Published On: Fri, May 18th, 2012

Somaliland marks independence amidst of tight security

HARGEISA — Somaliland marked its 21st Independence Day today amidst unprecedented tight security measures for fear of further clashes over the recent military tribunal ruling that sentenced 17 civilians to death.

“May 18th is the day we pledged our loyalty to Somaliland statehood. A day when we held aloft the torch of freedom and hands in which we agreed to the formation of a nation. A day a period of ill fortune came to an end and healing began,” President Ahmed Silanyo said during his message to the people in Freedom Park.

“I want to say to the living braves who fought and put their lives in danger for others, the ones who gave all their belongings for the struggle and the ones who gave their knowledge and strength — your sacrifices have produced fruits,” he said.

Aiming to motivate the general masses at today’s gathering the President continued saying: “The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, still infant plant with no ribbed fruits to pick however the turning-point is past. We will get there together, be patient, do not lose hope and do not let difficult times cloud your judgements. The State is yours.”

Thousands of people gathered in the Freedom Park to witness the President deliver his message dispute the deployment of several hundred policemen in the capital.

During his national address the President hailed the security forces and offered his condolences to families of those who were recently killed in a major land dispute in eastern Hargeisa. The dispute which centers a former factory and surrounding community farms left more than seven dead including three security officers and a pregnant mother.

Reports in eastern Hargeisa and the north said residents in those areas did not mark the day in protest over the martial court ruling.

The president said Somaliland will mark the independence day over the next two days which the government declared public holiday.

This is the first time in the history of Somaliland the whole city did not celebrate the day in which it commemorates its declaration of independence from Somalia.


May 18, 2012

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  1. Kayse says:

    It seems like only Dahabshiil aka Dhiigshiil employees, Hersi gaab and Insulin'aanyo are the only ones celebrating the May 18 which means nothing in Somalia's calendar except the day few single mothers began their protest and Khaatumo cleans its horses.

    Dhiigshiil has nothing better to do but come out to a dusty stadium in front of few individuals from two subclans and preach them with false information.

    First Buhoodle, a town only 30 kg away from Burao stopped celebrating the meaningless day, then Sool region, then most parts of Sanaag including parts of Erigavo, Las Qorey, Baran, Hadaftiimo, Dhahaar stopped honoring day which is claimed by two subclans who fear the greater Somali population for unknown reasons, then Awdal, now most parts of Hargeisa (east and north)….

    I will make this day as New Hargeisa genocide since every subclan is making their own definition and public holidays.

    Let us remember the four heroes who defended their rights this week.

    • kaboooooooon says:

      who the hell are you with your evil tribal retratrick … stop referering to somalia on every single comment. and what the hell do you know about what is happining in new hargaisa, i would advice you to tell ur tribes men to put their arms down or else ….

    • bob the builder says:

      kayse theres a japanesse sayin it goes "those who critasis u are your friends, those who correct u are ur teachers and those who flatter u are ur enemies, if ur my dulbante brother i will advice u brother we are all looking for the same thing now hate breeds hate we all know. lets stop the hate and give each other some time.

    • abs says:

      the world elite are planing to starve africa and muslims simple as becareful people

    • @jibah2011 says:

      You are very jealous the progress that Somaliland people have gained. The whole world is supporting the success of Somaliland achieved.

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      loool kayse can u get anymore 'dislikes''

      am only gona add who did they get independence from???

  2. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Shame on you Mr.Kayse. Your true color is unveiled just now. Don't you listen what your elders said about this issue? I am sorry that your are one of my countryman.

  3. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    Many happy returns to Somaliland and its people.

    I am sure Somaliland is not going to give a hoot about the nonsensical gibberish spewing out of the pie holes of a few cretins with compartmentalized minds and the attention span of a goldfish.

  4. Abdi.R says:

    Whether you agree or disagree on something there are times you just need to shut up and let others have their day and today is that day.

    I get the feeling you are self obsessed individual. And you can't resist the urge of saying something.

    Please hold off your fire for today. No hurt intended.

  5. Abraham says:

    I just listened to the president's speech and it was good. Hambalyo to all my fellow Somalilanders excluding the traitors like Kayse.

    Somaliland ha noolaato oo aduunka hadhaafto. Amiin.

