Published On: Mon, Feb 21st, 2011

Somalia’s Puntland region leader rushes to Ethiopia over Somaliland clashes and ONLF weapons

ADDIS ABABA — The Ethiopian government led by Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs Haile Mariam Desalegne called on the leader of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland to an emergency meeting in Addis Ababa on late Monday.

Mr Abdirahman Farole quickly rushed to Addis Ababa on a chartered airplane with three other ministers.

According to developing reports, the Ethiopian government expressed concern about Farole’s involvement in Somaliland’s recent eastern clashes that has left scores dead in the Buhodle district. The conflict erupted when Somaliland forces based in the village of Kalshale in the Buhodle district came under heavy attack from a local clan militia called SSC (Sool, Sanaag, Cayn) last week. Somaliland took a number of militia men hostage who revealed the group was getting arms from Eritrea and had fighters from Ethiopia’s rebel group, the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in its fighting ranks.

The SSC militia is supported by some of the Dhulbahante subclans in and around the Buhodle town. The group has been trying to convert the conflict into an open tribal war so they can draw support from the Darood family which includes Puntland’s Majerteen, eastern Sanaag’s Warsangeli, Marehans in southern Somalia and the Ogadens of Ethiopia. Mr Farole too admitted that he was going to support his “kins” men on clan bases.

The call for Farole to Addis Ababa follows a day after he issued a warning message to Somaliland authority insisting his administration was getting involved in the conflict “directly”.

The Ethiopians consider the disputed Sool and Sanaag regions part of Somaliland and are strongly opposed to Puntland’s claims.

The Ethiopian government is not at good terms with the SSC rebels as well in May 2010 Ethiopian border patrol police and the militia clashed in Buhoodle, a town on the Somaliland-Ethiopian border. Dozens were killed (see Hundreds flee their homes in Buhodle)
The Ethiopian government was also worried about reports that ONLF was receiving arms through the Puntland port of Bosasso from Eritrea. Eritrea finances a number of rebel and terrorist groups in the region to destabilize Ethiopia, Somaliland and Somalia. Eritrea denies having links with ONLF, Al Shabab and Puntland.

Ethiopian soldiers target SSC militant group near Buhodle (May 2010)

This is not the first time the Ethiopian authority has called Farole to Addis Ababa. In March 2010, he dashed to Addis Ababa to get approvals for his government (see SOMALIA: Puntland President Dashes to Ethiopia For an Emergency Meeting)

In recent weeks, the Puntland leader has been trying to call for a hoax “national Somali reconciliation conference” at the end of August when the transitional government in Mogadishu mandate expires. Mr Farole has been trying to convince southern Somali politicians to join his conference which also calls for the replacement of Mogadishu as the capital with Garowe, the current regional capital of Puntland.

The Somaliland government strongly condemned the so called conference and warned any incursion into its region and political affair will destabilize the region. The TFG equally said the conference was a joke by a mad “governor”. While ordinary citizens believe this is yet another Farole move to scam international donors.

The idea has raised eyebrows on the Ethiopian government too who believe Mr Farole is trying to destroy the weak transitional government led by the former cleric and one time enemy of Ethiopia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

The Ethiopians believe Mr Farole is destabilizing the region with millions he made from piracy ransoms. Mr Farole wants to nominate himself for the Somali President at the end of August when Sheikh Sharif’s term ends with US$8 million he made from pirates.

According to our source which is close to the Ethiopian government, Addis Ababa considers Farole’s political maneuvers a national threat and illegitimate. They believe senior leaders in Addis Ababa will order him to stop the so called conference and to withdraw from Somaliland territory immediately. There are reports, troops from Puntland have crossed into Sool region of Somaliland near the town of Tukaraq, about 50km east of Las Anod. Farole gave orders to invade Somaliland after he came under huge pressure from the public in pirate rich Puntland. It is now not clear who he will take orders from– his public calling for tribal war with Somaliland or Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia has historical ties with Somaliland that predates colonialism and the two states have co-existed in peace. Ethiopia considers Somaliland a crucial entity to its own stability and an important factor in the control of Ogaden region. Moreover, Ethiopia knows Darood clans such as the Dhulbahante, Majerten and Marehans are sympathetic to Ogadens quest for independence from Ethiopia and want Ogaden to be part of Somalia. Documents Somaliland government obtained that have been passed to Addis Ababa showed that the SSC miltia wants ONLF to use the Sool and Buhodle regions to launch attacks against Ethiopia. In return, the group have requested support from ONLF and Eritrea.

