Published On: Sun, Feb 5th, 2012

“Somalia’s” Terrorists are Invading Somaliland


By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

Terrorists across “Somalia” are gathering at the Buhoodle town of far south-east Somaliland, to establish safe-haven for their illegal armed operations across Somaliland and Ethiopia. Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Al-Etihad Al-Islamiya, Al-Shabaab and tribal militia loyal to Warlord Ali Khalif Galaydh are building illegal army in the town to destabilize the region.

Al-Etihad Al-Islamiya and Al-Shabaab are internationally known terrorist organizations. ONLF is leading illegal and fruitless struggle against Ethiopia and violates the human rights. Mainly, religion is the victim of such extremism where it is been used as a tool to recruit the uneducated and young Somali boys in the terrorism business. These terrorist groups want to enforce Sharia Law in eastern parts of Ethiopia – mainly dominated by ethnic Somalis.

Usually, these deceitful terror groups act as a chameleon by taking different slogans to fits their injurious agendas. Today, ONLF and Warlord Galaydh militia are using tribalism against Somaliland instead of their usual motto – the religion. They recruit the uninformed boys across “Somalia”, Europe and Northern America by the name of tribe.

Recently, Warlord Galaydh’s militia in Buhoodle town received ONLF, Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya and Al-Shabaab fighters on the grounds of tribal affiliation bases.

Last month, in a self-defense move near the town of Buhoodle, the Somaliland Army took a large number of ONLF, Al-Shabaab and Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya fighters into custody as POWs, after militia of Warlord Galaydh attacked Somaliland army bases.

This double-faced and toxic self-fragmentation is to mislead the Ethiopian government and its public that ONLF is no longer a terrorist organization. ONLF’s peaceful wing is controlling the Somali State of Ethiopia indirectly, as their violent twin-brother is killing Ethiopian soldiers. This will ensure ONLF’s presence at the both sides of the river – Legitimate government in Somali State of Ethiopia and freedom fighters, according to their supporters.

Al-Shabaab and Al-Itahad Al-Islamiya are training Galaydh’s militia in Buhoodle town on how to assemble a bomb, shooting and suicide-bombing. It is very shocking that minor citizens is been used as human shield by the militia. The militia is deploying civilians and children at the front line of the fighting, which obligates on Somaliland army to stop firing. However, militia is utilizing such sympathy of the army as weak point. They always fire the army behind large number of civilians using them as human shield.

ONLF and the President of Somali State of Ethiopia (5th Region) Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Iley), known for his tribal agenda, are providing moral and logistical support to the militia. President Omar received Warlord Ali Khalif Galaydh in Jigjiga City with high level of diplomatic reception. This comes after ONLF’s peaceful wing convinced President Omar to support Galaydh on tribal bases.

Unfortunately, such ONLF’s dishonesty won the heart of the president and he ordered the police of the region to fight alongside the militia. However, firsthand reports underscored that the Warlord Galaydh is been arrested in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian Federal Intelligence Agents for his involvement in illegal war and terrorism. He is under interrogation by the agents – according to Somali reports.

After latest presidential election in Somaliland, the government in the Somali State of Ethiopia seems to be promoting Anti-Somaliland figures in the region, which led further instability in the far south-east parts of Somaliland.

Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs of Somaliland requested the Addis Ababa administration to deploy federal military at the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which will stop the terrorists from crossing into Somaliland. The Ethiopian Federal Government accepted the request and deployed its troops. This ensures that the tribe-motivated police under leadership of President Omar will not have access into Somaliland territory.

Somaliland passed through many difficulties through negotiation and peaceful discussions, and it will overcome the current instability in the region.

By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

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  1. Kayse says:

    I am not sure what you mean by peaceful ONLF? There is no such thing as a peaceful ONLF. Omar Iley is arming his subclan against other Somali communities in the Somali State including his own Ogaden. I will soon reveal the whole truth and you guys will all learn the truth about ONLF. Somali State of Ethiopia has fell under the control of ONLF and the notion that they are peaceful is fake, they are secretly arming and funding wars against other Somali ethnic groups as well as the Ethiopian government. They overall objective is to remove Somaliland because Somaliland is obstacle to the ONLF dream and they want to eventually launch war on Ethiopia from Somaliland using places such as Awdal region to receive weapons from Eritrea.

