Published On: Sun, Nov 11th, 2012

Somalia’s New President’s Policy: Reconciliation or Reconsolidation of conflicts?


High expectation is always risky and dangerous, and that is more so when it is based on non-scientific wishful thinking, and therefore does not reflect the realities of life on the ground. But Somalia’s high hopes to get-rid of the dreadful bondage of statelessness, terrorism and extremism was both legitimate and understandable. London Conference in February 2012 has opened up of what was understood as a window of historic opportunity towards a new era of ”post transitions”.

For the first time in more than twenty the International Community have shown united desired and determined to help Somalis to put their house in order. Thereupon, sincere and serious political analysts have not concealed their concerns about the obstacles and difficulties ahead. As one of the keen observers to see this process yielding I got difficulty to convince myself that things are moving well. But the strong commitment by the UN-AU and Donor Community’s efforts gave me a meek of inspiration and hope, but one would always remembers the wisdom that ‘The way to paradise is not paved with Good intentions alone’. Conceptually, the external factor in any process in life, be it biological, physical or social can be only helpful, to a limited or certain period of time, but  can’t be neither decisive nor enough to accomplish the mission of making history of a people.

With these general conclusion in mind, no one, of course, had to believe by heart, no matter whether one is intelligent, innocent or naive,  that the High expectations alone can turn into achieved objectives while the internal factor is still the same one since 1991, centrifugal, arrogant, and violent. All these stand against the opportunities that are about to be crystallized out of the international Community’s desire to help Somalis out their National quagmire they have been in for the last 21 years. unfortunately, however, the first taken by president Hassan show now difference between him and his predecessors as careful reading of this step, the formation of a new council of Ministers, would tell you a policy of Conflict Creation as contrast to Conflict Resolution as following: Absence of a national reconciliation policy as a result of which a tendency to overlooking all others became a clear projector as the new president’s outlook.

I personally see this (as a regional observer) intentional rather than distraction or commotion, it is unambiguous and clear, and their political sense would tell only one thing, to destroy all bridges leading to constructive dialogue with Somaliland through appointing a Somaliland high profile politician to portfolio of deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affair just to block further talks.

Destruction of puntland by deepening the clan contradictions which recently appeared as power struggle basis. Any sensible peace loving human-being should appreciate the Puntland’s achievements in peace building and state formation, let alone to think of undermining it. And finally the policy related to complicated Kismayo situation of the new president seems not healthy, and instead of calling for building of all inclusive regional administration it looks as an investment in the potential clan conflict in there by supporting only one group against all others.

And i end my remarks by calling the New President of Somalia H.E. Mr. Hassan Sh. Mahmoud to reverse this policy

Aadan Muuse Jibriil



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  1. Abdiwahab says:

    the problem facing pres hsm is that the darod scum are trying to exclude the hawiye majority in the jubaland area- typical faqash mentality still around 20 years after afweyne fled to nigeria like a little girl lol

    • Laylah says:

      So what have you people done for them? you outsmarted the usc to destroy their land and now you sit back and laugh at them. Jubba is a multi clan city and all power will be shared with everyone living in that state, as soon as it is estabilished insha Allah, there will not be another city controled by one denomination like in the case of Mogadishu.Your isku dir dir is very clear to see, but hawiye know very well they will benefit from us, where as if Allah were to take away every single Darood, your clan will not even give them a sip of water.

      • I Jama says:

        Rubbish. : Laylah the opposite is true. You are the calprits espousing their own desperate, ill managed drivell. Leave the real Somalis to deal. You watch how it should have been done? Missy.

        • I Jama says:

          Mareexan caused, and Ethiopian Syiad darood caused division not South Somalis who suffered infighting with their own causing the latest civil unrest. Yes, I said it. Daarood have the worst record amongst all Somalis with regards to Humanitarianism or Somaalism. Kaaapiiish.

