Published On: Sun, Jul 17th, 2011

Somaliland: Female Police Officer Gunned Down In Lasanod City

LasAnod(SomalilandPress)—Somaliland Criminal Investigation Unit(CID) police in the city of Lasanod are put on high alert this evening after one of their own colleague was gunned down in front of her house by masked assailants. According to eye witnesses who were present at the assault, three assailants armed with a hand pistol shot the victim Mrs. Sahra Elmi in the head twice. Mrs. Elmi was rushed to Lasanod city hospital where she was pronounced dead from her injury.

There are no arrests at the moment relating to the shooting of Mrs. Sahra Elmi and the government has not spoken about the incident yet. Mrs. Elmi becomes the second female government official in this month that has been gunned down by masked terrorist group. On July 1st this month masked gunned men attacked and seriously wounded Nadiifo Mohamed Coljoog who is the director of a local NGO by the name of NOW. Mrs. Nadiifo is now receiving treatment in Addis Ababa hospital from a life threatening injury.

Resident and government officials fear that Lasanod city is becoming lawless town where government officials are being hunted indiscriminately and the current government has not done much to solve the insecurity issue in the city. There is no immediate claim of responsibility for this evenings attack on the police official, however a local militia by the name of SSC is being suspected of the cowardly attack.

Source: SomalilandPress

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  1. Faisal says:

    now they started to kill the women…so low…

  2. Somaliland Wadani says:

    its a shame Dhulbahante killing Dhulbahante maybe they are just too bedouin like koonfur that kill each other in the south somalia.

    • mohamoud says:

      We know the assailants who assassinated our beloved sister Mrs. Elmo. They were from Somaliland and they will pay the price of their crime.

      • middlepath says:

        Warya, have you no shame!! How many Dhulbahants who are Pro-Somaliland did the SSC terrorists kill?

        She was working for the Somaliland government and you killed her!!

  3. abdi says:

    Decomcracies face this kind of security threats because of their open-ness and the fact that they don't want to infrenge on citizen's rights. Stronge measures are definetely required to completely seal off the borders and disarm the entire city. If the local police isn't able to deal with this, the army should move in and do random searches in suspected houses harboring terrorist and even indivituals in the streets. In the near future, the government should register the citizens living in that city to keep track of who comes in and out and their business in that city. No doubt Puntland and alshababe have hand in this. If Puntland chooses to do this, it is setting presidence that the same should be done in towns it faces resistance to support those oppose to its rule. What goes around, comes around,

    • abdi says:

      Puntland should be destabilized is my suggestion, because being the bigger person all the time is not getting us anywhere, They continously undermind the peace and development in these regions. Why would you wanna harm people who are helping struggling citizens NGOs and women who want the best for their people ……What a shame. SHAME SHAMe

    • mohamoud says:

      The cheap old tricks which you militia based government is employing in Sool will end soon. The action of the revenge will start soon. You Somaliland guys are thinking that you are smart enough to cover you evil actions. We will see soon the out come of you actions.

    • mohamoud says:

      You cannot kill and hide under you Democratic bull sheet. Assailants were from Somaliland and you pay the price of killing our beloved sister.

      • Ms Justice says:

        You are just plain stupid, Mohamoud. You keep saying that it is Somaliland who is murdering its own service people. What are your facts here? You Lascanood residents live in denial. Instead of spreading all these hatred, you should work hard on securing your city/town, and help catch the culprits. Qabiil is overloaded in your small brains that you forget to care for your own friends, family, and neighbours. Please go back to Islam and start practicing so you learn better. You are what Somalis call “miciinkii lacolow”. If you let the criminals infiltrate your towns and villages, you will end up another Mog and then your heritage will be wiped out. This is 2011, the end of 21 century, but you think medieval times and hold tight to a qabiil thing that you know will destroy you. If I may enlighten you about the new times, the success is in ‘think locally and aim internationally’ a.k.a Wax la qeybso deegaankaaga (Somaliland) si aad uga mid noqoto horumarka aduunka. Simple.

