Published On: Sun, Apr 15th, 2012

Somaliland Businessmen Criticize Puntland on Piracy

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(Somalilandpress) The chairman of the Somaliland chamber of commerce and industries  Mohamed Shugria Abdi accompanied by a group of prominent local businessmen held a press conference today in Hargeisa. Mr. Abdi confirmed the release of MV LEILA ship and its crew of 27 has been freed after a hefty ransom of $300,000 was paid to their captors. In February, pirates from Puntland region hijacked the Panama-flagged MV Leila near Oman with its entire cargo of goods and cars and sailed it to Somaliland.

Mr. Mohamed speaking to press at the headquarters of the chamber of commerce, said “the MV LEILA and its crew of 27 are now free and that they are expected to dock in Berbera Port in the next few days” they were freed after religious leaders from Puntland and Galmudug brokered a deal for the release of the ship and its cargo after nine weeks in captivity.

The chairman condemned the Puntland administration for been reluctant in intervening in hijacking and for doing nothing at all to free the crew or the ship, to make matters worse he also said for falling to protect the cargo on board the ship which was vandalized under their nose.

On the other hand said the chairman we want to send our condolences to families of those lost their loved ones during the confrontation with the pirates, we are deeply saddened by the loss of innocent lives.

We also express our profound gratitude to the people of Galmudug state for their show of solidarity, their courageousness in fending off the pirates as they tried to use their territorial water as a platform for holding the ship and the crew. In recent months pirates’ activities have increased off the shores of Puntland targeting local and international ships. The costs of delivering necessary commodities and good to regions in Somaliland have increased.


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  1. osman5 says:

    Well, it's a short term fix for a long term problem. $300,000 is a small amount to save lives but it also encourages the pirates to engage more kidnapping activities in the waters of Somaliland in the future.

    Somaliland and international merchants must not rush to offer a ransom to pirates.
    The $ 300,000 ransom somaliland paid to pirates will pay them a few motored boats and a lot of containers with full of ammos. for further attacks.
    The infrastructure and lavish buildings had created a whole new world in Puntland even the ransom money paid by international mariners built the presidential house (I can not call it a palace) in Garowe.
    Google earth is a wonderful tool to spot the rapid improvements due to government sponsored piracy business in Garowe.

    Osman Qaal

  2. Beeldeeq says:

    It is well known to everybody including the international community that the Puntland authority has been a part and parcel of the piracy schemes from the outset, and without their consent it would have been difficulty for the pirates to carry out any piracy raids from their territory and also to use it as their permanent bases with no fears and worries from them. Now, I do believe it is the time that the Somaliland government should take an immediate steps against puntland in order to safeguard of our trade routes and the interests of our people.

    • Abdi says:

      Puntland has been boosting its economic activities and finally won to exploit its natural oil reserves in Dharoor Valley. Engaging in pirate activities was common in the region but tremendous changes appear in the region since president Farole took the lead on 8th january 2009. It is shameful and arrogant to say Puntland Authorities run pirate incentives locally. Somaliland is one of our neighboring states in Somalia which reached peace and prosperity over the past two decades. A few individuals carried out the operation and demanded the ransom.

  3. puntland warrior says:

    these propaganda are propagated by the Ethiopian stooge Siiilanyo since he lost all inspect & credibility in the eyes of the Somali people, the regime in hargeisa iz a dying horse, its surely on their last legs.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Huh wat did u say? Huh Hargeisa dying horse? Huh get the hell of my site. Huh Huh Huh.
      Will see who's the dying Horse! waryaa Puntland Warrior Hargeisa sankay ka hadasha haaisku doonan
      wanaa jabkaage haysku doonan.Soo baxbaa laaleeyey saxabka leefaysaa. Wuxu aqli xumaa

    • naasir abdi says:

      Puntland worrior,it’s all about s/lpress conspirecy from naaso-hablood.