          • xamar-cadey says:

            hawiye and iss@q are not enemies nor they ever where enemies. dar00ds are people who destroyed our great somali dream because of their greed. iss@qs came up with the idea of united somalia however dar00ds destroyed that. we haw1yes have no problem with iss@qs but with the d-block gang.

            once again great Somalia will rise

          • Laylah says:

            Xamar, issaq outsmarted you whether you want to see them as your enemy is not the point here. They helped to destroy what Darood build, and that is a fact. There was never a Somali dream before Darood, Siad successfully united the warring tribes togther in peace when Aden abdullah(AUN) failed at it. Whether you see us as the enemy or not will not have any affect on us, we have a goal today, and that is to what your people failed to achieve, if you want to help for the sake of your suffering women and children is upto you, but, we are not going to ask for your permission to build our regions, because we want peace and prosperity. LOL@ Somalia is going to rise, the truth is, hawiye had 22 years to fix the problems in Somalia, instead you turned the guns on each other.

          • abdi ahmed says:

            fake xamar cadey.
            You and isaq have one Thing in common hygienic problem since xamarweyne suburb hargeisa full of garbage.

            Darood didn't destroy somalia but brainless moryaan hawiye+irirows.why They could not stablsih goverment The last twenty years,in The other hand diluted isaqs emotionist keep looking fake counrty with Gambela flag.

          • Abdiwahab says:

            oh shut up and kill urself u darod cancer scum

          • amal says:

            You can see it from SLPress that Isaaq have no issue against hawiyes, never did and never will. Siyad Barre was darood but all clans built Mogadishu. Hawiyes granted siyad barre with the greatest support, siad barre would never be able to build anything without the support of hawiyes in xamar. All clans also put all their eggs and effort in Mogadishu.

          • Laylah says:

            amal if he also looks even more closer they will see how much your people insult them daily calling them walanyen, zoomalia and all sorts of filth on this site. Stop pretending like you give a damn about them, at least be honest with these people and tell them how you feel about them. No issaq cared about hawiye for the past 22 years they have been sufering and that is a fact. That said, Siad(AUN) was the president of Somalia therefore he did not seek anyones permission.

          • abdulahi says:

            isaq have so many issues includinng lost of self confidence.barre his regime not only hawiye build but all somalis.

        • amal says:

          Abdiwaha walal can you debate them and stop constantly calling ladies that word. Why do you always say nasty stuff.

          Everyone Isaaq +Darood + Hawiye needs to just chill for once

        • amal says:

          Oh boy it just seems Hawiye, Darood and everyone are all angry at Isaaq

          What did reer sheikh Isaxaaq ever done to you guys seriously, all they done is to withdraw from the union that failed.

          Hawiye is the largest clan in the south why do they need Isaaq, we built our end and Hawiye should build their end and reconcile with their darood brothers and live peacefully together. People can only help themselves and build a government themselves like what we did, we sat under a tree gadabursi+Isaaq+dhul and established a government, we didn't ask anyone else to come and help us do that.

          When will we ever live with a peace of mind, Somali situation sucks walahi

          • amal says:

            Why is Somalia holding SL in hostage then. I'm afraid we will continue being that headache so long as Somalia clings on to SL against their will.

          • osman Qaal says:

            They'll always have an issue with us as long as we're keep asking them to get their house in order..Maybe we should use a reverse psychology…

          • amal says:

            Osman Qaal,
            Lol exactaly

          • mohamed cheers says:

            Amal, you missing the important point. Darood,Hawiye iwm are murky character
            assassinations and they ride each other lyk monkeys lool..Isaaq is different and too gentle
            in their monkey dodo business, in short, Isaaq-Tutsi would always keep them in good check for their epidemic lyrics and makes them all the madly angier lool.

          • mustaf says:

            one big brainless family

          • kamaal says:

            @amal with many names.

            ofcource you should help Them you related hawiye moryaan brainless irirow.I don't Think isaq are no position to help anyone They don't have The resources and man power,also busy looking fake recognition.

