Published On: Fri, May 3rd, 2013

Somaliland and Ethiopian leaders’ talks Will focus on trade and observer status at AU and IGAD.

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo ) and Prime minster Haile Mariam will meet on Saturday in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia .

The  talks  will focus on trade and Somaliland quest for observer status at IGAD and AU. Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullah Omar told The Reporter that the Ethiopian government had assured the Somaliland government that it will work with it in order Somaliland gets recognition.

“We are pleased with the Ethiopian government in promoting our interest. Ethiopia is working on economy, diplomacy and security issues that we expect will help us to achieve our final goal, which is full diplomatic recognition,” he said. “That has not been achieved so far but we are working on it. The Ethiopian government is in support of that and we are very satisfied to that, “stated Dr Omer.

The Somaliland Foreign Minister appreciated the close relationship that his country has enjoyed with Ethiopia so far. He said that Ethiopia is a strategic country in achieving his country’s international recognition. He added the Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) will discuss issues of recognition and bilateral relations with Prime Minister Haile Mariam .The two parties are working closely on issues related to security, peace, trade and communications.


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  1. baaruud says:

    The Somaliland leaders must exploit the deteriorating relations between the failed state of so-called Somalia on one side, and Ethiopia and Kenya on the other. In his recent shuttle visits to both countries, Hasan Guurguurte of Somalia asked both countries to withdraw their troops from the regions they occypy in central and southern Somalia. Both countries adamantly refused. Hassan returned to Muqdisho
    humiliated. And he knows that, for example Kenya is determined to establish a proxy federal state in Kismayo. Siilaanyo is required to act aggressively for the recognition of Somaliland republic with its colonial borders from Garowe and Boosaaso on the east to the colonial borders with Dijabuti on the west what ever it costs. Long live the noble people of (British) Somaliland. WE VOW TO DEFEND THE FREEDOM AND SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR BLESSED STATEHOOD AND INDEPENDENCE FOR EVER AND EVER.

    • isaq violator says:

      Wallahi you people live in lala land, the hungry ethiopians can't do anything they belong to the west and same goes for kenya. The west will never let their interest be put in jeopardy because isaaq khat eaters seeked the milk of their starving habeshi slaves. They are using you as a pawn so the somali president supports them in their effort to build a dam on the nile. The somali government is with egypt and this threatens the habeshi alongside eritrea being with them. You are being used as a pawn but of course you don't care as long as you get your recognition. You will get nothing, absolutely nothing and the starving habeshi need the west and the west need somalia so WE ARE IN CHARGE SLAVE ISAAQ.

      • darood wase says:


        i would reply to darood scum like you but your people are just simple qaxoonti, they are under isaaq leadership, hawiye leadership, ethiopian leadership and Kenyan leadership. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        qaxoonti for ever, you crazy sheegatos

        • ilyas says:

          i like this comment is so true

        • Isaq wase says:

          Darood they have own territories, Darood are not followers but leaders know the difference. today is clear they run two large states you idiot

          • ilyas says:

            lol u sure mate, u come under Somalia, Somaliland , Kenya and Ethiopia what territory do u hold and the world is listening to. u were born to be ruled not rule that is for sure under siade barre u had it for nearly 20 years and you caused madness who is going to give you the power again and if somaliland like you say will go no where then forget ruling even somalia mate. deals are made while u chatting waste in our somaliland websites go somwhere else and find something to talk about. somaliland forever will live high and all the best for the rest of somalies no hate like you, we wish the best for all.

  2. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Issaq will do anything for recognition they wouldn't even hesitate to put their Isaaq women in harm's way.

    • Ali says:

      why do you care what Isaq people do? Everything is about Clan with you people. Maybe you should get rid of the Clan mentality, before you talk about Greater Somalia.

  3. Tellmetruth says:

    Baruud. Somaliland is pawn of Ethiopian regional interest, they have no love for you. They view you as means to a port.

    Also If Ethiopia, Kenya and Somaliland aligned with each other and chose to hamper progress in Somalia just know. We will go back to causing International mayhem, seas won't be safe the all two boarders and Somaliland entity will not be safe.

    Which do think IC will choose The two countries mention and Somaliland region or there personal own interest in the the global economy and safety.

    Which do think they will choose to give Somaliland recognition and let the two others do what they or to stop al shabab and let Somalia become stable.

    This is not even adding oil, minerals and other resources.

    Practicality says, Somaliland, Ethiopia and Kenya will not get what they want.

    The west controls Ethiopia and if there interest conflict they will put in place. Same goes for Kenya.

    As for Somaliland no body wants to recognize for two reasons (internationally).

    1. Fear of instability that maybe caused by such actions.
    2. Fear of missing out on lucrative deals and investment in Somalia.

    another reason why Ethiopia would risk try persuade others is, it would legitimize Somali Region of Ethiopia Independence and would see that all Somalis re-engage arming and supporting ONLF. Surely any new Somalia weapons will find there way into West Somalia. Somalia may not have the Army we once did. But know this, if we unanimously decided to destabilise all of East Africa, The world would be put in more pressure then Piracy and Al Shabaab. Imagine If there actions in Destabilizing Somalia leads to ever one running to Al Shaytan and signing up to reek havoc on the countries mention. They would have a hard dealing with this Because a terrorist Organisation is not the same as fighting a conventional Army and the end they will to be ready to live beside an Unstable and unpredictable Somalia.

  4. Mohamd says:

    There is no problem with SL government is they seek to gain a voice in an organisation that claims to represent East African region. In fact it is a criminal for these dictators under the umbrella of IGAD to ignore the land and populations of SL with the need for care and security.

