Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2012

Somaliland Govt Invites Investors for Berbera port project

HARGEISA — Somaliland government urges international and national parties to invest in the redevelopment of Berbera port. In a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Government of Somaliland stated that it is keen to enter a dialogue with both international and national investors interested in developing the Berbera port facility and the road that links it with landlocked Ethiopia.

Somaliland points out that the development of Berbera Port and the corridor is among its national priority as it will improve economic development and employment. Therefore, the government encourages investors from abroad and from the country to support this programme.


by Goth Mohamed

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April 25, 2012

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  1. Kadar says:

    What a good news! Thanks to the courage of our government, we strongly believe that the only way Somaliland can promote our economic activities and enhance our economic growth, employment and productivity is to develop the Berbera port.

  2. mohamed cheers says:

    Good news if gonna happen this time around.

  3. Gobaad says:

    Developing the Berbera Port is our bread and butter because of its strategic location for shipping lines and military strategic activities. Like above Kadar mentioned, it will promote our economic and probably will create lots jobs. Siyaad Barre used to pocket more 40 million dollar from Berbera Port without spend a penny on Somaliland.

  4. bagdad bob says:

    i like the ministers title

  5. Kayse says:

    Same old Hargeisa. Same old propaganda. Where are the Chinese investors they said will be coming to Berbera soon with their equipment? They told us this propaganda about a year ago and the only Chinese we see near Berbera is the Chinese in the containers (Chinese products).

    When will Hargeisa ever stop lying? I no longer believe what the so called gov says…

  6. Ahmed says:

    Well, I m no fan of any goverment , be the current or the previous ones. But i can't stand with Mr negative Kayse whose mission is to undermine and understimate the greatness of Somaliland and the strength of our people.

  7. M Roble says:

    Well done minister Dr Mohamed Abdullahi and his team for your efforts to improve our foreign stand and our economic power in the region.

  8. Kayse says:

    Ahmed sorry to burst your little ego but its the reality. This is just another propaganda from the former house of Morgan. Six months from today you will see nothing has changed…"Soviet built port seeks new investors from UFOs" is the most likely title from Spress.

  9. Rashid says:

    kayse i now what they were saying a year ago and know it's another story but the thing is why fib to the somaliland people who are paying you income, ahmed have you just come out of coma.

  10. jama says:

    Hi Mr. Kayse, Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Rashid,
    I am really a true Smalilander from Xalxalis. Mr. Kayse is 100% right. After 40 years in abroad i always dream to see Somaliland in a better shape (wealth and prosperity).
    We must not accept a little cheap bunch of useless propaganda. Where is last year´s 4.5 billion dallor Berbera project.
    you can give your people a little hope BUT you cann´t fool all the people all the time.
    The minister must try to sell someother stories.

  11. Kayse says:

    Jama & Hussein

    I feel one reason many Somalilanders like to easily accept anything the gov says is because the Somaliland ppl are so used to be on the defensive side. They think probably admitting to these failures by the gov is like giving up on Somaliland which of course is not true. We have to learn to criticize and not settle for little things and empty promises.

    Udub lost big time in the last election because people were tired of their lies and now it looks like Kulmiye is not any different…they will go in the same direction.

  12. mohamed cheers says:

    Folks, did it ever occur to your's the SLD media that always give lots of fabricated
    propagandas not the Govt. The Media reporters are mainly to blame for feeding crap news
    to the Public audience…always crooked informations.

  13. amal says:

    "..the Government of Somaliland stated that it is keen to enter a dialogue with both international and national investors.." Maybe tell us after you've entered and secured such investment.

    I think sometimes news websites like SLPress are too quick in reporting to us something either not confirmed or not too sure exaggerating it and making us all excited; then leaving us all disheartened when we don't see what was promised or reported. Media sometimes either sugar coat things for us or feed propaganda. But I hope that recent oil deal was not exaggerated or fake. Hope the gov becomes success in securing these investments too.

    I've been following Somaliland's development for a year now and seen many development or achievements like securing water funding for Hargeisa (hargeisa always suffered from water scarcity), funding for airports etc. But we need to work on our own economic viability outside of funding (we should not let funding make us lazier). I don't know what happened to that exciting bilateral agreements between SL, Ethio and China. I was too excited about it, especially developing the roads. Roads and accessibility are one of the main contributors to economic development. And we also need a good connection with our biggest market (Ethiopia)

  14. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Even though he [Kayse] avoid to attack me for obvious reason, I dare to say to him today, why you are a sword of double edge? At times you praise our Maandeeq, and then blast anything that we have it, and our people's hope? You could be someone who could be a helping hand for our country.

    Can you honestly tell us [Somalilanders] what exactly you believe Somaliland should do? Have you ever engaged the current government or individuals whom you should tell what you want them to do? Your reply on this forum is requested.

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