Published On: Sat, Aug 13th, 2011

Somaliland, Ethiopia and China to Sign Trilateral Deals

BEIJING — Somaliland President Ahmed M. Silanyo arrived in the Chinese capital on Friday for bilateral talks likely to yield dozens of deals, statement said.

According to a Presidential press state, the Somaliland delegation met with Chinese investors and Government representatives on Saturday. The statement said a number of topics including economic and trade cooperation, as well as mutual activity were discussed.

China hopes to turn Berbera into strategic trading hub

It added Somaliland, Ethiopia and China are expected to sign trilateral agreements on gas, oil and logistic deals in the days ahead.

Just last month, Hong Kong-based PetroTrans Company Ltd signed a deal with the Ethiopian Government to purchase gas and oil over a 25 year period. The Chinese company will invest close to $4 billion in developing oil and gas reserves in blocks 3 and 4, 11 and 15, 12 and 16, and 17 and 20 in the Ogaden region.

John Chine, chairman and president of PetroTrans, told reporters in Addis Ababa that his company plans to build oil and gas pipelines from the Ogaden basin to the Somaliland sea port of Berbera. He revealed they will also build processing facilities in the town over the next three years.

Today, the Somaliland government re-echoed Mr Chine’s words– finally revealing that China will export oil and gas finds from Berbera. They added as well as building these key infrastructure for gas and oil, the Chinese government has given the green lights to expand the port. They said once completed the port will be able to serve the entire East African region.

Berbera port sits on a strategic location at the mouth of the Red Sea and at the center of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The Government in Hargeisa might lease it to Hong Kong-based Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH). The Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL) might also become one of the main shareholders. ESL announced this week that it has placed an order for nine additional vessels from China at a cost of $293 million. The vessels might be used in Berbera.

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The port is expected to become the main port of Somaliland and Ethiopia, a landlocked nation ever since its former territory of Eritrea declared independence. Somaliland believes if Berbera is managed by China, it will exceed its rival neighbor Djibouti once given a full face-lift since 90 percent of goods in Africa are from China.

Road and rail networks that will connect Berbera to Ethiopia and other key infrastructures and networks in the region will be part of the project.

The statement finally said Somaliland, Ethiopia and China will sign the agreements in well organized reception in the Chinese capital. It is not clear if the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles will sign on the Ethiopian side. He is currently in China as well to attend the opening ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen.

“The project, the biggest investment in the country yet, is anticipated to contribute significantly to the country’s social and economic progress,” the statement said.

Experts believe Berbera port will become an important trading hub for Chinese traders in the region. It could provide services as both a transit port for the region and an international transshipment and refueling center.

Somalilandpress | 14 August 2011

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  1. hassan says:

    wow………….great news…………………………..

    • somebody says:

      you gays are dreaming, wake up baby, are yoy chidding me, who the hell knows your existence. nooobody,
      just live with fantacy somaliland, do you think its easy. good lucky honey

  2. Kayse says:

    That's fantastic and it will benefit all three partners. China is better partner to trade with than the West for both Somaliland and Ethiopia. Like said, 90% of Africa goods come from China, giving the chinese the access they need to infiltrate the market is the best thing to do.

    Somaliland will now have to feed both Somalia and Djibouti, there goes their little French camp.

  3. Jim says:

    The early bird gets the worm. Will China recognize Somaliland first? They must be walking around in circles in London and Washington. China has its eye on oil reserves and the West has its eye on potential terrorists. Very interesting changes.

  4. Kayse says:

    Somaliland flag in Juba —>

    Somaliland is coming and its good news for the entire region's stability. No more silly wars, Ethiopians and Somalis will now talk business in Berbera rather than war. Africa and China will free themselves from Western abuse. China is free today, the West cant think of another "opium war"–they are now on the retreat, move out off the way and go evict those kids.

  5. prof Hersi says:

    This is the best deal that Silanyo's government has reached so far, I think that Somaliland has waited too long for the western nation's support and attempted to do everything to satisfy these western democratic double standard nations who failed to recognise this blossoming young democractic nation which emerged from a region envested with pirats and jihadist. but I am afraid that somaliland is between two shroud, self interest oriented negotiators, ie ethiopia and china. I hope that Silanyo and his team will negotiate wisely and consider the detail and continuety of the agreement. It is good to attrackt international investors but we should balance our relations between the west and oriantal states, otherwise, our existance will be in danger. Furthermore, never hate Djibouti because we have the same people and share a common value. If the chinese comes to Berbera it will not have a negative impact to Djibouti port and the vise versa.

  6. AHMED says:

    I don't think China dares to come back to Ogaden after they have been warned not to come and explore oil in a disputed land and when they ignored the brave ONLF massacred the Chines and the Ethiopians that guarded them now to sat China will come back to Ogaden is a Joke, On the other hand the Somali government objects to any oil or mineral exploration in Somaliland since the Mogadishu government considers Hargeisa part of the federal system in Somalia.

