Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2012

Somaliland Expels a UN staff for violating the country’s code of conduct

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(April/29/2012) Somaliland authorities expelled and banned U.N. staff for being involved in acts that violates the country’s religion and rooted cultural values.

According to reliable source told Berberanews website Mr. Bana Bas of Kenyan nationality who worked more than 2 years for UN-HAS spend 2 nights in custody before being debarred Somaliland authorities’.

UN-HAS a UN common service managed by the World Food Programme (WFP) that provides safe and reliable passenger and cargo air services to the entire humanitarian community including Somaliland and Somalia had been for the past few years operating in Hargeisa. Mr. Bana was stationed in South Somalia before being relocated.

Mr. Bana who earns 18000$ US a month spent his money lavishly by renting three different mansions in different parts of the city. According to Somaliland authorities’, Mr. Bana was said to have held wild parties over at one of his rented houses where he and his associates one Ethiopian national and other a Somalilander invited guests mostly young men and women.

Earlier this month (April/2012) While Mr. Bana and his associates were having one of their usual wild parties, a fight erupted between Mr. Bana and one of his friends, Mr. Bana was injured during the fight and police were called in, says Somaliland Police. Mr. Bana and his Ethiopian and Somaliland friend were arrested on the spot.

After spending 2 days and 2 nights behind bars, Mr. Bana was released to the United Nations under conditions that he leaves the country and banned from ever entering and/or working in Somaliland again. Under harsh conditions and embarrassment to the UN, Mr. Bana was fired from his position as a UN staff and was immediately flown back to Nairobi, Kenya.

Somaliland authorities’ assured to all International staff operating in the country that they are being extra vigilant on their activities and those despicable and insulting acts and/or behaviors intended to damage the cultural and religious believe of Somaliland citizens, will not be tolerated hence shall be dealt with swiftly and accordingly.

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Reported by Goth Mohamed, Somalilandpress, Hargeisa

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  1. Nimco Mohammed says:


    • jemal says:

      every decision should follow the rule and regulation of the country in addition any person citizen or any should follow and live according to Islamic rules.whatever it is when we work based on rule it shows the functionility of law.

  2. Abraham says:

    The government was unduly harsh on the poor guy. There was no reason to arrest him or deport him. Those immoral party goers will just move on to another venue and host.

  3. Gobaad says:

    Good Riddance of a bad rubbish! He should have respected the country's culture and religious beliefs.

  4. amal says:

    Somaliland is a country of dignity and honour and we don't allow wild party animals to corrupt our people and country. You better respect the code of conduct or shift away with your shamelessness.

  5. MrT says:

    18000$ US a month?? Wow, so thats where the 'aid' money for Africa has been disappearing to.

    We hail from a region of the world that has been crippled by Aids/HIV, and because of the requirements of our deen alhamdulilah, we've been mostly protected from this. Therefore we should always have some idea about the activities of the foreigners in our country.

    We all know about the German in BerberaGate, the alleged drinking and partying of the Kuwaiti prince, and the recent story about children trafficking.

  6. Abdi Noor says:

    A drop in the ocean, what about oversea's somalilanders that return every summer to chew & fornicate,
    nobody says anything to them ? If morality is defined by our leaders, help us please……

    • Gobaad says:

      Abdi Noor, please stay way from offensive words of sexual nature. It is not allowed here.

    • Mohamed says:

      I agree with you.
      The Zina that takes place in Hargeisa doesn't happen in anywhere in Somalia inhabited land.I am from Hargeisa and know all that much done by those who come from abroad and the politicians themselves.
      They spoiled the lives of teenage girls.

      • Gobaad says:

        Mohamed iyo Abdi Noor, cayda Somalilanders baad meesha u soo gashaane, horta yaa idinka zina iyo wasakhnimo badan? Waar anagu Iiman, Ayaan iyo Weris midna malihin bordellooyin maanaan furan oo sidiina, haday cayi timaado, idinkaa ku ceeboobeyee maydun afkiin hays oo maydin joogin aflagaadad iyo cayd.

