Published On: Sat, May 8th, 2010

SOMALILAND: Gabiley Hospital Completed, 30 Gynaecology surgeries performed

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Construction work of the new hospital project in Jibili area in Somalia has successfully been completed. The hospital is being built under a generous donation by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Western Region.

Adam Mohammed Bidi, Director of Jibili Municipality, expressed the Somali people’s gratitude to the unlimited support given by the government, leadership and people of the UAE to their brothers in Somalia.

He added that the people of Jibili decided to name the hospital after Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in appreciation to his generous gesture which is expected to enable provision of healthcare services to over 120,000 people in Jibili and its suburbs.

The 80-bed hospital has sections for different medical specialties, in addition to four fully equipped operation theatres.

A delegation from the UAE Red Crescent Authority visited the area and inspected works on the hospital.


RCA team performs 30 Gynaecology surgeries in Somalia

Hargeisa, Somalia, 8 May 2010 (WAM) – A medical team mobilised by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Red Crescent Authority to Somalia has performed, in collaboration with Oasis International organizationn (OIO), Gynaecology surgeries and procedures on 30 women in Somalia.
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The complex surgeries were performed to treat delivery injuries resulting from malpractices.

One of the patients, Fatima Osman, said she traveled 1,800 kilometers from Mogadishu when she heard about the arrival of the medical team that provides free medical services to women.

Member of the team Dr Isam Mustafa Al Sayed said most of the cases treated suffered from post natal symptoms, caused by delivery at the hands of unlicensed midwives.

Dr Sinan Khadaj, Secretary General of the OIO quoted official statistics as reporting that 1,600 women out every 100,000 die from post natal complications.

Source: Emirates News Agency (WAM) | May 08, 2010

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  1. Boqoljireh says:

    We [the Somaliland people] are grateful to HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Sayed Al-Nahyan and the team of dorctors who performed the operations. Our people and that of the UAE are bothers and the Somali people at large source of business is the UAE. We would like the UAE Red Cresent to increase their help to the Somaliland people.

    It looks Emirates News Agency could not even say Somaliland, where as every country around the world call us Somaliland. This shows that Arab countries are still looking for greater Somalia which is history.

  2. Kayse says:

    Sheikh Hamdan is an awesome and open minded man as well as wise leader. Abu Dhabi would not be where it is today if it wont for him, also Dubai since he is the one that rescue the place last year.

    Dont worry about WAM and other Arab news agencies, they will eventually follow the leader – Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera calls Somaliland, Ardul Somal, soon the other Arab media will accept, Somalis in Somaliland will not join Somalia and blow themselves for the interest of Arabs.

    We have choices and we say no to Arab nations such as KSA and Egypt, we say no to war with our fellow Africans such as Ethiopia and we say no to suicide bombing for the interest of Arabs, not Islam.

    Kuwait is said to be also rehibilating the hospital in Sheekh town, hopefully Qatar can join, the other Arabs are too cultural and stubborn.

  3. Mustafe says:

    It seems the Arab media are still stuck with the Somalia thing, huh.

  4. Abraham says:

    Big thanks to the Emaratis. But Somaliland citizens in the Diaspora should get together and collect money to build a new national referral hospital with modern equipment such as MRI scanners and radio therapy tools for cancers. We should also recruit few good specialists and professors from abroad to staff the new hospital and train our doctors and students.

  5. AAA says:

    Thanks to our muslims brothers in UAE for supporting and helping build this great hospital. 80 Gyno surgeries that's amazing….hopefully this will decrease the number of deaths caused by birth delivery due lack of resources.

    Thanks also to all those abroad who supported and donated towards this hospital. There were many fundraisings and donation collections all over the world…Jezaa Kala Khayr

  6. Iwan Setiawan says:

    Glad to hear that and thanks to emiratis that was supportes to build this hospital.
    I will be more glad if i join with this hospital to provide medical services, especially on nurse section. Now i work in Tembagapura Hospital, that’s a hospital of Freeport Mc Moran Copper & Gold in Indonesia. I work in Emergency Room. I was for many mine clinic and hospital in Indonesia.

  7. ibraaahim says:

    we are thanks sheekh sayed and allso we say may allaha reward you what you give us in gabiley thanks alot

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