    • Jay says:

      Last time the ONLF militia shot dead nine chinese civilians but this time around, like Sri Lanka, China will arm Ethiopia and Somaliland to the teeth. Like the Tamil Tigers, the ONLF will be crashed in minutes. Last time those chinese were contractors for the Malaysian company, now China is here, its different story.

    • warya says:

      Mogadishu objects, Mogadishu says this and dictates that. This is the #1 reason behind the war between the old regime and the SNM. No one is perfect and we all commit sins, but you RAR XAMAR are just bad to the core. Shameless tribalists, arrogant beyond understanding, greedy, and extremely envious!

      You can honestly says an individual is worthless when his people are dying yet he still finds the energy to attack others. I guess Ramadan doesn't cure all people.

    • Caddaawe_madoobe says:

      China can not dare lolz ironic.. wht these longfooted Ogadenian-faqash-remnants can do for something ethiopia, China and Isaqs want to fullfill. They folowed Afweyne in 1990s to get back some territoory anexed by Isaqs for 50 years ago and they failed, suffered and humiliated. No Ogaden-land but Killilka shanaad.. and that very Killil is were Iid Daahir Farah and dr Abdulmajeed (may Allah rest him in his Paradise) rulled. Adeer dadkani dad tayo leh maaha .. beleive me no quality..when it comes to quantity read CIA world statistics report.. all Daror is 17% of somalis while Isaq is 21%..

  7. Somaliland wadani says:


  8. Boqoljire says:

    There is no place called Ogaden Mr. Ahmed. Kilinka 5aad is for all Somali community in Ethiopia. Reserve Area which was handed-over to Emperor Haile Sellaase in 1954 is two third of the Somali part of Ethiopia and the ethnic Somalilanders in Ethiopia will fight for their share of Cake from now onwards. Ethiopians has to realize that before it's too late.

    Ogaden obsession is gone with Siyaad Barre, and people in Kilinka 5aad are ready to create an environment conducive to live together as Somalis in Ethiopia. The slogan of Ogaden is dying by the day due to the vision of the young and active generation who rule that province now.

  9. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

    I guess this little punk needed a spark to restart his diatribe about Djibouti. The fact is Djibouti has two ports, one in Djibouti city proper and the other more modern and much larger in Doraleh, few miles outside the capital. If need be Djibouti can build Tadjourah in the north as another viable area for ships to dock. Currently the ships docking in Doraleh are the super ships, next generation ships. The Doraleh Container Terminal cost $400 million to build it and it is the most advanced, technologically developed port on the African continent. Not even South Africa can match Djibouti's ports. So each your heart out.

    Furthermore, if you think you can build a port in Saylac without the consent of the historical inhabitants of the area and take that money and build Hargiesa and neglect Saylac, then you have another thing coming. As far as Ethio. is concerned, they are playing politics. They could care less about you. They want to ensure that there'll always be a port available for their goods. Ethio. is also exploring other options like Kismayo, Mombasa too.

    • Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:


      • warya says:

        hahah brother the man just said the Berbera port could potentially be more advantageous than the ones in Djibouti. It is just a point of view and nothing else. And ya we already know " They could care less about us(you)" That's way it is called a business deal and not marriage :)

        "Ethio is also exploring other options like kismayo and Mombasa tooooo" No offense, but its sounds like you are sulking loool WHO REALELY CARES BOTH COUNTRIES ARE DOING WELL. So Alhamdullah and congrats is all we should be saying.

        • Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

          Sulking? Why would I resent or protest. Just mentioning the facts and besides I am straightening out his unsubstantiated statements. If anything, it is your friend who is sulking calling Djibouti, French little camp. Now who is resenting whom?

          By the way, I wish the site administrator would display/post my statements to the so called "facts" of the xabashi lover.

          • warya says:

            I agree Kayse did call Djibout "french camp"; which was inaccurate. In reality, Djibouti is an American, French and Japanese camp now kkkkk.

            I am joking I am joking. Ramadan Mubarak!

    • Kayse says:

      The little French military camp is running out off options and clients—to make things worse it has no electricity and its small population are not reliable. Ethiopia is no longer interested in French camp and Dubai World crazy fees, dont forget Dubai World is now bankrupt.

      Doraleh had little Ethiopian business activity but it seems now Somaliland has to feed three mouths, its own, Djibouti and Mogadishu.

      Djiboutis already come to Hargeisa for the basic needs because Djibouti is too little, no options and too expensive.

      Thats why we send them livestock as food aid.

      • mohammed says:


        Grow up. Djibouti has provided much help to Somali's of all tribes and backgrounds. You need to realise the Gov of Djb is doing what it should do which is to look after the interests of its people. We as Slanders have achieved some things on our own but for a prosperous successful state we need good ties with all of our neighbours especially those to our North.

  10. Jim says:

    Kayse, I think you are spot on. I am aware of the bigger picture. Let's hope the forces of obstruction and interference don't come into play. As I said earlier, very interesting changes. Ramadan Kareem.

