Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2012

SOMALILAND: Britain to open consulate general in Hargeisa

HARGEISA — The British government this week unveiled its plans to open a consulate general in Hargeisa, capital city of Somaliland, as it broadens its diplomatic presence in the region.

This was announced at the Hargeisa Book Fair exhibition by the visiting British Ambassador to Somalia, Matt Baugh, who said the establishment will mark a new step forward in British-Somaliland relations.

The consulate will oversee the delivery and implementation of British interest and development projects in Somaliland, as well promote relations between Hargeisa and British partners.

The office will operate under the British embassy set to be opened in Mogadishu and all diplomatic contacts between Somaliland and Britain will be moved from the current Mission in Addis Ababa to the office of Ambassador Baugh.

“The British government has expressed its interest to establish this office which will be located within the British Embassy in Mogadishu,” he said. Mr Baugh added that he was happy with the existing cordial relations between the two sides.

The British General Consulate joins a number of planned similar offices including one from Norway.

Mr. Baugh was appointed as the first British Ambassador to Somalia after 21 years at the beginning of this year.

Somaliland remains unrecognized despite breaking away from Somalia over two decades and the new General Consulate is seen as another setback. Somaliland officials might now have to travel to Mogadishu just to meet with British officials.


July 19, 2012

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  1. muxsin says:

    In the future when somalis get settle all The major players and donares in somali affairs will open consulate in s/land-Puntland-jubbaland put embasseis will remain in mogadishu. no need to go mogadishu every time.

  2. Sade Inquisitor says:

    OH MY!!! the trap worked SL has blindly walked into the federalism model. After 21 years of kicking and screaming welcome back home.

  3. Kayse says:

    Turkey should open similar one because right now Turkey is the real hero, who cares about Britain, they are old and have long collapsed. Britain needs its own donor nations to rescue its declining and aged economy.

    They will issue travel documents, scholarships, etc, for Somalis from Somaliland region for UK.

    I prefer the Turks, look how much they have done in Mogadishu in just few months. Britain was in Somaliland since 1880s and all they did was one theatre and one small airport.

    Very useless. Not sure what development they talking about. They give little aid to the police and illegal militia to oppress the civilians, not sure what they talking about. Oh they also fund the book fair – big deal.

    Turkey meanwhile builds hospitals, schools, airports, ports, landmarks, water system for Mogadishu. Anyone can fund a little book fair come on Britain.

    • nuux says:

      kayse, The Turkish are champion when it comes to help somalis They realy have no bad agenda behind, specially current addmin in turkey.

      If somalis willing to do business with turkey also turkey will do The some.

  4. Raage says:

    The one and only issue that we as Somalilanders have to think about is that, is Britain or any of the western countries doing this because it looks at us as a possible political partner, or is this a prelude to some devious scheme that we may not envision at the moment? I, as a die-hard Somalilander is totally and unequivocally against recognition. The public is told that recognition is a way out of their misery and doldrums of every day life, because as the plan stipulates, we, after recognition will have the opportunity to borrow money from the notorious entities like the world bank or the IMF, that for transform countries into indentured servants. T cut to the chase, Somaliland does not recognition, but needs to to arm itself and to defend itself.

  5. Raage says:


    I don't who the F you are, but you are better off writing in Somali or som tother language that you are proficient in.

    • Sade Inquisitor says:

      Hahhahah if I were you, I will demand my teacher to refund my school money back. Bloody hell, how dare you accuse another person while yourself can not write a coherent sentence or spell the name of the individual you making fun of correctly. F%#K OFF

      • Jabuutawi says:

        Let me get this straight: Somalis are showing off each other who writes better in English? I got 4 words for you, IN-CRE-DI-BLE. I sayz who Karez.

        • nuux says:

          You sound like vicious animal attacking people out of The blue.

          It is time for you to get some help because your mental status does not seem fit at all.

          Even what you wrote here is scavengers garbage.

    • Kayse says:

      Don't be rude guys, its ramadan. Who cares about your ESL levels, English is old and now people are learning Chinese.

  6. Xarago says:

    Somali Republic is rising again South and North joint together and hold hands and work for common goal for Somalia. Bring peace stability, good governance, fair power sharing North and South, reconstruction the country, we can do a lot lets work together for better future Inshaallah.

