Published On: Sun, Jan 13th, 2013

Somaliland: Making an Enjoyable, Fair and civil Argument

There are great differences between writing a good argument and poor slanderous one – When you write an insulting comment or article you don’t only slur the person/persons you are writing about, but you also insult the intelligence of your readers and waste their time. You affront yourself, because you expose your ignorance and viciousness to the wider world.

By taking inconsiderately on someone you might still get few like-minded admirers on the way, but the majority of the public will find you empty minded and will covertly treat you as nobody. That is really an ignominy; one can spend his time writing about valuable things rather than wasting his/her readers’ precious times and must not sacrifice his time and dignity for nothing in return.

Writing a good comment or article in a very simple language and building your argument painstakingly brick by brick is pleasing to readers, convinces them to your ideas and makes them admire your talent. Furthermore, your opinions will be respected and your artful writings will survive for many generations to come. In writing a useful comment or article you do not only contribute to the good of the society, but you also add to your good deeds and help yourself not going to hell-fire for a needless and ineffectual deed. Writing under anonymous name will not be baffling to your creator and prevent him rewarding you with what you deserve, be it good or bad.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not against the rightful criticism of private, public, local or international figures and I do not consider a well founded criticism as an offend. These can unquestionably be beneficial to the wider society. At the same time, one has to be careful not be carried away and most importantly not forget to respect the feelings of his subject as he would like his feelings to be prized – One must put himself/herself on the boots of his/her subject and those close to him/her.

One must honestly have a hard look at his/herself on the mirror asking himself/herself if in truth others deserve his/her criticism and if his/her criticism is measured, polite and righteous. And most of all, one needs to ask if his/her criticism will contribute to the best interest of the wider society, if not that becomes a “cretinism” and not a “criticism”.

In nutshell, our writing is a measure of our intelligence. Before we embark on sharing our opinions in public, we all need to checkout if the basic rule of making a good argument is respected. In primary school, we were told that we will make a good debating sense, if we respect our PEEL rule (p=making a point, E=explaining it, E= giving example and L=linking ideas). That might sound very distant in our minds and too simplistic, but if we look back at the opinions on our websites you will find them lacking this basic rule, it is a shame, is it not?

By Yusuf Dirir Ali.

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  1. Ali says:

    I wonder who is worst, those writing it with melicious intent or those who purposely publish it despite full knowledge of its vulgarism and hatemongering.

  2. tellmetruth says:

    I say this article is a bit too late.

    How long have you had people trolling and insulting others on this website.
    How long have you had pro secessionist speaking and spread the most venomous form of self hate. Despite their best efforts to use this website as a base for their hate. This very site has become a double edge sword for all those who wish to spread hate. Even to the ones claiming to be Unionist.

    I personally came to this website original just to see what's going in Somaliland . But when i noticed the constant hate in the comment section. I felt compelled to make my own personal opinion, stand against the constant bombardment of self hate.

  3. Allemagan says:


    You have written an excellent article that will benefit everyone not only to debate effectively but also to improve their overall communication. I for one will definitely try to use the simple rule of PEEL to put my opinions and ideas across when I have something useful to share. I hope others who post their comments in this forum can also follow your valuable advice. Let us all weed out offensive language out of our discourse and I believe that SomalilandPress can play an important role by deleting irresponsible comments as soon as they appear.

    Thank you for not wasting my time.

  4. amal says:

    Totally agree. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. osman Qaal says:

    I hope all regulars on this very forum including myself not only to adhere the PEEL rule but also try to stick to subject matter should we wish to communicate with one another effectively.
    Unfortunately, often times we intent to rub up each other the wrong way where things could get a little bit muddy unnecessarily…

  6. Hoodo says:

    I would like to thank the author for educating us all on the etiquette of writting constructively.. I hope this article educates alot of hate mongers who on daily basis spew their hate on somaliland on daily basis.

    To name a few kayse, allemagan, tellmetruth, Ilyaz, sahra,Abdikhadar,Truth1, puntlandgeeser and the list goes on.

    Somalilandpress as a website what responsibilities does it carry on it’s shoulders against the people who use their web page for their selfish tribalistic agendas? And as the author put it so eloquently how can this website educate and stop this kind of negativities which is seen on daily basis on this website?

    I know am going to get a fee attacks from certain people here, but believe me I favor civility and intellectuality above all. God bless.