  11. Oode says:

    Ogaden tribe is minority in the Somali region of Ethiopia. Those largest community is Isaaq, Essa, Gare, Gadsan, Shekhaal and Samaroon. No one cares about the few guys with rasta running around bushes with one rifle.

    This oil deal will open new opportunities for the region and the same company can tap into oil and gas in Somaliland too.

    No one cares about ONLF thugs.

    • omar says:

      ogaden region is where the oil fields are based so the ogadenis will mostly benefit a lot from this deal if it goes ahead, why are somalilanders so excited ? this resources are Ethiopian and its 80 million population are the ones that shall have the top priority on it. Iam Ethiopian and i know what this means for my country. Regarding berbera port, Ethiopia will only pay somaliland for the export of the oil, meanwhile all the companies and workers will be coming to ethiopia and as result of that somaliland will become another kilil6 part of ethiopia and a sub servant to addisababa government to make matters worse all of somaliland s people will be rushing to ethiopia in search of a better life. just like those in the diaspora .

  12. warya says:

    There are 2 point that concern me:

    1. All these labour intensive projects will require tremendous manpower. Will Somaliland insist that local labour be used to reduce the unemployment rate, educate the population and keep the money in the economy or let China bring its people.
    – We need to build OUR roads
    – We need to build OUR railroad systems with their help, expertise and supervision

    The money earned from wages will also circulate within the economy (multiplier effect). And what the hell is that? Put simply, if I work on the roads or railroads I get paid and in turn spend this money purchasing stuff locally. I buy food at a local store, this makes the store owner profitable and so HE goes to his supplier and gets more stuff to sell. Now supplier makes money and so he finds ways to keep his buyers happy. And this process goes on and on with new business being created and everybody eats.

    The other big thing I am excited about is the railway. What's the big deal? Well for one, we all won't have to live in Hargeisa anymore nor move there to find work. Secondly, the rail will ensure a steady supply of goods is always available to growing businesses. Someone could potentially have an office in Las Anod, Ceerigabo, Hargeisa and Borma and not have to worry about running out of supplies due to the location. Thirdly, the costs of goods in Somaliland will drop, since bulk shipments via rail are affordable and faster than trucks. Lower costs for sellers = lower purchasing costs for the common Farah :)

    2. The Somaliland government better find a way to regulate the volume of imported Chinese goods entering our markets. Simply saying let the good times roll will destroy our local businesses and damage the Somali entrepreneurial spirit. HOW? well, why would a farmer farm or manufacturer produce if people aren't willing to pay them market value and instead want to buy the cheaper Chinese stuff. These businessmen would quit and we would become a nation of lazy consumers. I got confidence in Silanyo though. The man ain't stupid.

    Overall this news has made my RAMADAN MASHALLAH :) hip hip hurray kkk

    • Xuseen says:

      Well said. Those two issues that you mention has always been my worry. Short sighted gains are never good. We need expertise and experience to stay in the country so that we may be selfdependent insha-Allah .

  13. saddam says:

    mashalah if all goes well it will good deal for all the countries in the region and china as well. honestlt i dont trust eithiopians either leave alone ours brothers from djibouti they are the closest people related to somaliland, what is good for somaliland is good for them too and vice versa is true.i understand any deal by silanyo government with any country is subject to passage of two houses so less worry there.

  14. amal says:

    MashAllah, all this will bring employment (which is the most important aspect at the moment) to our people with cash flow circulating in our economy like warya explained and with built roads and transportation routes and means, will boost business activity and accessibility and tourists too (since tourist require access to tour) This whole business deals is good sign but only when this plan is brought into action I shall jump up and down. InshAllah with built roads and rail ways; it will link all Somaliland cities and engage the whole county together. Lets hope all the BEST

    lets dream BIG of our country, because Africa is where they are now for failing to dream big like the rest of the world and instead rely on aid

    • warya says:


      • amal says:

        Ameen ya Allah

        The good thing about business coming into our land is that when a business wants to operate fully and effectively in a foreign country where the language and the culture is a hindrance to communication and management they would have to employ the local to break that barrier which is good for us but we need to reinforce and show the Chinese people that Somalilanders are here and are able to carry out the job, from labour, builders, administrators to local managers (even cleaners) and with improving education in our country there are many who are ready for work force.

        However, there are always disadvantages to foreign business (especially imported goods) as they can affect local business as you mentioned but with good business, economical ministers and advisers we can control the flow of the economy hopefully. Good to see our government being active and dealing with the world on our behalf and we as the people of Somaliland should also be engaged in building our country

  15. WARMOOG says:

    all i see is private company's diner party? where is the china and ethiopian officials? unless i am missing something i see one ethiopian guy between one white guy and Chinese guy?

  16. Mohammed says:

    The "ehtio" is guy is Sland Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Water. This is an interesting development and has put Sland back on the map economically. I trust our gov is able to negotiate a fair deal for us and that means employing the best advisors (lawyers, bankers, etc) to ensure we don't get taken advantage of and eqully importantly we control the number of Chinese workers entering the country.

