Published On: Thu, Oct 28th, 2010

SOMALILAND: Berbera airport gets new terminal

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BERBERA (SomalilandPress) — The port city of Berbera today welcomed a delegation lead by Vice President Abdirahman Abdillahi Saylici, Minister of Aviation Mohamud Hashi Abdi and Minister of Information Abdullahi Geeljire and the first lady of Somaliland Amina Mohamed Jirde.

The delegation first stopped at Berbera International Airport where the vice president opened an additional new terminal that was recently added to the airports departure terminals.  Also at the ceremony Minister of Aviation Mohamud Hashi Abdi spoke about how this new terminal was part of the new government’s first 100 day initiative plan.  Mr. Abdi informed the attendees of the opening ceremony that this new additional terminal cost roughly $110,000 dollars.

Vice President Saylici spoke after the Minister of Aviation, Mr. Saylici told the audience that he came to Berbera today to show the residents that it was not only a campaign promise when his party promised to improve the city of Berbera.  Vice President Saylici went on to say, “I am very proud to see the fruits of our promise today come true in Berbera which is the mother of Somaliland”.

After opening the new terminal in Berbera International Airport the Vice President and his delegates went to the Port where they were welcomed by Berbera sea Port managing Director Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirrir.  Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirrir informed the vice president that at his short period of time on the job he was able to build a new road that leads the port to the main road; also a new emergency hospital wing has been added to the port.

Currently Berbera has the main sea and air port for the country;  and commerce transactions in the city have the main source of income for the somaliland federal governments. Residents of the city have usually complained the neglect of the sea port and lack of improvement its infrastructures. Since Gulf Countries started importing livestock from Somaliland, Berbra has become a major hub of business activities in the country.

Report by Abdiqani Baynah.

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  1. omar says:

    Stop building low class airports and invest in the ROADS and 3 airports in the country only not one in every town/region better to have few high class airports then budget airports with low quality

  2. Mahad says:

    excuse me are you saying the airports of Somaliland are low class, at least Somaliland airports has peace and stabilty, unlike the south. low class airports when you land in airport in Somaliland you walk there as a freeman without being harmed by anyone. Berbera has the longest runaway in Africa, Burao has been opened last week and is in the centre of Somaliland, Hargeisa is the Capital and where most of the Somalilanders from Abroad visit during vacations. Berbera is the port city and also the business city and also the motor city of Somaliland, and a Commercial and industrial city in Somaliland. Low class they are high class..

    • Ahmed says:

      We will at some point have to move beyond the usual "at least we have peace" and take greater strides in our own development. Peace is a basic. We need to move beyond basic.

    • sarah says:

      potential is being wasted by people like you. airports should be evolving and get better and better. not rely on ignorant people who believe mouth to mouth marketing actually creates quality.

  3. Musa Egal says:

    What an ignorant question you put for describing the government in investing the country, they were in office for 90's day now they have acomplished alot since then,at least they are more active then the former adminstration, the old government did not do jack, and another it's air first then sea the road, roads there are hazard when it's paved with too many unexperienced and incompetent drivers without a license who driver careless on the road when it is paved.

  4. Isse says:

    They should come and fix the roads in Somaliland which needs repairs, and hargeisa airport should have the runway fixed if the planes should travel to places like Addis Ababa, and Dubai, instead of going through to terrible djioubti.

  5. nasir says:

    This is good and important move, the new administration has to understand taking strategic decisions in times capital scarcity will make valuable meaning to every citizen.

    Developments in berbera and hargeisa airports must be their first priority and second Arigavo airport must be their next target because this will help sanaag region which has no roads economically connects to the mid-regions of the country.

  6. mohamed says:

    So far so good….The Sl new Govt. is very active to be delivering the
    promises made during the election campaigns. Clearly these speedy
    performances of the new SL Govt. as compared to the previous Regimes
    on the National and International levels are encouraging signs showing
    the much-needed progress towards sustainable prosperity and happiness. Hopefully it will be a matter of time when such progress will be felt throughout the whole 6 Regions of SL. Good that Berbera is having the Govt. attention. It would be worthwhile too, to expand the Govt. focus on W/Bari..T/Dheer, Sanaag and Sool Regions with further emphasis on the SSC security issues taken care of!. Cheers.

  7. yacen says:

    May someone please, help me understand the writer's view , when he says,
    "………mains source of income for the Somaliland federal governments."
    I never knew that Somaliland was a federal government (DFS/KG).
    Maybe Mr. Abdiqani has empharsised on something we were not aware of.



    • Kayse says:

      Well thats a mistake on the writer's part because Somaliland is not a federal country meaning each region doesnt have its own state government which consistes of the three parties. A federal country is like Australia where each state has its own government then there is the "Federal government" based in Canberra led by Gulia Gillard. The leader of each state is called Premier while the leader of the country is Prime Minister.

      I also believe Canada is another federal government.

      Anyways nothing serious, Federal is just central government.

  8. ali says:

    I am pretty sure that the current government has not paid a penny for the constrution of the berbera run way but still they get the credit. I am wondering whether the first lady is a minister or not. does she run Somaliland? her name pops up every time i visit somalilandpress.can you help me with that!

  9. iid says:

    we are muslim people plze care disibline

  10. siilanyo says:

    sland good +best and somalia is my butter country in future when all people are died and hargeisa become capital

  11. M. Khalid says:

    From its first steps in trying to build the country, the new government of Silanyo has shown to be a people's government where the interests of the populace are given importance. It is different from the former government in that the latter's bureaucrats were busying with enriching themselves at the expenses of the electorate's well-being. Somali land has suffered from mismanagement. The country needs patriotic leaders who are ready to change the old system of corruption and nepotism and improve the country with its meager resources.

