Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2011

Somaliland army overpowers surprise attack from Puntland

TUKARAQ(SomalilandPress)—In an attempt to surprise Somaliland forces stationed in the outskirt of Tukaraq village, Puntland militia arm with dozen technical pickup trucks mounted with machine guns and 4 commercial trucks carrying fighters attacked an army barrack earlier today. The fighting began just before noon prayer when Puntland militia made a daring attack on Somaliland forces based on the front line, however Somaliland forces were able to rout the militia.

According to Ahmed Hussein Somaliland military officer based in Las Anod who spoke with SomalialndPress reporter on phone “fighting began noon and lasted several hours in which Somaliland army overpowered the militias and captured five militias, one battle wagon and few hundred rounds of ammunition”. Somaliland forces sustained three wounded officers who were brought to Las Anod city hospital with none life threatening wounds. On the Puntland side it is said that there were ten wounded militias who were taken to Garowe hospital in the capital of Puntland.
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Puntland’s Information Minister Ahmed Ali Askar held a press conference in which his side acknowledged this afternoons clash with Somaliland army and that there were casualties on both sides. Mr. Askar however did not disclose the number of militia that was captured from his side or the motive of the attack from their side. In a surprise twist Mr. Askar blamed Somalia’s Transitional Government and SSC militia for today’s clash with Somaliland forces. The information minister goes on to say “TFG and SSC militia are creating conflict between the two stable regions and that they are to be blamed for today’s clash”. In the last several months Somalia Transitional Government (TFG) has been arming SSC militia in an attempt to create conflict between Somaliland and Puntland in a mini proxy war of its own.
Somaliland government has not spoken about this afternoons clash with Puntland militia. It was two weeks ago when Somaliland President Ahmed Siilanyo’s speech at Somaliland’s 20th anniversary said “it is important that Somaliland has good relationship with Puntland, however Somaliland will not negotiate in defending its territorial rights”.

The following is the full audio of Puntland’s Information Minister’s Press Conference

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Somalilandpress | 30 May 2011

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  1. abdikhadar says:

    Well done to the somaliland army in repelling this cowardice attack.

  2. amal says:

    Somaliland wants peace and good relationship with puntland but such behavior from puntland will not be tolerated. God bless our brave men who are defending the country any time. ilahayo wixi xumaan raba ku celi

    • Sharmarke says:

      indinka raba xumaan waayo idinka haysata dhul aadayn u dhalan ilahayna isaaq xaka abaalmariyo khasaaraha ay u geeystan harti, waayo anagu wax ba ka kama rabnee.

  3. Abdi says:

    what a load of lies..Go to Every other news agency, and they will tell you Somaliland Militia attacked Puntland forces..The Somaliland militia was completely humiliated and defeated, plus one of their army Generals was captured by the Puntland military.

    • salma says:

      abdi waxaad tahay miskiin !!!!

      • elies says:

        abdi u dreaming boy, somaliland dont want war with anybody but if we get attacked we know what to do. we know how militias operate we defeated one of the strongest army in africa, so we know how militias operate and we will never attack you even though we stronger but always allah is stronger and we dont want to kill our muslim brothers cold blooded.
        best thing do is to defend ourselves whenever we get attacked, and to show you somalies from the south that we are good haerted people and that is one of the rreason allah is made our country somaliland peace, beacuse we not blood drinking people.
        all im gonna say we won the war long long time ago, the day SNM soldiers had the chance to finish and destroy all faqash supporters but decided to let them live in peace, after they waved the white flag, we won the war then.
        long live somaliland, and long live all peace loving nation

  4. Etiophian says:

    We Etiophia don't want these two somali tribal states to destablize the area more than it is…. Both Somaliland and Puntland should stop this tribal war and act like civlized people.

  5. Abdi says:

    Salma thank you,..Miskiin aan noqdo inti aan sheydaan noqon lahaa

  6. Gobaad says:

    Abdi, mikiin ma tihid ee waxad tahay akbar munaafeq. If you want to be a mouth piece go ahead but the truth always comes to light. Somaliland will not tolerated these cowardly attacks trying to distabilize Somaliland and hinder its progress and will defend its people, territory, and country vigorously whether these attacks were originated SSC, Puntland, or the weak government of TFG who controls the villa they live in. Gardaroodaa weligii ma guulaysto.

