Published On: Tue, Jul 27th, 2010

Video: Somaliland new president takes power

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Before jubilant crowd and large diplomatic presence in Hargiea presidential palace, the victor of Somaliland presidential election, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo was sworn as the new president of Somaliland.

The Outgoing president Dahir Riyale Kahin handed over power to Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo during a ceremony at the presidential palace in the capital Hargeisa.

“I solemnly transfer power to the new president, my brother Ahmed Silanyo, who defeated me in the recent elections,” said Riyale, who had been in power since 2002.

“I will work with him by giving my support and I call upon all of you to unite in his support,” he added. “There is a huge and difficult task ahead of our brother so let us help him succeed in his work.”

Diplomatic delegations from Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia and international non-governmental organizations participated in the inauguration ceremony. Local religious and business leaders and parliamentarians from Somaliland were present during the ceremony.

The Chief Justice of Somlailand courts, Judge Maxamed Xirsi Oomane, administrated the oath to the new president and vice president.

The chairman of the Kulmiya PartyAhmed Mohamed Silanyo is Somaliland’s fourth president since it declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991.

“I ask for your support to fulfill my commitments and, as of tomorrow, I will start appointing my government,” Silanyo said at the ceremony.

The people of Somaliland have been celebrating the peaceful democratic transition that they hope will boost their long struggle for international recognition as a separate state.

The election was held on June 26th, after much delay. International observers have praised the conduct of the campaign and regard election as free and democratic. Kulmiya under silanyo leadership took 49.6 percent of the vote, ahead of incumbent President Dahir Riyale Kahin with 33.2 percent.

Video: President Mohamed Ahmed Silanyo takes inauguration oath before Chief Justice and his speech.

Source: AFP | Wednesday, 27 July 2010
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  1. hassan says:

    new government, new direction, let us see if kulmiye and silaanyo make their promises happen.

  2. HMObsiye says:

    Dear World Communities,

    Somaliland people and it's leaderships have fulfilled it's responsibilies and shown the World nothing less than recogniton is acceptable, now the ball is in your court , take it and come up with one thing only and that,Somaliland as a full sovern state.

  3. Hurguf says:

    Funny how the international community keep changing the goal posts. First it was disarm militia, maintain stability, then build state institutions, then bring about grassroot democracy, then bring about capacity building, then fight terrorism, then fight piracy, then hold transparent elections, then transfer power smoothly, then what next? It seems the world would rather see Somalia's anarchy spread to Somaliland and Puntland, rather than address the issue of Somaliland recognition, an independent nation in 1960, with settled population and defined borders, and an independent nation in 1991, with a settled population, defined borders, stabilty and democracy.

  4. salma says:

    Congratulations to the people of Somaliland. Today they have seen through the mission they have set out to achieve 20 years ago; a peaceful leadership transfer and a viable rule of democracy. This is an example that is worthy to be taking after, a lesson to be learnt from by the rest of the African nations.
    I pray to the Almighty Allah to guide our new president Mr Ahmed Mohammed and his administration to the right path and help them with the responsibility they have assigned to carry out.

  5. Abdillah Hussein Mohamed - USA says:

    This is a great achievement for Somaliland. The people of Somaliland deserve to be congratulated. May Allah guide us in the right path.

    God bless Somaliland and the people of Somaliland.

  6. Omar says:

    Hahaha look at the 8th picture at the finger. But as long ppl are safe somalia or somaliland im happy

  7. Nas says:

    This is a fantastic achievement in Somaliland. Once again we are setting out the standards and systems of true governance.

    Hopefully, the rest of Somalia will learn from our success.

  8. Beeep says:

    i would love to say congratulation on this new achievement for our brothers in Somali land, but there is no smile on my face to match up with this event. Being divided into 2 parts in on country it will lead things to be much more to be complicated then arguing on who killed whom and why!…i stay in USA for the past 10 years and i have been forced like many other people to search for new opportunities in life as the nature in Somalia was harsh for anyone to take, but yet i didn't think for a moment that my country will be 2 parts…as all of you know the people behind what is going on from separating our Somali people are living or staying out of AFRICA. What i don't understand how you will built a country and 80% of its people are Refugees!..In another world Country without Nation!..

  9. Beep da Beep says:

    I wonder why any1 could be so contradicting, you start with the word brothers but the rest never comply with dat magical word. how in hell you can drive your own judgment over 4 million people who choose their own path, i can tell only one thing stop predicting that you knew what went around coze from what you wrote its clear you don't have a clue what those ppl have been through to become who they are right now. i am very proud of my people and the peaceful election that underwent in my homeland, and i wish that one day those ppl will wake up to see better day and better future. and for da hater who wrote those lines piece of advice get a life and enjoy your life coze it ain't worth living if u live it to hate. Hanoolato Somaliland.

  10. Halyey Layaqaan says:

    those Somailis who donot care about their failed state and see the ordeal as a problems for tohers, usuallly the foreigners to solve, will suuffer even from the symptoms of Somaliland phobia they harbour, when they hear and see the success of the free and patriotic somalilanders in rebuilding their state, establish a rare democratic system in the third world. Long live Somaliland.

  11. Kayse says:

    Congratulations to all Somaliland people, the heroes in this election are 1: The people 2: Isse Mohamed Hamari (NEC – for making it possible) 3: Dahir Riyale Kahin (for stepping down like a true leader and accepting and saving us embracement that always Africa gets) 4: Silaanyo (for his patients) 5: Kayse (coz I love my self :)

    Peace what a great day!

  12. Halyey Layaqaan says:

    None of the newly appointed minsters of the government of Somaliland belonged to the liberators of Somaliland of the SNM movements. It is unacceptable that the new prsident turned his back on the liberators of our homeland. Some will immidiately label Silaanyo as a triator. I can understand that, because Siilanyo has finallly shown his true colour as faqash, faqash, pure faqash.

  13. Halyey Layaqaan says:

    The Somaliland government has no presence what so ever in the following towns, which are part of the republic: BADHAN, BUUHOODLE, XUDDUN, YAGOORI, BOOCAME, CEEGAAG, HADAAFTIMO, CARMALA, LAASQORI, CEELAAYO, TUKARAQ. These towns suffer from power vaccum, which is gradually filled by foreign terrorists, who already established a base in the mountains near the startegic cand commercial coastal town of Boosaaso in Majeerteeniya. These terroroist will cerainly target Somaliland in the future. That is why it is of great importance that the new government urgently deploy the national army of Somaliland in those towns as soon as possible.

  14. Nas says:

    It is now the time for everyone to focus in our economy. We must and I shall say it again….we MUST! diversify our economy and become less dependent on livestock exports.

    It is time to think about meat processing, which can create more jobs and a secondary export sector of hides and skins and leather exports!!

    And to our diaspora community, we should continue and increase in sending money back home and support a new government remittance TAX of 2.5%, of every money sent home.
    The new gov should collect the TAX and reinvest in our port infrastructure, roads and provide capital to new export-based business in S/Land.

    Trust me my bros and sis, every thing is achievable…..ask Taiwan!!!!!!

  15. dont worry bout it says:

    somaliland is somalia and still is recognised as a part of somalia and will be so stop dreaming.

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