  6. Jama says:

    Watching our presedient & the elders talking took my breath away
    I'm so so happy !!!! May Allah protect us from evil & those who want to
    Hurt us & our troops !!!! One love from Hargaisa
    Happy independent day all

  7. Hassan says:

    Happy independent my Peaple !!
    Love u mr president from Hargaisa

  8. Munir says:

    Thank u king of somaliland Burco
    Great day

  9. Idil says:

    We support u 120% the government we love u
    Happy day

  10. Mohaamed says:

    What a great day Bebera xxxx
    We have a great leader that all somaliland support
    We don't care what happened in Hargaisa
    Love live somaliland & our great troops
    Mohammed Berbera

  11. Jama says:

    Burco we all love u have a great day
    And government we love u alllll

  12. HMObsiye says:

    I couldn't belief how low Mr. Kayse has gone lately. I do not know why he keep embarrassing himself this way.

    Those of us who thought he was mentally and intellectually matured enough have now seen how weak he has become. You can not be a Somalilander one and turn 360 degree in few second and praise the like of Khatoum seeg and call the Country you have been defending for so long a two clan state.

    Even those families whose relatives were involved with crime against the state of Somaliland have asked for forgiveness. Mr. Kasye, sorry to say this, you have totally lost my respect and the respect of many Somaliland supporters because of your recent emotional out past.
    I will say this to you, like it or not, Somaliland is here to stay. And I will advise you to concentrate your energy to the region you mentioned in one of your earlier comments that you originally came from Ethiopia, unless this too is a lie.
    This will be the last time you will read me writing about you.
    Long live Somaliland and it;s people of every clans !

    • mohamed cheers says:

      I think the guy kayse is a camouflage stooge. Does anyone know him personally. Who's this
      animal beast pretending to be from the Somali Ethiopian Province Somali k/5aad and suddenly
      declared all out open war on Somaliland internal affairs. He may not even be a somali. Whoever
      knows this Kayse please come forward and tell us who he's and then there should be ways to deal with his accusations one way or other. He's becoming absolutely volitale to the National Security of the
      country and the internal affairs of the National Govt in power. He ought to be apprehended for his
      provocative evil insurgency activities of this kind in nature and magnitude.

  13. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Well, well, Mr. Kayse has finally revealed himself. I guess, he just couldn't keep the secret any longer. Never was a true Somalilander, just a wolf in sheep's clothing. All those lies, and pretense, it must have hurt. Good riddance.

  14. Waxgarad says:

    HMObsiye and others,

    I think Keyse is the reflection of what is called Somaliland. Somaliland is created by clans who were told they will be better oFf under Somaliland than under Somali National Government and with the rest of Somalia. Now many clans have realized that is not the case and rethinking their support to the secessionist agenda.

    It is time to see the light before it is too late.



    • Gobaad says:

      Waxgarad, I think I know who you are. Waxba kolba shaaadh cusub ha soo xidhanin. I know that you are enjoying this isolated incident very much. We expected that it will be a field day for you. But we are in control and as you can see people are enjoying the May 18th Celebration.

      About your Somalia makale qabsanto, I know that you blindly wish that Somaliland was non-existing and you din't shy way from expressing your true feelings, but unless you were in a coma for the last 21 years. Somalia kala qabsoontay 21 years a ago and there no turning back. So, try to convince your delusional mind that the ship had left long time ago. You need to stop your phantom-limb mentality and smell the coffee.

  15. Gobaad says:

    MHObsiye, that will make two of us. I lost respect for him and will never honour anything he says. I was observing him for few days now. He is like child who goes berserk, abusive, disrespectful when he does not get his way or whant he wants. And he is literally vomoting all over the place. Don't even bother to read his billingsgate and give him the thumbs down all the time.

    Happy May 18th Somaliland and Somalilanders cross the globe and enjoy the day.

  16. Farah says:

    Great independent day for my somaliland Peaple
    And our king presedient Axmed we love u
    From Hargaisa

  17. Bishir says:

    We supported Silaanyo to get power us HAbar awar
    And we will protect him for ever
    Long live mr Axmed king of all kings !!!!
    Habar awal suluts u

  18. Jama says:

    Happy birthday somaliland
    Love from Burco & our Govertment & troops we love u
    All xxxx

  19. Arafat says:

    Hargaisa & somaliland great day it is !!!!
    Love u Govertment & president

  20. Bashe says:

    Somalilandpress I cannot see a future where only the few are priviledged while the country needs all our support it is becoming a pariah state tbh.

