Published On: Sat, Jun 12th, 2010

SOMALILAND: Largest number of students sit for exams

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — The largest number of students in the country sat for their final primary and high school 2009/2010 exams on Saturday across all regions of the country.

A total of 12,946 students from 205 schools sat for their final exams that will see successful grade eight students move to High schools while students preparing their finals for the form four will move to higher education institutions. According to Mr Da’ud Ahmed Farah, the ministry of education’s Examination Board Chairman, 4042 students sat for the high school final exams while 8904 students sat for primary school exam from 165 schools and will move to high school.

This is the largest number of students since Somaliland restored it’s sovereignty from Somalia in 1991 and the 12th examination for high school pupils since the split of the republic, while for primary school it was the 14th time.
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Last year, 11,294 candidates appeared for the grade eight and form four examinations, making this year an increase of 1,652 students.

Somaliland high school students must pass exams covering school work completed from form one to form four. All candidates will have to sit both Core (Paper1) and Extended (Paper 2) for English and mathematics and all other subjects candidates will sit only one exam paper. Students are recommended to take up to 7-9 subjects even though they can study more as elective subjects.

Some of the core subjects in Somaliland’s national education curriculum include: agriculture, Arabic, biology, business, chemistry, geography, history, Islamic studies, mathematics, physical education, physics, Somali and teaching.

Mr Farah warned any students engaged in malpractices including using mobile phones during the examination would not be spared. He added anyone caught cheating will be dealt with accordingly while mobile phones will be confiscated.

Mr Farah also urged parents to pay attention to academic activities and remained them to effectively perform their parental role towards the children by helping them develop the right values at tender ages, especially that of hard work.

The examinations will go for a week.

Somalilandpress | Sunday, June 13, 2010

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  1. Yonis says:

    Excellent! right now we have the students but we have to question the following:

    1) Do our curriculums meet international or even regional standards? In the past I heard we fall short in English and its important to focus on English, it should be introduced in early pupils (elimantary/primary school, grade 4).

    2) How many per cent of those students satisfactorily complete the examination? What are the failure rates?

    3) Do they know what they want to do after those exams?

    4) Will universities be able to cope with Somaliland's ever increasing students?
    I think not, due to lack of resources, facilities, teacher power, etc.

    So far the education is improving but more needs to be done.

    I wish all the students the best of luck, Somaliland needs education and the youth.

  2. dalmar says:

    i wish all the students success,, this reminded me of the day i was writing grade 12 exam in Hargeisa, many will claim that Somaliland adminstration did nothing for this country,,, here is the answer for them; 12,946 sitting for final exams. they should let the people know what they did for the country while they were in power instead.

    • Kayse says:

      Dont give Mr Rayale and the administration for credit its more like ordinary Somalilanders in particular the Diaspora community who made the biggest difference.

      Tell us how many schools did the government built? Almost all the schools are private or privately funded by ordinary Somalis or NGOs.

      Government spends less than 10% on education, this is why the government will not release the annual budget report because the two leaders take 15%, armed forces 50%.

      The students have increased because of their hard work, the parents dedication and the diaspora community.

      • dalmar says:

        (Xaashe nin libin kaa xisdiyay xumihii waa yaabe) , it is right a huge amount of our tax payers money is spent on security, and it is absolutely reasonable because 12,946 students should and have to get peaceful nights before they go schools in the morning. Mr keyse i have seen a number of your comments on here,, with out pure curiosity what is your profession on training? i would like that you keep in mind nothing can develop with out carefully analysing–planning–implementing–and then reviewing.

        apparently it is crystal clear the input of our ministry of education and how their policy successfully worked here. thank you for comment

        • Kayse says:

          I don't know why UDUB supporters try to claim every thing ordinary people do and try to take credit for it.

          I think you have no clue about things, the government does nothing for schools, there are no public libraries and Mr rayale gets paid $600, 000 per year more than the leader of the world's richest nation, president Obama.

  3. Yonis says:

    Congratulations and wish you the best, well done Somaliland.

  4. Hassan says:

    Thats great because it means an increase of 12% in the 12 months. Let's see how it goes 2011.

