Published On: Tue, May 1st, 2012

Somaliland Government and Traditional Elders Agree on A Five Point Strategy

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The vice president said the government is consulting with traditional leaders in order to discuss a number of issues which the government considers of national importance.

VP Hon Abdirahman Abdillahi ismael (saylici) speaking at a gathering of more than 80 tribal leaders (SULTANS) held at Mansoor hotel directed that no single individual or tribal grouping would be allowed to engage with Somalia.

“All individuals or tribal groupings meetings with Somalia are banned forthwith, Security agencies are on high alert to deal with instigators of tribal animosities in the country,” warned the VP.
The VP said those politicians plotting to use tribal agenda’s, to trigger animosities among the communities in the country; He warned that the government will not allow tribalists to destabilize peace in the country.

The Minister of internal affairs Hon Mohamed Nuur Araale (Dur) warned the state is on the lookout for leaders issuing inflammatory and provocative speeches.

He cautioned that inciters and propagators of tribal hatred will be dealt with according to the law and i ask local administrators and police chiefs to take appropriate action against such offenders.

He also ordered the police commissioner, to monitor activities of some politicians scheming to inciter various communities in the country; he added I assure you that the government is keen on safeguarding the security of all somalilanders.

After five hours of deliberations the government and tribal elders at gathering agreed upon five main points:

• That no tribal grouping or political party is allowed to approach or engage with Somalia on behalf of Somaliland and that the government of Somaliland is the only for delegating and administering any future talks with Somalia.

• Anyone caught engaging with Somalia will be charged with treason.
• All political demonstration are banned.

• The government and tribal leaders have agreed to work together so as to uphold peace and security.

• Tribal leaders have been tasked to facilitate peace talks with our brothers in buhodle and sool.

Although the official political system of Somaliland is based on a democratic voting system sometimes it gets entwined with cultural system which allows tribal leaders to play a direct role in shaping the public opinion.

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  1. Abraham says:

    What a great move by our government. I believe this is a direct result of that infamous meeting between Faisal Cali Waraabe (who had no mandate or permission to speak on our behalf) and Sheikh Shariif. If Faisal thought he is above the law, now he is warned. Let him act like an idiot again and he will be charged with treason and get locked up in Mandheera like Buur Madow.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      The informal meeting of Eng. Faisal ALI Waraabe, the opposition UCID party Chief Chairman,
      in Dubai-UAE, with the DKMG(TFG) of President ofSomalia Sh. Shariif, is seen as a positive
      diplomatic move to explore better ways of how the two de jure formerly aka Somali Republic
      could resolve their embattled differences between the Govts of Hargeisa and Mogadiscio.
      I see no wrong doing in what the outspoken Eng. Faisal discussed with the DKMG boss.
      Good team work by the VP and the Minister of Interior.To make this work more effectively,
      the same Govt. recommendations should be passed to the law makers for approval and into
      law. The Ministry of Interior are doing wonderful job. Congrats.

  2. amal says:

    Excellent! Somaliland, I'm proud at you.

  3. puntland warrior says:

    this dying horse regime in hargeisa has become a laughing stock, who are they gona charge treason with? enjoy the last drop cuz ur days are numbered, ur small tribal state will crumble.
    long live somali republic

  4. Allemagan says:

    Why all this panic? Is this the start of the fall of the house of cards?

    • jaaburi says:


      It looks like The fake falling cards start to crumble They been hitting on Their head brick wall with no result. it all started when few days ago in UAE mr warabe who have close contact with sharifow his assistance probably Piad some kickback & ask to meet sharifow in a dark ally to discuss The fake recognition staff,let’s see who follows These garbage rules it’s remedy for all out war.

    • inayuusuf says:

      Allemagan: Painfully to you and your likes, Somaliland moved away from tribal system to a multi-party democratic system. What you are seeing is one of the last steps toward the very successful transition. You better turn your pessimist view toward those clan whom are plagued with division and never had a unified goal.

  5. Gobaad says:

    That is what you wish, but it is not going to happen. Somaliland is stronger than even and here to stay. Ka naxow nafta waa!

    It is a great move and a matter of applying law and order in the country. So what is wrong with that? It is also a waraning to those who took the President's patience and tolerance as weakness. Naturally, unless we are ruled with iron-fist, we Somalis don't respect the law and it is about time to re-enforce the law of the land and people should take notice of the change. Good job, Mr. President!

  6. Galeydh says:

    I wonder what the somali are afraid of to have posted couple PERMANENTE haters ,such as ce fils de PUT-lander, in here and elsewhere.
    This could only mean one thing, a paid job. because even a sick person, as they foolishly displayed their comments over and over again, would have had enough by now.
    This is the prove that somaliland government is on the right track of finding the cure (Vaccination).

    Chapeau Monsieur le président

    Frere Djiboutien

  7. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    For your info. No! We are not making it out of panic. On the contrary, this is a timely move on our part, because it is going to fluster and rattle the anti-Somaliland camp; it also significantly strengthens our political positions as the move will certainly torpedo some of our enemy's plans.

    BTW, how are you getting on with "your homework"? Let me know if you get stuck….

  8. inayuusuf says:

    Good job Mr. VP and Mr. IM and before them all thanks to our President.
    As per Mr. Duur's assertion, no shirbeeleed will be allowed from now onwards. The country and its people will be fully administered by the governmental institutions. Kudos to Somaliland.