    Stop the division, work for unity viva Jamuriyaada Somaliya

  7. ComeAgain says:

    Under who? I am sorry but this does not sound good, I think they should send them packing to xamar after all thats who they seem to be under no need to be in Somaliland!

    Cant believe Silanyo let them do this, perhaps he is slipping. Maybe sade was right we walked into the federal crapshoot that is Somalia, tell the brits to pack it up and move to Xamar.

    There should be demonstrations in the streets for this crap, surprised there isnt already.

  8. Aydid Somalilander says:

    The British are playing with the mind of those Somalis who anti Somaliland. They British knows full well, that never again will Somaliland people join the failed union it once mistakenly made Somalia.
    What ever they say or do doesn't make any differences to Somaliland. The decision of Somaliland people is a forgone conclusion.

    • caydiid ali says:

      British know The full story and They aware The situation. so Those folks who Think They could live dream with fake status it’s all over.

      wellcome back to reality, no need to waste time something That does not existed first place.

      • hamsa says:

        @caydiid ali

        you said the "British know The full story and They aware The situation", this implies you yourself know what it is the British know, what the full story is and what situation the British are aware of. Otherwise how could you write this garbage without you finding out what it is that the British know, you must have spied somehow of what "British know The full story and They aware The situation".

        So, could you plz perhaps show us some light (unlike you, we do not have access to such info, probably you are Mr. Well Connected to the British establishment) or educate us (at least, pretend you are doing this education for the good of Somaliweyn!!) what the British know? What full story they (British) know? And what situation are the British aware of?


  9. kaboon says:

    Britain is useless. we should get the chinese to open a place in Hargeisa as they are the future.

  10. Mr Khaatumo State of Somalia says:

    For any of the so called “Somalilanders” or anyone else that had doubts or hope of getting recognized? I’m very sorry but this is the “smoking gun” as they say that Somalia is not being divided. Plus I don’t know what some people of north western Somalia are complaining about, because now they have the recognition they were looking for it’s just not the way they envisioned.

  11. M. Khalid says:

    Britain as well as the other western governments recognize Somali land as part of Somalia but see it as a special case where democracy and good governance exist. They like the South to follow suit so that when all Somalia is settled, Somali land and Somalia reinstate the collapsed union. As for the consulate or the liaison office Britain wants to open in Hargeisa, it good for Somali land because it will be a window through which Somali land will contact the outside world. Somali land depends on West' aid.

    • kamaal says:

      The whole somali case is specail cuz The IC are getting sick off somali situation including s/land and Puntland.

      Yes There is small progress made s/land-Puntland put no solid development or real democracy.

      Opening cosulate or liason office in hargiesa is good & probably all The AID donors will open offices other semi-autonomous states including Puntland.

      All These consulate will get direct orders from Their embassies in mogadishu That is how diplomany work’s.

      The good Thing about development will spread all somali peninsula.

  12. yufle says:

    This is actually an insult and a direct and present threat to Somaliland's sovereignty. If the Consulate is to be run from Mogadishu it will be an open admission that Somaliland is part of Somalia. I would rather it was run from hell itself rather than that place of evil. Shame on Britain and shame on the weak, spineless Siilaanyo govt for accepting humiliation after humiliation ever since it came to power.

    • helyey18 says:

      You are right. Where are the Somaliland media, and why they did not ask this Brit, what he is doing here? and why he did stay in muqdisho? or Somaliland is lacking leader ship(s), either they are chewing Qat, or going shir beeladyo, or want to be a politician, eventhough they have no clue what politician or leader do?

    • Truth says:

      Somaliland means ''The land of the Somali people'' not ''The land of the Isaaq people'' mate, that's why both territories were called Somaliland (Italiand Somaliland, Britain Smaliland). They both opted the name Somalia on july1 1960, stop your pathetic indefensible argument. You will never be recognised internationally and nationally, even the northern tribes spoke openly that they don't want to be part of you secession!! If you want to secess so badly then take your '' Woqooyi Galbeed'' which is beteen ''Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer'' on the east and ''Awdal'' on the west

    • Warqabe says:

      I don't care where the proposed UK Consulate will be reporting to whether it is gonna be Mogadishu, Addis Ababa or Nairobi. The truth is that the proposed UK Consulate in Hargeisa will surely be there for taking care of British interests first and foremost. In regards to Somaliland's sovereignty, I don't see any points that people could make arguments of it over here, simply because the restoration of Somaliland's sovereignty was irrevocably decided more than two decades ago and no foreign powers or walaweyns can alter anything and also everybody here should know that the only power which could make changes if any will always be remained in the hands and minds of the majority of the Somalilanders.