    • osman5 says:

      then, get used to it..
      Osman Qaal

      • amal says:

        Smile brother!
        This is the country our brothers, fathers, uncles shed their blood and sacrificed their life for the freedom and it will prevail God willing. Justice, equality, brotherhood and love will prevail from awdal to sanaag inshAllah. Forget everything else.


  21. Bashe says:

    Somalilandpress, Kayse has a point? we need leadership in Somaliland.

  22. Bashe says:

    Are we living in a dictatoship Somalilandpress, why you delete my comments?

  23. Bashe says:

    We cannot sing Kumbaya in Hargeisa while half the population are harassed to silence by a few.

  24. Mohammed says:

    HY are the heartbeat of Somaliland, I hope we can all chill out and stay positive VIVA HY, VIVA SOMALILAND, VIVA SOMALIS in the Horn of Africa, we are one people of E. Africa, we dominate the region, from Kenya to Djibouti, from Ogadenia to Indian Ocean and we should never forget that.

  25. osman5 says:

    Beautiful and inspirational speech from the president. I love pics, all and sundry. Configurations to everyone specially the ones that were lucky enough to be at the freedom garden in this remarkable day. .
    God bless Somaliland..masha Alla..

    Osman Qaal

  26. Gobaad says:

    osman5, did you not make it to the Washington DC Celebration?

  27. osman5 says:

    Unfortunately, I didn't make it, something else came up in the last minute (a work assignment , life's a b@tch and you marry one).

    I was going to let you know about my game plan change but I did't want to interrupt in the midst your celebration.
    Anyhow, I'm planning on participating in Somaliland's day celebration tonight in the city I live in..
    What about you, Have you already had your celebration?

    Osman Qaal

  28. amal says:

    Long live my beautiful country
    21 years of peace ad governance
    Those with evil intention should be ashamed

  29. Kayse says:

    The two subclan project are cheering and telling each others the same lies they have known in the last twenty years however day after day more people are starting to take the opposite path and the two Subclan Council is decreasing by the minute. The international community no longer listens to the lies either. Unlike this sub-regional Council when the real nation marks its indepedence international dignataries will be present, do see any foreign dignatary next to warlord and Dhiigshiil employeee Silaaayo? Only Hersi Gaab.

    Even half of Hargeisa wait for 1st of July, no one celebrates a day Tuur chased Morgan because Tuur was Somali who didnt believe in the two subclan Council. They busy removing Tuur and teaching students distorted history of SNM thats why Sool and Togdheer students are sitting Khaatumo Council exams.

    They so used cheering for the death of Somalia same way Arab dictators keep their civilians in the dark by using Israel as the boogeyman but its getting old, 21 years of the same lies.

    I do feel like the black sheep among the crazy regional Council die hard supporters but I can assure I am here and not alone after alll Issak is more than two subclans by 10 folds, truth is out now watch how much it hurts them.

  30. Kayse says:

    I don't see Mogadishu celebrating when Aideed chased Siad Bare nor do we see Ethiopia marking the end of Mengustu or Uganda celebrating the end of Iddi Amin, only two subclans celebrate the day two Somali boxers left the ring of conflict as "independence day" and refuse acknowledge the real day they were freed from a foreign imparial enemy. Two subclans can't rule themselves let alone others, its like one neighbour telling his neighbour how to run his household when in fact he cant run his own. This regional Council is not legit reason no one showed up in their little day to bad mouth Somalia.

  31. Kayse says:

    These people only showed up because they had nothing else to do after all the city is bitterly divided, under seige and locked down besides there is nothing else to do, people get tired of being drugged with qat.

    There are no recreations nor jobs because the Council of Silanyo and Dahabshiil is broke, universities are collapsing and trash is mounting like artificial mountains in Dubai. People cant afford bread and the town has no water even though the Eu recently donated $23m for water to the council but most people know it will end up in Dahabshiil.

    They used paint a groomy picture of Mogadishu and play the good cop but now Mogadishu is recovering, the UN office relocated and both UK and Turkey, two countries the Council claims know their "historical argument" have reopened their embassies in Mogadishu. The Council which only represents two subclans is running of lies.

    I used to attend their celebrations to see friends and some music but right now even the Council's band is out of tune.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Kayse do you work for the IRIN? Who are you? You are too professional some insider in the Somali
      affairs highly paid staff..who are you?

      • Gobaad says:

        mohamed cheers, he is too self-absorbed in your own interests, jack of all trades with narcissistic personality disorder and peculiarly unsettling behaviour. Ignore him, he is unworthy of engaging in conversation with him.