    • Sahra says:

      you got to be kidding lady. This is person has no filter. not only that she was enjoying rapes that is taking place in Somalia so let me remind her precise wording . buuxiye inaader that's funny fufu accent kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that's just the sample of disgrace and despicable comments, and please people take a look all comments and you be the judge

      • Really says:

        Sahra, How many others have called Somalilanders names before the rest? This website is called Somaliland press! Yet we had many others trying to suade them through offensive language, guilt as well as many forms of scare mongering. Tell me did the chicken come first or was it the egg.

      • Buuxiye says:


        Well said and do not feel sorry for the lost people, i simply laugh at their nonsense, we will create Zoos in Hargeysa so we can throw bananas at them from time to time :).

        Sahra aren't you the one that is cheering for the riots in Somaliland? hoping those riots will turn out destructive? Sorry we keep disappointing you time and again because we are a civilized Sovereignty.

        I am not going to apologize but every image of Moqadishu is showing that your country's children and NEXT generation is at least 50% Fufu and Professor Ismael Samatar in his speech said it himself that there are thousands of Naked children running around loose on the streets.

        0.5=Clan is quickly becoming a 50%-Clan and soon either they will have President or Prime Ministerial Position.

        To me you will always be a punch of naked Fufus :) Muahahaha

        • Really says:

          Buuxiye. I feel so many want to lamp you to their own haters but I feel you are the Somalilander version of thier own whilst giving all of us a vision that some many be read to take on today. Keep on. We Somalis want to see both sides without sabotage or hatred.

        • Sahra says:

          I didn't want an apology from you. because the person has to have moral fiber and children are naked doesn't make fufu and Professor Ismail Samatar should go deeply look what taking place in Borama and the large addiction of young male and kids with cola but don't worry about him next trip he makes here in Toronto I will make an effort to discuss the matter with him another thing I was not cheering the riots it's was other way around I had one comment about burco and Barbara the road and some inciting that took place and I remembered precisely what I SAID which was go guys check burcoonline something disturbing is taking place.

          • Buuxiye says:

            I am actually proud of your expressing your hate, i hope you never stop because you and all your hateful fufus will make our job much easier in showing our children the animals that you are and why they should always stay away from you :)

            You see you are doing a god job every time you express hate, every time you show hate for Somaliland-Republic.

            It hurts you when i tell you that you are worth nothing to us and never will and more people need to tell you to your face that your dead dream UNITY is no more. You have only one option to hate back and it is exactly what i need you to keep doing!

            :) keep up the good job.

      • Hoodo says:

        Lady don’t you have anything else to do except for attacking others with your negativities on daily basis.
        The author of this article vehemently and eloquently put his article here to educate people like you exactly.
        It does no harm for one to be positive at list once and especially after reading comments such as this authors.
        I know it’s hard to change an old dogs behavior but the chances for a trial is always there.
        For the gentlemen buuxiye, there are always some positive ways to attract a guy, you can’t keep on attacking him on daily basis whenever he posts a comment with negativities.
        If you love him just come out of the closet and ask him for the love you are graving.
        Let’s be positive for once and for good, but if you keep on attacking expect the same dear.

  7. Xiis says:

    Civilised and objective commentary is the essence of sound debate & it is something I advocated in various somali Internet forums.An easier way of looking at it is one we comment on a public platform we do it with the aim of winning people over ,you can’t achieve that by slander and vile language it’s that simple.

  8. Xiis says:

    Can somebody enlighten me? Is it hatred if I express my opinion on “somaliland?

  9. tellmetruth says:


    You only mentioned people who stand against separatism, yet you left out pro-secessionist. Who constantly insult and even call for death of others. This is how I know you are biased or even maybe one of the hate mongers, who is using a different name.

    Either way my advice is to all the readers is, no matter what side your on (pro-union/ pro-secessionism) be fair, don't judge one side. Yet let others get a free pass.

    Respect is a mutual thing, you can't be disrespecting others and expect them to respect you.

    Oh by the way thank you mention my name, tell me truth aka tell ma nutz

  10. tellmetruth says:

    @ Ali

    Ali i honestly believe some of the people saying these things are really not bad people. Just people who have given in to the darker side.

    But do not get me confused there are those who simply wish to stir things up and get us all hating each other, like Kayse and Buuxiye, two sides of the same coin.

    I personally will not lie and say my emotions haven't got the best of me. So i would like to take this moment to say to my Isaaq brothers and sisters. I am sorry if I have ever said anything upsetting to you.
    My problem is with the secessionist, not the Isaaq clan. I believe we are all one large family and we need sort out our issues with killing, or abandoning each other.

