Published On: Fri, Nov 30th, 2012

Somaliland gets high-speed fiber optic cable

Three companies have launched a project to provide Internet access to the African country, with expansion plans for other nations

Three international companies have launched an ambitious project aimed at connecting a million people in Somaliland with high-speed Internet access.

Somcable, Bluwan and Globecomm systems will connect businesses and homes in Somaliland with up to 8Gbps capacity through FTTA (fiber through the air) access. The project is set to start in the capital, Hargeisa, and will later be deployed to other towns such as Burco, Borama and Berbera. Somaliland broke away from Somalia and is considered fairly stable.

“We have set a target to provide 1 million subscribers with access to high-speed broadband by 2015, our target market is primarily focused on the cities of the horn of Africa; residentials (affluent or middle class), small-medium enterprises or corporate customers and we have several business models that are adapted to each segment of the market,” said Somcable CEO Michael Cothill.

To deliver capacity to the mass market, kiosks will be fitted with an omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna and strategically positioned within each city to deliver a replacement service for current under-performing Internet cafés. The kiosks enable customers to purchase prepaid vouchers with a wide range of different services to suit the various markets.

(The kiosks with act as bandwidth hubs with the ability to provide up to 8Gbps of capacity within a 5 kilometer radius, peaking to speeds of 100Mbps to thousands of customers at a time.

Somcable originates from the landing station in Djibouti and Somcable will subsequently extend this service to land-locked countries such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Sudan.

The horn of Africa country has rocky terrain, no legacy infrastructure and most communities are nomadic, but Somcable and Bluwan said they have worked up a business model that will ensure return on investment.

“The combination of various business models, along with the technology deployed (FTTA, Long Term Evolution) allows us to get a sub $10 per subscriber connection fee and still be profitable with a good return on investment,” said Cothill.

Somcable will become the latest fiber optic cable to join the African coastline. The combination of available fiber optic cables has increased the international Internet bandwidth serving African countries from 1.21Gbps in 2001 to 570.92Gbps in 2011, and 25Tbps of submarine capacity is expected to be in place by 2013, according to market researcher TeleGeography.

By Rebecca Wanjik

- PC Advisor

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  1. Buuxiye says:


    Had our former Union partners respected the wishes of our population Majority's Choice and democratic wish declaring Independence in 1991 Somaliland would have been in a better position to have evaluated fairly the two companies that were available:

    - Djibouti routed Somcable (Seacom-Line if i am not mistaken)
    - Somalia intended (EASSY-Line is i am not mistaken)

    In future a Second line will be possible directly routed through Berbera with independent and Secure exclusive route to Somaliland. Competition should drive down prices to a more reasonable level.

    $10/Month is extortion in a 3rd world country.

    There is big money in this and it surprises me that there the Big Somaliland companies have not attempted to secure alternative company to compete with Somcable!!!

    There is also a 3rd Company [TEAMs] available in east africa out of a Total of 6 Major suppliers globally.

    There is certainly a business opportunity there to be had… me thinks! Where is Dahabshiil and Telsom or telcom.

    The Future is Brighter each day in the Somaliland Horizon Alhamdullilah.

    • PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

      no one is getting your way you Ethiopian stooge go ahead and build your tribal village like somalia cares. The borders of somalia is not made by white trash but by somali tribal elders and if you're deluded tribes cross another tribe boundaries your delusional white trash village will be destroyed and the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) will forever live in exile.

      • kaboon says:


        Why are you on somaliland website

      • Buuxiye says:

        Amina Boqor Maxamed Boqor Cusmaan iyo Jeycalkeedii Gaalkii Dougls Collin 1944.

        This uncircumsized White Christian was given the boqor's daughter, When Mad Mullah Called the MJ Gaalo did he mean it?

        May Allah protect Somalis from MJ Gaalo… Amiin dheh

        • Kayse says:

          He had wild time with her but no kids just like Ayan Hersi…Ayan Hersi is also related to Boqor Mohamed Boqor Osman so is Muse Boqor aka Muse Cadde, bahalka madow.

          • Khaatumo Citizen says:

            SMH Guys no need to tribalise everything I personally know so many Somali girls who married to non-muslims, '' as you may also know both Matt Baugh and Mahiga are married to Somali women. the reason why more Somali girls are marrying ajnabi is properly something to do with Somali men, I mean they're xolos dee

            Ayan Hirsi is an atheist, she has no relatives even her aabo abandoned her.

          • tani says:

            khatumo citizen,well said. ayan have no one but i know alot of somali women different tribe married jamaican.

          • Reer-Dunbuluq says:


            Hmm! Are you sure Matt Baugh (Mr Boodhaq) is married to a Somali woman? That is interesting; I am intrigued.

