Published On: Mon, Jun 21st, 2010

SOMALILAND: NEC office announces final voters list

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The National Electoral Commission (NEC) office announced the final voters list for the June presidential elections on Sunday.

In a press conference held in Hargeisa, Mr Mohammad Ahmed Hersi [Geele], NEC spokesman, said his team was able to produce the final voter list after months of checking, sorting and corrections aimed at improving the quality of Somaliland’s democratic processes.

Mr Hersi said the final eligible voters were 1,069,914. He added the old voter list produced by the previous NEC contained 22 per cent errors as a result 3,05,746 names were removed from the 2008 list (1,3,75,660 voters).

He said many of the errors included duplication of names, the use of children and other irregularities. It is unclear if the previous NEC, often described as incompetent by the donor nations, became under political pressure from the three political parties or if it was administrative problem.

Finally Mr Hersi urged the public to vote for their party of choice freely and to maintain the stability and peace. He thanked the state police and military for assisting them.

In a separate press release, the NEC office said all transportation including government, party’s and aid organisation vehicles will be halted during the election day from 6am to 8pm as a security precautions.

The NEC fears elements of neighbouring Somalia’s Islamic insurgent groups who vowed total war against Somaliland’s democratic institutions might try to carry out suicide attacks in the country.

The announcement comes hours before an international delegation team led by UK based organisations including London University College, Queen Marry University and international organisation Progressio said they were sending an election observation team of 120 to Somaliland. The delegation is expected to arrive in the coming days and will arrive from EU member countries, U.S. and African states as well as the AU. A number of Asian countries including Pakistan will send their own team which includes Mr Ansar Burney, former Federal Minister for Human Rights in Pakistan.

A team of international media including BBC are also expected to arrive in the country to cover the June 26 elections which the eligible voters will cast their votes in more than 1,800 polling stations.

Somaliland will go to the polls in five days time and will vote for one of the three competing parties who are currently in the last phase of their national campaigns.

Photo: UK election observing team hold a press conference in London

Somalilandpress | Monday – June 21, 2010

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  1. Kayse says:

    One million and sixty nine thousand (1,069000) sounds about right to me thats around 30% of the population. It's good per centage because most of the population are either nomads or under age so 30% sounds right to me.

    Well also 590 people per polling station sounds like piece of cake…this job should be over within 5 hours hahahaha…its good to have small population some times.

  2. Hurguf says:

    Good news. Now let us have a peaceful, fair and free elections. May the victor be magnanimous, the vanquished gracious and the international community come to their senses, and see Somaliland for what it is a democratic de-facto state which deserves, de-jure recognition

  3. Maalin says:

    Good, everything going smoothly as planned.

  4. mohammed says:

    it has been a long time since somalilanders needed just, accountable Government. we hope the best to win but remove UDUB fronm the seat. i pary for peaceful elections INSHAALLAH

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