    • Hornid says:

      why u dont ask this to traitors somali of Djibouti particulary Isse clan if we are ''one large family''? Even some somali prefer to stay with bantu and habashi rather than joining Somaliweyn. ! Time of bla bla somalinimo love is over….

  11. Barabian says:

    Thank you, Yusuf

  12. KoonfurSoldier says:

    Bring it on qal daan khan iisfolk.

    You think you can get away with our land by sucking cadaan g2us????

  13. ComeAgain says:

    Hoodo thanks for the comment. The hate is usually started and fanned by those who hate Somaliland. The evidence is right in front of your eyes, everytime a decent article on Somaliland is put up you get nothing but hateful comments. Anytime there is unrest you have people from the somaliwayne area calling for more death and destruction.

    Tellme, respect does go both ways and Somalilanders have voiced theirs in numerous referendums! And yet you sit there and talk about respect, well brother here is the time for you to respect the wishes of Landers who freed themselves and voted again and again for separation.

    I admit sometimes I get carried away with feelings as well, but for every time that has happened you can see who started the discussion of hated and fighting and in almost every case you will find a somaliwayne person who started the comments in that direction.

    Its like when someone insults you and then wonders why you gave them a swift kick in the bullocks!

  14. Somaliaunity says:

    Man up khal-daans, you call us wanl@weyn and darood f@qash, when we call you kh@ldaans you cry like babies.

  15. Hargaisawi says:

    Somalilandpress is going downhill and it cannot recover its lost reputation by posting these sort of articles. It's too late. It's the example of the retarded attaitudes and behaviours of Somaliweyn advocates.

    The author shouldn't have bothered to put his artciel in here!

    • Sahra says:

      So why are you here.

    • amal says:

      It's true, the site is going bit down hill because it's very lose and people who like to abuse freedom of speech daily flood into it. The hate is both ways but majority of the hate is coming from the so-called unionist obviously sahra doesn't see that because its to her amusement and the funny thing is if you say something against the haters, this woman will jump in to defend it lol. At least the Somalilanders who write hate comments don't claim to be fighting for 'unity'

      • Sahra says:

        At least we don't abuse people clans and make it habit of it and second Amal haven you seen your comrades how they talk about Somalia woman and the way they use them like a weapon to get even with the rest of us and the derogatory matter they use them and let's contrast and look deep our side. Allamagen Kayse AMIRATA Tellmethruth Ayan Thruth Kfc Geezer and me our worst offender is Geezer two thing he does wrong is the wife and mention clan sometimes and I toll him to knockoff one or twice but we can say the same for you or your separatist brothers and the worst thing is their fragile mind how you people like dish but when we retaliate and defend our position effectively then all suddenly you will hear this kind of talk so-called unionist are becoming abuser . what's does that meant it means we're defending our self . so before you start chastising us if you have done it your lunatics and unruly crowd , maybe perhaps we could listen to you another word you would have been creditable.

        • amal says:

          My comrade? You mean kaboon who uses different names. Sorry but I don't defend them nor do I have the same views as them, in fact I don't even engage conversation with him ( I used to tell him off, in fact I used to think he was impostor). You always tell off people like Buuxiye, which you have a right to defend your people but you don't see me defending him or his comment unlike you when you see Somalilanders retaliate jump in and say well your people do that too to justify their comment or hate. Shows what kind of a person you are. I have no issues with ordinary unionist like Allemagan, Amira etc

          We should have different opinions but maintain mutual respect, not everyone entertains your union opinion whether you call them separatist or not. You need to learn to agree to disagree.

          • amal says:

            plus you forgot whenever something goes wrong in Somaliland like fighting or rioting you'll get happy and dance around with your malicious comments against Somaliland. And of course I will stick up for Somaliland regardless of my opinion, you have that right too, to stick up for your people wherever they are.

          • Sahra says:

            Malicious, lady you're number one hypocrite and there's no place of Somalia she have not attack and second you're a liar I've made one comment about the riots and even look back was not a comment per Se but an information but' I do admitted having discussion the people who was leaving comments did it get heated you bet the last time i check I don't need a permission from you and I don't have to tell you why' but from now I've to look something deep your hand writing some-else also told before watch out this person and last not least I don't justify hate is not in me and last person I want respect FROM is you I Don't like respond to you and I could care less .

          • amal says:

            "you'll get happy and dance around with your malicious comments" by that I mean 'you all' meaning you people (unionist) not you as individual. Said that after you claim that so-called unionist don't write hateful comments but only retaliate themselves.

            I don't care who told you that I use different names but I use ONE and I don't need to explain that to you.