  7. kaboon says:

    we have become a immoral nation as a whole and a punishment would be due from allah s.w

  8. Abdi Noor says:

    A drop in the ocean, what about the overseas somalilanders who return every summer to chew & fornicate, who is addressing that problem ??

    • Gobaad says:

      Waxa la yaab leh, dadka xishooka ka taga ee isyidhaa cidi kuma arkaysee waxaad doonto ku hadal. Waar yaa, edeb ma qabtide khasiisnimada meesha kale bax!

  9. Mohamud says:

    Well done and many thanks to those who have made possible t tp panish any attempt to humialate religious and cultural believes of this great nation.

  10. amal says:

    @ kaboon
    Immorality is wide spread globally and everywhere but God forbid we won't get punishment from Allah so don't curse us plz.

  11. osman5 says:

    in usual circumstances anyone who involves under the care of vulnerable individuals should be under constant watch before granted him/her unconditional trust.
    Mr. Bana was receiving $ 18,000/mon in Somaliland and presumably a young male.
    We should brief him upon arrival on the mores and the culture sensitivities in Somaliland by warning him explicitly he'll be watched like a hawk until he proves himself otherwise.

    It's better to be proactive rather than reactive. Mr. Bana has been working in the country for 2 years but his wild parties have surfaced recently. It looks we reacted to it as his actions have already impacted on us.

    Osman qaal

  12. MsSomaliland says:

    Good ridance!

  13. H.M.Obsiye says:

    Though, I totally agree with the government of Somaliland for an explosion of this UN employee of Kenyan origin, I wonder why was his Ethiopian friend was not expelled as well? We now know the Kenyan was a UN employee what was the line of work for the Ethiopian, was he a UN employee too?

    I hope this will be a lesson for those foreigners in Somaliland, misbehaving and Insulting locals. Somalilanders are known to be very welcoming to their guests, but that doesn't mean they will accept bad morals you bring from your Countries.

  14. mohamed cheers says:

    The Somaliland Police force under the Interior Ministry is becoming all the more capable to
    safeguarding the Internal affairs of the Islamic Nation to satisfy the collective Characteristic
    behaviours to maintain healthy Civil Societies of high ground living norms. Minister Duur should
    be proud of his Police Force doing good policing welldone. This should be warning to all
    misbehaving Foreign official(s) as well as the Nationals.

    • Gobaad says:

      Gelle Maalim, don't even try to go there. Haddii kale hooyada kala hayskeeda iyo hablahiinaana wax ka sheegi doonaa. And don't ever forget that Iiman, Ayaan, iyo Werisba idinkaa leh. Afkaaga qadhmuun ka jeedi dumarkayaga.

  15. Deentaa iyo Daalkaa says:

    Ajinabi …oo dalkaa somaliyee joogaa baa dumarkee somaliyeed eebsanayaa..?…ooow sharaftee somaliyee madeen ..yaa..Meedeey muslimeentee somaliyeed oo deentaa iyo shariah uugg halgamayeey.
    Embrassement?…maaa kuwaa deentaa laaan,taa baa embrassement lee> UNtaa dalkaa haa laga eeryoo. OO daalkaa hala elaaliyo

  16. mohamed cheers says:

    Shameless void of decency…eeddaradi ba ka badatay.

  17. H.M.Obsiye says:

    You are nothing but a trash and trash doesn't deserve response period!

  18. ComeAgain says:

    What did the guy ACTUALLT do? throw a few parties, its not like he forced anyone to attend, so what a fight broke out! It happens! The article just didnt provide enough facts and if that is the only reasons they kicked him out then either someone is not being honest about what really happened on both sides.

  19. ComeAgain says:

    Why are people talking about women? No women were mentioned in the article, and please southern somalis dont get mad because our women are actually hot enough so that other nations want them.

    Keep your fu gly genes in the south, everyone knows all the hot somalis are in the north!

