Published On: Sun, May 12th, 2013

Somalia:Why Somali people in London protested against President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud?

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met serious protest by Somali community in London against his policy, when he went to attend the second Somali Conference hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron on May 7, 2013. This is the first time that a Somali president’s policy was opposed by many Somali communities representing different regions from North, Awdal state to the South, Jubbaland States over the creation of the federal states based on the constitution.


Somali Community in London expected, among others, that the president would implement the transitional federal constitution which allows any two or more states to form regional administration which becomes, after its inauguration, a member state of the Somali federal government. However, I believe there are three core reasons why London Somali residents protested against the president’s policy.


First, the protestor felt that the president focused to get international recognition and financial aid instead of aiming continual reconciliation among Somalis who after all expected from the president to at least implement transitional federal constitution agreed by all. This policy of centering international recognition and international financial aid without real reconciliation among Somalis is what made the previous transitional government fail.


Immediately after president was elected by the parliament selected by traditional elders, the president, like his predecessor, started to travel international in order to get both recognition and financial aid, thinking that once he gain both, the rest of the Somali people will come to Mogadishu,  looking for their share of financial aid. But the President fail to recall that policy is what made others to miscarry.


President also ignored the fact that Somali government’s recognition by International community was not achieved due to his effort of traveling international, but it was attained because International community sought to end the transitional government of Somalia. That is why the transitional government was ended at end of august 2012 by IC following 8 months roadmap with understanding indicated both in the roadmap and constitution that reconciliation should continue the next four years until final constitution, based on one person one vote, agreed by all is adopted.


Contrary to the media report controlled by the government which reported only residents of Mogadishu organized to support the London conference, demonstrators in London consist of people represented by Markhir, Jubbaland, Awdal , Khatumo and Puntland states, who felt that the president came short of their expectation that Somali, after its recognition by international community, would continue reconciliation meeting inside Somali until final constitution agreed by all is implemented.



Second, the demonstrators accused the president that he changes his policy toward forming regional administration depending on the constituency. President’s first trip inside Somalia was in Hiiraan region where the president declared that Somali people agreed, as indicated in the constitution, federal government of which the regional leaders will be elected by constituency, underlining that the days the government would nominate governor from Mogadishu is over.


Few months later after USA recognized his government, the president changed his heart toward this policy of forming regional administration when he stated publicly that the process of building regional administration in Jubbaland state was not approved by the Somali government and those who are trying to form state have no right to represent without getting approval or consulting with the government.


Later on when president visited in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he stated, in response to the accusation of his policy over the creation of regional administration,  that he did not say that Jubbaland people can’t establish their regional administration while accepting Hiiraan people to elect their own leadership.


Days later, back in Mogadishu after consulting the local elders, he changed his position again, this time, uttering that those who claimed they represent Jubbaland state can’t speak for the region and accused Kenyan government of interfering internal affair of Somalia by supporting that administration.


The fact on the ground is however that the people from lower, central Jubba and Gedo region are finalizing the creation of Jubbaland State following the completion of its constitution. They expect the president of the state and speaker of its parliament to be elected in the coming days.


Besides changing his position in regard of the upcoming states based on the advises he gets from local elders of Mogadishu, the President failed to even recognize the only two States – Punt land and Galmudug – participated actively in the roadmap process which ended the transitional government. These two states accepted to be part of the Somali federal government with understanding that reconciliation would continue and those states will run their affair until all the states to be member of the federal government are created based on the transitional constitution.


Finally, London protestors blamed the president of turning the capital city into clan enclave where the president, the governor and mayor and everyone else who has position worth mentioning are from the same clan as president. Instead of Mogadishu being capital city for all Somali people, it is became a city of one clan related to the president.


The elders of Mogadishu said publicly that the city belongs to them and they would not accept anyone saying the city is for all. Few people from the other areas who returned to Mogadishu witnessed the reality when they encountered those who occupied their property, telling them to leave or else. As result, those who returned to Mogadishu ended up either leaving or selling their property for whatever they were offered before they were forced to leave.