        • amal says:

          Well said sister, even though this mohamoud guy is known to be a nonsense who don't deserve a reply. Such people cannot hold intellectual discussion because their head is too thick and they are blinded with hate

          • DHULBAHANTE says:

            Stop f…king talking about dhulbahantes brain and intellectual you hipocirits is'nt it qabiil the only reason why you want separate from somalia


          • amal says:


            Who is talking about dhulbahnate brain and intellectual? i'm talking about that mohamud guy who post nonsense and bulls on every article, every comment, everywhere…unfortunately no one is giving him attention lol unless you are the same person with different user-name.

            If it is qabil the only reason we want separate why on earth did we unite with Somalia in the first place?…it is due to fail unity mate and no, no-one has or occupied your land apparently it is part of Somaliland before the unity and now . It is you who out of tribalism do not want to be part of Somaliland a Somali state

          • amal says:

            And you all know that places like lasanood will always be dulbahante towns and cities whether part of Somalia or Somalilland so stop acting like it is invaded, this is not the western Somalis (ogadenia) that was invaded by Ethiopia

        • mohamoud says:

          Your cry could not cover your crime. We know your intention but dhulbahante people are natural born detective and they never missed their revenge in the history.

  4. Najma says:

    You guys are soo childish. Rather than blaming puntland blame ur so called CID.Puntland will always be there regardless of ur wishes…Having sayed that IIlahay ha uu naxaristo marxumada.

    • mohamoud says:

      The assassination of this female police was Somaliland job. The dummy minister of information will pay the price soon. We know the Somaliland secret police was master minding killings in Lasanod. Soon it will cause a full fletch civil war. Sons and daughter of the victims are planning their revenge..

    • mohamoud says:

      Somaliland secret police will ay the price of killing Dhulbahante women.

    • mohamoud says:

      Shame to you how can you kill and at the same time point your finger to your victims family.

  5. gulied says:

    i'm sending my condolence to the family of our fallen officer,, it's long over due to reassess the work of somaliland's CID and ministry of interior affairs.

  6. A/fatah says:

    Inaalilaah waa inaa ilayhi Raajicuun, waxaan tacsi u diryaa dhamaan shacbi weynaha reer Somaliland geeridaas naxdinta leh gaar ahaan reerkii iyo qoyskii ay ka baxday.

    Ilaahay ha u naxariisto gacan ka xaqdaran ayaa dishay wayna heli doonaan sawaabka.

    It is not manhood to take a pistol and shoot the innocents at the head, don’t hide come on the day light and face the powerful Somaliland military if you are men otherwise stop killing innocent service men and women in their houses.
    Cowards!!!!! terrorists insha Allah if iyo aakhiro cidhib dhigi maysaan, ilaahay ayaa idin ciqaabi doona, la idinka hadhi maayo meel kasta oo aad joogtaan waana la idiin dhigi doonaa tab kasta oo aad keentaan we know how to hide and kill, we know how to face you kamana baxsan kartaan cadaalada mar uun baa la idin hor keeni insha Allah soon.

  7. koko says:

    Dhulbahante killing Dhulbahante , where is the probelem ?

  8. koko says:

    you kill your own people so you expect what from us, go to hell band of barbarians.F**** to Dhulbahante and those of your type.

    • Abraham says:

      The son of an SSC terrorist in disguise here!! You can't hide boy.

    • abdi says:

      koko, that just shows that you are from Puntland, just trying to sew the seeds of hate as you have done among your people by pretending to be Somalilander. We all know sane Somalilander will never attempt to create a rift between members of Isaq and Dhulbahante. We simply dont operate like this…you are SSC dameer. shut it and behave your self

  9. Somali jecel says:

    Who in SSC has claimed responsibility? a month ago 3 suspects from togdheer region all of them from Isaaq subclan Habar jeclo has ben detained. Now where is the investigation of these 3 people?
    And why would someone who are from "Somaliland" destabilize a region under the control of Somaliland? these questions needs to be answered, is the killing of Somaliland government workers of dhulbahante clan only revenge or is there someone else behind this? Maybe Al shabaab sympatizers?

