Published On: Mon, Jun 4th, 2012

SOMALILAND: Egal airport closed for renovations but no work being done

President Silanyo lays the foundation stone for Egal international airport upgrade on Sunday, 27 May, 2012.

HARGEISA — Egal international airport has been closed for more than a week for renovation works but officials and neighborhood residents complain that no work has been done – forcing many passengers to Berbera airport for no reason.

President Ahmed Silanyo laid the foundation stone for the upgrade and renovation project last Sunday but local residents who checked the airport every day for the past week said they saw no work going on.

The airport was handed over jointly by President Silanyo and the minister of aviation Mohamud Hashi Abdi to China Hono Group, the company the government awarded with the tender in February of this year. Since the commissioning of the work a report has emerged that the bidding winner was not a construction company with the necessary credentials to undertake such project.

China Hono Group is a mining company based in China with small team in Somaliland whose members are alleged to have links with President Silanyo and ruling Kulmiye party.

The former Deputy Minister for Commerce Abdulrahman Yusuf Ismail acknowledged the residents complaints and called on the government to be more transparent.

He urged the government to review its decision and reiterated that it was important to award a company capable of doing the job. He added it was hard to tolerate the level of nepotism, controversy, corruption and darkness surrounding the tender.

“There are news widely circulating that the tender winner has no equipment. They are going to the Somaliland road authority requesting bulldozers and similar equipment,” Mr. Ismail told Hadhwanaagnews Paper.

“My suggestion for the government is to be aware and award a company capable of building beautiful airport,” he advised.

Ahmed Jama Isse, a local resident not far from the airport reechoed the general concern from some of the people in the airport neighborhood.

“It would be fine if there was actually work going on,” said Ahmed. “But there’s no work going on. I see no reason why it should be closed and traffic be diverted to Berbera airport which is 160 km away.”

The $5.61 million makeover includes renovation works on the runways, adding a fence and security systems including surveillance. The fund was donated by the government of Kuwait and totals $10 million – the rest will be spent on Berbera airport.


June 4, 2012

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  1. Amal says:

    Kuwait was generous enough to give us a money to upgrade our little airport, now do the job properly for goodness sake. When I go to hargeisa I want to land on a lovely nice airport.

  2. Kayse says:

    Silaanyo and his Garadag mafia made mess of this. Imagine if they were entrusted with larger fund than $10m!

    Now airport is locked, no jobs and no construction work. Its how Garadag plans to destroy north Somalia and sale everything to their small members and the Blood transfer xawaalaad.

    Everyone is starting to see his true color.

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    The Airport is closed for repairs and the job would be done according to plan. I don't envisage
    any serious problems cuz the Aviation Minister is responsible to oversight the project..

  4. Hussein says:

    I googled the company's name. I found a website and according to their website it's a mining and agriculture company. I advice everyone to try search about it.

  5. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    If what the people are saying is true, the Tender Board is to be blamed, and they should come with a clean bill of health, otherwise they must tell the people who is responsible of this mistake, and why they accepted that someone has to dictate to them, since they were trusted with this project and it's fulfilment.

    Furthermore, the people who use to work there must receive their salary during the progress of the scheme, because that is what the labour code specifies. Most of the trouble at the press is created by these people who lost their job it seems.

  6. Kayse says:

    Omer Hussein,

    The blame lies no one other than the incompetent warlord from Garadag that only few consider an "elected" president. He is the one who formed the so called Tender board which consists entirely his tribe and former Dhiigshiil employees like everything else.

    Now he does not know what to do because his nephew does not even know how to lay a simple brick let alone construct an airport. They became a laughing stock throughout Somaliland and everyone is just wondering what else is out there that they are hiding. Like SNM, Silanyo has destroyed Somaliland and this time there is no Tuur to clean up the mess. Everyone is going to Mogadishu and Hargeisa airport will be renovated by the Somali government and Turkish engineers.

    War kalee keena. He got exposed like TMZ. Waa oday sidu qabil uu daba taagna sonkor ka qaday.

  7. mohamed cheers says:

    Garadag, Gargarad,garxajis,garadal…JSL all share common ground GAR,gar,gar,gar.
    all the 4star gar come under the garadag dynasty powers of the Kulmiye top party Govt.
    Tuugna ma xaado. WhileThe Govt. is obliged to be proactive to accomplish the developments
    necessary throughout the entire country, there should be no need for illogical condemnations
    as the case of many bad agent forces of mischief making. These forces are nothing more than
    spoilers and wailers of evil.

  8. Warfa says:

    Somaliland folks
    Is there anyone who can tell us what happened to SLpress? There has been big u-turn since the recent visit of SLpress Editor to Somaliland and has suddenly changed into anti Somaliland government website. Is it possible to get explanations from SLpress itself?