          • amal says:


            Firstly don't accuse others of having multi name when you are the one with million different names. Tip for you is the following words: The, Think That, They—–> Don't start them with capital 'T' if they are not at the beginning of a sentence.

            Secondly, people like you and Laylah make me laugh. The Hawiyes you are talking about are your citizens so I find it funny how you can call hawiye suffering and need help when it is your country and its citizens that needs the help. You should be ashamed. We Somaliland walked out of Somalia so we are busy with our internal affairs and since you (puntland) claim to be part of Somalia it's your business.

            Lastly but not least, it seems you guys look down on Hawiyes calling them brainless, those days are over my friend because today they are your boss.

          • kamaal says:

            amal with many names.
            everybody know you use different names people could see That.what laylah marwo said was since hawiye,isaq are related irrow camp why couldn't get together and come solution own problem,because s/land regional is looking unreachable recognition never stop crying winging and hawiye don't know which direction is north or west.

            In reality s/land region is part of somalia whether liked or not most are moving out to look better apportunity other parts of somalia.Puntland is self- semi-autonomous state if could understand The meaning of That.They are not selfish declare independent like s/land region it's not gone happen IC will not accept.

            No one is looking hawiye down They are boss to Them self's lookng close The event in kismayo proof.

          • amal says:

            I think now I know why you follow me sometimes with many shirts, it is whenever I talk positive about Hawiyes or mention Irir. You somehow feel threat or something.

            Yes Hawiyes are our irir brothers but we just don't share borders or have the same political affiliation but once our political issue and differences is sorted then we will work together once again. God bless Irir Samale :)

          • kamaal says:

            No i am not following you,your mistaken with someone else.kkkkk,I am just laughing because DAROOD JABERTI ISMAIL population over six million don't see any threat from irirow samali already darood controles 40% of somali territory.

            It will be good if irirow samali work together atleast They will have better live Than This.

            BAY & BAKOOL new semi-autonomous state coming soon.

        • Laylah says:

          You have the intelligence of a DODO.

    • jabhad says:


      Mindless sheep your,The population of jubbaland 87% are darood.Time will tell,jubbaland will have own self-autonomy addmin state There's nothing mogadishu can do or irir damerow.

  2. Galgaduud man says:

    soon we gonna Indhacade and Gobaale to Kismaayo to clean off these power-hungry, filthy Ogadens…..Walaalaha Galgaduud

    • Laylah says:

      And then what? bring your moryaan militarty to turn it into another rape city like marka?. It seems you lunatics do not want peace at all, at least think about your women and children who by the way reside in Kismayo. They protested against the governemtn of somalia interfering in Jubbaland affairs, everyone with twos eyes and a functioning braincell sees how unfair and clannistic the president is being when he told hiiraan, bay and bakol that they can form their own administrations but Jubaland can't. That said, the only power hungry anti-peace fools, are hawiye considering today Mogadishu is only controled by hawiye only. Be honest with yourselves, because the evil you people are trying to cause will only backfire in your faces insha Allah.

      • Galgaduud man says:

        Laylah….who said Marka is a rape city…..comeon..
        Tell me, are u talking from experience or it is just some random accusations

        • Laylah says:

          I guess I have been talking to an idiot who hasnt been following the news. I also forgot that Mogadishu is even worse because on top of your moryaan military raping women and children, they are also looting and killing innocent civilians.

      • HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

        @Laylah This clannish mindset of the 90's is over no more excuse no matter how you see it our president won the election fair and square chosen by MP's that in return were chosen by every Elders of those regions

        Now i can understand if the Daroods didn't participated through out the process but they were and unfortunately for them lost well not exactly because the PM is one so your people need to deal with it and stop throwing hissyfits like a spoiled child.

        Talking about Jubaland if it was a genuine one led by the people living there then i would of backed your cause but is instead being hijacked by IGAD which in another word means Nairobi who see that region as part of their territory that was wrongly given away by the British and are looking for countless ways to reclaim it back especially now there's a proven abundance of oil in that region stretching from the shores of Ras Kamboni to Kismayo all the way to Gedo and is already proven that the Kenyans are trying to claim the maritime boundary starting from Ras Kamboni halfway to Kismayo as their own and to put the icing on top of their cake have a warlord that's not even a indigenous to that area in the palms of their hands doing their dirty work for them and you expect the government to sit back and watch not in a million years.