  5. Maalin says:

    Good luck to all you Students sitting for your Finals, keep your
    cool and you will do well in the exams. You are the future of
    your homeland and it is imperative that you understand that by
    attending schools and higher education and getting good
    grades, is the way you will be able to sustain your families and
    lead your nation; for you are the future. Parents your
    dedication to your children is your Prize and you are reaping it!!!

  6. World cup! says:

    For post recognition, this is very good. But when my dad was in Hargeisa, his tests were sent to Britain to be marked as with other former british colonies. Who would mark the exams in Somaliland

    • KAli says:

      Just go back to your corner and chew more of that.
      The exams were NEVER marked in Britain as we do have Teachers much better than the failed, not-highly educated and overworked English teachers.

      As someone who has first hand experience of European systems such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland I can tell you that all of these countries are light years ahead of UK in education. UK has the language. period!

      • Uhmm... says:

        Actually World Cup is correct! In the old days the exams were marked in Britain and Somaliland students always were one of the top. My father sat for those exams too. And for your information Kali Britains edcuation system was one of the best in the back in the day. Many of the commonwealth education systems are model after the British system.

        • Jubba says:

          The British education system is still one of the best in the world, their universities are some of the best as well.

          Here in Australia, not only do we have their system with some twists, many of the teachers and lecturers are brought from UK. So if you are in UK and ever want to move to Australia then you need good education specially either a doctor, lecturer, teacher.

          I have Scotish friends, the Australian government pays them every thing even holidays every three months and live on the upper scale suburbs paid by the government.

          As for Somaliland exams been examined in UK back then, its true not only Somaliland but all the British colonies including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.

  7. KAli says:


    As much as I don't like UDUB, the schools that are mentioned here are PUBLIC schools, not private schools. So technically it falls under the current government. Nevertheless, apart from the students and their parents, the other factors, curriculum, peace and management all play an important role.
    Additionally, I do not see any difference between the 3 main parties. Can you name ONE thing that you can say Kulmiye or UCID stand for?
    If Kulmiye wins the election, you would still end up with the same team as now because most of the Kulmiye Party members are former UDUB members.

    • Kayse says:

      It's not that I don't like UDUB, its just that I dont like old people and people who take others credit and try to use it. This is why I'm not UDUB or Kulmiye crazy because UDUB claims to maintain peace when in reality its the ordinary Somalilanders. UDUB can not even set up an Intelligence agency capable of collecting information of terror groups see what happened last time in the Mosque in Hargeisa, who informed the police, Udub or the people?

      What about this week in Burao?
      What about last time in the ambassador hotel?

      Also Kulmiye claims SNM credit and tries to sell to us that "Silanyo was SNM leader" thats all they have to offer.

      UCID is friendly party doesnt attack anyone and shows passion to everyone while the other two just want to steal the little cash the country generates through Berbera port, they dont even have plans for the port.

      We need changes and I'm certain education could improve if we change leadership.

      Time to state policies and plans and stop the credit stealing talks and SNM bla bla.

      • uhmm says:

        Kayse you're right in a way—UDUB is using this to their credit but it's truly not.
        The raise in numbers in actually do to the increase in immigrants from South Somalia not increase in Somalilander student enrollment.

  8. Ali Qab says:

    Let's give a hand to our brethren and not belittle our esteemed
    teachers and others…..we don't need dropouts!!!!

  9. may allah make it easy for the students taking this exam, any one who ever sat like these exams experiance the moral issue of this exam and also you can understand haw it’s shamefull to cheat becouse you migh lost your the paper that you have been working for such long hours there fore students should take care of this
    and academic leaders should respect students participation of the exam and not to cancel the papers for small isues that can be solved
    you(all participants) would succeed in the exams insha allah

  10. Mustafe says:

    The cirriculam needs to be different than that of failed state Somalia with emphasis on the liberation of Somaliland/SNM

  11. Omar says:

    Mashallah hope this also hapening in puntland and all other somali regions eduqation is very important maybe inshallah when im done with mine and started my own company i'll open a somali branch. Now we need someone that can provide the hard working ppl with labour so they dont start eating chad all day. Ppl need to wake up and start working with each other insted of against each other. This somaliland/Somalia issue will not benefit anyone in the long way.

  12. jamela hussain maxam says:

    my school is tommorrow

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