BERBERA (SomalilandPress) — The port city of Berbera today welcomed a delegation lead by Vice President Abdirahman Abdillahi Saylici, Minister of Aviation Mohamud Hashi Abdi and Minister of Information Abdullahi Geeljire and the first lady of Somaliland Amina Mohamed Jirde.

The delegation first stopped at Berbera International Airport where the vice president opened an additional new terminal that was recently added to the airports departure terminals.  Also at the ceremony Minister of Aviation Mohamud Hashi Abdi spoke about how this new terminal was part of the new government’s first 100 day initiative plan.  Mr. Abdi informed the attendees of the opening ceremony that this new additional terminal cost roughly $110,000 dollars.

Vice President Saylici spoke after the Minister of Aviation, Mr. Saylici told the audience that he came to Berbera today to show the residents that it was not only a campaign promise when his party promised to improve the city of Berbera.  Vice President Saylici went on to say, “I am very proud to see the fruits of our promise today come true in Berbera which is the mother of Somaliland”.

After opening the new terminal in Berbera International Airport the Vice President and his delegates went to the Port where they were welcomed by Berbera sea Port managing Director Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirrir.  Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirrir informed the vice president that at his short period of time on the job he was able to build a new road that leads the port to the main road; also a new emergency hospital wing has been added to the port.

Currently Berbera has the main sea and air port for the country;  and commerce transactions in the city have the main source of income for the somaliland federal governments. Residents of the city have usually complained the neglect of the sea port and lack of improvement its infrastructures. Since Gulf Countries started importing livestock from Somaliland, Berbra has become a major hub of business activities in the country.

Report by Abdiqani Baynah.