        Tell me why did this process had to take place in Nairobi and not in Kismayo itself and don't tell me because of the security because after the the government put huge pressure on them to safe face have quietly begun relocating to Kismayo and why cant the government be there as an observer to prove they're
        not up to no good

      • Shushuxle says:

        If Moryans dont change their ways they will be tuaght new lessons like when they crossed Ethiopia's path in 2006. They changed into extremist gar to destablise Somaliland.

    • jamaal says:

      They will need visa before They come here or shut in The's not only ogaden who controls kismayu but mix clan.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      lool you must be kidding, Hawiye and his Capitalo Mogadiscio is all cornered by 3 fronts viz
      Puntland, Alitihad-ONLFland, NFD-Azania-Jubbaland. Your HSM is in prison for Darod
      political assassination conspiracies?

      • HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

        @cheers anyone can try but i guarantee you no one other than a Hawiye can destroy the
        mighty Hawiye nation except the might Allah.

        Unless your blind deaf and dumb you should've known that many tried but all got dismantled and then
        made to run for their life's with the end of a boot sticking up their backsides ; )

        • Caabudwaaq Son says:

          Camp down Hawiye warrior, you made Rahanweyn starve to death, other string clans protected themselves; Hawiye is unkind to the powerless clan, that is why they are suffering for twenty years, using successive failed projects. All I can see the in the heart of the tribal Hawiye is hatred along the lines of " I cannot do any thing nice for my people, let all other people be be destroyed" Learn a lot from Somaliland and Puntland. The world is protecting Hawiye politicians against its cannibal sons Al Shabaab. Revolutions eats its people, go and learn history. hatred destroys the person, learn forgiving and be pragmatic or declare secession if you cannot accept Somalia becoming member of community of nations again. having said that, not all Haiye are tribal, nice Haiye people need to have polical openings. We thought Hassan Sheikh was the right ma, only to learn his the wrong man- USC-centric.

          • HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

            "Baidoa suffered greatly under Barres regime as he and his ally Morgan developed their plans
            in 1987 for the gradual annihilation of the Rahanweyn but this was intensified during the period
            when Barres forces fled to the region from Mogadishu in 1991"

            Don't try to put all the blame on the Hawiye!

          • xaashi abdi says:

            hawiye use to sell water baidoa folks loot Their properties until mr shaar gaduud who's digil mirrifle took The gun with The help of ethio[pia chase habargidir out of bay & bakool completely in1996.

          • HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

            Go finish your ESOL classes then come back to me until then refrain from debating
            matter of fact you should not only refrain from me but also to anyone else either on this
            website or any other websites Capish ?

          • xaashi abdi says:

            I have uni degree on my belt you garbage.what happen in Baidoa will never forget digil mirifle community,hawiye have no business beyond Qoryooley or face arrest.

    • xamar-cadey says:

      Galgaduud man

      Clean your city from those filthy people like we did 22 years ago in XAMAR CADEY

  3. moha says:

    good article indeed,,somalis will always be somalis.some of the comments show the degree of jahilia in our societies mindset

  4. Buuxiye says:

    Hassan Mahamoud's political objectives have thus far been limited to his country and the appointment of Fowziya is neither obstructing the dialogue process nor does it limit our interaction as 2-STATE with independent political systems. Fowziya's dual nationality is neither a problem for somaliland nor a issue that concerns our objectives. Fowziya is in a positive potion where she can act as a Bridge between the two countries during their dissolution process.