    The problem with Chinese investment is that generally they give no multiplier effect to a country as they bring their own labour and even food. We need jobs for the average farah!

  17. Oode says:

    Chinese bringing their own workforce is an issue but lets understand, most Chinese do not speak English and Africans dont speak Chinese, they cant have few translators running around. Thats why they bring their own.

    It is a problem but what is the solution?

  18. WARMOOG says:


    ok. one Chinese and two white guys in china and sland officials? where is the ethiopian and chinese officials?

  19. adam says:

    well said kayse. you really mentioned here very important points

  20. Mahamed says:

    Mashallah this is great news for Somaliland and the region as a whole.

    • Abdi says:

      This is NOT good news for the region nor Somaliland. These natural ressources are being stolen by the Ethiopian government (since it belongs to an occupied somali region) and they're taking advantage of Somaliland.

    • omar says:

      its not a good news for somaliland at all, the revenue and wealth generated from the oil will be used to benefit Ethiopians 80 million population, all the oil companies and work force will be built inside Ethiopia the only thing somaliland can offer is the port of berbera for the export of the oil . And berbera will only be the transit hub. If the somalilanders want to benefit from ethiopias oil wealth they will have no joice but to renounce the somaliland slogan and become kilil6 part of ethiopia, I don't know why you are so excited about something that wont benefit you in anyways. I tell you these as an Ethiopian.

  21. Ahmed says:

    Certainly an interesting and a welcomed development. Will it actually materialise ? I have my doubts but only time wil tell. Kheyr inshallah.

  22. Caddaawe_madoobe says:

    I hope this deal will shed the light on wht Somaliland can acheive and that will oneday attract bloody westeners who control the world..

  23. Aw-Gass says:

    Is it unreasonable to expect t the following Silanyo’s accomplishments from this trip to china?
    1. Recognition of Somaliland; 2. Exploration of Somaliland own oil and gas by China (remember the existing drilling rights is owned by American companies.)
    3. Building infrastructures that include both passenger and cargo rail lines connecting Ethiopia, Somaliland and Djibouti.
    4. Agreement on sufficient lease payments, for the use of the Berbera port by the China and Ethiopia, to facilitate the development of Somaliland economy.
    If everything is achieved by Somaliland government but recognition, it is reasonable to assume that Somaliland is being readied for eventual reunification with Somalia? I hope I am wrong!

  24. OG4LIFE says:

    LMAO… U people are dreaming, if u dont want hargeysa and barbera burning u better leave our oil alone…

  25. Love Ethiopia says:

    Good news? What is going to happen to Shabia? Shabia or Eritrea is left ourt now ?

    My brotherly advises to all Somalian, Ethiopian, please leave the artificial borders created by colonialism. Let us unite, trust me, Ethiopians can prosper while Somalians are suffering and Somalians cannot prosper while Ethioipians are suffering. My personal vision, let us leave the colonial border thing.

  26. love ethio says:

    Take the coastal line of Somalia, if Ethiopia access and use it, who is going to benefit? It is not only Ethiopians? It will benefit both people. We people do not see, but these people are the same and lived together before colonialism. There is a long history of Ethiopia using Berbera and Adulis as its main ports when Ethiopia was administering the whole horne Africa. These west, and Arab came with their religion and divide us and made us fight each other.

  27. love ethio says:

    please do not think it is only Ethiopians. These benefits all. Imagine Ethiopia has 91 milion people. That is a huge market. Ethiopia will supply electricity to the whole Somalia and you know Somalia depends on Ethiopia because the Shebele and other rivers flow to Somalia from Ethiopia. The people are connected and interconnected naturally. We will all benefit. i am advocating not only for Somaliland, but for the entire Somalia to be peaceful. Assuminng the Somalians coasts become active and 91 million people Ethiopians spend thier weekends all along the coastal aline of Somalia as local tourists, who would benefit? We will enjoy life and peace all of us.

    Dismantle the colonial borders, and unite the people, all will benefit. Ethiopia is a nation with huge marekt and with huge untapped resources. It is resources are never been expoited before.

    • warya says:

      60% of Ethiopia population are ethnic Oromo yet they are treated like dirt. If we play you game, both countries join and true democracy is practiced then the new state will be forever ruled by Muslims. How? Ethiopia is majority Muslim that is not including the ethnic Somalis Ogadenians. There also Amahar Muslims to consider.

      Do you think the minority Tigre will ever give up power in your country? Do you ever think the Christian population will accept their Muslim brothers? No, if they were open to the idea of sharing and coexisting then the oromo would be treated like equal Ethiopian citizens and not foreigners,,,,right!

      It would be nice to have a large China like country in east africa- Ethiopia, Djibout, Eritrea and Somalia combined. The nation could be multi-ethnic and religious. Unfortunately, however, Tigre are a pain in the ass!

      • jojo says:

        Dude take your extremists propoganda to your mama who apparently did not raise you properly

        • warya says:

          My mama raised me just right bro. So just answer the question – How do you explain the fact that 60% of the Ethiopian population is denied education, government spending, development and political inclusion.