    Good job, beloved Somaliland Army Force. But please, please, and please stop being complacent and be on alert at all times. We are peace loving people is not working with these terrorists. It is embarrassing to be caught by surprises every single time. From now and on, be on the offensive and teach these cowards a lesson.

  7. hassan says:

    why somaliland gets attacked all the time?????????? some times no need to be a peace loving country,,,

  8. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Fuleygu wuu soo dhoontaa, geesigu lakiin maalin cad bu dagaal galaa. Somaliland waxay laga dagaalamasaa fuley, waad aragtaa oo maalin walba inta fuleyda la karbaasho, ayey dib u cararaan.

  9. xamse says:

    Ma Waxay Moodayeen Dabaldagii 18 may Inaaynu Askartii oo Dhan u Dirney? The Morale Of Our Armed Forces Is As High As The Daalo Mountains………That Means Waa Daruurahe Daadku Yaanu Idin Qaadin

  10. xamse says:

    See How Low Puntland Goes By Putting The Blame On Sheikh Shariif. Bal Fulaynimadaa Eega Ninyow? I see This one, As Another Huge political Gain For Somaliland

  11. Abdi says:

    Gobaad, marki aad wax kale weyday baad aflagaao ugudubtay…Other news agencies were saying Somaliland militia provoked the surprise attack even before the Puntland minister held the press conference….Its funny When your attack completely failed, you blame the other side….Pathetic Go kiss up to Israel, and let us live in peace

    • Gobaad says:

      Aflagaadadda add bilaabay, Israel iyo "Kablalax Koombo" midna anigu kuma Abtirsado ee 'Sheikh Ishaaq Bin Ahmed Bin Hashem' ayaan ku Abtirsadaa. Wax meelo kale ka yimid oo aan Asalka magacyadooda lagarnayn idinkaa jira. So, don't even go there!

    • Gobaad says:

      Aflagaadadda add bilaabay, Israel iyo "Kablalax Koombo" midna anigu kuma Abtirsado ee Sheikh Ishaaq Bin Ahmed Bin Hashem ayaan ku Abtirsadaa. Wax meelo kale ka yimid oo aan Asalka magacyadooda lagarnayn idinkaa jira. So, don't even go there!

    • warya says:

      lool! Firstly, brother you need to realize that when it comes to unbiased journalism, Somali people are still infants for the most part. We as Somali people still bring tribalism even into journalism. It's okay to route for whatever side, but to completely slip the entire story on its head is too much!

      Secondly, you said the MAJORITY of the sites! Could you please list the site you have looked at. I asked this for 2 reasons – 1) somali people like to makes things up outright whenever it suites them and the TFG is an excellent example. 2) Even if you were right and I say IF it would only mean that the majority of Non-Somalilanders want to see our region destroyed.

      In honestly, the more logical conclusion is as follows: Somaliland just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with many well foreign diplomats and political figures extending their congratulations. Despite Somaliland's lack of recognition, this event has some political groups worried namely puntland and the TFG.

      So why are they worried? simple! For TFG its always been AID MONEY and ENVY. The southerns and their supporters have always called for a centralized government with the Waqoi being marginalized. They can not openly say this, but all of their previous power sharing schemes has made this clear. As the puntland, tribal ambition has always been the name of the game for the Marjeertan. If Somaliland separated, what would become of Puntland and what territories would they rule? Everything to the west would Somaliland region and everything from Galcakyo downwards would be Hawiya land mostly. Furthermore, none of the southern tribes are in the least interested in puntland's politics nor friendship.

      So attack Somaliland, destabilize, and buy sometime for the TFG to get its act together or at least take away some of their shine is the name of the game! SAD, but predictable!

  12. amal says:

    ^ Abdi, come down brother we all know that puntland attacked somaliland by surprise and somaliland army defended themselves and thats the least we can do. Somaliland people is the most peace loving people in the horn of Africa. Dagaal and attacking your brother in Islam is wrong but we will defend ourselves. The best thing for somaliland and puntland is to leave peacefully side by side and strengthen their relationship