    The most critical factors that Hassan Mahamouds needs to concern himself with during his 4year term is Puntland and Jubaland. Hassan mahmoud is fair in his aproach to ensure there is a balanced power sharing on the 5-portion system as is with the NEW cabinet. Hassan Mahamoud will be viewed as a political genius and a HERO if he ensures that Jubaland administration is both balanced and reflects that of the NEW cabinet. EQUAL distribution of power along the 5-Clan lines. Darood,Hawiye, Dir, D&M and minorities must have an equal political power distribution reflective of NEW somali politics of equality.

    If Moqadishu is going to be the SEAT of power where all 5 clans have equal representation then all NEW admins will also be required to accommodate all 5 clans. Otherwise it is only fair that any Power distribution that occurs in Moqadishu given Xamari people a large power share.

    Jubaland must accomodate all 5clans in the power sharing, likewise if Puntland is to be respected it must being to show a power redistribution which acknowledges the residence of D&M, Dir, Yibir, Madhibaans, Bantus in Puntland and they must have a greater share of power in this region too. Otherwise it is unreasonable to expect an MJ to expect equal or more power in any office in moqadishu.

    The Author failed to distinguish the CLEAR difference between SOMALILAND(country) and puntland/Jubaland small provinces within Somalia. There is already a pre agreed dialogue process to address Somaliland's & Somalia's FUTURE relationship… However Somalia's internal political wrestling is purely the concern of Hassan Mahamoud as the HEAD of
    STATE… On mattesr concerning Somalia Hassan Mahamoud is in power for the next Term and the Following due to his popularity in the SELECTION process that brought him to power. puntland
    & Juba valley region are both under the jurisdiction of President Hassan Mahamoud and his political choices are legal and acceptable in accordance with the Road-map process and the Somalia constitution all under a single STATE internal matters. Somaliland dialogue is an External matter an an issue of FOREIGN affairs. i do hope i have clarified the difference that the author tried so hard to conceal.

    - Internal affairs matters = office of the internal affairs Ministry (puntland, Galmudug, Banu-dir, etc)
    - External affairs matters = office of foreign affairs ministry(Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Somaliland, etc)

    :) In accordance with London Conference and subsequent agreements. Author appears not to know the political distinction between two ministries of his own country.

    • Dhuguse says:

      The author is a Somalilander. He is the former Somaliland representative to UK during the Riyale Administration, and he is SSDF/SNM veteran. The guy was once SSDF 2nd man to Abdullahi Yusuf, so he is well familiar with the Wanlawen and their acts.

    • moha says:

      Complete nonsense what you wrote out of touch. Mogadishu will not have any role to play The affairs of JUBBALAND,PUNTLAND in any way shape or form,because every state have The right to select OWN LEADERSHIP including Their minories.hassan NGO his addmin don't have any jurisdiction over indigenous people inhabit These regions Puntland,jabbaland or any other regions in somalia,his jop is to counsult not to impose moryaan law That's why They sent back his delegation when They arrived in kismayo.

      The talk between s/land region and somali republic will base on matual understanding nothing more NO recognition will be on The table because The IC not keen to see renegade region declaring fake independence.

      Somaliland region is part and parcel of somali republic no need to line up yourself like a ghost with These countries kenya,ethiopia.

  5. osman Qaal says:

    Hassan Sh. mahamoud is not a politician, he's clueless as to how the modern world operates. I don't think he'll be a solution to Somalia's problems, in fact, he'll complicate things more, specially Somaliland/Somalia matters. Mr. Mohamoud could create more chaos and instability in the region he gets an opportunity, specially, Somaliland/Somalia matters. The world should be constantly checking him under the micro-scope before he turns to an indestructible hulk.

  6. True Somali Patriotic says:

    Firstly, the 2nd paragraph in your article, on the first line, it should read “Twenty years”. Really shows your eager to rush in the article. (Signs of a Darood)

    Secondly, Hassan Shiekh is doing a lot of hard work. You have to be in SOMALIA to see his work. Everybody is backing him and the whole international community have given him all full backing. But 1 certain group didn’t, and the Daroods. You see Daroods are the jews of Somalia, they are the biggest scumbags and cheats in the country. I truly believe, if Daroods dont stop this nonsense hate and envy, it will only cause their destruction.

