Published On: Fri, Jan 28th, 2011

Somaliland: Abduction of children on the rise

Residents of Hargeisa city are distressing about the increase of child abduction in the city and why the local government has not spoken about the issue.  It was last week when hadhwanagnews and Geeska Afrika a local newspaper  reporter that that an eleven years old by the name of Fuad Abdi Mohamed was kidnapped by four men that consisted of three Caucasian men and one Somaliland driver as he was walking.  According to Fuad and his mother Asha Hariir Jama around 2pm in the afternoon a neighbors’ child who was with Fuad came running to the family’s home to inform them that their son was taken in a red Toyota 4 by 4 model Surf by four men whom three of them were foreigners and one local driver.

 Mrs. Asha Jama soon after notified the local police about her child’s abduction and shortly a citywide search began.  After few hours later Fuad appeared walking at the family’s home where he enlighten family and friends his ordeal, “in the afternoon my friend and I were walking next Star hotel when a Toyota 4 runner stopped next to us, the driver and three men told us that they would give us a ride to the airport and so we should get in the car with them, I went with them but my friend ran home”. 

After Fuad got in the vehicle he was taken to a big house on the outskirt of Hargeisa next to the airport where the men put him in a room and then placed him on a bed.  Fuad told his mother and the two newspaper outlets reporters, after the men put him on the bed they placed a cold pack next to his kidney and after few minutes they told him that he is not well and that he should take few cookies that will cure him and he ought to head home.  Before they let him out of the residence he was warned that they placed a memory chip in him that tells them where he lives.  If he told anyone about what took place that they will come and find him.

This is not the first incident of such that has taken place in Hargeisa in recent months and it emerges that no one is willing to speak about it in public.  It was only a few weeks ago when the German national Gunter Bischoss was convicted of degenerate behavior and shooting immoral movies in Hargeisa.  The incident of Gunter Bischoss was a shocked to the entire country and our people began to ask one another how could this happen in Somaliland.  Let me be frank, this occurred because our people have not been exposed to outsiders and the few that they come across are either NGO workers or fake businessman whom they see them as savior.  It is our custom to be benevolence and hospitable to a foreigner which is a good thing to be proud of however in today’s society we have to be apprehensive to those that we let them into the country. 

Those of us who live in the Diaspora see in the news of child traffickers and predators that go to third world countries pretending to be saviors but in return are corrupting and abusing the locals. These foreigners that we welcome them in our country with open arms are not all innocent or good people.  Do not get me wrong there are good foreigners in Somaliland helping our people but at the same time our people should be vigilant.   Now that the world is aware of Somaliland’s democracy and safe heaven there will be more foreigners coming into the country.  Some of these folks might be child predators, child traffickers or human organ traffickers therefore our NGOs and Diaspora must protect our people by educating them.   Our government should make mandatory that all foreigners coming into the country must provide a criminal background check and anyone who is verified to have a criminal background have to be consider criminal inadmissible into Somaliland.

God Bless Somaliland

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  1. Axmad says:

    'Abduction of children on the rise.' One isolated incident is not an ever increasing issue. This article is scaremongering. S/land newspapers have nothing to write about. in the years I lived there they used to fabricate stories to sell papers.

    • Ismail says:

      Bro Ahmed,

      There isn't such a scaremongering scenario in the article, if one has manage/luckily to scape from harm and again his voice heard by the public, how many others are not to be so lucky unharmed or his/her voice not heard loud enough, every one who at least try to know what is going on in our country will soon realize the big gaps which can attract criminals to take an advantage be it locals or foreigns. For that reason I agree with the writer to not only educate our people and the government but also to put in-place all the necessary mechanism to prevent and to punish if otherwise

      Ismail gadiid

  2. M. Khalid says:

    Abduction of children in Somali land and Somalia is not new. It has been happening since the disintegration of Somalia. Though there is no a reliable count of the number of children abducted or trafficked, there is suspicion that many ended up in foreign countries for adoption or the sale of their organs. Unfortunately, this problem is ongoing. I advise the government and people of Somali land to cooperate to deal with this heinous crime. The best way is to form a committee comprising of the public and the security apparatus so that this committee keeps an eye on the foreign people especially white ones. in addition, the police should detain and interrogate all suspicious Somalis including Somalilanders.

