Published On: Wed, Sep 7th, 2011

Somaliland Government Appoints Committee To Combat Piracy

HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)–A committee appointed by Somaliland government to combat and prosecute all those that are responsible for acts of piracy off the coast of Somaliland had their first meeting today (Sept/6th/2011) in Hargeisa, the capital.

This committee which included the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Somaliland Coastal Guards as well as independent attorneys of law, met at Ambassador Hotel to converse on how the government and people of Somaliland will battle the piracy of the coast of Somaliland.
Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar Minister of Foreign Affairs and a member of the committee in the fight against piracy addressed the press at meeting and said “the responsibility of the committee is to look back and examine the possibilities on how Somaliland can co-operate with the international committees as well as taking part in playing a vital role in the fight against piracy. I’m hoping that this endeavor will contribute to the peace and stability of Somaliland. The purpose for the meeting of the committee here today, is to look at the necessary and appropriate actions of Somaliland with regards to this issue.

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Dr. Omar, briefly spoke about current Pirates serving time in Somaliland jails after being caught by the authorities for piracy within the countries shores as he said “as you are aware of, Somaliland is one of the countries that vigorously fights back any attempts of piracy within its seas”.
The minister also spoke about countries and international organizations Somaliland is currently co-operating with when he said “ Somaliland is and has been collaborating with The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) which consists of few east African countries working together to combat piracy. The committee which has been recently appointed by the president of the Rep. of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Siilanyo’s main goal is to enlighten the world Somaliland’s fight against piracy.

Somalilandpress | 07 September 2011

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  1. Gobaad says:

    Good job and keep up the good work.

  2. Ayaan says:

    Good News,

    Thanks Somalilandpress

  3. Odowa says:

    You can’t manage your internal affairs. You people do not appreciate the pirate what they did for you dummy. They will hijack from Berbers and you would not stop them.

    • I Jama says:

      Pirates are mainly young men who endanger their lives but get very little compared to those who are the main criminals. I'm against pirating not because of what they think they are doing but because they are not doing it in the right way. Our youth can make their point in other ways then always choosing to hijack or pick up the gun. Its time they sough ways of doing the job proffessionally and give up all criminality. This isn't without its risks or dangers or the stigma against them all around the world. Rebellion must stop. Anarchy must be combated and replaced with law and order.

  4. m.ali says:

    odowa, piracy is forbidden in Islam. All those pirates they are eating haram money from blackmailing the ship they seize in international water. It is a shame to the somalis. The whole world knows that Somalis are pirates. They do not want to work and earn decent money, instead reverted in stealing. Their reward is with Alah, and in this world if they feed their families with piracy money they will pay in this world. What goes around comes back around. It will haunt them in their life

  5. Bedria says:

    Not all Somalis are pirates just a sizable portion of those in Puntland. That is the truth we all know it. At first is started out with local fisherman wanting to protect their shores im southern somalia, now its become something filled with greed that the warlords in souther somalia and puntland feed off of. They even target somalis from what I heard. Taking whats not yours is just haram its wrong period! The first fishermen were fighting for something these new ones just want money. They would let the russians dump waste as long as they were getting the dollars.

    I had a friend in Bossaso tell me they were actually trying to force young men in because they cant get enough crews anymore especially since heavy prison sentences are being handed out in such luxurious places as North Korea! lol

    I agree that our coast guard should be stronger and patrol our seas its just the right thing to do pirates or no pirates.

  6. Yaab says:

    If Somaliland is to increase its fight against Piracy in around its shores. They will have more prisoners who need rehabilitation programs. It isn't enough just to strengthen the Navy we need to find ways to make these prisoners find alternative life by setting up programs.

    Also both Somaliland and Puntland could re-train these prisoners. Depending on the prisoners capabilities to be re-schooled back into society as a positive contributor. In the US prisoners would be encouraged to work within the prison or on projects outside the prison with heavy military guards.

    There are aren't enough rehabilitation initiatives within Somaliland. Those with psychological disorders should be moved to mental health prisons. Where they should receive appropriate treatment.

    Other prisoners can also work in hard labour programs that the government is managing i.e road building, agriculture on land own by government or uninhabited to combat desertification. All this training should include education to enable the prisoner to learn halal job trade while imprisoned.

    I feel the above is more humane as well as beneficial to our society then just putting them imprison like sardines in a can with no future for rehabilitation back into society.

  7. jan says:

    so you think that Somaliland is very committed to fight piracy? well could you please explain me why several pirates from Puntland have apparently been released by the Hargeisa court? corruption? or perhaps Somaliland wants to do Puntland a favour after the quick release of a ship carrying oil for Somaliland a few weeks ago? anyway Somaliland keep your house in order. piracy is evil business and we should do everythingto counter it!

    • faisal says:

      Not a single pirate has been released…..

    • warya says:

      Could you please provide some proof for your claims? Secondly, you must understand that even if Somaliland released some pirates our people are inherently very tribal. For example, if Somaliland continues to arrest pirates the relatives of those men will simply say "the Isaaq are attacking us". It is sad, but that is how Somalis generally think back home. Even within Puntland, many citizens have complained to the corrupt administration that ordinary police officers can not do their job, because they were afraid of sub-clan retaliation. And Puntland office have also reiterated the exact same thing. They said if we arrest people their families will simply say "Rar hibel" or so so took one of ours and so we have to get revenge or kill that officer. Another way, these pirates can retaliate is by telling the government to get even. i.e. Talex incident. Childish tit for tat.

      You must understand that as a general rule Somali people always look at situations from the tribal context. And even more so in Puntland due to Faroole corruption. This man is slowly destroying his region and he doesn't seem to care in the least as long as he gets his way.

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