          Ethiopians are just as messed up as Somali people. They all say MY CLAN MY CLAN MY CLAN. The only difference between us is the fact that you guys also oppress along religious lines as well. REAL TALK!

      • SAM says:

        correction for Warya, 34% Oromo, 29% Amhara now you can use this data for reference.

  28. sola says:

    I hope this is good news for all parties!! I wonder how Isaias Afererki (The mad man) see this type of negotiations? the man who wants to benefit only his and his part. For Isaias it is great lessen only mutual benefit will allow parties to work together for along.

  29. I Jama says:

    @love ethio, No one needs to go over any one's broder. All that you can hope for is trade agreements. Anything more will cost you and us more. Why do Africans always go on about the past and forget the now and the living.

    So I hope you understand this isn't about you only but multiple countries who neigbour you. It is unnecessary and thing to say when you are aware of the oromo, ogaden and Eriterian position on this. Not to mention the Djibouti, Sudanese, Kenyans etc

  30. M. Kahlid says:

    What are the economic benefits of this deal for Somali land?. A Chinese company is going to extend a pipeline from Ethiopia to Berbera and build a refinery. How is this contributing to the social and economic progress for Somali land?. Another important question is why China is investing this too much in a country it doesn't recognize?. We need more clarification from our government.

  31. Axmed says:

    This won't happen as long as Ethiopia denies the rights of the Somali people in Ogadenia. You can analyze and come up all kind of scenarios. History will show you that this won't materialize.

    I am have been documenting abot Ogaden basin and gas for the last 15 years and every 2-4 month you hear about news that Ethiopia signed a deal so and so company.

    I agree Chinese are hungry for energy, but as I said, as long Somali people under Ethiopia's yoke continue to suffer, this will be just another PR from Addis Ababa.


    • SAM says:

      Look, there are about 80 tribes in Ethiopia and all of them are just living in peace moreover they don't even want to think about what is less than their daily living, you just talk because you forget what is IMPORTANT for people to exist, I am Sorry for you; you think violence, you preach violence then windup dead, but those people live in peace raise their child.

  32. Mohamd says:

    The ugly party here is the international community allowing a vulnerable country of 4 million people to live in a state of limbo. I hope we deal with responsible private companies and crooks that damage our environment.

  33. jojo says:

    Issayas Afewerki is nuts, and an idiot — this is a guy who is foregoing almost a billion dollars in port service fees Ethiopia is paying now to Djibouti instead of Eritrea!! A billion dollars would have been a great boon to a small country of 5 million people like Eritrea, but the nuts is forcing his people to live in poverty instead for on rhyme of reason

    • Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

      A billion dollars is what Isias Afewerki is forgoing and Djibouti is gaining…..Yo Jojo please convey my sincerest gratitude to your president. Quite a guy with uncanny foresight. LOL.

    • DUDE says:

      We will never allow thar. Ethiopia must use its natual port, Assab. Thanks to the stupid TPLF they gave it for free just because they won the stupid war in the field. But Ethiopians will come back, it ia just a matter of time!

      • warya says:

        Regardless of religion God sees all and all their oppression being dished out by Ethiopia will come back to haunt it in the future. The Tigre regime has extremist towards the Oromo and the people of the Ogaden whether they want to admit or not.

        How can a nation oppress 60% of its Ethiopian population and expect to prosper? The Tigre don't want the Amahar to get back into power and they also hate the Oromo. Ethiopia will turn into another Libya and Syria no doubt. It is the way of the world. Oppression is not sustainable.

        God will not allow it FOREVER!

  34. kadir says:

    I have lots of respect to MEles and his l/ship and his party.the man is visonar..well ahed of his time.The whole rigion can change if we use his vision.thx

    • @Eluu3 says:

      My friend, isayas Afewerke knows what he is doing, it is the people of Eritrea who don't know what is being done to them in the name of nationalism..As far as Isais is concerned he earns more money through subversion and other underworld dealings while keeping the unsuspecting Eritreans in a war footing so that they demand nothing from him..Even of Eritrea under normal circumstance has to earn port fee Isais knows the fact that normalecy comes with responsibility and he can not economically or militarily compete with the region which he dreams to dominate. By the way, the root cause of Eritrea's irrational behaviour is the fact that the identity it self was forged from a false sense of self importance and a deadly desire to dominate the region..history (the brief exposure to colony) and Ethiopia's past misfortunes has misled them to think of the unthinkable…their fixation on 80 million Ethiopians they are dreaming of milking has disabled their rational thinking..They are more like Said Bare's Somalia who got carried away by Independence and wanted to concur the region, though needless to say where they are now. Hence one should not be surprised if they end up sharing the same destiny with Somalia…but that doesn't mean they can not cause irritation in the region and I wouldn't be surprised if this trilateral deal faces some challenge from Eritrea-sponsored ONLF.

    • DUDE says:

      Meles is the most idiot Writrean who is dismantling Great Ethiopia. We will catch him!

