Published On: Fri, Mar 30th, 2012

Somaliland arrests illegal immigrants as they tried to board a boat to Yemen

SALAAL(Somalilandpress)-Somaliland officials have apprehended more than 55 would be illegal immigrants as they tried to board a boat en route to Yemen in the dead of night in Asha-cad beach in Salaal region. Speaking to the press the deputy governor of Salal region Mr. Ali Allaale Riyalle said that authorities in Saylac we informed of suspicious activities in Asha-cad beach that when they act on the information which resulted to the apprehension 55 illegal immigrant of Oromo origins most of them middle aged women and men are now been held in a police station in Saylac pending investigations.

The deputy governor said that the immigration department and the Ministry of Interior are currently in consultation to find out ways to repatriate the illegal immigrant to their country of origin (Ethiopia). Meanwhile the police chief in Saylac Keyse Sudi Arale has issued a stern warning to any one who is caught involved in human tracking activities will face the full wrath of the law in the past many have been using Somaliland as a transit point in their quest to reach the middle east countries in search of greener pastures but many get stranded in major towns of Somaliland do to lack of sufficient funds to make the journey so they turn into either begging or as casual workers.

Faced with a massive influx of floating population from illegal immigrant from ethiopia, the trend posed a risk of deteriorating security so the government of Somaliland decide to expel the illegal immigrant back to their country with the help of I.O.M in an effort to stem these immigrants to their countries of a origin currently there are more than 768 illegal immagrants await deportation.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

  • inayuusuf

    SLpress you said the would-be-illegal immigrants were arrested while boarding “a boat en route to Yemen”. Clearly, the boat was involved in a human trafficking activity but you said nothing about the boat and its sailors.
    Is this a genuine journalistic deficiency at your part or an intended partiality toward government?

    • Issa

      Are yousamali
      Ooo hi
      Pov our cf

  • Issa

    The oromo sorry for them

    • Issa

      Oromo plp are somali??? 2

      • saraaji ahmed

        Hell NO we are not oromo & we are not isse we are somalis.

  • Feysal

    This must be a machine translation from French to English.

    • Issa

      I am not oromo I am issa love u

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    • Issa

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  • osman5

    At least somaliander government apprehended a bunch illegal immigrates in Somaliland as they attempted to cross the Red Sea.

    A rumor has it though these kind of activities take place in Puntland on daily basis but we don't hear media reports about them because it considered business as usual.

    Yet, a European reporter was told in Bassaso blantly that what takes place in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas as she tried to investigate human smuggling business ventures in Puntland.

    Osman Qaal

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