    • ali says:

      Are you sure the government of Silanyo has built anything? i am amazed with your claims.

      Mr Silanyo could have closed the port of berbera!

      • faisal says:

        for those who has silanyo-maniac characteristics please stop your nonsense claims, Somaliland needs cooperation and unity, this airport is maintained and developed by the coordination of airline companies, Berbera local government and some contribution from the central government. you guys do not associate your party every positive news we hear from our nation.

      • Isse says:

        HEy ALi you need help, udub are out of the picture now, silanyo had fulfufied has promise, rayalie did not do scot. Dahir was lazy. Silanyo active get it through your, you guys stay of this is between me and Ali,
        and tell me to calm or talk it easy that is monkey talk because you are always angry.

  12. ali says:

    I am pretty sure the new government has not paid a penny towards the contruction of berbera terminal but still they take credit even though all berbera revenue goes to Mr Silanyo.

    I am wondering whether the first lady is a minister or not; she is putting her nose everywhere.

    • mohamed says:

      Hey Ali
      Simple truth, 2 Ministers PROF. DAYR, DR. Shire, The Governor, the first lady and many other
      local & Central officials are from Saaxil Region, if all these officials can not help their constituency
      Berbera Port then how you jump to blame the overall Central Govt. President?
      go learn some good manners from your home base and begin to understand how the Govt. system
      works which's not a one man's show president stuff.

      • mohamed says:

        Just one more thing, if you simply hate the Kulmiye Party in general or simply the President
        Silaanyo's Presidency please clarify your motive.

        • mohamed says:

          Besides, during the first 100 days see what attention Berbera is getting from the Silaanyo's
          Govt. Besides, if you are tribal racism minded and simply want everything to go your way,
          just think of Silaanyo bahwaynta h/jeclo are almost dryclean in how the new Govt. was
          distributed..e.g. think of the 2nd largest bahwanta HJ..THE CIMRAN only Burao Governor
          and many others too, and no panic. Those of you who are simply tribal minded for silly
          things and not thinking of the big picture, I say to you go to hell…oops sorry.

  13. SLman says:

    Bro and Sisters, the cost of the new terminal addition is $110,000. We outside SL can raise 10x that amount to help with the Ports, Airports and the Roads. Lets all think of giving a helping hand to an administration that is trying to make changes in good ways and lets Pray Allah(SW) to protect them and keep them in the right path

  14. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    A positive step, but lest we forget, this new terminal was started during the last government. So, even though the new government is opening the building, the project began under the previous government. Let us not get too partisan. It is a good step forward for Somaliland.

  15. Isse says:

    There are some UDub suporters who are in Denial, you guys don't rule the country anymore you guys are finished, stop acting jealous with new adminstrations step. hey another thing the old adminstration would not do jack to anything that the roads were a mess, the education and health care system are also a mess aswell, and the former adminstration would relase convicts or criminals from prisons which would result to mobile phone theft and fo the last 3 years the streets of hargeisa were not safe were hodlums would steal from people by force at knife point or would stab them. so the thugs are cleaned out now and the roads are becoming better and the same with education system and so on. as you all are aware

  16. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Isse take it easy. No one is in denial and no one is being partisan, just stating the facts. If I wanted to criticize the new government, I would not be talking about the new terminal at Berbera, which is good thing, I would have many other things to talk about. If you are referring to my comment, I never mentioned UDUB or UCID, neither which you correctly point out "rule the country", neither do you, my brother. I was just stating the facts.

  17. Isse says:

    Salabeen Shut up and you relax and take it easy, your are the one who is bothering and now you are using crocidle tears, why do you always say take it easy, Salabeen i wasn't talking to you, and get a life loser. i was talking to ali.

  18. mohamed says:

    What happened to the Somcable issue..why it was given to a Djiboutien when the Cable business
    contract would have been awarded to a Somalilander citizen which was the right thing to do.
    We know this matter was inappropriately handled by the Previous Rayaale Regime, but at least the
    Silaanyo Regime could have appropriated this matter in the proper fashion it deserved and as proposed
    by the Ucid Party. This matter needs to be reviewed by the Govt. in the interests of Somaliland
    local business enterprises and concerns of SL security issues and also in the interests of cheaper
    National/International calls. The new Govt. must encourage local business instead of Foreign.

    • Kayse says:

      The matter (Somaliland submarine cable) should be atleast brought in front of the Parliament. Right now whoever get is it its illegal and the people of Somaliland will never feel comfortable with a warlord who bribed the government.

      SomCable is from Djibouti and should not be allowed to operat ein the country thats why the Information and Postal minister went with Siraanyo to Djibouti this week. It was to sign the contract for DJ government.

      This is disgrace!! the people in Berbera must take arms against any illegal company such as SomCable.

  19. Salah Abdi says:

    Mohamed, Somcable is owned by a Somalilander, it's the other company that's owned by hawiye from Xamar….I think you got the two companies confused..

    • mohamed says:

      MR. Abdi, my concern's…is this Somalilander a djiboutien Citizen whose business is mainly
      registered in Djibouti and will this cable be limited directly to Somaliland or through Djibouti

  20. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Hey, everyone Take It Easy. It is all good.

  21. @QaranTV says:

    Hahahahhahahahaahahaha, that's hilarious!! Is that a terminal? hahahahahahaha

  22. bethanny says:

    I'd like to know where I can file a complaint.

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