    Omar Iley is part of the conspiracy and the Ethiopian government is aware but they are just monitoring and collecting enough evidence while trying not to interfere in the State's affairs. But Addis Ababa is trying to learn and see the reality.

    Somali State authority is ONLF. ONLF is Somali State authority and Meles is just watching before he makes his move and wipes them out for good. Rather than chasing them around bushes, he wants them all to feel comfortable in Jigjiga and once they all come home, he will roast them like pigs.

    Just wait for my article.

    ONLF is mainly the Reer Abdulle subclan while those who left the organization to hijack Somali State are mainly Ali Yusuf subclan.

    • SSC says:

      Terrorist what a joke somaliland Propaganda the SSC is fighting for the rights of the dulbhante people not included in an Issac dominiated somaliland goverment assigining themselves with the devilish ethopian goverment killing our brothers and sisters in the ogaden shame on siliayo who is a terrorist himself. Somaliland will gain control of laascaanod and the wider sool region over our dead bodies in the name of allah somali will be one again even against the wish of the somaliland goverment and the tribalist goverment

      • Abdi says:

        You are a tribalist if you support a tribal militia. It's that simple. If your folks are interested in peace they wouldn't be holding parties all across the western world trying to raise money to send poor nomads to their death. Learn your own ideology, if you believe in 'greater Somalia' than you also have to accept Somaliland.
        SInce it one of the 5 regions inhabited by Somalis and depicted by your blue and white star flag. There is no mention of tribal 'viillages' and 'SSC' in that ideology of the 5 Somalis.

  2. Freedom says:

    If you dont like this site get out fools lol

  3. SLWadani says:

    Somaliland will prevail inshalah because it is been peaceful for more than twenty years, so all these small militias and terrorist campaigns won't work now. They are just a fad that comes and go. Somaliland Allow Dhowr stands at the test of time and is here to stay till the end. Tribalism and Terrorism go hand to hand just to destroy peace but Somaliland will not let it happen and international community will not allow it also.

  4. I Jama says:

    Sorry but Why would destabilizing Somaliland beneficial to Somalis or Muslims? I can understand that they wish to be armed for protection of muslims thus Somalis. However, I fail to believe it benefits Somalis to fight Somalis. It only makes it beneficial to those who wish them to fight? In this sense these eliminates that can only benefit are those who do not wish to see a stable Somali lead country. Who are fearfull of their impowerment and ability to defend themselves. Somaliland, Djibouti, Somalia or Ethiopian Somalis i.e Onlf or the NFD should be working towards mutual security and stability. Otherwise, those who will benefit are the very people who will have an excuse to divide only to gain rule of all of them.

  5. I Jama says:

    All Somalis should stop the paranoia that keeps blinded from the ultimate stability and security.

  6. mohamed cheers says:

    The Author is an expert in the Somalis affairs. What he has written regarding Somaliland is all true.
    This is exactly what has been going on in Somaliland and whatever the Ethiopian Govt's
    anti-Somaliland policies was all about lately, Ethiopia is now again beginning to understand that
    whosoever is engaged in destablising the democratically elected peaceful Somaliland Govt's
    National Security is equally becoming dangerous to the National Security of Ethiopia and the
    other neigbouring countries. After diplomatic contacts between Somaliland and the Central federal
    Govt. in Addis Ababa, it's heart warming to feel that the Ethiopian side is again warming up to
    work with Somaliland to assure that all dangerous terrorists operating inside/outside the two
    friendly Countries should be eliminated. Now there's another equally important area where
    Somaliland should put all its efforts to succeed–The Somalia London Conference. The UK Govt.
    should be pressured by the Somalilang Govt. Delegation participants to find a suitable solution
    for the Somaliland recognition quest different than all Somalia's mini states in the Roadmaps I&II

  7. Fowzi Kamal says:

    Mr. Mutairi who wrote the article is stanch supporter of Somaliland; if you follow his numerous articles for the last few years, prompting Somaliland’s quest for recognition you will find that he is friend of Somaliland. His recent article merely highlights the danger that faces Somaliland form various groups. I don’t believe, he wanted to delineate in his article that Somaliland is unsafe; rather he highlighted the forthcoming destabilizing events that occurred in Somaliland which, requires to be tackled immediately.