            BTW, Mahiga is not!

          • Khaatumo Citizen says:

            @Reer Dunbuluq.

            yeah Matt is definitely married to a Somali woman.

            Mahiga? hmmm well he has a Somali girlfriend then.
            married or Girlfriend, same thing in my book. I don't blame girls coz Somali men also marry out . and it has nothing to with tribes obviously more like personal choices unless they're being forced …

            loool not sure what Boodhaq means.

          • Reer-Dunbuluq says:

            Islaanta (hooyo) waydii.

          • Madar says:

            Come on you not seriously denying the undisputed fact among all somalis that majority of darood women are hoes everyone know that especially MJ and khaatumo women. You ask any somali man who are the most easiest somali women to bed outside marriage and i think deep down you know the answer to that question.

          • Reer-Dunbuluq says:

            Bloody idiot, your comment is utterly illogical.

            Correct me if I am wrong, Amal is Isaq and her mother (I sense) is Darood, whereas Khatumo-Seeg Citizen is Dhulos and her mother is Isaq. According your faulty logic: KC is easy, but Amal is not; and their mothers are the opposite, respectively – what a nonsense!

            Walaashaabaa kuwaad sheegayso guursan karta, adaa guurasan kara, iwm. Waxay ka dhigantahay adoo yidhi: "hablahaan abtiga u ahay ama hablahayga hooyadood waa loo soo qoslaa". Think about it!

          • Reer-Dunbuluq says:

            *According = According to

          • Madar says:

            I will also like to add i believe in the one drop theory if you know what that means.

          • Reer-Dunbuluq says:

            One drop-rule does not apply here.

          • Reer-Dunbuluq says:

            SMILE! Yaad ahayd, laandheerow?

            Apropos, do you know that "waad laan dheertahay" is an underhanded insult.?

          • Madar says:

            I was only joking with you their mate, however daroods are dirty people kully faqash, i respect people that show no mercy to daroods people like halyey xasan yoonis habane who slapped up MJ so much to this day they still asking xasan yoonis muyuu noolyahay.

          • madar says:

            ciidagale langaab, my comment was not addressed to you so dont answer me.

          • Khaatumo Citizen says:

            hmmm A wise person once said, Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

            Madar, kolba bikini ama bra or Macaws soo qaado, let me know if you ran out of them I have some unwanted in my wardrobe they maybe useful to you after all. insecure banaan lagu dhalay iga dheh.

    • Omar says:

      Are you kidding me! Somtel and Telesom, the largest internet providers in Somaliland charge $25 per month as the base, cheapest, rate for 64kbps. Ten dollars a month is a real bargain for more than 600 times faster internet speed!
      In Hargeisa, $10/month is fantastic! I for one cannot wait for Somcable to start operations in Hargeisa.

      Sources: Somtel internet user.

  2. Hargaisaawi says:

    The country is ripe for investment and as there is no sector which is fully developed, those who got in first will get the most rewards at moment. Good to see improvements in telecommunications as well as in other sectors.

  3. Punt Kingdom says:

    President Mr Slow MSH had signed a shady deal for the Federal with dictator Gelle of Djabouti yesterday, and I think this is the beginning of that project.

  4. kaboon says:

    you must be dar00d to be this jealous………ohhh wait, you are dar00d

  5. Kayse says:

    The internet in Hargeisa is actually pretty good. Some of them are really slow but some are quiet fast even faster than some that I used in Dubai.

    There is this internet place in Sabaxareed opposite where the road turns to Qasabada, his internet is very fast compared to number of others that I have tried including the one opposite City Center just few blocks down from Darasalaam.

    But the problem is the owner is some lazy habro member who wakes up when everyone is closing their businesses. He loses so many opportunities because his place has quiet a big demand and its closed 80% of the time.

    This broadband is still primitive technology but nevertheless a good news for the people in particular the youth who are interested in technology and education. It sucks that they don't have a government. This is why I get frustrated with people who call the small council in Morgan's house a government who can't even take a simple trash out.

    You don't know what a government is because none of you ever seen Australia. I set my bars for the definition of a government high…if it ain't like Australia…it aint no government. Simple.

    I love my country – the lucky island hehehehe now this comment will upset the separatists stuck in limbo because the Kangaroo nation only recognizes one Somalia.

    Going from Melbourne to Hargeisa, I felt like Adam, leaving Heaven for Earth:

    • Khaatumo Citizen says:

      Loool for me Hargeisa was a paradise compared to Burco, LA and Erigavo.

      • Kayse says:

        I don't do Burao, that's place for extremists, LA is for horse breeders and Erigavo well that is lovely town but too isolated, no roads, no airport nothing.