    • Noor says:

      Comeagain, yu are shameless individual, how would you react if a Bantu big nosed earning $18000 dollars a month tries to lure your doughter to a party and uses some shameless somalis to bring her to him? i bet you would be disgraced. Kenyan Bantu luve Somali women for thier beauty and tenderness this is a fact, so the police should have arrested this man for more than a month, then let him pay big fine. How dare can a Bantu corrupt our people in our own back yard? no we will not accept,

    • Berbera playboy says:

      You're such an embarasement to yourself and worst of all our country.
      How can anyone distinguish a southern somali from a northern one ?
      Last Time i check S/Land and somalia was inhabited by one ethnic group
      so stop trolling and start making some real argument if you wanna say something.


  20. Dirane says:

    This is a positive beginning, consistency is needed as few more deportations will be a deterrent to others

  21. ComeAgain says:

    Again no women were mentioned in the article so you are the one bsing about stuff that never happened!

    Last I checked you were the ones that have timo jar eer from all over africa running around konfur! Before u throw stones look at your own house!

    No one knows what exactly went down and no women were mentioned, all you guys want to do is call people out of their names for clan ish reasons!

    Again take yourself somewhere else and leave Somaliland to Landers dont you people have a khatamimi site set up or a puntalandia somewhere ……..always following us like a by tch in heat!

  22. A.M says:

    Its sad really, he has sacrificed a well paying job for some wild partying and his reputation down the drain. I doubt he will ever work again for the UN.

    I also doubt that he didn't know how to conduct himself whilst here, i think the money got to his head or that he has no previous experience working in an islamic country, his naive… i hope he goes home to contemplate his actions; which were very costly and foolish in my opinion.

  23. Abraham says:

    Stop your sick racism guys. The Kenyan man did nothing more than have a good time in our beautiful capital. He forced no one to attend his parties, and broke no law. Moreover, non of the attendants of his parties were minors. The party goers were all adults who make conscious decisions for themselves. I believe he was wronged and treated very badly and this sort of behaviour of our government deters foreign tourists, visitors, and investors who want to come to our country. Somaliland has la constitution and courts of law. So anyone, foreign or national who falls foul of the law should have his or her day in court and either proved guilty of a crime or let go without any prejudice.

    • Warfa says:

      I agree fully with you Ibrahim. If the man broke the law of the land then why didn't they bring him before the court of justice. Maalin dhow waxaa laysku xidhi doonaa naagtaydaad soo eegtay sidii Sacuudiga.

    • ahmed hargeysawi says:


  24. somalia warrior says:

    traitors selling our womens to adoons. you will pay with iron fist.

  25. amal · says:

    ohhh god i am really hurt bout this, how can my government treat as like this, like a pie selected from a table & chewed. i dnt wana be a god damn pic. somalia safe as plz, we are doomed people.

    • Warfa says:

      You're not Amal fool! Why don't you talk about what the AMISOM soldiers do every day and every night in Mogadishu and what the Kenyan soldiers are doing at Somali refugee camps in Kenya as well?

      • Jama Salebaan says:

        It is NW tradition this wild parties and orgies. If Kukuyu discover you you will became real from Xubuush to sankuduudhe.

      • mudavadi githae says:

        Sorry mate,i am x kenyan police officer use to work in refugee camp put now live in uk,my first contact with somali lady her clan was is@q we had two children living now in pls stop insulting your african brothers.

        • Abraham says:

          No you are not a Kenyan. You are either a stinky pirate or a Khaaaaaaaaaakh TU mo. Excuse my spitting.

          • Jama Salebaan says:

            You sound like female but your name is Ibrahim,are you gay or what?

          • mudavadi githae says:

            speak to me some sawahili language Than you will know if i am kenyan or not,infact my beautiful lady taught me some somali language in december we going hargeisa for holiday.