  3. omararm says:

    Somaliland is a very open country there is no control at all, there is no system in controling new arrivals who are arriving our country with some hidden reasons, and when they arrive doing what ever they came for. I have personally investigated one guy who came from the south dealing with one lady Kat seller, he was pretending that he is a businessman who came to hargeisa for business, the first day he gave her one hundered doller and took one geed (kilo) of kat and told her to keep the change, he came the 2nd day and one geed again and gave her 5o doller and told her to keep the change, luckily i came over to buy kat she told me about the matter and started to follow up and find our the where about of the man, fortunately i found out that he new arrival from the south then i hand over his case to the NSS.

    I have set up a system to sort out the somalilanders and non somalilander and forwarded to who it may concern, up to now it is under process.

  4. Farhan.A.Q. says:

    This isn't a Joke yall. I mean this are really true Problems everywhere in 3de world countries.

    As my dear Somalilander writter mentioned in his article, Educate and Informe our People of Somaliland about this issues. I am totally not saying that all the foreigners are bad, no totally not. But there are some of them who wants bad things for our little childeren. SO BE VIGILANT and not NAIF about this ISSUE.

    Peace to all my Fellow Somalilanders and Africans, my God protect you from all the bad people.

  5. abdi says:

    Registering the foreigns in somaliland may have positive results on solving this problem,, if i am not mistaken interior ministry had a plan to address this issue but i'm not sure if they lost their direction and get busy for some thing else such as arresting journalist.

  6. Abdullahi says:

    Let's be real. How many 11 year olds in Hargeisa can tell the difference between a Caucasian man and an Arab man? The kids in the city don't know the difference.
    This is serious but has it been verified or are we again being fed half truths by unregulated Somaliland media?

  7. Caucasian man says:

    When I have been there all the childeren I hhave passed and that know the english words call me "arab guy". So its amazing that this child could tell for sure it was caucasian men who did this. This story is smelling I think.

  8. Adan Farah says:

    Well written article I agree 100%
    The best way to proctect the weak and poor in a society as ours is to implement the law of haq/rightness which is Islamic Shariah . I know that in Somaliland that we have already this law applied but it needs to be implented hard so that people who take advantage of the weak and poor are shown that they can not run away from the law of God the mighty .

    All the people of world are welcome to this our land however they should that the law applies to all equally white, black ,blue, rich, poor ect. .

    Adan Farah , Hargeysa, Xaafadaa New HAG

  9. Naliye says:

    not to be disrespectful of this article, but Egypt is burning and as one of the biggest countries in africa and the biggest arab country its appalling that not even one article is dedicated to the subject.

    So somalilandpress why don't you post any news about Egypt ?!?!?!

    • anisa says:

      This website is not called Egyptpress it is called Somalilandpress okay and that means the site deals with Somaliand issues and not some Arabs burning themselves. They are getting air time somewhere else i don't mean to be rude but we need to deal with Somaliland issues and this is a very serious issue. Peace

  10. Feysal says:

    The intent of the article is commendable, but we should be careful not to propagate baseless stories. The story of this kid sounds like one of those urban legends, but that does not mean child abductions are not occuring. The term "on the rise" is a statistical term but no data has been presented to support this. A factual article with hard data to back up the claim would have gone a long way in exposing child abduction and abouse, rather than using an urban legen to discredit the legitimate stories. It is disappointing a founder a reputable news outlet would write such a substandard article.

  11. kid says:

    The Somaliland goverment should be advising families to be cautious since Somaliland is much safer than Somalia there will be more Caucasians (europeans) abdutucting Somali-landers.

  12. Ayaan says:

    We need family advocate in the government, whose job is about domestic affairs. And teaches families stranger danger. ( Horumar SL)

  13. Peter says:

    As a foreigner who has been to Somaliland before (and who is here again now) I must say that this article angers me. It is an opinion piece and the title misleading.

    This is not true journalism. Shame on the author and same on Somaliland Press for printing this.

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