalilander says:

    Just wondering if Anti corruption agency has any power..?

  17. Jama Hassan says:

    Mohamed Hashi should resign

  18. Abdi says:

    Atleast no one is accusing the Finance Minister of being corrupt. This is fresh breath of air compared to the previous one. If you prefer another Awil, then continue to advocate for change of guard in the finance Ministry.

    • Meigag says:

      Surely a man of Hashi calibre and character can and certainly got the ability to understand the simple procedures of banking transactions and if the money was deposited in the Ministry accounts before showing alarm.Lengthy explanations on national TV isn't therefore important when Anti-Corruption officials never said what happened to the recently deposited money of $175000 fastly drawn and only $50000 left when a vigilant finance Minster expressed dissatisfaction._Well, perhaps previous government masters of public fund misappropriation should be recalled for lessons of a better cover up _

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