  8. Joe says:

    This so called James is Caynaanshe who got bitter slap in Buhoodle

  9. Gobaad says:

    This is the really Gobaad. Stop your bloody impersonating other people. If have an issue with the author or want to attack, why don't you be yourself coward.

  10. Gobaad says:

    He is not only a stanch supporter of Somaliland, but he also knows is going on the Horn of Africa.

  11. abdullah says:

    please all somalis just use ur brain and know ur enmy …this author is a puppet of the that same enmy

  12. Gobaad says:

    Mr. Al-Mutairi is not a puppet. War kala ma haysaa?

  13. Jans says:

    Whats up with all the Faqash trying to have american sounding names all of a sudden? As if thats going to get people to think differently about your support of terrorists that cant live in peace with their neighbors whether that be ethiopia or somaliland?

    Desperate much?

  14. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    Mr. Al-Mutairi said well, and the danger will be met with iron fist by Somaliland and its counter part Ethiopia who has security pact with Somaliland. These terrorists are danger to both countries and the Horn at large.

    Those who comments negatively about Mr. Al-Mutairi's article are the supporters of clan based terrorists and will not go far. We are watching every step of the way, and Omar Iley will be history very soon. That is for sure. The fifth province of Ethiopia political structure has to chance and soon, otherwise the consequences for Ethiopia will be great that Somaliland, because at least we understand the culture of these thugs. The should be a political platform to include all the stake holders of this province.

  15. HMObsiye says:

    After listening to Somaliland foreign and interior ministers today over conference call, I am more confident over Somaliland security and Somaliland and Ethiopian government relation more than I ever been.

  16. Omer Hussein Dualeh says:

    We shall not insult you Mr. Ali, but try to understand that you are slave to your hate that is eating you by the day, and you did not figure out yet after 21 years of our divoce. You cannot chose your neighbour but you can chose how to live with, and that is what your people are missing.

    Come to your sense and try to be a Muslim. Your 2 meter grave is waiting you, and you will fail the first thing that the two angels will ask you, and instead spell out the hate you have for Somaliland. Then the end result of that conversation between you and those you will meet will the hell fire, unless you ask the Almighty God, forgiveness.

  17. @iueae says:

    ONLF exposed by Somalia news paper :) what is wrong with somali people in general. Why do you fight? Let us work together and stabilize the region.

  18. amal says:

    I have found Somalilandpress for 6 months approx and ever since all i can see is ssc, puntland, onlf, problem with Somaliland—wonder how long this was going on, ever since Somaliland was Somaliland? Nevertheless Somaliland will prevail inshAllah.

  19. amal says:

    To somalilandpress, I think freedom of speech is only doing us more harm. Please do more to delete hate comments to save the well being of our readers. Enough devision

  20. Allemagan says:

    Historically, Ethiopian troops worked very closely with the British during the colonial era to stop camel hustling and barbaric fights between Somali tribes that inhabit what is today Ethiopia's Somali region. You are still squabbling and enlisting the Abyssinian help against each other after they took over your territory. That shows that nomads do not change with time and do not learn from history.

    It is a cheap trick to deny the existence of regions such as Khatumo State, Audal State and Makhir State who do not want to do anything with dismembering Somalia. If one sees their desire to separate from Somalia as a legitimate cause, they shouldn't deny others their right to self-determination.

    • Gobaad says:

      What you call squabbling and enlisting the Abyssinian is an agreement and cooperation between two neighbouring countries to keep the peace and transquility of the region. Therefore, anybody who violates or try to disturbe the destability will be dealt with.

      Besides, if you want to talk about few Khaatumo seeg who hails from a disgruntle sub-sub-sub-subclan who don't represent the majority of the people, go ahead. But please stop talking about Awdal or Makhir because among them are highly educated and intellectual people who can represent them if they happen to see problem. Well, unless you want to drag other clans to your side to form alliance to cover the minority you are.