            All I can say is you're a woman of hate so good luck with your hate girl

          • Sahra says:

            And what are you a woman of love?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          • amal says:

            jooji nac nacda naaya

          • Sahra says:

            jooji nac nacda adiga ayaa lagugu yaaqaan markii horana waxaan kuugu yaaray laba wajeelay maya maya waxaa tahay naaya naaya afka qarmuun leh mas kontan madax leh abaasayahay meel ay usocto iyo maal ka socto aan la garanayey waana ogahay in aad tahay nin maxaasa ega galey nin naag iska dhigya waa dhibaato kuu taagan adiga mida kale dhagaso naayaa or waryaa cheers or amal or the other hundred names you use uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

          • amal says:

            Uuuuuuuh to you too nayaa. Waxad tiriba adigaa ahh

          • Sahra says:


          • amal says:

            Naa aff qarmuuney wa maxay cayda iyo nacadashu. Guess what BACK TO YOU ! Now excuse me I don't have time to waste on scums like you.

  16. Hassan says:

    Please Remove all the ignorant comments. This is shameful!!

  17. Allemagan says:

    It seems that the debate has moved to fufus (sic.) and has degenerated to all-out insults. The point of the article was not to become a vehicle for us to air our grievances against each other or to exchange allegations and counter allegations. The author tried to show us that we can always submit our ideas fairly and have a civil discourse without attacking the person who is our opponent. Maybe some of us are only capable of producing offensive language or are complainers by nature. We are attacking the messenger instead of addressing the issue at hand in an intelligent fashion. Thus, as the author stated in his beautiful article we are wasting each other's time and no one benefits from this kind of discourse.

    Now to unrelated topic, I provided here a TED Talks video link… on how language transformed societies through history. As you watch this video and hear the presenter argue for the need to transform the whole world as one people with one language, think about the sad situation of Somali people. We are only 10 million people with one language, one religion and of the same ethnicity and we are still dividing ourselves. It is about time we left the stone tools behind.

  18. Really says:

    I think you mean Sahra not Hoodo.

  19. amal says:

    Naaya listen kalabedyahay leave the gentleman dhugtame out he never said such. my flib flib has nothing to do with you nayaa at least I'm not full of hate like you. I've never cheered for the opposite but changed my mind for a reseaon that's nothing to do with you. You are perfectly a scum adaa maanto dhan caytamayay or nacalatamay but I will not go down your level. How many times do you poke your ugly nose whenever I speak against the constant hate against Somaliland and that's what I was pointing out until you broke down shamefully. Uuuuuf nayaaa qadmuun imikana ha na la sheekaysan

  20. Sahra says:

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Let me remind you. He called you pitiful' because you change your position so many times. That you blurred the lines so many time' it become obvious to anyone with a reasonable mind is going to have a hard time seeing the lines. goodness and gracious and I will do one better for you. pit yourself, that's what you said back to him, that is that. About the talking pleasure is mine I've no intention of ever conversing with you starting from tonight let see who has self-control and keeps that way.

  21. Allemagan says:

    amal & Sahra

    Ladies, you've bantered your arguments back and forth enough. Agree to disagree and move on please.

  22. amal says:

    Blurred the subject? Yes, maybe that's because i intend to avoide the current political debate that I dont want to join, so what. Hornid said pitiful not dugtame because she was angry that I suggested SL to re-join S and that's the feeling of Somalilanders when it comes to their political choice and wishes which is why I decided to respect their wish and will do so till the end. That's between me and my country people and got nothing to do with you what so ever so no need for you to change the subject and bring old story that doesnt concern you up. It's people like you why Somalilanders are sticking to their gun. Imikana I am more than happy not to ever converse with you and your foul mouth so will leave it there.

  23. Sahra says:

    Foul mouth no lady you called me hater why because my family doesn't believe something called Somaliland and some-else is making decision on behalf of them and forcing them to joint and if that makes me hater so be it. I will not apology's for it to maintain our name Somalia' It's worth fighting for it. IT MEANS EVERYTHING.

  24. amal says:

    Don't hide behide unity and Somalia, I have NO issue with your political view but your conduct, everone got their own believes and to some SL means everything to them too. So like Allemagan said, let's agree to disagree so I'm done.

  25. Dhugtame says:

    Tks Allemegan for sorting this out. Anyways, I don't remember insulting a lady in my lifetime. I'm a lover not a hater ladies. I hope it will end right here!

  26. Sahra says:

    we did not believe when the white man was there and we don't believe today. So there's no need to hide behind anything' and talk about conduct look your own.the name calling you started and I return the favor.

