Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2012

SOMALILAND: Clashes break out in Buhoodle in the worst loss of life for tribal militia

LAS ANOD — 38 people were killed and scores wounded when clashes broke out on Thursday afternoon (local time) between Somaliland forces and pro-separatist tribal militia in the border town of Buhoodle, one of the last disputed towns in the south of the country.

Tribal militia loyal to neighboring Somalia’s former Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayr, attacked Somaliland forces in the village of Sool-Jogto, less than 10-km east of Buhoodle city, around 3:30 PM on Thursday. The war lasted several hours well into the night. Eyewitnesses in Buhoodle said at least 35 fighters were killed from the tribal militia and the injuries ran well over twenty in their deadliest day yet.

A spokesman for the Somaliland army said his men lost three soldiers and six others were wounded. Speaking from the village of Saleban Oday, he added they were pursuing the militia and they will not tolerate them. He insisted that Somaliland security was the highest priority and the wounded soldiers were receiving medical care in Qori-Lugud.

The general Secretary of Somaliland’s Ministry of Information, Faisal Ali Sheikh Mohamed blamed the violence on Ali Khalif Galayr and his G9 group. He said the group wants to cause much destruction and eventually destabilize the entire region.

Residents of Buhoodle city, a town near the Ethiopian border, said Ali Khalif arrived in the town on Thursday but he has since fled to an unknown location with his main followers.

Somaliland authority said it will maintain its territorial integrity and flush out any separatists, terrorists, pirates and extremist elements.

Recently a tribal separatist militia held a meeting in the historical town of Taleeh, once the base of Sayid Abdullah Hassan, a religious fanatic and the late 19th century version of Osama bin Ladden, in which they declared the formation of a semi-autonomous state. The President Ahmed Silanyo said his government will not tolerate the disintegration of Somaliland during an emergency meeting of both Houses of parliament. An army unit was sent to the nearby town of Buhoodle and the conference in Taleeh came to an end.

The president reaffirmed his commitment to stability, development and peace and for the second time offered amnesty to the SSC militia and urged them to join hands in the struggle to move forward. The leader of the group, Suleiman Essa Ahmed (Hagal Tosiye) of Columbus, Ohio, told the BBC Somali-Services on Thursday that he welcomes President Silanyo’s proposal for peace talks. He also admitted that the Taleeh conference was hijacked by opportunist groups and that it no longer served the interest of the Dhulbahante clan. He pointed his fingers at the former Somali Prime Minister, Ali Khalif Galayr and his so called G9 group. He also expressed his strong dislike for the chosen name for the ‘new semi-autonomous state’ namely Khaatumo State. The residents in the region have adopted to call the state instead ‘Khaatumo Seeg’.

It later became clear some of the participants of the conference were in favor of SSC state while others wanted Darwiishland. After a deep disagreement some of the participants fled back to Garowe, the capital of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland while others left the country.

Somaliland is a former British protectorate that gained its independence in June 1960 but voluntarily unified with its southern neighbor few days later to form what was known as the Somali Republic. After years of armed struggle with Somalia that left more than 50, 000 civilians dead, it reinstated its independence in 1991 but has since failed to gain international recognition.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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  1. Kayse says:

    Its good to teach them a good lesson but thats not the only victory Somaliland needs. They have to win the people by reaching out to them and avoiding fighting in side towns so far Somaliland army did very well.

    Somaliland people stand behind their forces. Border has to be secured to the last inch. Anyone against Somaliland must be thrown out off the border.

  2. Cabdalle says:

    Discussion went like this:
    We like Khaatumo State, but then, we like Darwiishland. But which is better. There's only one way to find out- FIGHT!!!

  3. Salebaan Haybe says:

    Empty talk will mislead Somaliland to it's doom. Stop violence because people are dying and the aggressors are coming from Somaliland. The death toll in intolerable and Somaliland can not achieve any goal
    in that approach the government must change its military methodology and misuse of the force. Buroa is morning and disclose the truth to the public.

    • Gobaad says:

      Oh, really? Do you think you can violately attack Somaliland military base and get away with it and except them to be sitting ducks? Somaliland will defend itself.

  4. Kayse says:


    I also picked up another conversation between pro-militia single mothers in MPLS and Ali.

