HARGEISA-Somaliland police apprehended the director of administration and finance of Ogaal independent newspaper after it published news story concerning the ONLF militia arrived in the west coast of Bula-Cade of Somaliland but the government vehemently denied it. The director of administration and finance of Ogaal independent newspaper named Hasan Omar Hasan was arrested by the order of Somaliland Interior minister Mr. Mohamed Nuur Caraale ‘Duur’ contacted and informed to come to Somaliland interior ministry compound and once he reached there, the minister ordered his immediate arrest and was detained at CID detention center in Hargeisa, Somaliland capital along with reporter of Somaliland news portal of Ramaasnews Mohamed Abdi Hasan ‘Boosh’ which the newspaper sourced it from the news story.

Somaliland Journalists’ Watchdog condemned the detention of two journalists apprehended in Hargeisa this Monday. According to press release issued by SOLJA states that they strongly condemned the apprehension of Hasan Omar Hasan of Ogaal newspaper and Mohamed Abdi Hasan ‘Boosh’ as Ramaasnews reporter and added that they call upon Somaliland government to release the two journalists without condition. It went on and said that dissemination of information and news is one of the pillars of Somaliland free press.
On the other hand, the head of Somaliland coastal guards denied the report saying that the ONLF militia arrived in Somaliland coast.

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Sunday, Feb 21, 2012