Somalilandpress | 22 Feb 2011

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  1. Ahmed says:

    All Somalis belong to one nation,one religion,one God and one enemy,Ethiopian highlanders

  2. Mrlover says:

    “all roads to peace in the Horn of Africa run through Asmara, Eritrea”

  3. mr og says:

    ONLF dosent get involved in cat fights, so stop your baseless propaganda

  4. Qanciye says:

    come on faroole dont listen to the HAbash do as your people want you to.

  5. Kayse says:

    Somaliland said no to ONLF and Eritrea, its only fair Ethiopia says no to Somaliland enemies.

  6. Kahin says:

    Amazing how Ethiopia controls all the Somali states, Somaliland, Puntland, Somalia, Mogadishu aka Shariif Land and Hiiraanland. Go Ethiopia>>>>

    • abrar says:

      somalians most of them are united against somaliland it was instigated by puntland. puntland doesnt want good for hawiye, dhulbahante, merehaan, issaq or anyone else.. they want everything for themself… see how they used to bully and discriminate the saad habar gidir sub clan . when they realised the saad got a strong army now they befriended with them, they are 2 face and now they want them to defend puntland if somaliland invade them coz of their wrongdoing

    • Ayanle says:

      Control? somaliland was controled once upon a time by somalia but not any more thanks to SNM and our will we are free today and that is what you hate mr.kahin and you know that i fill sorry for you and all thos who think like you do.

    • cmb says:

      shut up you hater

  7. djibooty says:

    i hate daeoods

  8. mohamed says:

    Well explained. Everything is clear but raises one important question viz how will the Ethiopian policies
    react to all these conflicting Somalis problems. All eyes are how the Ethiopian politics play out itself.

  9. faisal says:

    Peace in the horn of Africa is must and compulsory if faroole administration insists supporting terrorist groups fire and fight will come his own houses in garoowe and boosaaso

  10. NOBLE_DAROOD_BOY says:


    • abrar says:

      ethiopia is our enemy…we are divided in different part and it satisfy them.. but we dont have nothing for ourself right now. we dont respect ourself… we kill each other for a macamuus or even less than that..we made the haram halal so we can take others belonging..time will come when let alone somalians but all muslim will be united but right now i rather be in my corner than facing another somalian

  11. daarood hero says:

    We Daaroods know that Ethiopia is number one enemy of Somalians and specially daarood people,, it is Ethiopia who destroyed daarood kingdom after supporting SNM and USC.

    Victory for Daarood.

  12. Muhamed says:

    For those who are enemy of peace, Go to Hall Weather Somalialand, Ethiopia Eritrea or Somalia Why cant we live side by side to develop our back word political view and to improve the horn of africa… why why why hate all come from nice people of the horn of Africa Stop Stop Stop the proropagand Agencet those country!!! Peace Grow Up change ur atitude lets create more peaceful place to the people who live in the horn…

  13. Muhamed says:

    Peace to somalialand and ethiopa… they will work to gather to create good economic developmen & somaliland well gat support from ethiopia to gat its independent aprovalfrom the African Union & Somalialand needs a good lobbys for its independent…

    • CADDE LOL says:

      You know what your talking about //good thinking lol

    • abrar says:

      ethiopia doesnt want somaliland or somalia to be in peace.. if they wanted to recognize somaliland they will have done before… arab and western countries are investing in ethiopia but if somaliland or somalia become what they used to be then they will lose many favors for that reason they dont care about somalians where ever they from.. this is the reality guys.