  27. amal says:

    No! you started the name calling. You called me dozen names hypocrite, liar bla bla so cut the BS! now

  28. Sahra says:

    It shows the kind of person you're what does that meant, on top of that accusing me enjoying riots. no you were praising me I'll LEAVE IT TO THAT.

  29. Amirah Istal-Somali says:

    looooooooooooooooooool Amal and Sahra, Cajiib, timo isjiid jiid iga dheh. girls as you both are my inabtiyos I want you to sort this out peacefully. I bet Allemagan and Dhugtame are giggling right now.

    okay this Dhiiga ikacay moment is over lool :-) even tho I had my fun……….hahhahha

  30. amal says:

    Amirah Istal-Somali
    Loool nice to see you again :-) Even when me and you disagree we always end up with a 'loool' unfortunately I and sahra are not compatible so will not engage in talks with this woman and this is the second time similar thing happened so will avoid engaging convo with her. And I will end it here before it drags even longer. khalaas

  31. Sahra says:

    last time this person left message on my reply box I let go. so This time she drag my name in.and trust me when said this. the last person I want to engage is this woman. for so many reason which is evident here.

  32. Amirah Istal-Somali says:

    LOOOOL, Amal Good to see you too.. :) I always see Sahra and Buuxiye fighting but I've never pictured you as ''pulling hair type'' bal an cararee intaad timaha ijiidin.. hahaha only messing….. Absolutely agree no more convo between you two lol… after all we're only stating our opinions, we have ZERO influences on what's going on back home, no need to get all emotional somaha?

    anyways Khalas khalas sheekadu way dhamatay and smile you two while you still have TEETH, life is too short for waji maxbuus lool :-)

  33. Yusuf says:


    Honestly, I think you do not fit there, you are too Somalilander to be in that club. I hope you will realize that there is no place for you in Mogadishu just like Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samater, Xaglotooje and many other smart Somalilanders did. You do not want to be in the company of people with whom you can't even have a decent conversation with, you wouldn't laugh on their jokes and they wouldn't laugh on yours, let alone living with them forever in a plantation full of criminals called Somalia.


  34. amal says:

    I normally don't fight in Internet forum but only got angry coz this woman called me all the nasty ciyaal suuq names and nacadal but I refused to use them back. People engage in convo and debate and drop replys because that's what SLPress is for but now obviously don't intend to engage with such people.

  35. Sahra says:

    you're really are sneaking after the whole thing die down and article was removed from main positing you still going on ' You start and put my name in your comment the other time you left comment on reply box if you've not notice for long time ago i decided there will be no conversing with you and if you think you can accused me of enjoying riots where young life's was lost and will never have chance to fulfill their dreams, if that is not nasty and ciyaal suuqnimo and saqajaanimo i don't know what it is.I show two of my coworkers the accusation that fling from mouth both girls are not. and to be honest you had come and write something IN CONCLUSION AND DID NOT WANT HAVE A DEBATE WITH YOU 2- WEEKS AGO NOT NOW NOT EVER I HOPE I MADE THAT CLEAR .

  36. amal says:

    1st I was replying to Amiira not you so why are you in my face again.

    2nd I never accused you of enjoing riots, I've explained to you and told you that I meant your people just like you said my comrade insult women.

    3rd It is you who accused me of attacking Somalia when I never ever done that ever in my life time

    4th You never said you didn't want to converse with me before so I got your name in and left a reply for you like I do to everyone else.

    5th every single nasty word you called me perfectly describes you!
    Now you can F*ck off

  37. Sahra says:

    I'm glad I said what I said to you ' because my inclination all alone was right about you. You're small woman ' when you left comment on my reply box did you get respond of course not . if that.s not I don't want deal with you what's else you want me to do to use a billboard is that what is going to take to get through your thick head no you meant what you said about the riots,my coworkers who're a white woman Canadians agree with me' so stop saber-rattling and own it. I was answer back to . Amiir nonsense Amiir came in to say cut it out she had no part in this. but it's you're nature to be sneaking and cheap artist and hit people below the belt and you been get away consistently but this time you met me.I DON'T PUT UP THAT KIND OF NONSENSE last but not the least we know who's the nasty person is. if anybody needs be F*CK OFF IS YOU GOOD RIDDANCE.

  38. amal says:

    Ilooool wallahi u just want to continue this. I've finished with you and replied to Amiira just like you done it too above yet you jumbed back and open it (very low) Sahra just finish it and move on coz we can fight all day. Look above I finished the argument with you now can you give it a rest, it's getting very silly.

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