  4. Ahmed says:

    I think its unfair to blame Puntland for the actions of individuals that they have no control over, The pirates are heavily armed and well fininced by the pirate heads, this is very complicated situation, it may be fair to blame the whole of southern government TFG and warlords. The failed state of Somalia may be responsible' but again they are pirates and thieves led by dugsi educated Sharif, Somaliland should work with the Somali government to secure its waters.

  5. osman5 says:

    puntland warrior,
    Hargeisa has already started a sisterly joint business ventures with New York city, London, Dubai, Paris, Ottawa, Sydney, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Adis-ababa to name a few.

    the truth of the mater is, the piracy business is dying, you better start your nuclear waste contaminant fishing lifestyle before it's too late.

    Osman Qaal

  6. HMObsiye says:

    It is Not a secret, that Mr. Faroole and is administration is part of Pirate gangsters, and it is time for the world community to do something about this pirate enclave called Pirateland.

    I do not know why the world communities allow this mafia state to get away with murder of so many innocent people of the world?

  7. Burcawii says:

    What a bunch of thugs. They have embarrassed all the Somalis. The whole country was destroyed because of their corruption and they didn’t learn anything from it.

    The weird thing is, with all their corruption, they have the audacity to ask Somaliland to reunite with them. I say Hell No. No no no…

  8. Madar says:

    My advise to somaliland businessmen is take armed men onboard to protect your cargo and crew there is simply no other solution. As for Puntland, they call themselves muslims and at the same time engage in this deplortable practices, they will not gain in this life and in the hereafter, and all those who defend puntland shame on you.

  9. inayuusuf says:

    It’s no secret that Puntland officials are involved in the piracy business. In fact, piracy leaders move around freely in Garowe.

    The EU particularly is convinced that pirates are administered by Puntland leaders to say the least. In the recent leaked documents published by Wikileaks, the French ambassador in Djibouti toldthe US ambassador that number of boats given to the Puntland to combat piracy were astonishingly found with the piracy which convinced EU that pirates really work for Puntland.

  10. Issa says:

    Bro and sister look the somali value???? L v to somali race

  11. Issa says:

    I love my ppp the great somali (arya)

  12. Abdi Noor says:

    Please do not feed the troll, its his day off from Mcdonalds. Somaliland should its army 5km towards Garowe and watch how the rats run.

  13. osman5 says:

    puntland warrior,
    Galgadud region is a land lock. if the you read the article carefully, elders from Galgadud and Puntland brokered a deal to free the vessel and it's crew from captivity.
    How come Puntland administration was not involved at least to free the ship? Mr. puntland warrior, that question alone raises a lot of eyebrows..
    A fancy title won't make one a leader.. leadership is a God given gift at conception.

    Let's say the pirates were originally from Galgdud for the sake of the argument. Do you honestly think they would be able to roam around freely in the waters adjacent to Bossaso? get real, please!
    You and I and rest of the world know exactly who is behind the piracy In Pirateland.

    Somaliland has the means and capability to discipline the trouble makers in Pirateland.
    Some how we've been hoping so long for the piracy in Puntland would run out of steam on it's own.
    I guess, the chickens are coming home to roost..

    Osman Qaal

    • Puntland warrior says:

      galgadud its not a landlocked, its a historical region in central somali, especially the city of ceelbuur.
      Ahlu Sunna Waljama main strongholds iz also in galgadud. let alone taking their captured ship in the shores of galgadud, they are not even allowed to even come & visit their relatives.
      all the pirates live, work & plan in southern part of galkacyo, a habar gidir enclave under galmudug & all the captured ship are held in no man land, a lawless port city of Hobyo or Al Shabaab terrorists controlled city of Harardhere, wer the terrorists take their cut.

      puntland has good relationship with the Ahlu Sunna Waljama administration in galgadud, since der are a loyal friend & anti al shabaab, unlike the galmudug enclave which has been used as a hideout by al shabaab to attack puntland. galmudug was created by puntland in 2007 wen the ICU were threatening to capture galkacyo.

      Somaliland is no match for puntland, they couldn't even hold their military bases wen they fled to ethiopian just to escape from Khaatumo armed forces. ever heard of Puntland Marine Force? they are the best armed forces in somali republic, we could easily capture every city, town & villages in woqooyi galbeed & the traitors in Hargeisa will be punished.