Few independent Medias reported the issues of public and private property occupied by internal displaced people who claimed now they own those properties since no one claimed for last twenty years or so. However, president did not even talk about that issues which is the basis of reconciliation and reclaiming Mogadishu as capital city of Somalia.


The closest he came to answering that question was when he stated in Minneapolis, Minnesota that Somali people should forget what happened before, and they should focus today otherwise they will miss tomorrow’s opportunity, which most of the people assumed that he meant people should forget their properties taken away in the past.


Even local residents in Mogadishu accused the president of ignoring the security of the city, Mogadishu where recently reported targeted killing both the civilian brave enough to reclaim their property or journalists who tried to report the fact on the ground. The first day president was elected, he said his first priority one, two and three is safety, safety and safety of the capital and rest of the country and now it seems his first, second and third priority is obtaining financial aid of which there is no place secure enough to be invested, other than keeping it in the bank controlled by his ilk.


In order to move forward, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud needs to publicly state, without flip-flopping, his position relating to  reconciliation among Somalis, formation of the regional administration and the status of capital city where his own clan publicly declared the ownership of all in it, before Somali sovereign now recognized by IC is dealt again as transitional government.


Signed By

Mohamed A Hussein

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  1. Buuxiye says:

    The reason for the protest was that the Darood Clan wanted to execute a racist expansion program to ethnically cleanse the Jubaland region from any Bantu population. To date 250,000-Darood people have been relocated and migrated from as far as Ethiopia and Kenya in the hope of dominating a region that has historically belonged to non-Darood clans and minority somali clans that are unable to defend themelves.

    Darood are protesting against Hassan Mahamoud because he opposed the Darood racist attitude to ethnically cleanse Jubaland from non Somalis and somali-minority clans.

    They are bitter because in their protest because Hassan Mahamoud averted a Genocide in the Juba valley where the Darood Clan wishes to expand into territory in which they have always been a guest and migrated to as recent as the famine in 1974.

    The Bantu people and minority somali clans who lived in fertile regions were host to the Darood who came as a result of the 1974-Famine. The Darood clan then never returned after the famine and today These same migrants are attempting to ethnically cleanse the Juba valley of all non Daroods specially the bantus.

    The same Bantus who are keeping the Somali president and Muuqdishu safe from Shabab terrorists. The Darood have become Master propagandist machines accusing others of their own cowardly acts, they protest when it is them who are conducting ethnic cleansing in the Juba valley when they are the migrant community in the region. They are murdering the bantus and evicting them from their farms and residence and they are doing this with weapons from Kenya and Ethiopia and the international community.

    STOP the Jubaland Ethnic cleansing of the Wagosha people!!! Viva WagoshaJuba…


    Both this words are Waqosha words not somali and this should be evidence that the people who named these ancient regions and cities have existed their long before the Somalis arrived in 1974.

    • kfc says:

      all you need to worry about is the Darod coming from your east. Because they are a more threat to you and your little colonial village than jubbaland will ever be.

      • odey garweyne says:


        truth hurts huh? and let them come from the east, my people will push them so far east that they'll end up in the ocean with no land. Trust me, you dont want to start a fire you cant extinguish.. we dont like genocide but if thats the language you want to speak, then come on through cuz this aint langaab ville little homie.

    • Sahra says:

      Kayse boowe nagayaraa cantarnaasha kix kix kix kix…………………….

    • Ali says:

      I do not think IIDOR have any power to come near Puntland if real war starts than that will be END of IIdor land i personally can assure you. the whole area it will become hell on earth. wow i can not wait this thing to start.

      OH, i forget before you talk about Bare, Nugaal. What happen in Buhhodle kkkk? we know how they kick iidor ass in That area ( Those are the real dhuloz fighters) AND now they are getting more weapon from Ethiopia.