        Hargeisa can be nice if the town is demolished and restarted with proper town planning, real municipal council doing their job, people are so careless they throw trash anywhere….they have no clue what hazard it is to them.

        They were advertising Hargeisa for me as if it was something then I landed, I was happy to see my native home but then we got out of the airport saw goats, trash, goats, trash, cactus, jingaad, nice house with no front yard, no street, Somali buul, goats, trash…

        I thought I landed in Burao :)

        I almost ran back to the airport….then they used to say Hargeisa wa magaalo….malinban is idhi bal magaaladan soo arag, so I took my SUV and it took me with their horrible roads 30 minutes to reach corner to corner….thats like two suburbs in Melbourne.

        If you stand on that mountain you can see Hargeisa…..its a small town.

        Anyways Hargeisa is 120 sq KM in area size compared to Melbourne's 2,500 sq. KM, it is indeed a village.

        Mogadishu is 200 sq. KM, also a village.

        Las Anod is only 16 sq KM.

        The size of Sabaxareed in Hargeisa.

        Djibouti city is only 50 sq KM.

        Addis Ababa is about 600 sq KM according to my calculations but on Wikipedia it says 530 but I guess it is not up to date. I am using Google satellite to calculate them.

        Bosaaso is only 20 sq KM.

        • kaboon says:


          well this really says a lot about kinsi candho aka xaartumo

          • Khaatumo Citizen says:

            you know Kaboon it would be better if you can just come up with your own jokes rather than using other people's jokes.

            you call other people dark and ugly when your properly black as dhuxul that we burn our uunsi on. you know what no need to go far but seriously tho I feel sorry for your parents, I bet they despise someone as stupid as you..
            Nacas iga dheh…

        • Khaatumo Citizen says:

          Kayse burco lagu gaynayaa abti get ready properly Misslovely will take you there or Mo cheers. hahahaha

          True Erigavo is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains but it's lack of development.

          there's a road goes to Erigavo to Bosaso and Erigavo to LA. that's why we had to go to Hargaisa, Burco, Lascanod then Erigavo instead of Hargeisa to Erigavo. it was a long journey.

          • Kayse says:

            hehehehehehe Burao home of fanatics (tribal and religious fanatics) when it comes to Somaliland region…no way hell I would go to that dusty extremist hotspot.

            I am staying Galbeed (Hawd iyo Hargeisa) and South (Mogadishu and Afgoye). That's my Somalia, the rest are irrelevant to me.

          • Khaatumo Citizen says:

            looooool fair enough :-:)

  6. omar jibriil says:

    ceerigabo has a better internet connection than burco, berbera, hargaisa n the reason is less traffic, no cutting of connection here only problem is its only 100mps n u cant have a live feed or anything so u right first poster nothing new same bullsht , having said that to all non domicile residents of Somalia/land its time to invest in your country n not have some cadaan man running your countries facilities, trust urselfs n start co-ops. ie residents of east london lets just say 2000 somalis all chip in a £1000 equals £2m/$3m, that share would generate enough profit to either give to your relitives rather going thru dahbshiil n sending them money every month or reinvest in sumthing else, ive seen more than that figure at london eid parties or ruuwaayed. n ive seen kids spending more than that on their mobile phones n trainers n designer jeans! come on have a little faith before its too late

  7. Yusuf says:

    Mashallah am very proud of Somcable is trying to achieve in somaliland.

  8. mohamed cheers says:

    All else taken into consideration, nevertheless, what's more beneficial for Somaliland?
    The original Somcable contractual plan to lay down through Berbera Shores into the inland
    allover Somaliland with new regulating Somaliland Govt property integrated dialing codes etc,
    where by the whole integrated network strategies were Cable and not Wireless? Now then, how's
    this new Wireless integrated network through Djibouti secrecy integrated dialing codes
    controls going to satisfy the secrecy levels of the Nation and Country Somaliland Democratic
    Republic when Djibouti's the Somcable property Controller with Somaliland being a good
    Marketing policies? What's the Somaliland Govts understanding on this highly important Somcable
    project quest and most importantly the two lawmakers position as well?I think that the Govt should
    set up a special committee to re-evaluate the Somcable Project and re-address what's in the best
    interests for Somaliland?

  9. Khaatumo Citizen says:

    Madar, have you ever heard of ''don't argue with id!ots they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience''
    lool you have perfectly described yourself. whooop someone just came out of the closet, but thanks what you do with your life isn't our business, just be aware of HIV, I heard it's common in hom*s world.

    as for Drood, Haw!ye, Isaaq, Rahanwayne, Madhiban etc. somalida dirkeediyo iyo dun xareera baan nahay.

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