Published On: Mon, Aug 1st, 2011

Somaliland Journalist Association Elects New Leaders

HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)–The fourth general assembly meeting of the Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) elected a new executive committee on the third its three-day GA gathering which was held from 29th to 31st July 2011 at Ambassador Hotel, Hargeysa.
SOLJA, the oldest and biggest journalist association in Somaliland whose members represent most, if not all of the country’s independent and state media professionals, discussed during the three-day session, a wide and diverse range of media related issues in Somaliland.
The three-day general meeting formed a new executive committee composed of 15 members who will head the organisation’s activities for the following three years.
The newly voted SOLJA chairman, Mr Hassan Mohamed Yusuf, thanked the delegates for electing him and the new executive committee to lead the organisation and pledged to continue to strengthen the association’s common welfares in the same manner as the out-going executive committee did so well in looking after the matters of the establishment.
The newly elected executive members are:
1. Chairman: Hassan M Yusuf
2. Vice-chair: Sulieman Ibrahim (Gurey)
3. Secretary –General: M/Rashid Mohamed Farah
4. Barkhad Mohamed Kaariye
5. Mohamed Abdi Urad
6. Mohamed Ahmed Jama (Caloolay)
7. Mohamed Said Abdullah (Xarago)
8. Ali Jama Mohamed
9. Keyse Ahmed Digaale,
10. Abdi-salaan Hariir Sh. Osman
11. Mustafa Sh. Omar Geeddi
12. Ali Aare
13. Nimco Samriye
14. Zahra Sh. Abdi Wahaab
15. Mohamed Shaqalle.

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  1. Abraham says:

    Honestly these guys are more civilised and democratic than our two loser opposition parties. Udub is almost non-existant and Ucid is in total disarray, breaking up into two rival factions and Faisal desperately hanging on to the eastern faction drawing support only from his clansmen and in the process revealing the lie behind his former image of a modern democratic technocrat.

  2. ayan ismail says:

    why there is only 2 S/L women Journalist.

  3. togdheerboy says:

    Ayaan- I wonder why only two? Living 40 years in europe i come to realize the role that women play in the sociaty..
    Instead of neglecting women´s power we MUST encourage them to contribute their knowledge to the devolopment of our nation in particular and to our world in general.
    Women must not wait till they are given a position BUT they have to fight for it and show that they are capable and qualified.
    Ayaan please be one of them YOU have my full support.

  4. amal says:

    @ togdheerboy

    Adheer, you should be togdheerman instead :)

    And ayaan, even though women tend to excel more academically (no offense to men) it looks like gender roles still lives on until today.

  5. Abraham says:

    Hey amal!! leave our boy alone. Age is just a chronological number and it is important to remain young in the mind and refuse to accept the discriminatory societal labels and expectations.

  6. Daacad says:

    @Ayaan and Togdheerboy, truely speaking, these two Women Journalists were the only women in Journalism those run on the election in GA.

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