  35. James says:

    My friend, isayas Afewerke knows what he is doing, it is the people of Eritrea who don't know what is being done to them in the name of nationalism..As far as Isais is concerned he earns more money through subversion and other underworld dealings while keeping the unsuspecting Eritreans in a war footing so that they demand nothing from him..Even of Eritrea under normal circumstance has to earn port fee Isais knows the fact that normalecy comes with responsibility and he can not economically or militarily compete with the region which he dreams to dominate. By the way, the root cause of Eritrea's irrational behaviour is the fact that the identity it self was forged from a false sense of self importance and a deadly desire to dominate the region..history (the brief exposure to colony) and Ethiopia's past misfortunes has misled them to think of the unthinkable…their fixation on 80 million Ethiopians they are dreaming of milking has disabled their rational thinking..They are more like Said Bare's Somalia who got carried away by Independence and wanted to concur the region, though needless to say where they are now. Hence one should not be surprised if they end up sharing the same destiny with Somalia…but that doesn't mean they can not cause irritation in the region and I wouldn't be surprised if this trilateral deal faces some challenge from Eritrea-sponsored ONLF.

  36. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:


    You said 91 million Ethiopians would spend their vacations in Somali beaches. Are you talking about 100 years from now, because in 2011 most Ethios are thinking about where the next ration of food is coming from. Aaaah it is nice to dream but so long as (SHAWTY Meles) is in power, Fuh-geed-boud-dit (forget about it, New York style.) Also since Ethio is landlocked country, do you guys even know how to swim or do we Somalis have to set up lifeguard towers just in case you sink…LOL.

    • Fara says:

      you just can't get yourself to think beyond your nomadic mentality do you? do you know ethiopia is the water tank of you know ethiopia owns lakes that are in some cases bigger than Dijbouti? your filthy Somalia ass will die along side your cammels if it wasn't for the rivers that flow from ethiopia..educate yourself before you open your filthy green Caht chewing mouth….I appologise if you are an eritrean loser pretending to be Somalian.

    • SAM says:

      We might not be landlocked as long as the border in the North is not demarcated, I know it hasn't been yet. That we will talk about the enjoying the beach.

  37. Runsheeg says:

    This a great news. Somaliland is the best friend of Ethiopia they have gained to maintain the stability of their motherland while Somaliland not recognized in other country in the world. By any means this is very good news between the three parties. Somaliland people will get apportunity of work for this project.

  38. prof Hersi says:

    This is good news for all it is not only for somalilanders but for the whole region. But I think somaliland should insist that china will not bring its labour here as they did many parts of Africa, otherwise, no benefit will reach to grassroots. The other point worth to be asked is do you think that this agreement is between Ethiopia and china and somaliland is only a gate way? what about exploitation of somaliland oil and other minerals.

  39. Dahir Yusuf says:

    Those who are elated by the news of the tri-lateral agreement to be signed between Somaliland, Ethiopia & China choose to ignore lessons of history. Losing Haud & ReserveArea to Ethiopia. Imperial policies and nationalism in the decolonization of Somaliland, 1954-1960 What goes around, comes around.

  40. Abdi says:

    First of all, I do recognize Somaliland. The reason for doing that is because it's THE ONLY democratic state in the Horn of Africa. Secondly I believe, if we have a strong state in Somaliland, they would create some sort of peace to the rest of the region. But of course Ethiopia and Kenya don't want a strong somali state, that would eventually save their brothers. Of course Somaliland fought against Siyad Barre and others from his clan, but families fight sometimes (I had arguments with my brothers when I was young and we even fought some times), so we should move on.

    But this is not a legal deal. The gas doesn't belong to the Ethiopian government and it's an occupied Somali region. So how can you deal with a thief? That's just a question, and it's a matter of time before this regime falls and the Ogaden region (or whatever name people call it) will secede. Therefore the Somaliland government should be careful and not work so closely with the enemy of all somalis through history.

    • F. A. says:

      OMG I almost read all your comments guys,,, I am a Somalilander, I love my Somali, Ethipian, Eritrean, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Sudan etc……… brothers…. Seriously, do you think that China see us as all those different names,,, pfff NO ,, They see us as BLACK PEOPLE,,, we need to get over our peatyfull and shamefull hatread, Africans were always the Best and Strongest Nations EVER,,,, we need to think twice before acting,, we need to with each other like our Pharao real african best times and again get what we want ;) ,, again we are all brothers and sisters, so stop hating and START LOVING,,,,

      My allah/god help us all ,,, Stop fighting, Start loving

  41. AbdiOG says:

    Long Live the Ogaden National Liberation Front, do u people not remember what happened in April of 2007, u will never see a drop of Ogaden Oil. u people need to stop dreaming, your Ethiopian master – meles zanawi – will not last, just like menelik, hallessallase and mingistu, all of them are gone and the oil still remains with the people of Ogaden…

    Get your act together people, The Republic of Ogaden will rise, and I bet will be international recognized before Somaliland.. lol

  42. love Ethio says:

    what I do not like , you guys are not tired of wars. we are talking about peace, trade and benefit for all. But you all wanted land and independence? well, what did Eritrean get from independence? they are becoming refugees more than anyone. You are all obssessed with hate, revenge? I guess you liive in North America and Europe, but you still never learn from wherever you are. That is very sad. I do not believe anymore in war and conflict.

