H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) was among thousands of somalilanders who took part in a massive demonstration held in capital ,Hargeisa earlier today to denounce a decision by the UK Government to issue a travel advice which warned Uk citizens against travelling to Somaliland.
Thousands among thousands of Somalilanders  came out in force today waving the tri color flag of Somaliland and other national memorabilia’s in a bid to express their discontent this while responding to Sunday’s UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s revised travel advice for Somaliland.
President Silanyo Joined the cheering demonstrators who earlier were camped outside the parliament building to listen his state of union speech address walking more than half a kilometer shoulder in shoulder with fellow countrymen in a momentous moment of unity, putting aside their recent bitter conflicting divisions caused by the 28TH November 2012 local elections.
“We the people of Somaliland consider the people of Great Britain as our brothers of whom we had friendly relations spanning for more than two centuries and we look forward in maintaining those same cordial relations,” said President Silanyo.
The demonstrators called on the Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain to intervene and retract the decision of the foreign office terming it unfair.
Similar Demonstrations also took place in Gabiley, Caynaba ,Las Geel, and other major towns across the country.
Goth M Goth