By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

Terrorists across “Somalia” are gathering at the Buhoodle town of far south-east Somaliland, to establish safe-haven for their illegal armed operations across Somaliland and Ethiopia. Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Al-Etihad Al-Islamiya, Al-Shabaab and tribal militia loyal to Warlord Ali Khalif Galaydh are building illegal army in the town to destabilize the region.

Al-Etihad Al-Islamiya and Al-Shabaab are internationally known terrorist organizations. ONLF is leading illegal and fruitless struggle against Ethiopia and violates the human rights. Mainly, religion is the victim of such extremism where it is been used as a tool to recruit the uneducated and young Somali boys in the terrorism business. These terrorist groups want to enforce Sharia Law in eastern parts of Ethiopia – mainly dominated by ethnic Somalis.

Usually, these deceitful terror groups act as a chameleon by taking different slogans to fits their injurious agendas. Today, ONLF and Warlord Galaydh militia are using tribalism against Somaliland instead of their usual motto – the religion. They recruit the uninformed boys across “Somalia”, Europe and Northern America by the name of tribe.

Recently, Warlord Galaydh’s militia in Buhoodle town received ONLF, Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya and Al-Shabaab fighters on the grounds of tribal affiliation bases.

Last month, in a self-defense move near the town of Buhoodle, the Somaliland Army took a large number of ONLF, Al-Shabaab and Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya fighters into custody as POWs, after militia of Warlord Galaydh attacked Somaliland army bases.

This double-faced and toxic self-fragmentation is to mislead the Ethiopian government and its public that ONLF is no longer a terrorist organization. ONLF’s peaceful wing is controlling the Somali State of Ethiopia indirectly, as their violent twin-brother is killing Ethiopian soldiers. This will ensure ONLF’s presence at the both sides of the river – Legitimate government in Somali State of Ethiopia and freedom fighters, according to their supporters.

Al-Shabaab and Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya are training Galaydh’s militia in Buhoodle town on how to assemble a bomb, shooting and suicide-bombing. It is very shocking that minor citizens is been used as human shield by the militia. The militia is deploying civilians and children at the front line of the fighting, which obligates on Somaliland army to stop firing. However, militia is utilizing such sympathy of the army as weak point. They always fire the army behind large number of civilians using them as human shield.

ONLF and the President of Somali State of Ethiopia (5th Region) Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Iley), known for his tribal agenda, are providing moral and logistical support to the militia. President Omar received Warlord Ali Khalif Galaydh in Jigjiga City with high level of diplomatic reception. This comes after ONLF’s peaceful wing convinced President Omar to support Galaydh on tribal bases.

Unfortunately, such ONLF’s dishonesty won the heart of the president and he ordered the police of the region to fight alongside the militia. However, firsthand reports underscored that the Warlord Galaydh is been arrested in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian Federal Intelligence Agents for his involvement in illegal war and terrorism. He is under interrogation by the agents – according to Somali reports.

After latest presidential election in Somaliland, the government in the Somali State of Ethiopia seems to be promoting Anti-Somaliland figures in the region, which led further instability in the far south-east parts of Somaliland.

Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs of Somaliland requested the Addis Ababa administration to deploy federal military at the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which will stop the terrorists from crossing into Somaliland. The Ethiopian Federal Government accepted the request and deployed its troops. This ensures that the tribe-motivated police under leadership of President Omar will not have access into Somaliland territory.

Somaliland passed through many difficulties through negotiation and peaceful discussions, and it will overcome the current instability in the region.

By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi
Email: az.almutairi@yahoo.com