    It went like this:

    Casho Fasaco calling:….."Lacagtaa kugu haadhay kugu ma filnaa – Telesom"
    Retries "Nambaarkaa la hadashay wa khalad – TELESOM"
    Retries "Fadlan Lacag ku shuubo kugu ma filnaa – TELESOM"

    Casho by now starts cursing "Fk eedoor, telesom iyo Somalidiidkaaba, maano reer darwiish ayan telefoon wayeey hadaan baryaya SAYID ABDULLA inuu telefoon ii heelo"

    Retries "TELAFOONKA la hadashay wuu xidhan yahay ama xaadku ka baxaay – TELESOM" mohahahaha in the end it turns out Ali Khalif has fled across the border where even Telesom doesn't reach.

    Casho wont sleep tonight.

  5. Gurmad says:

    It's not up to the international government standards as Somaliland government yet has to appease the Dhulbahante militia those who are roaming around with armies with apparent impunity. There must be something that is not functioning well in Somaliland either there is a lack of leadership or military incapability.
    Somaliland should make a decisive decision to wipe out any militia that are roaming around .

  6. Gobaad says:

    Waxa la yidhi: Ninkii baxaya indhahaa casaada!

  7. Jans says:

    Adam take it easy I am warsangeli and I am for Somaliland and for uprooting those idiots in boohoodle damn that name is silly!

    GO Somaliland!

  8. Truelander says:

    Extremely poor article, bias and one sided. To liken sayid abdullah hassan to bin laden just goes to show how extreme your views are.

    I support the somaliland notion, but theirs no need for propaganda, somaliland just doesn't need it. This is the time for somaliland to exercise its wisdom, and thus defeat its opponents in a non violent way.

  9. truelander says:

    I think the governments intelligence was extremely poor and are to blame for the disruptive events of late. If the intelligence officials and the government who are responsible for them did their job appropriately, then the hole thing could have been avoided. Government intelligence said the meeting in taleeh (which this all stemed from) was a tribal meeting when indeed it was a separatist movement declaring separation from somaliland. The funny thing was these guys who met in taleeh, some of them even landed in somaliland airports. This was a complete JOKE and I thought we had an educated government.

  10. truelander says:

    They are now back tracking and trying to show they are doing something, and in control by using their millitry might. Simply war is not the answer and neither is using your militry to create fear (does the government not remember the siad era cos im sure the president worked for him as ministry). we as somalis should remember our history even be it recent. We need to learn from our past mistakes. We cannot expect to achieve something through fear or war.

    I really Hope we can negotiate with our brothers and let them truely participate in somaliland so WE can prosper TOGETHER. One Somaliland One Love.

    Peace Y'all
    ukboi ( b4 u say it I do know how to spell boy thanks :)

  11. Truelander says:

    Somalilandpress please don't publish hate mongering articles like the above. Be Good lol

    If you need Good articles Just Holla.

  12. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Ama afeef hore lahow ama adkaysi dambe lahow. I don't think the matter will rest there. Ali Khaliif and his cohorts want to start a tribal war. Simple as that. It is not about politics after all there are prominent Harti members in all Somaliland's institutions including the Defence Force, Police, Security force and so on. The whole reason for the so-called G9 is to start a war based on tribal affiliation. Cause mayhem and destruction. A bankrupt mind often resorts to violence when all else fails.

  13. musty_mo says:

    "Sayid Abdullah Hassan, a religious fanatic and the late 19th century version of Osama bin Ladden"
    the most disgusting statement anyone can make, ignorance i say.

    • waayo-arag says:

      I'm now 70 years old and still remember about the horrific stories that I used to heard from real people of both Mad Mullah followers whom I could describe them as savages and their innocent victims. Most victims of mad Mullah strife were dhulos because they both belonged to pros and cons. Hence, there is no doubt the mad mullah was more worst than Osama Biladan.

  14. Gobanimo says:

    LOL… this article only shows the hate you people have for your fellow Somali people…

  15. Khaalid says:

    Sad to hear we still killing each other

  16. Ali99 says:

    Waar dadkani miyeyna caqli lahayn oo wax is dhaama lahayn … ma nabad iyo dagaal ayey kala dooran kari la yihiin, raga caruurtoodii soo dhigtay maraykan iyo europe ee hoostana ku wata passport iyo ticket ay ku baxsadaan miyaa raba inay dadka deegaanka ka dhex abuuraan colaad sokeeye, waar iska qabta laba wajiilayaasha dhanxiirada danaha siyaasadeed ee dahsoon wata. Aakhirka waxay rabaan in ay noqoto Somaliland iyo Somalia dagaal u dhexeeya deegaanadanina ay furin waligood ahaadaan. Somaliland marnaba ku khasaari mayso taas qudheeda oo xal bay noqon in la kala go'o nabad iyo dagaal tay doonto ha noqotee. Xuduudaha Somaliland waa la yaqaanaa halkkay maraan cid badali kartana ma leh.
    Somaliland Guul

  17. Abdi says:

    Do you think if North Korea crossed into the South Korean boarder, they would shake hands and offer each other hugs and kisses, whilst jumping around with joy of the news that North Korea just invaded their country. Use some common sense my friend and stop being a "dummy" yourself.