  14. yusuf says:

    Congradulations Somalilandpress, this is what we call unbiased and good reporting. I hope other Somali news outlets will learn from you and give us the accurate information we need. Good job guys!

  15. Warya says:


    The more we fight = the more we hate = more we become uncomprising and unwilling to unite. I am assuming those in favour of turning this conflict into and Isaaq Darood conflict are those that believe the ISAAQ people are to blame for the disunity and chaos in Somalia – the Al Shabab, corrupt TFG, AMISON, and the growing piracy. HELL, why not add the DROUGHT as well !

  16. Anbessaw Game says:

    Ethiopia did not destablilize Somalia. Somalians destablized Somalia . . . . a result very fitting to cunny and untrusting and non-trustable population. Leave Ethiopia out of this. We have never touched Somalia without Somalians first touch us. Learn from history and first make peace between yourselves and only between yourselves.

  17. jamil says:

    Enough of these darood handicaps! Our soldiers should also torture those captured! And lets stop calling our damn selves somalis and have nothing to do with thiose self hating tribal handicaps!

  18. middlepath says:

    Anbessaw Game,

    The problem was that parts of Somalia was given to Ethiopia and Kenya by the British, so that is what is bothering a LOT of Somali tribes who still live on those lands. If only Ethiopia and Kenya were kiind enoughto give what belonged to others before them this problem wouldn't exist now. It is all because of Colonialism in Africa that is causing this border disputes to this DAY!.

    There should be negotiations with Ethiopia and Kenya and Somalia , how ever, not fights or wars because war only bring destruction. And Eritria needs to BEHAVE itself and stop interfering between Ethiopia and Somalia and get out of it.

    Everything should be done fairy with transparency for peace.


  19. Omar says:

    I am a peace loving Somalilander or Somalian i don't care what i am. I know i have 9 milion brothers and sisters. Stop this madness. My mom said as long as Somalians don't obey the laws of Allah there will be no peace! Stop this tribalism madness and stop hating. I don't live in Africa but EU and why should we in EU think nationalism this and that when OUR ppl are dying and suffering i Urge you to stop for the next generation to forget the tribilism otherwise we will have no future.


      our problem is not even tribalism because we are one tribe, Clan issue "sad heey " and yet as Somalis as civilians we don't really divide our selfs as clans is just that individual crooks hijack and manipulate clans'peoples.
      Omar bless you, you are our son, our brother. proud.
      women and children are the ones who suffer the most, who is standing up for them, who is being their voice.
      Allah knows, we pray and do our best

  20. somalilander says:

    Haa good news about time that those dhuulbaahante were given a lesson after we had pity on them after the syad barre regime and didn't wage retribution on them. so it is high time they were given a good spanking for their betrayal of somaliland and the peace and prosperity belonging somaliland brought them. Go Somaliland you have been patient enough with those half-breed.

  21. ruthless says:

    I think it is time that Somaliland kicks the ### of Faroole, also Puntland Pirates killed Four Americans today, it is time that Somaliland, Ethiopia and the United States joined and destroyed the Pirates.

  22. CADDE says:

    Faroole looool he is a joke running around…sit your fake ### down says Ethiopia loool

  23. sool says:

    every tribe has the right to live in their own land. why is that a problem for isaaqs. i dont get it. you dont want to be ruled by darood but you wanna rule them.if this continues the north will be just like the south,back to 1990's.

    • warya says:

      @ Sool

      No you are wrong! The Isaaq don't want to rule the HARTI they are blood relatives. All Somalilanders are saying is the Dhulbhante and Warsengali should join the political system and run for office. The last president, Rayle, was Gadabursi and they are a minority. No one cared as long as he worked for the sake of Somaliland like a president should. Therefore, if the next President is either Dhulbhante or Warsengali the Isaaq will support HANDS DOWNS!

      Xabsade is the new minister of information and many of the Somaliland military commanders are Dhulbhante, so I am afraid you have been ill-informed by some tribal lunatic. There is no hate between Isaaq and Harti!