      • Isaaq Unionist says:

        You fake Somali you want Hargeisa to be part of Somalia but you use agressive means towards I-block clan people its time all clans unite for a greater Somalia and throw Pirateland warrior and Silanyo to the tribalist wastecentre

  14. osman5 says:

    We Somalianders have got our house in order for 21 yrs. ago. We created a lasting peace and tranquility. The modern state of Somaliland is inspirational from around the world.

    I don't brag nor offend anyone but I just want to give you a couple of examples to clarify the difference between Somalilanders and Somalis.:

    We have abundance of natural resources including fossil fuel, so does Puntland.
    However, the world leading investors are flocking to Somaliland daily. Billionaire Somalilanders are CEO s of the firms that are investing in Somaliland.

    The first foreign company came to Puntland is laughing all the way to the bank because it's exploiting your own precious natural resources at a dime a dozen. A bone with a bit of grease around it is what in for puntland at the end.
    Somalis in Puntland can't manage a corner store in a poor neighborhood let alone a complicated government system.

    Somalilander leaders had never requested foreign troops to be parachuted in to exterminate it's citizens.
    Abdullahi Yusuf was from Pirateland originally he's the one went to Ethiopia and gave a sealed deal for Ethiopian troops to hunt Somalis in Mogadishu like a geese hunting season.
    I can't make these things up it's in the history books.

    Osman qaal

    • cabdirizaq says:

      Sorry my friend no such Thing call somaliland,problem is you still kind of dreaming,could not get any recognition what so ever “good kore iyo geed hoose waad u fuusheen result ZERO” now your masters british forcing to come & talk to rest of somalis shame on you what value you have.

      • osman5 says:

        British maters ah? We’re the masters, without Somaliland's effort of asking the Europeans to leave Somalia would be under Italian colony as of today. Don't bite the hand that fed you yesterday…..
        If doubt why can't you solve your own problems right now? The very minute that Somaliland took back its sovereignty the entire Somalia fell apart…go figure.

        Osman Qaal

        • cabdirizaq says:

          Let’s act here as a adult & behave like one,north&south somalia fought Their independent separatly north could not Provide any assistance for simple reason not enough resources & manpower.The problem in The south it is not like walk in The park more complicated Than you Think,in Terms of size & population different ethnic groups put some of Them doing well such as Puntland which enjoying stability some people may say Puntland it’s not part of south.when did s/land took back it’s sovereignty? i can’t remember That at all.

          The collapse somalia society one or two ethnic was not responsible it was combination of all Things.

          *lack of democracy
          *lack of self regional governance
          *not respecting each other regions
          *military regime
          *rebel groups starting 1978 to 1990

          The question is can s/land solve south problem? NO,s/land can’t get Their house in order last 12 month’s movement from khaatumo & awdal states which want’s own states.The whole agenda behind british calling conference in london is biggest somali diaspora live in uk,secondly oil reserve found some part of somalia,Third uk want’s to see central goverment talk to,fourth They did not want to call one part of soamlia & leave other part.what stricks me The most is britain told s/land to come conference not at Their will,what s/land could bring in This meeting? nothing,accept grievances all somalia society are grieving one way or The other,s/land will benefit more Than south.

  15. Galeydh says:

    War dadkani indha adaga. Hora loo idhi, nin meel u cadahay, meel u madow…SHAME ON YOU PUT-LAND, excuse my french


  16. Abraham says:

    The best way to protect Somaliland's trade and interests is to ask the countries we trade with such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia to accept armed guards to board all Somaliland bound ships from their ports so we that we can blow up the pirates if they approach our ships.