  18. amal says:

    Shame to those selfish men who came to Somaliland to spread hate, violence and war. Our people don't need that and if they disagree with the separation then let them democratically voice their opinion. They will never achieve anything with the gun except death because they are not freedom fighters. Peace is stretched to them time and time again and how many times have they broken peace agreements. Even the government tells the army not to attack unless attacked and this is what they try to take advantage. Ilahay ha kala qabojiyo war is good for nothing. Let the government continue stretching hand of peace and reach out to them and hear their grievance. I hope peace is reached before anyone else dies and may Allah have mercy on those who died.

    • Gobaad says:

      Amal, these war-mongering, terrorists groups led by Ali Khalif do not want peace and stability. Their main goal to distabilize Somaliland and to make it look like Somalia. The only thing he understands is the barrel of the gun. So be it, Somaliland have the right to defend its sovereignty.

  19. Adam says:

    Its time for the REAL Somalilanders to deal heavily with these barbarians. We need to deal with them just like how the Israeli IDF dealt with the Palestinians. We need to send each and everyone of them and their families off our soil. The long REAL Somalilanders tolerate these inbred barbarians, the greater the sin on each and everyone of us. LONG LIVE SOMALILAND!! DEATH TO THE BARBARIANS!!!!

    • Daljirka says:


      What an empty rhetoric and false pride!
      You seem delusional and at least suffering low self-esteem. You have inferiority complex that will not go away by disparaging honorable people.

      Your statements, rudeness are utterly barbaric. Go commit suicide !

  20. Mohamed Garissa says:

    Somalia never waged a war against somaliland when it sought independence,somaliland should treat khaatumo state the same.

    • Gobaad says:

      Khaatumo seeg is not a country, they are few terrorist group within Somaliland trying to destablize Somaliland's peace and tranquility to form a tribal entity within our own borders and that is not acceptable by any shape or form.

      • Daljirka says:

        Duh, you just perfectly described Somaliland. That is the way other Somali people feel.

        • amal says:

          No, you just can't understand the concept of border line. There are border lines that cut through every country despite who lives in the middle or who ends up in the wrong side of the line. No so-called clan state can be formed inside the borders of Somaliland. SSC is part and parcel of Somaliland and was before so-called Somalia. Somaliland is not a clan state formed but was an independent state that was fooled to join another mad state.

          • Daljirka says:

            This is a huge problem with younger generation who have no clue about history. Somaliland has never been a country, it was called British Somaliland, a British protectorate, so read and learn before you regurgitate the baseless and inaccurate talking points of your leaders

            And borders! What borders?

  21. GARISSA CADEY says:

    Somalia never waged a war against somaliland when it sought independence,somaliland should treat khaatumo state the same.

  22. GARISSA CADEY says:

    Somalia will ever be a ONE country whether Somalidiid jump into the air or sink into the ground as this article attests to.

  23. GARISSA CADEY says:

    @Adam,that is an Israeli mentality gone bad,do you know that Israel is the only apartheid regime on planet earth?think twice b4 you post.

  24. Adam says:

    And Israel is the only country in the middle east that is developing talent in several academic fields and is apart of the G8. SSC are barbarians and such we need to deal with them. I think the Israeli method of dealing with its barbarian Arabs worked for them so it will work for us. Somaliland has a lot to learn from the Israelis and since they are the only country willing to recognize us, what are waiting for?

    • Daljirka says:

      Your statements are nauseating and ignorant. You have to at least come up with coherent comments.

      • Adam says:

        Listen you baboon. I'm simply stating facts and those facts are, SSC have been tolerated to long and we need to cleanse "khatumo seeg". Israel is the only country willing to recognize us and in fact they will recognize us this second. Dhullos are nothing but barbarians similar to their baboon brothers in Zoomalia and its high time we drove them off our land.