    • Abraham says:

      Show us proof of your claims please, otherwise stop your nonsense.

      • I Jama says:

        By the way Somaliland is aware of the Alshabab who have been reported to be operating in Puntland regions. Specifically Godane and his si@ko's are lurking at the borders between SL & PL. Their aim to cause both to war and are helped by their sympathizers. US and CIA are aware of their recent movements. Also recent re-organisation of the Pirates also indicates their involvement.

  10. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    I guess they will start shooting children next. Still, Mrs. Elmi paid the price for trying to do right in her home town and country, keeping the peace, making sure there is stability and the rule of law. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto. Let, them just remind the folks on this forum when so called militant groups start to target women and children, then you know that they are on their last legs.

    • mohamoud says:

      Shame on you kill and you like to talk and say want you want. We know the assailants and we are tracking them. They were three men from Somaliland.

  11. Nabad says:

    Allah yar Xamha. Ina lillahi wa ina ileeyhi raajicuun. This woman was killed by a coward and an instigator may Allah punish them in the here and after. Who would kill a female officer who is doing good for her community. If Alshabab are against women participation and against Somali governments then they are not to be tolerated within us. These people are heinous criminals and against women taking a lead in peace and development of their people. Without these women we will loose an important section of the community. Women make up the large portion of the community who are important to the our society. I hope we can support each other not kill each other when we are doing good.

    • middlepath says:

      Obviously they are not AlShabab but SSC criminals who are killing pro-Somaliland Dhulbahantes based on ''Treason''. They will get their full reward from Allah soon.

  12. Ms Justice says:

    Inalilah wa inaa Ilahu rajauun. May Allah grant Officer Sahra Elmi Janatul Fardousa. She died doing the right thing and Allah will reward her. Who is going to help the traitors who murdered this brave Muslim woman?
    Our thoughts are with her family. Somaliland will prevail, don’t let the traitors harm our unity and achievements.

  13. Abraham says:

    May Allah Almighty have mercy on her soul and grant her Janatul Firdaus. What is Gaboose as the minister of interior doing about this out of control insecurity in Laascaanood? As abdi already suggested in his comment, I think the government should seal our border with Pirateland, issue ID cards for all the citizens and residents of Somaliland and totally disarm the population of the whole country. But before that, the families of the fallen officers should receive some financial aid from the government to help ease their grieve and hardship. I know the government resources are very limited but at least the orphans left behind should be helped. Also this SSC terrorist sc@m should be infiltrated in and out and given a taste of their medicine.

  14. amal says:

    Disgusting disgusting people tuf calayk to those terrorist who killed a woman who was helping her community. May ALLAH forgive her sins. Such thing should not be tolerated by our government and inshAllah the person behind it will be brought to justice. bloody terrorist who don't even care about their people

  15. Runtii says:

    How many people from the somali government was killed by SNM in 1980s? more than 4000! those people also had families!

    • amal says:

      More than 50,000 Somali that were slaughtered in Somaliland in the 1980's by the Somalia government had also families. and I am among those families who lost people and relatives. But this is not about history this is about current affairs.

      This is about a poor police woman who was unlawfully shot dead. This is not the first time that police men and women were attacked in this city. why? There is no justifiable reason. The safety and security of all citizens must be valued

      • Runtii says:

        I am sorry for your familiy ( aun)

        I lost oncels killed by SNM just because they were protecing Hargeysas security in the 80s.

        SSC are figthing like SNM for freedoom.

        • middlepath says:

          Your uncels were probably killed because they were killing and harming innocents in Hargeisa in the 80s. Otherwise, many Somali officers were released by the SNM.

          The SSC are not fighting for freedom because they are killing their own Family, they are killing innocent Dhulbahantes who are working for their own community, she was not harming anyone at all Why was she killed?

          Is this how you fight? By hiding your faces and shooting your women in the head?? What will your history say about you?