    I will ignore the criticisms of Zoomalis whose Jahil minds shows them nothing except denials of SL cause and its provisions for its own people. If they are not happy for SL, let them rot in hatred.

  5. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:


    I ve got a brilliant idea Lets send the Amisom troops to Hargeysa on the pretend that the criminal gangs Al shabab is regrouping in Somaliland in that way we could hit our enemies at the same time kill godane and destroy the iidoooor hope.

    • darood wase says:


      qanxoonti scum, we have 60% of darood lands under our feet

  6. Wadani says:

    may be we should let Siilaanyo go every corner of the globe begging for recognition, why didn't Somalialnd spent some time building thier enclave and using the energy to create jobs for the youth in Hargeisa, Berbera and all of the North, Siilaanyo is becoming a lughing stock running around asking for recognition. Eithopia can never recognize part of Somalia since they are occopying a Somali land. We did not forget the war in 1977 in whicvh brave men lost lives in order to unite Ogaden with the rest of Somalia.

  7. mohamed cheers says:

    Am very much encouraged by what are on-going between Somaliland and Ethiopia.
    There are urgent decisions making policies dictating the short/long term stability
    status of both countries, come what may, surrounding the volatile Horn and beyond.
    The two people are ideally suited to work together on all political issues inorder to remain
    strong against all belligerent conspiracies intended to sabotage the current ruling powers???
    Both countries need each others steadfast alliance. Therefore, a good turn favour by Ethiopia
    to help Somaliland gain full recognition would have a highly rewarding ticket return dividend
    in almost everything, so to speak.

  8. Cabdinuur says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, how separates understand world politics, i guess They have no clue. no one will ever recognize Somalilaan region case CLOSED. so, taking few fake pictuers Somalilan regional flag next to Ethiopain will not make any difference.

  9. Geedi says:

    Keep dreaming on. How much more of ass-kissing you got left . It is sad to see tribal enclave of Hargeisa to be reduced to this low-level of inferiority .
    No country will ever recognise the dusty cities of Hargeisa, Burca, and Barbara .Diplomatic recognition goes thru Mogadishu. And Mogadishu issued its verdict on the future of So called dusty cities. Dusty cities are incapable of governing it self, and therefore it shall remain within the union to protect and safeguard the wellbeing and integrity of Northern Western part of Somalia against likes of Ethiopia and its puppets of ISAK khat addicts .Period , Full STOP.

  10. Concerned Somali says:

    So called Somaliland are criminal enterprise and fraud. We not need to ignore threats the tribal enclaves are posing to security of the whole region. It is time for Obama to send Drones to them.
    It well documented that Al shabaab and its leader are created, funded and abetted by highest level of the Hargeisa Administration.
    As soon as the Khat addict Isaq dominated Administration stop funding Al shabaab, Al shabaab will be extinct and eaten like banana.

  11. misslovely says:

    mujaahid siilaanyo most and should kick all the faqash and walanweyn out of our cities and country i promise i will harm some of them when i go s/land for holiday we should not show love or respect for those hateful motherf@c@ers

    • isaq violator says:

      You won't harm anything you lose isaaq, you probably are being forced to go back to that hell hole because of your lose ways with jamaican men over in the west. Whilst you are there, I am sure you can shoot part 2 of that video you was making with that german dude haha.

  12. Boqoljireh says:

    Somaliand websites should be accountable in allowing hate mongers who comments in their forums. This is unpatriotic and treason, and not freedom of press in all levels.

  13. Boqoljireh says:

    The word is out nowadays that President Guguurte and his New Blood Organization are working with Egypt to reassert and build once again the hate between Somalis and Ethiopians because of the Nile Water, and they are now in process of sending weapons and so-called military expert to train Somalia forces, but the hidden agenda is already known to IC, that they are sending intelligency agents, and will backfire soon. We the people of Somaliland and our government are working to give our support to our brothers in Ethiopia. This is true story that came to light recently, when a certain Arab country agreed to pay the cost of that military hardware through the ill-gotten Egyptian unlimited war mongering due to that water which they consider national security.

    • kfc says:

      Egypt is backed by the West. Every military move they make is funded and supported by the international community. What is wrong if Somalia collaborates with Egypt? Firstly its lead by an islamist party, meaning are brothers in faith, Secondly they will train our forces. What has ethiopia done for somalia? it has invaded it with impunity,killing civilians and any political figures that stood in their way. Kulaha "our brothers in ethiopia", since when are ethiopians your brothers? if they were they wouldnt leave you hanging for the past 22years. Egypt has interests that is been disturbed by Ethiopia, just like the west has motives in afghanista but it is been hindered by the taliban. BTW i though your so called father was arab, iraqi?? Sheik Isxaaq? so your closer to egyptians than those aid invested Ethiopians.

  14. Saleebaan Xaaji says:

    Somaliland is here to stay. To these sad souls haunting the Somaliland websites, make sure you get your share in London, cos we are not there. We are gone. We recognize ourselves, we run our country, we run our society, we are free and need nothing from Somalia. So, why do you keep holding to us like a lost child hanging on to his father's macawis? As one true Somalilander once said, the groom is gone, the bride has gone back to her parents house, and only the old folks and the insane wretches keep pretending that the marriage is still good. Saxiibayaal, Somaliland is gone. Get on with your own lives.

  15. PuntlandGeezer(PIS) says:

    Isaaq men are truly disgusting creatures who have taken a dead human skin to fool Somalis and to mislead our Isaaq queens.

    We call on our people in Somalia to save our Isaaq queens from the SNM clowns.

  16. Haabiil says:

    Boqol Jire,

    SL Press is Moron website who gives a platform to racist, anti Somaliland hate mongers..

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