      Besides that, the Somaliland politicians are the servants of the people and they ought to work in accordance with the constitution of the country as well as the wishes of the people.

  13. Jamal says:

    The openning of a Consulate of Britsh in Somaliland it is one step to recognition of republic of Somaliland there is dougth in that as we will channel all Interest through them and they know us very well. let be oppenness about this that Britain has recognise Somaliland that l am sure of it if Somalia has other dreams let us see if they will open consulate offices in Putland and galmudug l think that will be imposible let us be realistic that Somaliland will never come back to hell unity that the people of somalia are crying that Somaliland should join them into their hell that will be totaly imposible that should be understandable to all of you the people of Somalia.

  14. Baarqab says:

    The Chinese? No way. They will erat all the cats in Hargeisa!

  15. Mohamd says:

    They opened for their own benefit because:
    A) They flood spies into Somalia/SL
    B) Better location than Mogadisho(closer to Adis Ababa by plane)
    C) Berbera port and airport more useful to Nato than Mugadisho.

    This UK dissapoints me hugely despite my 20+ years of taxes to HMR .

    When people with SL blood such as Mohamed Farah are giving their best to the UK, in return the UK reciprocates with importing thousands of Mohamed killers from Afghanistan so Mo Farah could be shot before he runs his first race.

  16. Mohamd says:

    Sad and embarrassing indeed.

  17. AbdiD says:

    Maybe this new pres got some hidden agendas

  18. buuhodle says:





  19. mohamed cheers says:

    The British coalition Govt shouldn't undermine the de jure legit rights of the more progressive
    democratic Somaliland Republic in stark contrast to the failed Somalia's plight.
    Whatever the policies of the British Govt holds for Somaliland, the realities on the ground
    and the peoples civil societies would settle for no less than full Sovereignty statehood which
    has nothing to do with Somalia.

  20. JAMAAC says:

    I'm keen on jumping quick decisions, nevertheless, this decision by Brits doesn't sound good for Somaliland. Perhaps there're legal elements behind this move. Things should be ironed out in due course.

    Osman Qaal

  21. farah farah says:

    during the previous somali governments, there was always a british consulate in hargeisa, that used to be part of the british embassy in mogadisho. what the ambassador told us today is hargeysa is part and parcel of somalia {gobolka waqoyi galbeed). this is the end of the unrealistic dream…………somaliland.

  22. yufle says:

    Guys calm down. Britain is a great friend of Somaliland and we have nothing but respect and gratitude for welcoming our refugees in the 80s and the invaluable contribution it makes to our very survival. whio do you think pays for our (useless) police and feeds our children in schools? Lets show some gratitude here. It is just British diplomacy has another, dare I say less noble side to it. Modern history is littered with peoples and races Britain befriended, made promises to and then let down. The Arabs, Kurds, kashmiris, Ibos and others will testify to this. So if young Mr Baugh can get away with opening a Consulate in Hargeisa under his direct rule from Mog it will be a personal success and he will prove to the upper class old boy network 'chaps' in the FCO that he is a 'clever lad' like them. Somaliland must not fall into this trap. But has silanyo/Sayllici/ and Omar got the wits to understand the danger this move poses and the guts to do something about it?


    The British who colonized Somaliland for many years and even finally gave them their independance after a long struggle by the somalilanders have been a BIG let down to the people of somaliland. This because The British having known the history of Somaliland very well that it was a seperate country from the very begining and NEVER part of somalia, after the saccession from Siyad Bares goverment after loosing so many lives and the country was destroyrd by the Barres regime, The British never came to open to declare the true position of Somaliland to the rest of the world. Even now by opening a consulate they are still treating Somaliland in a second class manner. Why do we have to travel to muqdisho to meet the embassador? The so called international have agreed to sabotage us for reasons known to them. So DONT trust the British , they are hippocreats, let us Somaliland invite the CHINESE and other East ern Asian Countries. Somaliland will servive and prosper without the recognation from western countries. We should seek recognation from the Almighty ALLAH ONLY.

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