  32. American boy says:

    Kayse, your a big cry baby! omg! lool and if its 2 subclans running everything then why is it the last time i checked, EVERY SINGLE CLAN in somaliland is running a government post?? shut up and pick your baby bottle up punk.

  33. Kayse says:

    For them having a different voice is a crime, individualism does not exist in their world and this is worryism. They are looking for a fictional "country" where everyone agrees and cheers maybe someone should take them to North Korea but Somalis will not allow North Somalia to become another North Korea. Somalis like all people agree and disagree and agreee to disagree—having a disagreement is no reason to declare two-half-cities and one farming town as an "independent state" that at some time in history as "British possesion"—-Its weak argument. Two subclans cant rule other clans – period!

      • mohamed cheers says:

        With all that you said, your hefty and staggering speeches have no binding solutions to make
        you a hero of some kind other than big balloon of sniffy disgusting scenairos. Belo ku qadatay
        baan maqli jiray..kan kayse bela sidata allahoma nagina min ashkaaleh amiin.

  34. Kayse says:

    Mohamed Cheers,

    Horta you make me laugh but no need for habaar. I know I scare those who follow the Council project in western Hargeisa but relax I am not calling for war nor violence. I do not believe in shedding blood like warlord Silanyo, Morgan or Al shabab amir.

    I know I can undo the little Council because I know the Council inside out and I know the realities. I know your weaknesses and I know your vulnerabilities and you too understand I am a danger to your little western Hargeisa project.

    Do not lose your sleepiness sxb I am as man of peace as the Dalai Lama of Tibet but unlike I do not believe in secessionism, I never did and never will. I supported some of the values practiced in northern Somalia however I never believe in reducing your opportunities…from the entire Somali world, Djibouti to Ras Kabone and to western Hargeisa only…that's not a world I believe in nor encourage my people to endorse it.

    I tell them and will tell them again today do not limit your opportunities and view the world from a tiny window in Morgan's former house….instead I encourage to climb the mountain of Naso Hablod, Golis, Daallo and those in the south and see it for yourself the Somalis are one inseparable race from every angel.

    Hargeisa is scared of one of its own with different voice. Dont be scared, same clan does not mean same beliefs or views; Egal and Abdullahi Suldan Timo Adde were cousins yet their views were different.

    I don't want to have same views as you because I am Issak. I will find my place in society with more important and realm titles. I will find a Dar00d, a Haawiye, a Saamaroon, a Rahaawein, a reer Hamaar, a Garre or a Essa with same visions as me and thats more special and diverse than staying in the same four corners between Ambassador Hotel, Mansoor and house of Morgan and boqol iyo koontan (150) road.

    Fear me not, fear the truth.

  35. Kayse says:

    Finally I want to tell you something. When some people can not handle the truth, stress or changes in their lives they develop certain habits, for example some people smoke, while others eat and eat till they kill their organs.

    Some people cover their inner struggle with makeup and fantasies imaginary 'alter-egos' like Beyonce's "Sasha Fierce"; while others party and try to escape from the realities while others go to war when recession and hardship stalk them like the United States for instance.

    Over the years, those who support the project in western Hargeisa developed one habit that allowed them to escape, vanish and deny the reality on the ground. It's like they have been hypnotized in the last two decades and when someone wakes them from their deep sleep——–they hate it because the reality is too much for them. This sort of party allows them to escape, gives them a little moment to brag and cheer each others while asleep.

    shhhhhhhhhhhhh don't wake them up.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Kayse fear me not, fear the truth, what truth are you talking about, to me it's the other way round
      fear me not the truth. Cuz the truth is universal and you are down trodden with problems of
      different complicated facets. You just can't base it through narrow angle(s). Your arguments are
      ladden with highly sophisticated dogma which at best could be addressed differently. SHHHH
      I don't know and care less your critics of this kind. BTW I read somewhere the dalai lama of Tibet is
      complaining of posioning maybe your evils have reached him too.

      • amal says:

        I just can't believe you aided our enemies to that extent. What happened to self-respect man. You have a sharp tongue that you used to defend Somaliland and now you are using it to destroy Somaliland. I just can't believe my eyes. ilaahay ha kus sahlo

        • amal says:

          There is nothing wrong with believing in Somali unity but I hate it how you are using your sharp tongue to destroy Somaliland and cause division and inta-clan fitnah. Without unity in Somaliland, how can we you ever think of bigger Somali unity with more diverse people. You are promoting division among is@q who are one family, how can you be serious about Somali unity at large. Anways I hope khair for all Somali people, I think we have been divided for too long.