  9. Somaliland says:

    The more I see anti Somaliland comments, the more my love for Somaliland grows. Keep hating us haters because the more you do, you're just showing us how this ''Great Somalia'' dream would be like.

    Viva Somaliland

  10. Mustafe says:

    Since slpress visited in s/lnd he change is editor I think he saw what is going on the ground__ he saw no gov no leader to deal the crisis just he sitting morgar house

  11. MsSomaliland says:

    Somalilandpress has become a huge disappointment for many die hard Somalilanders myself included. They have allowed a certain individual to run havoc and disrespect our institutions, goverment and country!!!. I don't think I will be coming here anymore, farewell!

  12. Amal says:

    @ Burcawi + MsSomaliland
    Somaliland and our president is being bashed in the worst form every day in front of our own eyes and SomalilandPress is not doing anything about it. Enough is enough, I think we should bombard SomalilandPress with Emails and abandon SomalilandPress until they fx it. We have to do something about it.

    • Burcawii says:

      Don't worry sis. They can say whatever they want and as long they want because they want change the facts on the ground. For Slanders, we back up our words with real actions and not just talk. Slanders action that led SL to be labeled, by the IC, as "Best Kept Secret" and "Success Story".

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      relax guys it's just comments no one shot president.. u people are so sensitive.

      • Amal says:

        The president is alive and kicking but with crazy comments like this might make him have a heart attack. That would be the same as shooting him. Well you obviously don't care but we do, we care about anything that might harm somaliland

  13. timbaro says:

    amal and warfa and burcawi

    i am from the "other" Somalia and i disagree with you it shows that somalilandpress is taking you to greater democracy if they are criticizing the government. it seems that people like you are not ready for true democracy yet, does that mean they are traitors? this is not dictatorship after all is what you sl claim isnt it ? I live in the UK and it was unbelievable how the press literally ate up the Gordon brown government. trust me if there are no news papers keeping taps on this kind of projects there will be nothing built. i can believe i am defending slpress lol

    • mohamed cheers says:

      But bashing only the President, his family and his whole innocent and honest clan without the
      other tribal public/private sectors, is that how you know what democray and Sldpress is all about. miss the whole topic.

      • timbaro says:

        Mohamed cheers and burcawi

        as i said i am from the south and i am not aware of the clan dynamics in the north but i think freedom of press is the backbone of any democracy let alone a young democracy like Somaliland having said that whether this criticism is motivated by clan rivalry i another matter but freedom of press and speech is a good sign of democracy and i hope people in the north embrace this so that the world can see that somalis are after all are capable of democracy and reason rather guns and flying accusations.

    • Burcawii says:


      I'm not from the President family or even tribe. SLanders support honest criticism, but what we see from certain individuals in here is not the case. We are only against those who discredit SL achievments because of jelousy as well as those who attack our government because of their personal reasons.

      Fitna will not work with us.

  14. timbaro says:

    i cannot believe i am defending slpress i meant

  15. Omollo says:

    Heh @ blaming Somalilandpress for criticizing the government.Now unless you are loose cannon like Keyse I really don't see any big deal.Yes the president will be put on blasts.His administration actions will be questioned.Heck some will even criticize if has any gait abnormalities when he is presiding over countless SL functions.This is democracy and it is what allows people to have a moral autonomy! We can not reasonably justify every news and propaganda the government throws at us.We have to question everything!

    Now unless you are driven by clan politics or plain idiocy you will see no problem in reporting news like this one.Journalist enjoy array from freedom to report the five W's (who, what, when,where and why?) We should all create and try to teach people back home to also support a general culture of these ideals.No government can make a public decision without the help of opinions from the greater public.They are expected to deliver an equal consideration to the good and the interest of the common Somalilander and it is everyone responsibility to question their government actions.

    • Amal says:

      Are you Somalilander horta, is not the news and article reported above, but this website is taken over by Somalia folks and haters. Everything has limit and certain criticism here is not one that help to change but a direct attack on Somaliland and we don't welcome clan fitnah that can cause disunity in our country. Our government needs a lot to improve but that doesn't mean the whole country has to be bashed and dismissed and our president berated like that. There are limits to everything

      • Omollo says:

        Well I consider myself a supporter of Somaliland because of my roots.Now to the issue of bashing the president and Somaliland I think it is a futile effort to choke freedom of expression.This people come here to get some kick out of their miserable effort to discredit Somaliland progress.Anyone with third grade reading skills can tell that.Somaliland is a nation that credit itself as progressive that doesn't live on deceptions and dishonest.It is the action of our leaders that will set us apart from them.

        I dislike the dude called Keyse, but I will never dare to censor him.The site owners can sensor clan names for taste purpose and also to make it easy for our eyes, but we can't attempt to interfere with his freedom of expression.If we do that we will be taking a page out of the playbook of dictatorial regime

        • Amal says:

          Well i believe some things needs censored when they seem more harmful than good. Yes democracy but It should not turn into a hate page either otherwise if there is no limit it will become another paltalk page.