          • amal says:

            impersonator, get a life

          • amal says:

            What the f…!
            I didn't double post that. I guess you are mimicking me as well as impersonating me now. Bloody impostor

          • osman5 says:

            Mr Bana was shipped back to Kenya because he's a Kenyan citizen,, NO, Mr. Bana has violated the Somaliland's culture values of which actually enshrined on his contract as a UN staff member. He should be jailed for years then deported. Luckily, He's got off the hook easily, we don't care though that's Kenya's problem now.

            Osman Qaal

  26. Ali says:

    NO ONE WORKING FOR UN earns $18,000 a month, more like $18,000 a year. This article was biased and did not report the facts impartially. What sort of journalism is this I wonder?

    • cabdirizaq says:

      i use to make a month 7000$ when i was working with UN few years back Than run out contract.i know some guys Their salary a month 25,000$ These are managers in charge The whole area,so This big figures 18,000-25,000 include bonuses.

  27. Berbera playboy says:

    @comeAgain You're such an embarasement to yourself and worst of all our country.
    How can anyone distinguish a southern somali from a northern one ?
    Last Time i check S/Land and somalia was inhabited by one ethnic group
    so stop trolling and start making some real argument if you wanna say something.


    • hussein playboy says:

      @berbera playboy.

      you sound like civiliaze person using your code of conduct,comeagain he’s kind of backward person locked in a cage somewhere.

  28. puntland warrior says:

    rem the german dude? who got caught having intercourse with 3 different women, including a threesome with the mom & her daughter.
    ur tribal state has become a shame to somalia

  29. Jama Salebaan says:

    Naagaha Rag la'aan ayaa haysa Koofurta u Soo dira. Idinku waxaad u bdantihii laga rooneyaal.

  30. Yusef says:

    So now we are in the business of legislating morality. As a Democracy, people should only be penalized for real crimes and not for partying. No one was forced to come to this party of his nor was anyone assaulted nor raped. Thus no crime was really committed. This is the problem with Somalis wallahi, we think we are so righteous and moral. A real Democracy doesn't legislate morality.

  31. burco says:

    Adoons exploited Somalia's resources and their women and now target the developing town of Hargeysa?..It is very innappropiate for landers to speak out in favor of this Adoon and protect his right as if he is doing something productive for the nation..It's evident that there was more than just partying going on if there inviting underaged girls..Read between the lines and stop being so liberal..Sometimes being too democratic can invite the wolfs for dinner..The Somaliland government should have inflicted severe punishement to this adoon and his fellow friends who tried to take advantage of our country..Somalia regardless how lawless it is label still wouldn't allow such a crime to take place..Cheers!

  32. ComeAgain says:

    Yusef that is what I am talking about! I think we should keep religion or cultural bias out of state affairs, what did this guy do aside from have a party in which a fight broke out?

    Whoever went were adults! Damn grow up people. Especially the reer konfureed if you people were moral to any degree there wouldnt have been a war for 2 decades, collective amnesia doesnt make reality go away!

  33. ComeAgain says:

    How can i distinguish from landers and reer iscun well a few ways one of them actually looks human not inbred second landers are moral and seek to live in peace, reer incuna are like the inbred wack jobs you see on movies such as Wrong Turn, deliverance, etcc……..

    How come autism is so big amongst the MN population, I work in the medical field and I have been there and helped do research its all da ro od and ha wiye that are suffering very few northern clans to be honest mid mid diffa compared to a vast majority of children from reer konfureed. Actually, I think the study will be out in about 2 and a half months…..keep your eyes open! lol

    • ali ibrahin says:

      well well,i salute ladies from dhulos+gadabirsi+warsan+mj+mr+og+south i am discovering is@q@w ladies have no class bad looking less civiliaze etc.

    • Abraham says:

      Somalis are the same people no matter how much you try differentiate them. The only real difference is that some are more fortunate than others. So please stop insults and repent to Allah.

  34. Gobaad says:

    ali ibrahin, if you want to come to website, refrain from insulting, and especially our women. Otherwise, you will be banned from this site. Got it? yooyootan halkan looma baahna. You have to respect other people in order to be respected.

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