  17. Puntland warrior says:

    ps Sharif Ahmed bought more foreign forces den any other somali leader in the history of somalia, amisom in mogadishu, ethiopian troops controls most of bay & bakool including the capitals xuddur & baidoa. ethiopians also controls beledweyne the capital of hiiraan state & ceelbuur in galgadud & kenyan forces in Lower Juba, middle juba & now Sharif Ahmed wants sierra leone troops to be deployed in gedo region.
    but i guess you dnt wana tk bout Sharif Ahmed but you will rather point fingers at the late Abdullahi Yusuf so you cause fitnah among two brotherhood clans? you wont reach your goal cuz the days wen
    H-BLOCK & D- Block wer each other's throat its long gone. we are in the process of working together to rebuild somalia inside & outside.
    once al shabaab is out of the picture, the hargeisa militias will be next to sort out!!!!

    • Puntland warrior says:

      ur rite sxb, these somalilanders are definitely weird folks, they continue to click on a the fake border that will never exist.

      • cumar ali says:

        sxb The situation is They are on dead end no recogntion,british Their masters told Them to come conference This is shame full,even TFG can’t recognise cause world made Their mind about This scenario,i don’t Think They will bring in The meeting anything constructive accept small idea & fake borders,put The Thing is how about other somali north 80% of Them They againest This fake border etc,They assume That only region safe in somalia is somaliland This how Their brain works, Puntland is safe kismayu safe.

  18. misslovely says:

    hadii anu nahay shicibka reer somaliland waxaanu aad iyo aad ugu mahadcelinaynaa walaalahayaga nasabka ah ee reer galmudug amba halyeeyada habar gidir ee sida sharafta leh ula dhaqmay dadkayagii hantidoodii tuugta reer pirateland kaxadeen kasoo dhacsanayay walee dad lakala baray viva galmudug tuugta reer piratlandna waxaan leyahay iska daaya xaaraanta xoolo laguma yeeshee hadaad lacagta sidaa u sheceshiin waa loo tabcaa

    • saalim abdi says:

      bortooyada wax u dhimin somali hadey nasab leedahay waa boqortooyada iyo Their kin,galmudug mooryan iyo is@qow oo marqaan ku wareerson Puntland waxaba kama qaadi karaan.WAA BAROBAGANDA waxeeyna u badan tahay qoraaga soo qorey This artical inuu marqaansana,dad reer puntland waa dad waxaa ka faana.

  19. misslovely says:

    Puntland warrior

  20. misslovely says:

    waa in dawlada somaliland iyo ta somaliyaba caalamka u sheegtaan inay buqland ka dambayso piratedka xitaa hadany u wada dhamayn koleyba qaa kamid ah way lasheqeeyaan madmadow kuma jiro

  21. osman5 says:

    Puntland warrior,
    Somaliland is in a high gear with high octane fuel. It becomes pointless if you try to discredit Somaliland and compare it with Pirateland. So, the question should be the piracy is in its dying stage for sure…..have Somalis in Puntland thought about an alternative a way of living? You know that they have been spoiled because of the piracy and they feel they’re too good to go back to their old traditional fishing lifestyle.

    Sharif did not have a choice but to request African troops for help. He isn’t an actual politician, no competent advisers on his side either. I believe you watched his speech on TV at the London conference in last Feb, it never occurred to him it’s ok to speak in the language of the people he was representing for.

    Abdillahi Yusuf opened up the flood gates in the first place. Never in the history of Somalia was given Ethiopians a license to kill Somalis before him. Please stop trying to defending a disgraced dead horse. I don’t feel bad about he’s 6ft underground now; one less trouble maker to worry about as far as I’m concerned.

    Osman Qaal

  22. Beeldeeq says:

    Talo – waxaan kugula talin lahaa in aadan la wadin Puntland warrior iyo noociisa oo kale maxaa yeelay wax macno samaynaya ku hadli maayo. Sidaa awgeed, in loo jawaabo iyo in lala wadwado ma istaahilo ee iska illoow.

  23. amal says:

    Puntland warrior,

    Majerteen boy, calm down. You never tasted any battle with isaxqis in your history but you know if anything happens it will be shaking Pirateland.

    If puntland could do anything about Somaliland, they would have done it ages ago so don't waste your breath.

