Published On: Mon, Jul 15th, 2013

Somaliland Government Lifts Ban on UN Flights

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By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Aviation, Mr. Mahmoud Hashi Abdi has announced the lifting of the ban on UN airplanes its airspace during a press conference today held at Egal International Airport.


The Aviation minister said” This is the first time in nearly 20 years the control and running of the daily operations of the airspace and airports in Somaliland and Somalia is in the hands of Somalis and not foreigners and we have already informed International Air Travel Association (IATA) on the new development’.


“The government of Somaliland decision to lift the ban on UN flights came after both sides agreed to setup a committee which will be tasked with running the airspace of both Somalia and Somaliland which will be based in Hargeisa and the return of the controlling of the airspace from the UN,” said the minister of aviation.


The so called Mogadishu center which is now located in Nairobi and tasked with controlling the outer space of Somaliland and Somalia will be relocated to Hargeisa and the federal government will have the privilege to appoint who heads the joint committee with controlling of the airspace and airports.


The question which people are asking is that was the government of Somaliland after escalating its aspirations for nationhood or the revenues generate from the aircrafts using its airspace ?


Somaliland government to banned all UN airplanes from its airspace came in retaliation to the recently deal between the Somalia Federal Government met with officials from the United Nations Development Program and representatives from Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority of Somalia (CACAS) based in Nairobi in a bid to transfer supervision of the country’s airspace to Somalia federal government in Mogadishu which underscores the tripartite agreement between Somaliland, SFG and ICAO.


Somaliland and Somalia’s airspaces had in the past 17 years been placed under the control of the Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority of Somalia (CACAS) which is a civil aviation authority programme which was formed by the United Nations in 1996, with a mandate of running the daily operations of the airspace and airports of former Somalia.





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  1. Jamille says:

    Soon they will convince Somaliland to host the Federal Government of Somalia HQ in Hargesia.

  2. PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

    federal government will have the privilege to appoint who heads the joint committee with controlling of the airspace and airports.

    This says all I don't need to go further.

    Ps when I'm happy in other words when Somaliland goes down the drain I normally take my wife out for a nice dinner but unfortunately tonight is not the night because my beloved wife isn't with me here to share my happiest she's in hargeisa and I'm here stuck in London anyway im gonna go out and make a toast for the total destruction of Somaliland.

    • MK-ny-n Chumbe. says:

      Shame on you and don't bring your wife into the web. You sick little pos need to be diagnosed with a kind of cancer called tribalism. You Somalis-north or south-are the shame of Africa. What kind of man tries to use his wife-which I'm very doubtful that you, insecure, ignoble. filth can even marry a donkey? Your ignorance is beyond embarrassment to you parents. Have you ever took an IQ test? Somalia should be entire recolonized and the Somali language, culture should be over-hauled.

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Which part of Africa is yours dear?
        IMO the majority of Africa is eating each others like parasites.
        Tell me which African country is peaceful and happy?

      • PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

        Is it wrong to celebrate? why do you want Bad things to happen to me? what did I ever do to you man? I'm not a white trash kk I never enslaved your ancestors in fact I wanna end slavery.

    • Ibrahim Ismail says:

      Any person who has any decency will not talk like the trash talk of PUNTLAND GEERZER. I believe the puntland Geezer is sick and needs a cure from the disease called HATE. The hatred you have others will destroy you. If you have any slight idea about politics or public relations, you wouldn't talk like a nefarious jack ass.

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    The UN must have learnt their good lesson from the Somaliland Govt, as far as the Somaliland
    Airspaces are concerned. The new arrangements should be good enough for both Somaliland,
    Somalia and the UN. These are temporary arrangements until the on-going talks between
    Somaliland and Somalia are fully concluded. By these protemp arrangements headquartered in
    Hargeisa, both countries get their fair shots.

  4. Buuxiye says:

    Vila amisom and the colony of somalia-italia-federations have only lost one further foundation of it's sovereignty.

    - Security of Somalia-Italia controlled by Amisom spear headed by Uganda.
    - Borders of Somalia-Italia controlled by Kenya and Ethiopia.
    - A large portion of somalia-Italia population is hosted in Dabaad and Dollo ado.
    - Air space of Somalia-Italia controlled by Somaliland.
    - Maritime territory will be the next PILLAR of sovereignty to be taken away from Somalia-Italia.

    Question? what constitutes a model sovereign state?

    1. Fixed population given services within a fixed territory… Somalial-Italia fails
    2. Control of it's territory with own armed forces… Somalia-Italia fails
    3. A Representative government acknowledge by the population majority… Somalia-Italia fails
    4. Ability to enter into binding contracts with foreign governments… only success.

    That is a mammoth 75% failure on Sovereignty of the State of Somalia-Italia. It does not matter if Somalia-Italia claims to own the Moon and the stars for on the ground the so called Selected government of somalia-Italia has no legitimacy outside it's Vila Amisom compound in Muuqdishu. Case in point there are pro-Al-shabab rallies on behalf of Dahir aweys outside the gates of Vila Amisom in muuqdishu, case in point puntland, Jubaland, Galmudug, and both the Kenya and Ethiopian invasive forces station within Somalia-Italia-borders.

    Hassan Mahamoud's Selected government has only one attribute associated with a sovereign state's government and that is to SIGN biding contracts.