      Finally, Isaaq do not hate Darood. We disliked the old barre regime and the MJ dominated one he overthrough before that, because they did not serve the country only their tribes. Said was originally supported by Isaaq during his early days, because most somalis believed he would save the country from the other administration. Said turned out to be a big disappointment and crazy like Qadafi!

  24. The Nomad says:

    Stupid Somalis!. You are all handicapped, no brain to differentiate between wrong and right. Look at how Habashi Injirrey is the real ruler of the so called Somalia, a once has been Horn African country. Bravo Melez!. Animals deserve to be ruled anyway.
    Kill each other until the last one standing. The Xabashi will then have all your coast soon without shedding a drop of blood. It amazes me how these morons will never wake up from their amnesia!!.

    • mohamed says:

      Real resolve get hold of your destiny by getting rid of the weak puppet rubber stamp TFG.
      peoples popular uprising in Somalia is the only goal of triumph like Tunisia Egypt and now many
      more in the process. The Buhoodle SSC(NSUM) problems are Somaliland internal affairs matters
      and Puntland district of Somalia proper flagrant interference in the internal affairs of Somaliland
      Republic will be taken by the Somaliland Govt. and people as a declaration of war by the so called Puntland
      always engaged in destablising the National integrity of Somaliland as wholesome country.

  25. Mr. Afrika says:

    Somaliland Press, you let me down with this article. In fact this whole website has been letting me down in the passed months. First of all, the English used in a lot of your articles look like they were written by a refugee who just learned English yesterday. Second, if this is supposed to be a news website, where is the professionalism? These opinion pieces you continously insist on writing are not only biased, but non-credible. You claim that the president of Puntland is using his "pirate money" to run for president. You claim that Ethiopia cares about Somaliland and has been a long time a lie of Somaliland. I live in this country. The name of the country is Somalia. Until the world recognizes Somaliland as an independant state, that is how it is going to stay. This propaganda is wrong and haram. The Somali people were once the most respected and most powerful people in Africa. The country that killed our brothers down south and our brothers in the Ogaden are supposedly trying to help us? Where does that fit in? When did your brothers enemy become your father. That is exactly what we are to Ethiopia. Their child, that they can tell what to do, where to go, who not to accociate with. I'm tired of this. This morning I woke up as a Pro-Somaliland supporter. I am going to bed tonight as a Somali. Inshallah when I wake up, I will be a Somali. Somaliland will never get recognition. If we were going to get it, then we would have had it by now. We, Somalis from the north, need to open our eyes and realize that we will become equal to or better then we once were ONLY IF WE UNITE. The world wants Somalis to be divided. They want it so much that they convinced us that division is the answer. Division is never the answer. What is the number one cause of death in Somalia? The only answer to that is Division. So if that is what the Somali people want, then let us stay divided. But don't lie to us and tell us being divided will bring peace and hapiness to us. I are a proud Muslim African Somali man and I will not bow down to any Ethiopian that thinks he can run my country. If they want to be allies with all of Somalia, that is okay. But the moment they think they have the authority to order a prominent figure in Somalia to do anything, that is the moment the rest of Somalia should open there eyes to the true enemy. Our tribes are who we are. A tool is what we've become. Open up your eyes and join the movement.

    • mr right says:

      mr afrika thank you bro for telling the true

    • nabiel says:

      if we only had more people like you. word walalo

    • alli says:

      allah yaa cisakh.. brother well said… but fortunely all these political volatility will come to an end in the futurre years insha allah… i predict conventionally that somalia will become completely politicaly stable and peace within this decades or somalia will disappear in eyes of the somalis and be taking by foreignn country due oil and the natural resources we have in our beloved home the world is temptin to exploit our resources indirect or direct.. i dont know why somaliland is prolong the elusive peace in somalia when it have oil in her soil.if there is peace in somalia and the exploited it will only benefit those somalis who live in somaliland..

  26. dalmar says:

    let us be nice to our eastern somalilanders they are victims of external terrorist organisations, Faroole and his sons are the biggest shareholders of the pirate network you are heard the news that they killed American citizens today.