  24. amal says:

    If puntland could do anything about Somaliland, they would have done it ages ago but all they do is bark, copy and be jealous about Somaliland . And now they are in panicky mood and just passing winds. lets see what pirates can do. Galmudug are the real patriots of Somalia and they will stand on their feet soon to lead Somalia.

    • Puntland warrior says:

      lool do you suffer from insomnia? so what's puntland be doing since its was founded in 1998, growing banana field in bari? In order to fulfill our mission puntland had to destabilising the Ethiopian stooge enclave by all means & create four independent state clan-based areas (ethiopian enclave (somaliland), maakhir, awdal & khatumo) puntland brought Silanyo to his knees, he have no position to negotiation with Sharif Ahmed, since he doesnt represents other clans of maakhir, awdal & khatumo etc.

      Ps Galmudug is a small village, the only area they control is one district of southern Gaalkacyo which iz a farm house, puntland controls key strategic areas lyk the airport.
      Puntland is the new power base of Somalia!!!

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Puntland Warrior or wailer talks too much out of mule hill gathers no moss.Keep seeking
        media attentions, that's all you could brag about all day long 24/7, but you know well that
        there are no real formidable Security dangers within the Somaliland demarcation International
        De Jure Sovereignty Colonial Borders of the Post Independence of 26 June 1960 from
        HMG Great Britain. Maakhir and Awdal are stable SLD. The Khaatumo Seeg marginalized
        pro-Union Somalia can not win because the Somaliland Govt has the capacity to defend
        the National integrity in tact. Therefore keep burning your anger thru SLDPRESS!.
        That's your only means of relief.

        • amal says:

          Puntland wailer, keep crying foul. Somaliland is in good shape and we will guard it like our precious baby. These so-called states are by paper, the elders of Awdal slapped it back in your face and will remain with their historical brothers and in their home. Khatumo seeg are just emotional but they will come around later. The gov is soft to them but pirates will be punished if they cross the line. To sum it up all Somaliland Govt has the capacity to defend the National integrity in tact as said so all you can do is sit back, watch and bark.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Get real Somaliland and Somalia are ready to talk together before the June 2012
            Istanbul-Turkey(ICS) talks after the LCS February 2012 Talks. What that means is
            Puntland is represented by Somalia DKMG because Somaliland will negotiate
            only with the DKMG and not renegade Puntland!. Therefore Puntland iz doomed and
            is represented by PM Gaas of DKMG to be part of Somalia proper while Somaliland proper
            remains A de jure Sovereignty based on their post Colonial Independence back in the

          • guuled says:

            Puntland will have two ministers in The meeting from Puntland,total ministers seven five from TFG two from Puntland,This is how low your information is, read The papers only reading s/landpress backward.

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Are you talking about the DKMG Roadmaps 1+2 Somalia-Puntland for all inclusive
            Signatories for Somalia proper, where Somaliland proper is not a signatory
            participant? Wake up MR Guuled and stop underestimating or abusing my
            uptodate knowledge of who's who in the political stance of Puntland'COM pro union of
            Somalia DKMG and Somaliland proper anti-union!. Let's keep our fingers crossed for initial
            preliminary beginning talks between Somaliland proper Govt delegation and Somalia DKMG
            proper delegation expected to take place presumbaly in London pretty soon!. Untill then
            back off and stay cool and calm down. Things are hopefully working in the right

  25. Galeydh says:

    Somaliland, if not all somali, should produce some kind of vaccination against ( CETTE REGION DE PUT ) PUT-LAND because they're some kind of a virus amongs ALL somali Ppl. They don't only produce world class H (PUT) but also pirates nowadays. I wonder if they even practise islam or any religion.


  26. MUSLIM says:


  27. inayuusuf says:

    Puntland Warrior: Boowe gaban yar oo aan wax ogeyn baa tahaye iska daa rabshadaan oo iska fariiso. Ummadda oo dhan waa ka dheregsantahay waxa Butlaan tahay. Garanmayo waxa aad ka samaysantahay wiil kaagan yar. Dadkakan Buntlaan joogaa waa gafanaha oo kale oo dhiiga soomaalida kale ayay cabahayaan. Haday waayaana ayakaa is cunayaya. Bal waa loo wada joogaa waxa ka dhaca.