  13. I Jama says:

    All this is due to their recent realisation that they have failed whilst Somaliland has maintained itself in the right path. Puntland /omalia need to also realise that Somaliland has already won and history cannot be changed for their achievements will stay whether they like it or not. Puntland itself has its own problems with Somalia who are now preparing for elections and their lucrative piracy is coming to an end. Of course now these pirates will come in land and Somaliland will have to dis arm them or push them south. Our government will need to hold Somalia/Puntland responsible for any losses and make sure they push them to pay for any disruption by involving the International organisation they belong to. Somaliland should not suffer this in silence but hold who is responsible to clean up their own mess. There is no use trying to get Somaliland envolved with this war of theirs it is not in our interest. They have already indicated that they wanted Somaliland to be involved in the war against Alshabaab but this is not advisable nor is it our interest. We must not get invovled with this regardless of how hard they try

  14. abrar says:

    loool amal….abdi is telling us in a way you are jew….all the prophets of allah were jews so what is wrong with that? we are muslims through and through and we thank allah for his bounty…allah is with the honest,trustworthy, humble,sincere,……etc…. allah make us among them

  15. Abraham says:

    This is so tiring. Yet another costly drama from the Pirates of the Horn. This time were they celebrating the release of their film?

  16. Abdi says:

    abrar, you are not really comparing the holy prophets to those Zionists in Israel, are you?
    @Jama..Somaliland has done so many good things for themselves and i am happy for Somaliland, but that does not give you the right to attack your neighbors..Puntland is trying to resolve our problems peacefully, but Somaliland is insisting on starting a war….Puntland will eventually strike back if this GARDARO does not stop.

    • Faisal says:

      "Puntland will eventually strike back"…..hahahahahahhahaha!!!! I would like to see that….strike back……hahaha….if you are going to strike back at some one strike on the pirates in your sea……

    • Gobaad says:

      Aflagaadadda add bilaabay, Israel iyo "Kablalax Koombo" midna anigu kuma Abtirsado ee Sheikh Ishaaq Bin Ahmed Bin Hashem ayaan ku Abtirsadaa. Wax meelo kale ka yimid oo aan Asalka magacyadooda lagarnayn idinkaa jira. So, don't even go there!

      Hahahahahaha! Sheikh Ishaaq baad jewish ku sheegaysaa, adoo min Asl Cabid Kablalax Koombooo aan Aslkiisa lagarnayn!???

  17. showbe248 says:

    what Puntland army?its ssc who were attaked by snm militia.get ur news right AND stop the lies.MJ are cowards

  18. AHMED says:


  19. I Jama says:

    The link between Puntland, SSC and Alshabab is clear. Your motives are clear and its intent to set a clannish view which is not in the interest of Somalis in general. If Puntland are for peace then they would encourage peace making with Somaliland i.e condemn those who are causing it harm. Puntland must recognise those against it that and what it stands for. The people of Somaliland will work with those who revolt terror and piracy but will not be drawn into hidden agendas that does not serve the people but only greed. SSC have proven they do not care for any Somali people but only of land. This is not what Somali people should be accepting in their midst.

  20. middlepath says:

    Its very sad how obsessed our neighbour has become with Somlailand and its territories. It wants to destabilize Somaliland so i does not gain recognition as if recognition will not come. It will, so these are desperate attempts after the SSC militia broke down and accepted peace with the people of Somaliland.

  21. Abdi says:

    Jama, Its funny and Sad at the same time..I know you don't like Puntland, but come on, a link between alshabab and Puntland?? LOL…If anything there is a link between Somaliland and Alshabab, as we all know 2 of the top leaders of Alshabab are from Somaliland..
    what I don't get is why occupy people that don't want you.

  22. I Jama says:

    Don't use a country as a name or pretend you are from their. Use you're own name.

    I think SSC's interest in Land is clearly linked to the Oil and gas. This is more important to it then the people so if you think Somaliland should be concerned more about land then peace then you are just as bad as South Somalia. Please read below article….
    'Somalia has suffered 20 years of civil war, and has experienced severe drought since the failure of the October rains, with malnutrition rates reaching a seven-year peak.

    Its endless woes have contributed to donor fatigue. Only 16 percent of the $58.8 million requested by the United Nations to meet health needs in Somalia in 2011 has been received.