  9. Abdiwahab says:

    hahahahahaha the anti-somaliland folks spouting trash on this forum are jealous that we are gone and free, where we dont operate under toxic clanistic politics and that democracy is the order of the day. Fools like allergman and pirateland warrior cant accept that my country WILL be recognised and will have no association with ur failed state (Somalia) that doesnt even exist on the ground
    Feel sorry for these Italian animals lololol

  10. M. Khalid says:

    Because the government is worried about the recent dissatisfaction of the public of how it is running the country, it is leaning to the tribal leaders for support. This a wrong way to manage the affairs of a democratic country and it is reminiscent of the colonial days when the British administration relied on tribal leaders for the control of the tribes. The government must listen to the public through the free press and change its policy in accordance with it. Silencing the opposition through threats of imprisonment is unconstitutional. It leads to the loss of confidence between the government and the public.

    • MsSomaliland says:

      M Khalid let me break it down for you; Sheikh Sharif has invited Somali traditional leaders & Suldaans to Xamar to approve the so called Somali Constitution (he's paying alot of cash). Our traditional leaders & Suldands have come to our capital to reinforce Somalilands stand and send a warning to those unscrupulous traditional leaders that maybe comtemplating to attend these meetings…

      Our Suldaans are letting the world know that they are united when it comes to Qadiyada Somaliland. SL goverment have rightfuly sought the support of our traditional leaders & Suldands to reinforce Nabadena & our Recognition efforts..labada meloowed ee nagala so attackgarenayo!

      • guuled says:

        Totaly you have wrong info how The hell sharif will invate or give is@q elders big money when There’s already 22 seats in The national parlement belongs to is@q representives come on get real.

  11. rashid says:

    political demonstrations are banned ? why I thought they just said that they were democratic and so on I am confused.

  12. Adam says:

    Rashid Somalis are a confusing people, we ll get an article next encouraging political demonstrations

    • Gobaad says:

      rashid and Adam, it is only a temporary measures for security reasons so that trouble makers and our enemies don't take advantage and disturb the peace and stability we enjoy.

  13. puntland warrior says:

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    • Jambazi says:

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  14. hussein playboy says:

    @puntland warrior+jama seleban.
    You need to behave your self’s some of your comments it’s not good.

    or may be These guys are impersonaters.

  15. Gobaad says:

    Puntland Geezer, if you don't behave yourself I will make sure that you are banned from this website. Jama Salebaan, you are a low life and khasiis. So, hooyadaa kala hayskeeda iyo hablihiina u sheeg! I will make sure that you will never come back this website again.

    • Jama Salebaan says:

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      • amal says:

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        @ Jama Salebaan
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  16. Jambazi says:

    This is to SLPress why faqqash midget and pu$$ylanders are allowed to use abusive towards our sisters and when we reply to them our post are deleted. Which side are the editors and adminstrators of this website are they. Is website here to benefit enemies of somaliland. People like pu$$ylandweeceel amd jama syllyman can use profane language against our sisters but when we respond our post are deleted

  17. Allemagan says:

    @puntland warrior and Jama Salebaan

    Please stop the vulgar language. If you don't have anything useful that you can contribute to the debate, stay away from this website. Your actions are disgraceful and disgusting. When you behave like the way you are doing now, you can not blame SomalilandPress for being biased should they ban you from posting comments. By the way, how old are you guys?

    • cabdirizaq says:


      I Think These guys are impersonaters or may be 18 years old,The other issue on This website is people can create multible identity i blame addmin for This,what They could do is like some other websites i know, first The person should registed wait for two weeks to get his/her personal pin# use when debating,if The debater keep offending or using bad language should ban two weeks second time ban for ever.debating is good when people behave well & know what They are talking about.

  18. MsSomaliland says:

    This is a respectable site, it's not one of those fadhi ku dirir qabil orientated websites that's so popular with Somalies these days!! We try to have decent mature debates, if you're smart enough you'll reframe from using obsene & offensive language or else……..*rolls her sleaves*..

    • saalim says:

      ooh no,it’s tribel orientated website i remembeer 12 month’s ago only few people use comment here some region,all The websites are fadhi-kudirir,fadhi-kudirir is when people chat or talk not throwing Punches,since The conference in london The traffic on This website increased.

  19. Gobaad says:

    Jama Salebaan, you can't even buy food your own people let alone buying somebody else.

  20. ComeAgain says:

    Finally Somalilanders are getting fed up with the likes of burmadow and the idiots in boohodle!

    The country is united, didnt I tell you the majority of Landers are sick and tired of playing mr. nice guy with war mongers the government finally realised that if they dont step in the majority will take the situation into their own hands!

    Well done!

  21. karash says:

    this actually concerns me since am a northern i feel so sorry for these elders oo container lagu xidhay for last 20 yres.. our traditional elders (ssc) are in Mugadishu signing the new somali roadmap..

  22. Hargeisawi-In-London says:


    Thanks! We give him [Allamagan] a few more days.

  23. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    BTW, waydi sidee marwooyin (Amal iyo Gobaad)? Waa lay caayay caybaa kaa raacda meydaan maqal?

  24. Ahmed says:

    Where are the webmasters and admins of this website. This place is going down the drain. They can't even manage the comments.

  25. karash says:

    even qorkii HJ is in Mugadishu and said that silayo doesnt represent all clans in waqooyi galbed and togdheer

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