    If I were to believe in war, I will tell you, not only the horn Africa, Ethiopia can conquer the whole Africa. Do you think any African can win Ethiopians? Leave alone African who have less power than Ethiopia, even the whites or Italians were sent back without guns by hammer. Ethiopians fought them by hammer, not by weapon. Italians came with fighter jets but they were beaten up with wooden clubs and hammers and axes and left Ethiopia.

  43. AbdiKeynaan says:

    Dream on and over my dead body. We will see if PetroTrans is capable to loot our oil. This is a just gimmick where other before that have failled and we will protect our land with the last bit of blood. After the formalilities have gone, we will get to the knitty gritty bit and lets face it the Hargeisa adminstration is not recognised to sign any deal, it is part of Somalia and any so call agreement is null and void. However if this agreement is between Ethiopia and China, we have seen those senerios before and we know where they will end up.

  44. Dude says:

    How about getting Meles to jail. Peace will come – this thug is like mejger man, he is sucking Ethiopia's blood. How can we not bring him down?

  45. OGFreedom says:

    Long Live O.N.L.F. We will never give up, we will fight until victory come
    Guul iyo Gobanimo!

  46. Saada says:

    Somaliland can do whatever it wants with Ethiopia and China but they should never intervene Ogaden natural resources which is China's interest in the region.

  47. Kayse says:

    There is nothing called Ogaden and ONLF is dead long time ago. Killing 9 Chinese contractors working for a Malaysian firm does not make them a threat.

    Ogadens only know how to follow their camels around they dont know a thing about politics like the Oromos.

    Last time you killed CONTRACTORS, not China—this time China will shave your rasta and send take you to a town rather than the bushes where your currently hiding with one old rifle from 1940.

    Somaliland, Ethiopia, China and the entire region will benefit. This isn't about the little oil in Halila—-its about the port of Berbera and its strategic location.

    Berbera will export even South Sudanese oil.

    ONLF and Afwerki will starve to death like Mogadishu is currently.

    The winners are always Somaliland and Ethiopia, time and time again, because Shabia, Fagesh and Mogadishu only want to hold others back when they failed in every sense. Instead of spending so much time hating, if you went about your lives maybe you would get deals too.

    Somaliland is going to boom when it handles the cargo for 120 million Ethiopian and South Sudanese…if one cargo is $1 per month, thats $120million per month cashflow—-which we could use to construct schools, farms, water….resorts.

    Ethiopia is a neighbor and a market—no emotions, this is pure business.

    • Ethio Boy says:

      Well said it is about business to improve the well-being of the two countries and sisters and brothers. One thing that i would like to add is the deal should fairly benefit all countries.

      Don’t reply to those haters and war lovers here!

  48. kudhaa says:

    Good for you! We shall see.

  49. Fara says:

    Most secessionist groups in east Africa exist in the minds of Eritreans only…Eritreans are obsessed with Ethiopians whom they can NOT live with or with-out..

  50. Jama says:

    Following the Arab up-rise the geopolitical dynamics of the region and the world in general has changed..most anti-Somali-land and Ethiopia forces (Egypt, Syria, Libya and so on) that used to sponsor all sorts of secessionist groups in the region are now in trouble, that the likely-hood is Eritreans will eventually beg to join IGAD and the AU and ONLF will cease to exist.

  51. shama says:

    the west are already there , africa oil is canadian based ??? they have the a large area of east africa in there operations also range resources an austrailian oil ands gas exploration company. Everyone knows the vast oil deposits in ground but the political environemnt has been to volitile to extract it until now where things seem to be calming down, China is no better then the west they will still take the money out of the country ! Hats of to them they now what they are doing and it is a very good strategic move, who controls oil controls the world

  52. troy says:

    Range resources is for the country they have invested money in the area and donated to build the airport in puntland , they are working for the people and want to help the area. they have done some very good work and have good connections with the community

  53. Kindishih says:

    The future is so bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. kaldi says:

    It is brillant! Ethiopia needs a port, Somaliland is stable and wants to focus on the economy and the Chinese want to set a foot in Africa, and this is part of it. All parties should benefit from that.

    But as the comments show, not everybody is interested in peace, developement for this god forsaken region. The chalenges will be great. May be the recent agitation of Puntland can be seen as one of those chalengers…

  55. Afarman says:

    I am glad to see the new generation of ethiopian and somaliland politicians opening a new chapter of economic exploration and development. Gone are the era of conflict and war.

    Thanks to both parties who are working hard to transform the lives of the poor in the region. Such huge investment will create jobs and develop the necessary infrastructure in both countries. Its time for the people and government of ethiopia and somaliland to to work together. United we stand divided we fail.

