Published On: Wed, May 23rd, 2012

SOMALIA: Puntland seizes alcohol stash in Galkayo

BOSASSO — Police in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland have seized more than 150 bottles of alcoholic drinks that smugglers were seeking to bring into its region.

Police operations in the central town of Galkayo netted several people over the banned substance during raids in the last two days according to local sources.

Government officials said they also arrested others in connection with security operations. They added they will stand trial in a criminal court in the coming days.

Puntland officials said alcohol usage in major towns was on the rise and most of the alcohol has been smuggled in from neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia.

Recently similar raids were carried out in the port town of Bosasso.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden throughout Somalia, where the people are entirely of Muslim population. Every year police announce alcohol seizures.


May 23, 2012

  • Allemagan

    The only thing worse than a ruthless pirate is a drunken ruthless pirate. Puntland administration must not only fight vices such as alcohol and qat consumption but it must also round up the rich pirates with deep pockets that are roaming in each major city and town in the region.

    • Geezer4rmPuntland

      you sound lyk al shabaab, listen they can do whatever they lyk kk, who are you to juge them?
      now i know why ur so nationalist crying after somaliland soz you can impose your wahhabi dirty bush sharia law. you got exposed!!!

      • Jamac

        GeezerF4mPuntland is upset only because he and his drunk friends soon won't be able to find one bottle of Alcohol in all regions of Somalia, and don't even think of taking your Alcoholism to Somaliland as you can clearly see the Shahada on our flag this is an Islamic State! and Somalia is a Islamic State!

  • cimraan

    you can go to hell you and your money for all we care. just stay away.

  • hashim ali


    your not Puntlander go vomite some where else jack ass,what % christians in somali society? may be 1% or 2%.people have right to do what They want, even old days mogadishu use have The best night clubs & music bands in east africa i was member of IFTIN band best drummer known to somalis beside mr sulfa.currently stop playing music only play religoius music “nabi amaan” beace on him.

    • osman


      go & get a live stop using different names ,may be your drunk since you keep changing your name.

  • Somaliaqueen

    Please no alcohol, imagain whats gonna happen alcohol in somalia. SubhanALLAH more pride, arrogant and ignorancr

    • khaatumo citizen

      u dont have respect for woman what so ever…

  • Issa

    The somali ppp are 100 percent muslin

  • Issa

    Nooo I am not france I am france

  • GeezerF4mPuntland

    Listen Stop acting like a child, if you want to have decent conversation plz do so without disrespecting anyone.

  • Kayse

    Puntland is as tribalist state as the two subclan Council in the north. We also urge Somalis in the North-east to start abandoning this ill pirate Council and anything called "federal" because Somalia being tribal state, federal will only divide us into sub clan vs subclan and those subclans will further seek more autonomous rule till it reaches the level of house vs house.

    Pirate Council keeps its supporters on the bottle while Council in west Hargeisa keeps its supporters loyal with the use of khat and Siad Bare memories (Dhaag-dheer).

  • karilie

    ..Addiction is a phenomenon, much like a spark of lightening in nature. We cannot control the consequences when addiction wraps its ugly hands around an individual, much like we can’t control when a bolt of lightening strikes. visit

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