      • Ku-rujiye kama-kace says:

        I think you are a minor! Buhodle has no strategic value for Somaliland so long they control both Widh-widh and Qorulugud which are situated east and west of Buhodle. Buhodle is divided by Somaliland-Ethiopia border line.

        • Sahra says:

          Stop your nonsense sir and voluntarily go back to your land Ok………………

        • Ali says:

          Whether it has value for them or not IIDOR admin not allowed in Buuhodle, these are real dhulos not those who always said " DEE IIDOR BAYNU WAX LA'CUNEYNAA kkk". also you have to remember Ethiopia controls Hargiesa council on daily bases.

          • Allemagan says:


            I usually do not agree with you on your political orientation, but I give it to you that your analysis of this racist article and tribal propaganda it portrays is spot on. I could not say it better.

            By the way, some of my relatives were also airlifted to Kunturwaaray and Sablaale but they migrated to Arabian Gulf in in 1970s when these folk stayed put and their numbers are now being augmented by new arrivals from Qorrexay and from all over Puntland. Hassan Sheikh is 100% right to oppose this project of the piracy of the sea brought to land.

    • Halima says:

      What a load of immature garbage!!

  2. Sahra says:

    aa hora kuugu sheegay qarawga iska daa boowe…………

  3. misslovely says:

    it was the faqash clan only spreading their hate and badownimo yet again in the streets of london somalis will not find peace and horumar with the daaroods around i promise its better for others somalis if daarood join ethopia and kenya

  4. Sahra says:

    Hadalku ha yaraaday muranku ha dhamaadeey soomaalideena hodanka ah mahasheenkaraynaa………………….

  5. ahmed says:

    Amazingly the people in Somalia are not tribalism as those of you who are diaspora. What happen western cultures?Have you seen a white person asking other White person where is his or her ancestors from especial among Northern America. It does not matter of part of Somalia one come from you Somali is Somali in the eye of others. It is sad to say those of you who are in western countries name clans I was in Burco, and Hargesia recently and no one ask clan. Here in USA many people ask of tribe it is a shocking to say the least.

  6. Feedow kaaran says:


    Darood Jaberti Ismail occopy almost 39% somali territory in, if they take their land and JOIN Ethiopia that will be END of somalia.kkkkk, by the way i am hawiye, i believe somalis need each other.

    I know your deprest, are you still lock up dar room.

  7. Olad says:

    This is a clan based demonstration and fool will very well understand. I for one do not believe this clan based demonstration has a leg to stand with. You cannot form a country by insisting that my clan has to dominate you or I will not support Somaliland or Somalia. The day when this clan dominate the politics of Somaliland or Somalia is over and they should get over with it.

    • Sahra says:


    • kheyre says:

      what about if these clans are major stakeholders in this issue? what if without collaboration of these clans the these governments will not have the moral authority to rule? we have seen what dictatorship would do to a country. the people of north somalia bear testimony to the consequences of one man rule(read one tribe rule) them of all people should know oppression don´t pay

  8. Maryam says:

    The so-called failed state of Somalia is not more than a name of geographical place where Daarood-doofaar and Hawiye Afar-qooble slaughter each other for more than twenty three years without any genuine reconciliation until this moment. This led to the middling of enemies such as Ethiopia and Kenya to occupy whole regions of that space and even bluntly refuse to pull out forces. Today Jubba-land is governed directly from Nairobi, while South and centrale Somalia by Ethiopia. Somalis is another name for world beggars who likes to be looked upon and humiliated on their competition for mere handouts. Who on earth likes to be associated with those savage tribes of Daarood-doofaar and Hawiye Afar-qooble. Viva all patriotic Somalilanders and ever-lasting salute to our great martyrs.

    • Sahra says:

      Inferiority is kicking………………………………………

    • mr hargeisa says:

      maryam we are all muslims, dont be like that, at the end of the day, yes they did kill us in somaliland, but with thanks of allah we won, and now theyu are the lower hand, but we should help each other to achieve peace.