    Boowe Khatumona idinka ayaa la idiin sameeyey oo Haw*ye ayaa wax soo fahmahaya oo inaydin RW danbe calfan doonayaya. Kontonka Baarlamaan ka ah ee D**roodna mug weyn ku yeeshaaniiin doonahaya. Hedhe gaban kaa caqli xun ma arag abidkay ee ma Ciise Maxmuud baad tahay.

  28. Abdiwahab says:

    Why are you barking Somaliland is a seperate country and you cant do jack about it loooosseerrr PS seriously recognition is the only viable solution for peace in H.o.Africa pigs are more likely to fly to Mars than Somaliland rejoining the failed state of Zoomaliya loool

  29. naasir ali says:

    @puntland warrior,hundreds other somalis comment here from north & other parts of somalia,so remember you have a lot of freinds here.

  30. inayuusuf says:

    Putntland woarrior: We all know that you are Dhuulo and pretending Marj. You should be wary of nothing. We intentionally entertain you. After all, we are Somalialnders and are accustomed to freedom of speech.

  31. mohamed cheers says:

    You must be a mad happy go lucky jargon!

  32. HMObsiye says:

    It could have been much better if you learn how to express yourself in English before fooling yourself in front of the whole world. The way you write now,your comments do not make any sense at all.

  33. Kayse says:

    In this incident I am with the Puntland Pirates because Silanyo government is doing something that is not Somali…I do not understand why they taking in Puntland's pirates from foreign forces and prisons in exchange for little money. You also have to remember most of these Somaliland businesses refused to pay their taxes to the government and its funny they can come up with $300,000 just like that while they wont pay their $50 income tax.

    This exposed Somaliland's gangland business figures and their dirty secrets. My advice to Puntland pirates is to take as many ships as they can from Somaliland until the country decides not to become a dumping ground for West's problems.

    I congratulate them and insha Allah the $300,000 will go towards restoring Somalia's over fished and destroyed coastline by foreigners who continue to dump chemical waste, over fish and chased the local fishermen.

    Somaliland has to act Somali and behave within the Somali cultural values. Locking Somalis on the behave of foreigners is not acceptable.

    Puntlanders and other Somalis have to understand most Somalilanders support the pirates rights to free their livelihood from foreign hands.

    Somaliland so called business elites are nothing but greedy old criminals. They bribe the Silanyo administration and the ones before to have monopoly over the use of the port and they can only import things…everyone else is outlawed. They saying is "Kaani wuxu uu xidhan yahey Omar or Dahabshiil or Deero"….I have no sympathy for them and it would have been better if Puntland pirates burned down the whole MV Leila scrape metals.

    • amal says:

      Are you for real? woow. Welcome back, can we call you a puntlander now? lol

    • mohamed cheers says:

      SHHHHHHHHH Kayse Kayse hold your horse..The Somaliland is now committed to have talks with
      the Piracy invested all inclusive Somalia proper DKMG roadmaps 1+2 Signatories. under the supervision of big key Govts and the UN and Hopefully, good results is expected to come about sooner than later and hopefully this burdensome Piracy at the highseas will be an interim short term crisis. As for the Somaliland, they are now in the game of do or die!

    • muxsin jama says:

      your right what you wrote some of it not all ,i am interesting gangland business elite criminals in s/land must be the mafia controls s/land enclave.

  34. amal says:

    The pirates are nothing but thugs!

  35. sld says:

    @ kayse
    I have to disagree with you because these pirates capture ships that are way off the somali coast and second whether you are somali or not—-muslim or not…you still go to jail for any crimes committed under any law

  36. Barwaaqo says:

    @ Keyse

    Sidaad uga soo noqotay Somaliland wax uun baad hiifeytsaa'e maxaa kugu soo dhacay?

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Keyse Paltalk iyo Kayse ma'isku mid ba? Kayse siddu doonu kubada u'lada..wa lama sittaan
      jirjiroole shanba cayn ah…ya cayni barwaaqo kkkkk

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