    Experts predict the government and African Union peacekeepers will continue to fight for control of Bakara market, which is a key source of funding for Al Shabaab rebels and a base from which to strike key government positions'

    I rest my case

  23. la soco says:

    ma ogtihiin in oramada olf iyo puntland xidhiidh ka dhaxeeyo oo hubku oga soodego bosaaso.
    bosaaso waxaa ku sugan tiro lagu qiyaasay 8 kun orama waxaana la qoray ilaa 3000 orama oo lagu biiriyay ciidamada puntland, waxaa taas sii dheer in ssc iyo puntland midobeen oo doonayaan inay burburiyaan galmudug iyo somaliland waxaana ka danbeeay farmaajo oo isaguna u tarisaaya sidii uga takhalusi lahaa shiikh shariif ciidamda tfg waxay u badan yihiin imika darood, ahlu suna waxaa afduubay marexaan oo hubkii oo dhan gacant ugu jiraa…

  24. Jirdeh says:

    No more policy of appeasement. It is time to take tough action against Puntland and teach them an unforgettable lesson. Next time around the battle will not be in or around Tuka-raq, it most certainly will be in Garowe.

  25. faisal says:

    puntland or pirateland wanted a war with somaliland for quite some time and they declared that already ,, but somaliland were tolerating unreasonably since than…….

    Congratulation to Somaliland national forces,,, i know you can,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  26. k koke says:

    once agian the daroods fail againists the isaaqs

    • Abraham says:

      Sorry mate, we the people of Somaliland are different because we abandoned the primitive tribalism obsession of Pirateland and the South eons ago. We are civilised people bound by rules and regulations.

  27. I Jama says:

    @ k koke. This is not a clannish issue for Somaliland but of border security. Somaliland will defend itself from whom ever regardless of clan. If Puntland is for peace then their actions from this point on will bear all.

  28. Siciid ahmed says:

    Waxa inta badan la yidhaa Somaliland waxay dooneysaa inay midnimada soomaaliyeed kala goyso. Bal miyaad u fiirsateen in somaliland rabto ummad Somali ah oo qabiilo kala duwan ah ay ku wada noolaadaan dhul soomaaliyeed, meesha maamul goboleedyadu ay yihiin jilibo qabiil. Eeg Puntland waa majeerteen oo kaliya. Dhulbahante hadaanu nahay waxba la nooma ogola. Hawiye jilib jilib ayuu maamul goboleed ugu sameystey doonaa. Inta kalena waligeed heshiin mayso. Waayo? ma rabaan in ay soomaali kala qabiil ihi wada noolaadaan. Somaliland cid kasta ayaa noqon karta wadaxweyne. ka soo socdana waxaanu filaynaa inay markayagii noqoto.

    • amal says:

      there are many dulbhanate amongst the minsters and part of the government and inshAllah hadi ayy dulbhante iyo somaliland heshiyaan o somaliland la aaqoonsado madaxweynaha danbe wuxu noqon dulbahante ama warsangali somalilander ah ama somalilander kaleba. under the former colonial boarders we shall live together as a nation inshAllah. waxan kalo rajaynaya in ay puntland, galmudug iyo somalida kaleba ayy midoobaan

    • Abraham says:

      Haddii habka xisbiyada iyo dawladda Somaliland u shaqayso lahagaajiyo oo xisaab xidh meel walba lagu sameeyo, waxaan hubaa in ilaa nin ama gabadh madhibaan ahi madaxwaynaha Somaliland noqon karo.
      Markaa waxaad ogaataa in badalkaa wanaagsan aynu dhamaan enagu keeni karno.

  29. Gobaad says:

    @Jabouti, ma kolba shaadh aydaan lahayn baa soo gashanaysaan. Reer Awdal baa iska dhigi jirteene, imakana ma reer Jabouti shaadhkoodii baa soo gashateen? Waxba ha dhuumaalaysanina, We can read you between the line like a book. It just shows how desperate you, guys are.

  30. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

    Part One

    I must say the case of Somalia/Somaliland/Puntland/ any other land you want to name requires a dispassionate discussion rather than name callings or denigrating others. To do so, it just makes one look foolish and ignorant. That said, I believe there can be found a solution to the madness that has enveloped the regiion since 1960! Noticed that I refrained from saying since 1991 when the last universally recognized government was overthrown from within. The problem started even farther back but at the risk of losing my audience and sounding too academic, I thought I will condense what I think should and must happen in the region.

  31. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

    Part Two

    If Bosniaks (Muslims), Croats (Roman Catholics) and Serbs (Orthodox) can coexist in some modicum of peace in Bosnia-Hercegovina, surely Somalis can coexist too. Though there is neither the resources nor the will of the international community invested in Somalia, I believe a Constitution similar to that country in the Balkans is attenable-a rotating presidency, an independent judicial system, strong institutions based on the rule of law, customs and faith etc. One need not confuse what I am proposing as a Western style democracy. In fact, some of these ideas are really not new and was a bedrock of Somali mores and customs long before Europeans discovered that meat indeed does taste better with a dash of salt than just plain out of the frozen tundra.