    The good news is, everyboody is aware of their activities. Time will come when the Majerteens will cause self harm to themselves. (which is evident now with the Faroole/Abdiweli Gass beef.

    • moha says:

      @fake somali Patriotic=moryaan.

      First stop using The word "jewish",secondlly darood is major clan in somalia They were The one who taught islam while your clan were scanvangers not wearing clothes like animal.The total somali race whether They live neighbouring countries or in somalia is 16 million,six million are darood,Three million live in westren somalia in ethiopian and rest mainland somalia.They are major force not like hawiye moryanow and isaq winging Emosionist.

      Hassan guurgurte NGO have no business what so ever in Puntland+jubbaland,he can't even send any delegation because They are irrelevant moryaan.The UN,IGAD are not backing his backward policy That's why They are not even talking to him at The moment.

    • xamar-cadey says:

      cudnt have said it @true somali patriotic

  7. True-Somali says:

    We all celebrated when the president got elected, our hopes were so high and happy. Unfortunately Hassan Culusow turned to be a puppet for SNM and Djabooty through Qabilish Irirsm. If he doesnt respect the Federal constitution and stop his monkey politics, we wont recognize him and require him a Visa to come to Puntland, and Jubbaland. The UN and IGAD are watching very closely who put him on their PAYROLL and protecting him.

    • Hornid says:

      lol Darood are so crasy. They accept well rules of Habashi and Bantus in Ethiopia and Kenya but they like playing great warrior in Somalia and Somaliland.kkk

    • moha says:

      @True somali
      Hassan guurgurte NGO can't came to kismayo it's all over They keep running around sending afke delegation.kismayo will be soon semi-autonomous state people in That region decided.soon.The UN,IGAD They know somali satuation very well.


    For a long time Somalia was missing a strong Presidential leader maybe even someone similar to Siad
    Barre prior to his atrocity's (i'm sorry to those that feel offended but that's the truth) with a bit of a flavor
    added that's called democracy where a man/woman can run for the presidency for only two terms with
    elections on both terms.

    After a hard and devastating 20+ years civil war in Somalia i think i can finally say that that man has
    been finally found in H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud

    PS unlike others i'm disappointed but not mad at the President just because at this moment he ain't included any of my Murusade people in his new cabinet giving him the benefit of the doubt for the sake
    of a prosperous Somalia

    Right now everyone should be happy with that they at least got their representative in the parliament and
    should stop nagging him to include every sub-clan of his and hers in his government

  9. Sugulleyare says:

    Very interesting analysis. I know that Hawiye leaders act angrily drag the south further into instability. Hassan sheikh has no the plitcal skills of president Sharif. Next we will see a new administration for Digil & Mirifle . Had they considered Somaliladn right to break away, they would not have been ruled in system they see as anti-Hawiye anarchy . Mogadishu leaders are losers, changing shirts asp, making their people suffer under different platforms. so Hassan Sheikh is on the road to becoming a failed leader. Somaliland is here to stay.

  10. Ahmed Nur says:

    No matter how much advice is given to leaders of this failed state they will not hear. Their main agenda is to wear different coats of radical ideologies. The current leader is from Al Islah whose main aim is to export another ideology of silent radicalisation, one where money speaks. Somaliland should cut of ties totally with any discussion or dialogue with this state that is doomed to bring down the Horn of Africa.

    Somaliland should look forward and never back.

  11. Sultan says:

    His office looks nice. Who is his interior designer. Perhpas our President Silaanyo should hire him/her.

  12. Sultan says:

    And they wanted us to join these crazies down south. Hell to the my laxoox no. They can't even sort out the problem of one town that has less people than Hargeisa's school drop outs. Just so frustrating to watch these people get it wrong every time.

  13. Khaatumo Citizen says:

    I wonder why is there so much hatred towards noble Daroods Ismail ? blah blah blah blah, shimbiroyahow heesa lool

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