    The coming days you will realize that insurgents fighting in buuhoodle are absolutely sent by Alshabab close to 80 of them are corned by the somalilnd's army

  27. The Realist says:

    Salaam to you all.

    Somaliland should stop being so nice and should defend its people and borders. Taking SSC, and ONLF soldiers hostage and putting them in jail in Burco and Hargeysa p is ridiculous. They are feeding and providing medication to people who committed terrible crime against the Somaliland government. Somaliland is a strong nation and Isaaq is the largest Somali Tribe, i believe that Darood can’t make them anything. If Isaaq alone fought against the former Somali government and destroyed it I don’t see the reason they can't beat Darood in half-day.
    By the way, The leaders of Hawiye Abgal clan in Galmudug region have issued a statement yesterday calling for puntland not to put their nose in Somalilands businesses and called Isaaq the brothers of Hawiye. They aslo said in the statement that Abgal will not let puntland kill innocent hawiyes in Puntland.

  28. ali says:

    simple answer for you,, every one living in east Africa is responsible about the safety of the region.

  29. The Nomad says:

    Thanks sir, we are on the same page. You are a true Somali. We need people like you.

  30. Awdalboy says:

    Defencing British made border would make sence if the locals are with you. Also we wouldn't have any problems if people who believe Somaliland didn't keep everything for themselves and always make themselves they 're the true liberators. The reality is that you can fool some people for short time but you can't fool all the people at all time. Somali historic shows us there were alwasy clan suspicous between Somalis.

    The Dorad want the Somali unity for their own gains while the Isaq in the North wants to dimonated other clans in the North and run away from Darod dimonation. Isaq don't want Somalia to be dimonated by the Darod and there is also mistrust belween Hawie and Darod in Somalia. The Somali solution today lies every Somali clan should leave alone to run its own land until we get trusfull administration for all of us. Until we all change this clan thinking, there will be always clan conflicts. Either clan is running away from another clan is dimonation or a clan want to dimonatate other clan. We can only hope people will stop fighting for nothing.

  31. mohamed says:

    Mr. Africa I need an interpreter to understand your language and what it's all about.

  32. Kayse says:

    We dont care about Somalia, like I said before Somalia is dead, dont wake up the dead thats rude! RIP Somalia **lays the wreath near the tomb with the blue flag ** AIlah uu naxaristo (AUN)

  33. Dirane says:

    We do not want bloodshed in our beloved country and those who are trying to export terror to us will be caught and punished, Somaliland does not want harm for any of its neighbours as we know what war means. This does not mean we will accept bullying from juvenile regions such as putland, we are being patient and vigilant, but if this behaviour continues, expect a strong response that will be felt hard FAROOLE …

  34. moe says:

    Somalilandpress must have some sort of love affair with ONLF..Why is it that ONLF is always dragged into the conversation and blammed for every little thing? your propaganda is getting Old

  35. sanaag says:

    ssc guul inshaallah

  36. Durwa says:

    The writer of this article should be a shamed of himself. How can yu post pictures of Gurag Ethiopian soldiers in here claiming that they are firing at militant. Who is the militant group? it became a sad reality in somalia that our enemy is running the show. When did Ethiopia become a friend of Somali people.


    I understand your anger but careful you can't breach the same thing you hate.
    you don't realize but you doing the same thing you hate.

  38. somaliyare says:

    thanks for telling us the truth…wallahi i am 21 yrs old and i think of somalia almost everyday like an old man. wallahi if there is unity and peace in somalia in next few months.. i will leave america to somalai. by the way i am on the same page as you as am from puntland…. we civilians are being deceived by our tuugo leaders… somalia hanoolato…

  39. Hodan says:

    Mr Africa you spoke about being biased let me guess you are from the south right? AND ALSO YOU PRETENDING TO BE FROM SOMALILAND..WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT BECAUSE IF YOU WERE you would have remember the way your people treated have killed us, destroyed us and raped our women and killed our men AND YOU WANT US TO UNITE WITH YOU! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER WILL WE EVER UNITE WITH THE SOUTH!!

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