      • DEGAL says:

        gobaad,,,,,,you dirty terrorist dont speak on my great country ethiopia ,,,,,
        your minority little terrorist mud hut kids, are blowing up somalia and ethiopia,kenya ,,,,,,,just for that reason,,,minority weak kids…thanks to us siyad barre didnt wipe you out,,,,,but we will after you learn to show no respect….

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Just hold your horse until the Somalia London Conference on 23 Feb 2012 is over. The Somaliland
      National Govt. was not a participant and a signatory to all Somalia's Roadmaps I&II to be farther
      discussed in the London Conference. The International Community key players fully know the
      differences between Somaliland and Somalia. Keep on beating your drums…but Somaliland has
      nothing to do with the Somalia's crisis since 1991 and if you think that you are in a position to
      destablise the hard earned Somaliland national security after 20 years of great peace and progress,
      surely such nonsense is off the record.

  21. Galbeed says:

    Galbeed: Somaliland is doing very fine except it is lacking the know how to deal with Ethiopian government. The Daroorism that is hatched in Nairobi and Minnesota will not restore the old Somali state. However, we should be vigilant and be well aware to deal with Ethiopian government. Ethiopia needs to use Berbera, have a puppet regime in Somaliland, and be the hegemony in horn of Africa. What will be the interest of Somaliland in Horn of Africa? We should be protected our entity since we are in region where all regimes are oppressing its people and do not allow any democracy aka Somaliland. The Meles regime does not like to see Somaliland bourgeoning democracy and Silany has to know to play the card of democracy and port interested.

  22. Allemagan says:

    It is all about access to the sea. While Somali businessmen and traders pay taxes, Ethiopia wants all goods headed to Ethiopia to be exempted from taxes. The Ethiopian representative in Hargeisa argued that his government can not accept that goods imported through Berbera to be taxed at all. He said taxing these goods in Berbera means that the goods will be taxed twice since they are also taxed in Ethiopia. In essence, Ethiopian citizens must enjoy more rights for Berbera port than Somali people.

    Now the question is, what is Silanyo telling to people with that twisted logic? How will he satisfy the unacceptable demand of Meles Zenawi and his desire to make Berbera his own port? Somaliland sold everything that is precious in order to secure recognition even from the traditional enemies of Somalia. But what Somaliland does not realize is, after losing access to Asmera, Ethiopia wants a port of it's own. Nothing less. And the long-term of Ethiopia is to make the whole of Somalia not Somaliland only a new addition of Ethiopia's peoples and nationalities. Silanyo, don't lose your shirt.

  23. Allemagan says:

    Long-term objective that is

  24. SSC says:

    It is not tribal to try and protect yourself against a terrorist organistion the somaliland government and the raise money is to support are dying brothers if were tribalist why dont the somaliland goverment leave us alone

  25. Togdheer says:

    you sound like a racist who pleads my best friends are black. Joker

  26. M H Dirie says:

    Reading articles and analysis by the fake Kuwaiti should make all Somalis sick. Stick to holding your feeble rulers to account rather than sticking your nose in Somali affairs.

  27. delaw says:



    • DEGAL says:

      kkkkkkkkkkkkk most honest direct fact,,,,,,you can not be somali,,,,,im sorry if you are,,,,its jus hard to find many,,,,,,,these little terrorist somalllliland are gonner get it hard from my country,,,,ethiopia rules,,,,,and we hate them….

  28. DEGAL says:

    somalilaand state is a terrorist group, period.
    the world is fed up with you terrorists and your mad killings and cries and begging.
    the west called your little villaga harrgassa a terrorist run village so stop with your cover up lies and your tribal fake stories as only your terrorist kids would here.
    as for are great country ethiopia, dont ever speak of it nor our people including somali ethiopians we are brothers and will protect our people no matter what….not to mention there is nothing you terrorist can do like all you terrorist people we arrested on our land…p.s we are comming to get you in you harrgassa village mark my words…fools

  29. DEGAL says:

    terrorist somalliland ,,,,,,ethiopia rules

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