  5. Ku-rujiye Kama-kace says:

    I don't think there's a problem if the head is named for a Walaweyn guy and his deputy becomes a Somalilander. For fairness, Somaliland can not have both the HQ location and the head of the operations. However, the chief Accountant must be a Somalilander.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      The most important thing is that both the airspaces of Somaliland and Somalia would be
      administered by the two Govts of Hargeisa and Mogadiscio under the strict watchfulness
      and scrutiny of their Aviation Ministers. In the case of Somaliland, The Hon. Mohamoud
      Hashi Abdi, is tough and strong insider of the Presidency Palace of the Madaxtooyo,
      and as such would definitely see to it that a fair game is in the horizon for Somaliland
      as well as for Somalia. Since Hargeisa is the HQs, more responsibility lies with the Somaliland
      Govt. It should not be overlooked that Hon. Mohamoud, a pure Garadaglander of Sanaag Regional
      Province and another future Presidential hopefuls is always there to oversight matters..

      • Buuxiye says:

        My only concern are the follows!

        1. No free movement of people.
        2. No free movement of Politicians.

        Without a Somaliland visa. THESE were the two points that they raised and i do not care if they scream the sky down i do not want to see any representative of Somalia-italia in a capacity to work in Somaliland-Republic without a valid and limited 6months Visa.

        There should be no compromise to the above points… none what so ever. Those visiting to work in Somaliland must respect Somaliland as a foreign country without difficulty and understand they will be evicted in a moments notice when relations between the two countries fail.

        :) Now let them scream victory at the prospect of requesting a Visa to visit Somaliland.

        Agreeing to a joint air control office must not in any way be used by the liars and thieves to compromise the peace and security we have, their presence is a risk and they must never have free movement.

        NO Vise no entry for Wanlaweyn and Faqash.

        These are the same people that request Ali Samater to be given pardon by the USA… They cannot be trusted even for a second.

    • Dhuxul dheere dhafle says:

      ku-rujiye lagama kace,

      "the chief Accountant must be a Somalilander" probably will use all the money to buy MIRRA. kk

  6. osman Qaal says:

    Somaliland will be the next caretaker of Somalia's airspace and airports. This sort of arrangement proves everything in Somalia is up for sale… I wonder what would be the next item that will be up for grab, and who will be lucky enough to walk away with it? Perhaps, Djibouti should have the first crack at it for the next run….your thoughts would be appreciated..

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Sooner than later, the scuffles to determine the future of both Somaliland and Somalia
      should have a definitive conclusion. When that dust settles, then Djibouti with all her
      troubles deep down into the Somalia affairs for a long long time, would be left out
      to fend for herself. After strongman President IOG, probably there would be a new political
      vaccum between the Esse Waraabe and the Afars, and then what? Probably Djibouti would
      fall within the claws mercy of the Hargeisa Govts whom by then already might hold a good
      clandestine strongest alliance with the EPRDF of Ethiopia..

  7. PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

    One of the major differences between Isaaq and the rest of the other Somali clans is that Isaaq tribe don't have the ability to think outside the box.

    Dealing with the SNM cockroaches is one thing but dealing with entire Isaaq populations is whole different thing thats one hell of hard work. How do I know? duh I am married to Isaaq women remember?

    The only way to conquer Isaaq people is LOVE
    *We need to show them the LOVE no matter what
    *We must share our wealth with them
    *We must keep them in our hearts and lives.

    The few cockroaches wanna be white trash worshippers osman Qaal, Buuxiye, mohamed cheers and the rest of the other anti Somalia traitors who have deliberately trashed our Somali image by suggesting to restore a colonial white trash English village the same english trash who don't even wash their butt after they poop.

    These cockroaches have reach the gate of no return they don't deserve our LOVE the only way to fix them is to bury them where they stand.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Isaaq Women lover, who you kidding…AARKH.

    • Abdisalam Noor Jama says:

      Let me tell you with your filthy mouth always abusing Isaacs this type of behaviour are to people who are Gays. Talking about people is of small mind. and secondly if your majeertein l have heard that your are not the real son of Darood than definetly your illegitimate you have no value before decent and proper people with high dignity and a good culture get the massage you cant. I hope you will understand the situation.

    • Taliye says:

      Geezer, your obsessed with Isaaq. So what your married to one of our daughters its no big deal.

      No need to thank the Isaaq men for not turning SL into the hell of xamar and giving you MJ in Punland a good example to follow, it took you guys a few years of killing each other before following example of real men.

  8. Mohamed says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, what you have to understand all of you is there no such as SOMALI GOVERNMENT but there is NGO's sitting in VILLA MORYAAN.

    PEOPLE in Northern Somalia/SL and North east/PL of Somalia they have right to control their territories WHETHER is sea,land or air believe me nothing constructive will come out from Mogadishu. they can not lead or be led they better off under AMISOM because at least no bloodshed among themselves.

  9. Abdisamad says:

    This is great news, short of having our own internationally recognised Air Traffic Control, that will come after recognition but by then we in Somaliland will have experienced somalilanders who are Air Traffic Controller. Time for the S/Land Universities to start trainig students to take on the job.

    The location of S/Land means S/Land Traffic Control will be able to monitor and direct international flights that fly over The Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

    This can become really important and stategic in the long run.

  10. somalilandforever says:

    People who call themselves journalist should get the facts before writing their piece.
    When the writer says “the federal government will have the privilege to appoint who heads the joint committee with controlling of the airspace and airports”. It’s not true, and it’s walaweyne propaganda. You need to get the facts. I will quote you the point of agreement which states
    “1. Agreed to the return of the air traffic management from the UN and decided to establish a joint control body that is based in Hargeisa to lead the air traffic control of both sides. It is also agreed that this body will propose a mechanism for equitable revenue-sharing.
    Please tell me where it says in the above paragraph “the federal government will have the privilege to appoint who heads the joint committee with controlling of the airspace and airports”.
    The sad thing is that information and faqash spin is not checked before people write it.
    Everything is just hearsay unless you can quote the person in question.

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