  36. @jibah2011 says:

    There are certain people in this world who like to criticize others while their glass houses are breaking apart like this one calls himself Kayse. Somaliland is housing in their prison your dirty pirates and the other warlords who has massacred your women and children of your clan. and now you have nothing but envy for Somaliland who is helping you to liberate yourself from the clutches of those infidels.

  37. Geezer4rmPuntland says:

    I SURLY REM the last tym wen the soz called Somaliland celebrated their independence day which was held bk day in stratford England. me & my h@wiye mates pretended to be somalilanders & bought some cheap plastic plain paper & colored it to make it look lyk the somaliland flag, to be really honest we didnt care, our mission was to chat up the ladies.

  38. Abraham says:

    I think Kayse has a stake in the disputed little piece of land for which his half-witted cousins shed the blood of our citizens. If those idiotic people had any sense, they would have recognized the fact that Somaliland has much more land than its citizens can occupy perhaps for the next 100 years.

  39. amal says:

    Somaliland is all happy and celebrating despite how some people are making it look doom and gloom. 21 years of peaceful Somaliland will never break inshAllah. Happy birthday somaliland.

  40. Abdisalam Noor Jamal says:

    Dear Keyse you seems to look a little pazuled or confused becaues you falied to understand genocide and ciminal intent and becouse of this incindent you have undermine the celebration of what made this Beloved Country today, l realy pity you this shows how narrorow mineded you have soory for this comment. you should understand what this small group have done is criminal act. this Country has a good governess and law and order there system on how claim your right AND YOU DO NOT TAKE THE LAW IN YOUR HAND l hope you have understood the situation.

  41. amal says:

    All those who are filling everywhere with lies and propaganda can watch this:
    Now keep wailing because Somaliland sailed on and don't care about cheap shots

  42. khaatumo citizen says:

    khaatumo state celebrates its cleaning day more than, them thugs' in morgan's house. lool

    • amal says:

      I hope you polished a spare horse for Kayse to run fast away from Somaliland. By the way don't think Kayse has any influence on anyone. HY are part and parcel of Somaliland and will always be. Don't get excited for nothing man.

      • khaatumo citizen says:

        amal i think i know my reer abti more than u do theres reason why they called Garhajis plus theres nothing be excited 7 people lost thier lives and this is human lives we talking about. and just coz am an unionist i dont wish anything bad for my region and my people.. i believe people should sit down on the table and settle thier differences without any blood shed.. lool besides I already offered Kayse one my fav horse its called (Dhoodi-Meer) looool

        • amal says:

          True, nothing to be excited about sad Somali situation

          • amal says:

            But people are just blowing every thing out of proportion for no reason.

          • amal says:

            One more thing
            Don't misunderstand the incident because it has nothing to do with garhajism. It's an isolated incident that concerns one family (sub sub sub sub sub clan) and their land which will be solved very soon inshAllah.What I Meant don't get excited is that Kayse is not speaking for no group except for his own individual views.

          • khaatumo citizen says:

            well i hope the elders find ways to work out this issues they always do…incident happens everywhere in the world but what most people are upset is the 17 people dat being sent to prison for life.

  43. khaatumo citizen says:

    loooooool Amal okay ama let u enjoy ur celebration..

  44. Kayse says:


    I am not dividing my Issak family at all nor am I calling for violence. I am against all kinds of violence and this is why I have withdrawn my support for the two subclan administration occupying Morgan's former house.

    I am just stating that Silanyo administration is nothing but a small Council in western Hargeisa with the support of two subclans and Dahabshiil executives. The shots are called by Hersi gaab and Dahabshiil and not by the ailing man that you consider a "President". He cant even manage his insulin and glucose let alone a country.

  45. Osman Mohammed says:

    First of all, I would like to wish all of Northern Somalia's Hargeisa well.
    I believe most of Somaliland do not believe in the breaking apart of Somalia, into weak fragments being controlled by the evil ring of the US, Uk etc. Somalia is waking up, Mogadishu Inshallah will become strong again and we want Somaliland to be part of Somalia..although you never really left. I think people (a small percentage) need to grow up and stop dwelling on the past. If anything, Somali people have no difference in culture whatsoever..theres no need for the bitterness..

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