          • Runtii says:

            They were just troops who was protecting Hargeysa from the etiophian troops…. is that enough to be killed? SNM did not released anybody! they killed more than 6000 Ogaden civilians living in Northern Somalia…. and etnic cleasned more than 200000 refugees from Ogadenia….. thats SNM….

            the SSC is a group who is figthing for freedoom not to be ruled by another clan Issaq!
            SNM was figthing for Issaq clan not to be ruled by Darood!

            SSC is killing all Dulbahante which is working together with the Issaq invaders or should I say tratiors… SNM used to kill all Issaq who was working together with the Siyad Barre government in Northwest somalia…. its just the same….. a tratior is a tratior regardless of gender…..

          • Runtii says:

            you have to do what you have to do….

          • warya says:

            Dhulbhante killed another Dhulbhante……These same people killed others in the past as they were leaving Mosques and after Iftar during Ramadan.

            They are low and they are SCUM! You can retell the story in your brain if it helps you sleep at night, but the facts will never change. The Ant-Somailand Dhulbhante along with their allies are doing their utmost to destabilize the region and killing pro-Somaliland Dhulbhante, who they refer to as traitors, is just fine by them.

            It is that simple! This event should be NO surprise to both yourself and nor the people of Las Anod. These cowardice attack on civilians and the weak has been happening for years now. These 2 bit low life dogs LOST in every single military confrontation with the SL forces, even with the help of Puntland, and so now they have turned to ISRAELI tactics. PUNISH THE POPULATION TO MAKE UP FOR THEIR WEAKNESS OF THE BATTLE FIELD!

            As for you, justifying the killing of all those who do not agree with your ideology I say okay. JUST CRY WHEN YOU, YOUR UNCLES, COUSINS AND SUPPORTERS GET KILLED AT YOUR MOTHERS FEET!

            Lowlife DOG!

          • fuck ogadens says:

            Ogadens are the worst of daroods. We all know what the mujahideen SNM were when they released all the captured faqashh.

  16. mohamoud says:

    Somaliland secret police is terrorizing the civilians an common people in Lasanod. They assassinating young, old, men and women. This is not the beginning and not ending.

  17. abdi says:

    My brothers/sisters from LaasAanood can not and will not tolerate those who undermind their peace and development. they want to educate their children and take advantage the progress that is coming to Somaliland, but for that to happen and this region to reach economic success, there has to be reliable peace and security, Don't let Alshebabe and Puntland export their hate and dirty machines of death to your beautiful city. Fight for it as you have done before and catch those criminals, just like their criminal activity is foiled everyday in other parts of Somaliland

  18. mohamoud says:

    Dear Amal,

    You are fully engaged to these debates and comments and you sound like transvestite, do you have Alias name.

  19. Istahil says:

    ina lilahi wa ina ileyna rajicuun, what has she done, dhulbahante is loosing their mind. what is wrong with them, dont they know she is mum and wife and she is one of their own, what is wrong with them. dont theyknow women killing is BIG no no. what is wrong with them. did they lost intouch with the reality? dhulbahante ask urselfs who is it you think u hurting?

  20. Somaliland wadani says:

    Its a shame this toke place inSomaliland all these years of peace and puntland wannabees want to kill female officers next its goin to be kids.they sick minded they be doin this since who kno abdisharmake time.Puntland has to supply them wit pistols who esle would target innocent people.

  21. Somaliland wadani says:

    Couple weeks ago another dhulbahante lady that work for NGO program in laascaanood was gun down their got to be link between al shabaab and laascaanood.

  22. Somaliland wadani says:

    Their some terrorist elements in laascaanood cause all the attacks been sneaky attacks cowardly acts

  23. Somaliland wadani says:

    others have been killed during ramadan forsure its terroist links

  24. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:


    The hatred here is suffocating. C'mon people how much do you really know about qabilism? Like most of us born late 1980s and 1990s what do we really know about qabil. STOP THE HATE! May that lady's soul rest in peace and the perpetrators will pay here or hereafter. No one escapes Allah's justice. And to think Ramadhan is around the corner!