    If South Africa and Rwanda can use the reconciliation and healing process without exacting revenge, c;mon Somalis you can too! Who knows, we in Djibouti may decide to join YOU. Additionally, please disabuse yourselves from the notion that I am "brainwashed" by one clan over another. Could I be that gullible?!!!

  32. xamse says:

    Lets Shake Garoowe Upside down Until all That Garow uu Sodaato.

  33. Abraham says:


    You would have made a lot of sense only if you managed to exclude the Republic of Somaliland from your equation. Why? Because the people of Somaliland have no tribal infighting to resolve; Somaliland has a well established system of governance and strong institutions which are much better than those in Jabuuti, Rwanda, or Bosnia; Somaliland was an independent country that voluntarily united with its neighbour and after that union failed decided to dissolve it.
    However, if the people of the South manage to give up tribalism and establish a good democratic system and the rule of law, Somaliland is as ever ready to work with them and collaborate for the betterment of all the Somalis in the region.

  34. caasho says:

    Did you all notice the so called Puntland minister blamed first Somaliland, then Alshabab then the TFG. This simply shows how little he really knows regarding what is happening. If it wasn't for Puntland today there wouldn't be any Nabad Diid (those who constantly try to undermine peace in Somaliland) and attacks on Somaliland troop. We all know attacks are launched with their full knowledge and arms. In addition, it is the only place these militia scatter to when they are chased by Somaliland's Armed Forces. Their intentions has always been known to the rest of the world, but know it seems they are trying to adapt new strategy that is to:
    – Claim that they are not the aggressors and
    – Suddenly they appreciate peace and stability….really funny!

  35. Jay says:

    The majerteens are confused, they keep getting big slap, attempt after attempt. They thought we moved our forces to Hargeisa to take part in the May 18 celebrations hahahahaha….poor pirates of Puntland.

  36. Jay says:

    The truth is the person that calls himself Hargeysa Boy also uses "Etiophia" and Tigray Guy, I have been observing and noticed he spells Ethiopia the same way "Etiophia". He is just another fageesh changing shirts. Cover exposed.

    Fagaash washay oo niyada isku dhiisayaa iga dheh…

  37. amal says:

    somaliland hawaarto waligeedna joogto wixii necebna hajabo waanay jiraysaa waligiinba putland /somali naga bada mowle meeshan istaagnaba putlandna waanu jabinay hadana sidii oo kale baa ka soo horaysa

  38. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

    Hargeisa people should not call others tribalists, when themselves are tribalists. Even ones born in Djibouti their allegiance is with Hargeisa not Djibouti. The old english proverb of the kettle calling the pot black applies here. I know this because when they are abroad they call Djibouti every negative name, but soon as they land at the airport we are ALL Djiboutians they say-Waa munafiqiin.

    Niinka isku sheegaya magaca Abraham wa maga kufar. Magaca muslimka waa Ibrahim ama Ebrahim.

  39. Jabuuti_Hanolatoo says:

    Somalilandpress you are not objective. How come some comments are never posted. Where is my last post? Your pro-Hargeisa, biase reports are quite known not only in other regions of Somalia but Djbiouti as well.

  40. lord vadahja says:

    why would these weak,hungry, sorry excuses for countries fight each other. instead of helping the poor and unable.

  41. amal says:

    coming back to this page, man everyone went crazy on eachother

  42. nu'maan ali says:

    what they want from somlialand is not unkown let go back to clan wars. but as somaliland singer song
    "saacidaada eebahay sandulaan ku noqon qaran"
    simple question get all forces we will not stand back from our country we Somaliland will be Somaliland for ever

  43. mahamed says:

    we puntlander we are not love abuse plz stop abuse like puntland

  44. mahamed says:

    puntland is easten african in somali country

  45. middlepath says:

    @abrar, They were not jews but from the Tribe called Bani Israel like Abraham said Israelite Muslims. They believed in Allah and were Prophets and Messengers and many Prophets were also not from Bani Israel like the great Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the greatest ever Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him.
    And Ameen to your Dua' may Allah make us among them:) : ) :)

    @ SomaliHero, please keep use clean language and manners.Just correct him.

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