Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2012

SOMALIA: Rumble in Mogadishu

Brawl in Somalia’s parliament leaves Members of Parliament hospitalized

MOGADISHU — Three parliamentarians were sent to hospital after verbal disputes concerning the election of a new speaker turned physical for members of Somalia’s parliament.

Fighting erupted in the horn of Africa country’s parliament because supporters of Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, who was controversially voted out as the speaker last month, were against a vote for a new speaker.

According to the BBC, MPs threw punches and hit each other with chairs while some used pens to stab one another.
“The lawmakers gave their majority votes to (new speaker) Madobe Nunow who replaces the former speaker,” Ahmed Dhimbil Roble, Somalia’s deputy speaker and chair of the session told newsmen after the marathon session, according to Toronto Star.
President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed reportedly dismissed the vote as illegal, an indication that the country’s executive recognizes one speaker, while the majority of parliamentarians support a different one.

Somalia’s government has launched an investigation over the late Wednesday incident.

Somalia has not had a functional government since 1991 when a civil war broke out. The internationally backed Transitional Federal Government, without an effective control over the entire country, was created in 2004 with a five-year mandate expected to culminate into a representative government after national elections.

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  1. American boy says:

    And we expect these guys to run a country? .. What a joke! Loool

  2. Kayse says:

    I hope they didnt use the pen I donated to stab each others. Maybe donor countries also need to review their "stationary" aid to Somalia. Maybe we should only trust them with crayons…

    Those Somalis from the south are dangerous people.

  3. mohamed cheers says:

    It's no secret that Somalia is without functioning Governments since 1991. The rubber stamp
    TFG now headed by Sharif Ahmed and DR. Gass and the TFG Parliamentarians in constant tug of
    wars on a daily basis will not be a solution to bring peace in Somalia. The Alshabab Islamic
    freedom factions are also not getting support. Out of this confusion, it's still possible if the
    TFG parliamentary Chief Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan gets a chance to head the KMG instead
    of Sharif Ahmed and forms a new KMG Govt. not headed by DR. Gass!. Another possibility is for
    the Alshabab to change its policies to that of the Arab Spring Revolt Revolutions and seek the
    help of the AL/OIC?. Finally another option could be the Tunisian Uprising role model. Whichever
    takes hold, Somalia needs a different direction to acieve real peace.

  4. AhmedY says:

    For Somalia, things will get a lot worse before they any better as Garowe agreement will exacerbate the situation even further.

  5. misslovely says:

    i watch the so call xildhibaanyo kicking one another in the head on horn cable tv it was funny but stupid

    • warya says:


      "According to the BBC, MPs threw punches and hit each other with chairs WHILE some used pens to stab one another." loool

      What do you say to something like that kkkk….BIG UPS that's how Somalis roll. Forget bannineg remittance into Somalia the UN should ban stationary goods period. Maybe let in crayons with rubber handles loool

  6. Gobaad says:

    Public figures should lead by example and should not behave like that in the House of Parliament. It just shows how unethical and uncivilized their action is.

  7. Abraham says:

    It was just hillarious watching them on telly. Now I realised that the real value of these "MPs" lies in their entertainment potential.

  8. Aria says:

    Just imagine if they had guns. They would have a western style shoot out in parliament. There parliament building is a piece of junk they sit in school desks with plastic chairs. South Somalia is out of control. The bad guys are in office. The good guys are used as scape goats for a 4 country invasion (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi) Air support and drones courtesy of Israel, USA, and france. Wake up people of the south. Take your land back from the thug Sharif. Dont get me started on the Prime Minister of Somalia. He is only looking out for American interests.

  9. Hawa says:

    I love parliament fights! Dude who had his back turned to the guy carrying the chair had no idea what was coming to him. Oh and to hell with the TFG! What were they fighting over? A $20 American bill?

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