    I like to listen to this Somali song and the lyrics go something like this:

    Soomaali u diida ceeb, Naftiina u diida caydh and then goes on to
    Dunida way Nagula Yaabtay, Kudadaala Nabaad.

  25. middlepath says:

    I will not be surprised at all if the SSC elements with the support of the Puntland Regime attacks Dhulbahante Officials leaving the Masjids or during prayer. They have done that already.Assasinations is for cowards who play hide and seek and shoot women. This is the second time they killed a WOMAN!!!

    Shameless cowards.

  26. mohamoud says:

    Your cry couldn’t cover you crime. Dhulbahante are natural born detectives and they never missed their revenge in the history. That is fact and you stop playing with fire.

  27. Istahil says:

    mohamoud by killing your own women, and killing her b4 her own children in front of her own home. what a shame. if they man enough, they should come and fight the the reall men(ciidanka qaranka)…what a cowerds. and u still talking huh….what a shame, but again seems daarood have no shame.

    • mohamoud says:

      Darood is largest Somali tribe and they assassinate no women in their history. You have no class and respect to the nobles of your nation. They have pride and class but your secret service police are women and children killers if you agree with them or not. I am not going to say anything wrong to Isaak people because mosst of them are noble people and they don't kill children and women. Few ruthless dogs who respect no traction and religion are doing this assassinations in Lasanod and I believe you are one of them.

  28. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

    Reading your comments, you seem to be reasonable person. People who ccmmitted this dastardly act should be brought to justice, I agree. Also vigilante justice is just as equally a crimininal act and should not be encouraged. They, if ever caught, must go through the judicial process, found guilty and sentenced either to long prison terms or executed.

    I believe people outside of the region are benefiting from the chaos in Somalia, Puntland, etc. It just can't all be Al-Shabab or pirates. I think there are non-somalis benefiting from this turmoil and making millions of dollars off of it. There is wealth to be made and outside agitators like the status quo to take advantage of the land and its people.

    Allah help all Somalis.

    • warya says:

      You are absolutely right 100% Unfortunately, however, some Somalis are SHAMELESS SHAMELESS die hard tribalists. Every Somali should work for the the safety, peace and prosperity of their respective cities and regions regardless of their tribe, since this basic human decency. However, some Somalis adhere to a simple philosophy – If my clan can not rule then we would rather everything be destroyed rather than share and work within the system.

      The main point I am trying to make here is that Somaliland is not the finished article it is a work in progress. Things are constantly changing and improving. In the past, no taxes were levied against businesses, but no the government is collecting taxes to help administer public services like free education up to university. The major issue with the SSC group had mostly to do with the fear of being marginalized in Somaliland and thus they avoided anything Somaliland. Now, however, they have made peace and major concessions have been made, all by TALKING and not the GUN. The SSC will be included in the military and police forces and therefore get paid to live their lives. Furthermore, among other things, the SL government has also promised that it will ensure all the heavily Dhulbhante areas will be brought up to speed with all of the other areas of Somaliland in terms of development – more hospitals, schools, universities, public services etc. MASHALLAH

      These extremists die hard DAROOD fanatics who killed this innocent women don't to talk, dialogue and peace. They are a splinter group who are outcasts from the majority of the Dhulbhante community. Their point is simple the SSC that belongs to Isaaq, Warsengali and Dhulbhante belongs SOLELY TO DHULBHANTE AND NO ONE ELSE. According to them even land inhabited by Warsengali belong to them!

      Subhanallah, despite the fact that RAMADAN is coming up, I promise you these dogs will continue with their ways straight through the holy month – terrorizing and killing the fasting Muslims.

  29. Hayat says:

    what a tragic news and a horrible crime against a honarbale , hardworking female who was guarding her country Somaliland. I am really sorry and i want to tell all the female officers across the country keep your eyes opened and dont let those women haters discourage you. Female officers are brave, phenomenal fighters, and stronger than male officers. Do your duties sisters and Allah is by your sides protecting you.

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