      • Sahra says:


      • mohamed cheers says:

        What if the only peace they know is screw all for being the top powers and even if that works
        for them all they know is screw everything. I tell you Darod in powers are screw everything
        right and left. They are only too good for turbulent uproars but not in good governance.
        Tell us one good Darod ruler other than AHN C/Rashid Sharmarke whom himself were not
        allowed by the Darod leaderships to act in pure justices. Since 1960s-2013s the Darod
        leaderships were showered with ample chances to lead but alas utter failures with sad mayhem
        genocidal disasters beyond local repairs!!! Darod should be ruled not to rule.

        • Buuxiye says:

          Somalila-Italia Population:

          Hawiye – 39%
          D&M – 33%
          Daro – 15%
          Others -13%

          Like the Ciise in Djibouti Somalia-Italia should have a Political system where Hawiye remains in POWER for the next 50years!!!!

          We in Somaliland-Republic should support a Hawiye Domination in Somalia-Italia and even if relations are poor like those with the djibouti CIISE so be it. At least the Hawiye can develop their country to Dominate the Minorities via democracy or the barrel of the gun which ever is needed.

          That is why Recognition of Somiland-Republic will consolidate the remaining power in the Muuqdishu government and make them the sole power in governance… Faroole has already failed and a strong Central government in Muuqdishu will either absorb or dissolve the Gerowe province admins.

          • Sahra says:

            not happening………………….

          • Warfaa says:


            YOUR one of the stupidest IIDOR that i ever come across very stupid indeed. what you have to remember is Darood are always and will be power full it's been that way for centuries. IIDORKU QAAR WAA XOOLO. do you think hawiye will remain president, not next election mark word.

            Hawiye do not i repeat have power to recognize any thing XOOLO WAALAN BAAD TAHAY.

            If you think Puntland will disappear than you need to think harder. somalilan region will ceased to exist very soon no more fake country call "Somalilan:.

  9. mohamed cheers says:

    Since 1st July 1960-2013..How many Hawiye Presidents for Somalia? Adan Cadde, Cali Mahdi, C/qassim, Sharif Ahmed,HSM The former 4 Presidents were failed by Darod powers. The Current HSM is no different bcos the Darod powers are surroundingly strangling him from all the corners..Puntland, Arzania Jubbaland, Kissmayo, Gedo, Ogadenia, you name them! The former 4 Presidents failed bcos they never reached out to the right policy makers of Isaqism. In fact, from the Darod side, AHN C/rashid Sharmarke only understood what Isaqism were all about but he was not allowed to live to do the right things. The Darod powers uptill now never wanted DIR powers united and remains the special boggyman powers to alienate DIR togetherness. The Isaqism policy makers fully understand the Darod mental powers but uptill now the Hawiye are kept at bay by the Darod Boggies not to come close to the smart Isaqism of Hargeisa. Out of the 4 C/Qassim was the smartest but he chose Dhulbahante as his PM.T hat killed his Arta Govts. Hawiye powers were always failures vs Darod powers. Now HSM only chances of success is connected to Hargeisa powers. All other roads would lead to his downfall failures in the same ways of the former 4 Hawiye Presidents.

  10. mohamed cheers says:

    The only way that Mogadiscio could regain its capital of Somalia glory is for the SFG to recognize
    the Somaliland proper full recognition. Otherwise Mogadiscio would completely lose the Capital and
    God knows what would become of the wholesome warzone Somalia???

  11. Amirah Istal-Somali says:

    LOOL talk about United States of America more like United States of Daaroood. From outskirts of Burco to Garissa, May God protect us from the evil eye!!!! hahahahahaha

    let the birds sing la la la la la la ….. shimbiryahow heesa la la la la

  12. gigolo says:

    haaa somalilandoes haa ethiopian rule u all shut up

  13. Lea says:

    All I can say, is that there will never be peace for the Africans of Somalia until they reject Islam and ban the Koran.

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