    I wish the people of ethiopia and somaliland all the best in everything they are doing. Massha Allah every think will be ok Its time for investment and jointventures to help develop the region of the horn of africa

  56. kuluc says:

    guys first there is no ogaden its (somali ethiopian region) even the real ogaden people do not call the kilil ogadenia i think we should respect the border, if we look at the somali ethiopian region economic situation we can see that they get the hold region's budget from the federal goverment nearly 70 percent of the young somalis in ethiopia are employed by the goverment the unemplyment rate is less than the oromo amara region which are richer than somali region, ethioipian fedaral goverment did its best to support the somali region but now with tha gas the somali region will have a source of income wich they can support other ethiopian regions onlf are just nothing but ignorants.

  57. Ogaden_patriot says:

    I wonder when the isaqis in OGADEN have turned to citizen? We the people of ogaden have nothing to do with china,ethiopia, somaliland… Ogaden has been under ethiopia and no body ever dared our naural resource. As to the s/landers the days you handover our children to ethiopia is numbered.

  58. Dahir Yusuf says:

    With all the love Ethio and luvy dubby cheering here , no one wants to address the painful history behind all this: Imperial policies and nationalism in the decolonization of #Somaliland, 1954-1960 The gas and the port are both ours. Those who forget the past are high on qat or something. For Somalilanders, I remind the Somali proverb "hadaad dhimanaysid, dharaaka waa la iska duwaa" – if you are dying, you still don't forget the common decency. In other words, because you are hungry for development, you don't sell your soul.

  59. Axmed says:

    S/landers or reer Abtiyaal,

    What is wrong with you, please think before you say anything/type. Subxanalaaha!

    The issue is not whether you can have deals with China or Ethiopia or whoever you want. The point is you can't have deals with our expense and suffering. is that SIMPLE.

    For those who don't like the region named or called Ogaden. Call whatever you like, but the fact of the matter is Ethiopia do not care what tribe you belong, they will continues dividing us and use us their own advantage.

    In 1996 World Bank Funded Ethiopia about Ogaden basin and gas. The plan included that to build 600 KM pipeline from jeexdi (Rear Shilabo) to nazeret (Hawas) where Ethiopia said to built refinery factory. That plan never materialized. ( I have the details of this document and many others dealing about Ogaden basin).
    This just shows how Ethiopia wants to exploit our natural recourse without our regard and that is not going to happen.

    Marka Abtiyalaal idinka oo miyir qaba fikirkiina si wamnaagsan u soo gudbiya., Mida kale, Ethioopia shilaad ay Berbera ka dhoofiso walee in aydan bakeeri shaah ah ka kabanynin, waayo iyada ayaan waxba idin

  60. MrMo says:

    You guys are dreaming for nothing, there´s no place called Somaliland, let me correct you, it´s called North of Somalia, yesterday,today and tomorrow, you guys have the same name. you´re a part of Somalia !

    If we talk about the reality, this deal agreement is a fake, with Maamul Goboleed and Tigrey, but first of all where will those idiots get the Ogaden oil? NEVER, the Chinese still remembers what happened to them. Our land called Ogadenia, if you accept or not, no one can take our natural resources without our permition. Those who ignore the Ogaden region – check the world Atlas if it´s written Kilil 5 not, by the Maamul Goboleed so called “Somaliland´´ called also Kilil 6 ! What a shame.

    Guys, think twice, Hargeisa will be nothing without Ogadenia becuase Hargeisa has no borders with Ethiopia ! So take easy guys, this is an impossible mission !

  61. OGFreedom says:


    u people are living in a fairytale, somaliland is not a country and you will never taste the oil of Ogaden, u people need a reality check.

    • SAM says:

      U need that and may be You should see a shrink.
      If it is signed what are you going to do? It is sealed unless one of them tear it down.
      By the way GOD is PEACE and HE only walks with those who preach PEACE and be in PEACE.
      GOD never stand beside violent people,not even in his name; that is what I know for sure.
      One more advice, Try reading that will make your mind free. Trust me that will help.

  62. kaise abdi says:

    I really dont like this, because i believe this will bring nothing but a disastor to our people especailly the poor people. Theres something know as the economic curse. Has anyone ever heard of John perkins the author of the book " confessions of an economic hitman? If you haven't check it out.

  63. dhuxul dhagax says:

    it’s great news for all of us. This kind of news was long overdue but was delayed by the chinese for safety reasons mainly in the ogaden region. taking opportunity of the current alshabaab pull-out from mogadishu and the almost no OLNF Oganden resistance which’s dependent on alshabaab for many Ovious reasons. So this’s the main reason why china felt it’s the right moment to do this. we have to remember that , the former ruling party UDUB was in charged when these trilateral agreements where started between china, somaliland and eithopia. no big deal about that because, the current government chose to continue where last one left off is very normal in every progress loving nation. Hey maybe i should start taking some kung fu and chinese! Lol. I fully support everything our government does on behalf of us. We have to be bi-partisan for these kinds of huge and much needed foreign direct investment funds. Ramadan kariim!

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