        • mohamed cheers says:

          Omollo. Lately looks that this dude Kayse in particular, and many others are enjoying a free
          first hand ride of hooliganism journalistic reports against President Silaanyo and his family
          and his whole innocent tribe with all sorts of inflamatory filthy vababonds citations in this Sldpress website and surprisingly enough the Sldpress admin does nothing to control such abuses.
          Would you in your right mind tell us that such deceptive behaviours are the norms of good
          freedom of speech? Don't suggest that you weren't around and didn't witness what has been
          going on lately on this Sldpress Website? That's an unacceptable excuse. Nah I think you
          missing the whole topic in discussion which's a nasty nostalgia of its kind .

  16. Kayse says:

    Funny how you blame Somalilandpress when the issue you should be focusing is how Silanyo awarded a tender contract to unqualified family member who has no business or family in Hargeisa and does not care if the airport closes down for good. The locals who relay on the airport for some of their income and relatives visiting from abroad have to take matters to their own hands.

    I'm Hargeisawi and Silaanyo and his gang can return to Burao or Garadag. They don't care about our airport they just here to loot and disappear.

    I like how the fanatic supporters of the corrupted old man and Council occupying Morgan's house are crying. This is my city and I want to be able to visit and return to a safe airport not some horse yard put together by illiterate son of Garadag man.

    Like new Hargeisa very soon the locals will storm the airport and reopen it. Why is it closed?

  17. Kayse says:


    You sound far more educated than the average die-hard Garadag supporter. I guess you won't locked up between four walls instead you traveled the land.

    Censorship does not work in today's age of technology. The censorship is widely practiced by Garadag gangs including Dhiigshiil who are the most notorious when it comes to freedom of speech.

    This is just a discussion board which is open to all but if I wanted to harm the Garadag council I can create my own website in about 20 minutes and have it running on Google news, facebook and twitter. But no need for such effort, this is enough to make them cry.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Kayse, one time you are Somali Ethiopian, Somalian, Somalilander, or even some other boggyman lander. You seem to be some kind of gutsy torpedo…let's see how far you could navigate thru
      all these micky mouse filthy citations aad ku mabtay bal mayshay kula tagto iyo waxad ka heesho.

      • Amal says:

        @ Kayse
        Our government needs a lot to improve and needs to fix up, but it's not fair you are taking all your emotional anger on Silanyo calling him a warlord, murderer, tuug diigyocab Astaqfurullah!! we have to respect our leader and we have to defend his honour "Like SNM, Silanyo has destroyed Somaliland" Are you bad mouthing SNM heroes who struggled for the liberation and peace we enjoy today. You have far jumped the limit. Besides this website is officially taken over by Somaliland haters who come here just to harass.

  18. khaatumo citizen says:

    I admire Kayse's comments really thoe am a huge fan.. lool

  19. Wadani says:

    Keysa you make alot people cry kkkkkk.

  20. isaahassan says:

    Come one! you got to give it to the guy! He has got you guys on a leash! great job kayse, wallah your a legend! hahaha

  21. Warfa says:

    The reason why SLpress doesn't sensor what Kayse says and writes is that they consider him as SLpress promoter and that is why you see here new names every day who are hatefully singing after him.

    The other day, I noticed a comment posted by Allemagan in which he uttered garadagland in some places of his comment. It seems that Allemagan does not know anything about the background of Garadag and how that name" GARADAG" was given to that particular place. Mr Allemagan, I believe you are innocent and just took it from Kayse, but mind you, don't take easily what Kayse says and find out the background and what that name does mean.

  22. Cimraan says:

    Somali waxay triaahda ” Ciirtaa dhama Ceebtaa Yaqaan” . Most of these guys who are making all these outrageous claims and bad mouthing this country and its people are those who benefit from all the achievements and prosperity of Somaliland. Man, How ungrateful people can be. By the way, the Xaartumo project is dead and it turned out to be a calculated fitna between Somaliland clans prepared and directed by the bandit Professor who ran away with millions of Somalia’s money at the end of Affweyne era. Read about it at

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      taleex net is owned by ina cali shire (puntland VP) they trys to put fitna between dhuloz clans which isnt gona work and no body reads other than desperate somali-diid..besides nothing is dead it grows and gets stronger by day. it was only yesterday when they take control the largest control between lascanood and garowe without any blood shed.. and thats how we gona take back lascanood no need blood shed waa isku tolka.. lool

  23. Taha Alsomaly says:

    Taha Alsomaly.
    This is ridicules, I am afraid that Hargeisa airport will remain closed at least during the term of Kulmiye party government, if not forever. Somalilanders and others are dying by the hundreds on the road from Hargeisa to Berbera and from Berbera to Hargeisa. Where is the progress and the development programs? Please do something quickly to curb the situation.

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