        • Daljirka says:

          You seem to be insecure about who you are ( I know, you think you have blue eyes and blond hair when you look at yourself in the mirror… and you are part of the Royal Family).

          I will not react to your rudeness and primitive mannerism. however, I will respond to your fallacies.
          First, where did you get the idea that Israel will recognize "you"? give me a link so I we can read it.

          Second, you know why the world will never recognize Somaliland,' it is because of the dangerous tribal mentality of people like you in Hargeisa, and the International community can not entrust you with sovereignty and an army with weapons. People who do not value the sanctity of life, people who are willing to commit mass murder in the name of an ideology. People who are harassing and terrorizing peaceful towns that are full of life, because they claim that we once had the same white master.

          That is why the world will never recognize you, even Israel is ashamed of you.

  25. gaash says:

    long live somaliland

  26. Smash says:

    Ahmed Silanyo= siyad barre

    • Abdullah says:

      Shut your dirty ignorant mouth you fool! Ahmed Silanyo is not A TRIBALIST. If he was there'd be no such thing as 'Khatumo-state' or the supposedly great 'Darawish' dreamland.

      I am being fair, just because Siyad barre was not the best president of Somalia it doesn't mean you accuse innocent people of being like him.


  27. Joe says:

    The hospital in Galkaayo is full of wounded and dead bodies of SSC militia after Buhoodle couldn't cope with the numbers.

  28. dialug says:

    Well, reading all these comments is really very astounding and promising on how all of you demonstrate your emotions of Somali Nationalism aspects. All of your comments start with very positive views of the situation but end with poor conclusion. This is practically very distinct characters of Nomadic People. They just think and sound exactly like their stink camels. Please don't be uncivilized, be rational!

  29. nsu says:

    Brothers killing each other is not something to boast about

  30. nsu says:

    Brothers and sisters keep in ur minds that one day u w'll surely be asked where u stand with this bloodshed civil war

  31. Alpha says:

    Somals are idiot foolish Mined people that will never grow up and if one would want prove that just read those article.
    We are only 8 Million and yet each Subclan is planning to call Himself A Government and try to force Near by Subclans

  32. M H Dirie says:

    A shame to call Aun Sayid Mohamed Abdalla Hassan a religious fantatic. Learn Somali history, to widen your slander prone posts on the internet. Somalis irrespective of which tribe they belong to, hold the Darawish and Sayid in high esteem. Gaalo followers are ones whom join Mad Mullah bandwagon.

  33. Mo30 says:

    Please brothers and sisters listen to what you are all saying, I am shocked to read all these comments today. We should all be god fearing, somali killing somall, brother killing brother, may Allah forgive us for all the sins we have committed, May Allah help the somali people and guide them to the right path which is to praise you and only you. Islam binds people together on the `Aqeedah, that is belief in Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saaw). Islam calls for the ideological bond. Grouping the Muslims on tribalistic lines is clearly forbidden. It is narrated by Abu Da'wud that the Messenger of Allah (saaw) said,
    "He is not one us who calls for `Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) or who fights for `Asabiyyah or who dies for `Asabiyyah."

    • Java says:

      Bismilahi Mansha allah – well said Akh!

    • Dahir says:

      Brother you speak the truth, but as a Somalilander I have a grievance that has not been addressed. I suffered great in justice at the hands of the rest of Somalia. I agree we should stop killing each other. how will you address my legitimate grievances? I don't need any compensation, I want to see that there at least some remorse on their part. is that too much to ask?

  34. farax says:

    Somaliland ilahay waxan oga baryayaa siduu cadowgeeda 1988 ugalay oo kale inuu iminkana u galo waayo marwalba waa laga xaqdaran yahay wayna cafiyaan dadka wax u geestay imisa nin oo darooda ayaa hargeisa ku ganacsada cidina sidaa u eegin walaahi ilahay ayaa la jira somaliland cid kale oo jacel ma jirto wax walba alle ayaa ka weyn oo loo deynayaa isaga ayaa awooda iska leh ninkii doonayaaba ha iska hadlo meelxun iyo darood ayaa is leh waxii kanaxa somaliland nafta waa ilahay ayan kaga baryay

  35. A-fitah says:

    I see so much hate on every Somaliland web, forum or chat-room that I go to toward rest of Somalis! Why?

    • Dahir says:

      Simply because of the pain and destruction somaliland suffered, and not one of the so called Somali brothers had the decency to say brother I am sorry for the pain, all we hear is it happened to all Somalis, If that is your attitude then we are brothers no more.

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