Published On: Sun, May 27th, 2012

Somalia: Nation to Have Federal Government

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SOMALI will finally have a federal government in 90 days, United Nations Political Office for Somalia has said.
Speaking yesterday just two days after the Addis Ababa consultative meeting of the Somali Signatories of the process for ending the transition, the UN secretary special representative on Somalia Augustine Mahiga said the meeting had resolved to put up systems to end the transitional system and install a new government by August 20.
He said the Addis meeting was “extremely successful” as it cleared many obstacles that had blocked the drafting and adoption of the provisional new Somali constitution and ending of the transitional period. “Somalia is less than ninety days away from the most momentous even in its recent history. The agreements made in Addis Ababa cleared the road of any procedural obstacles. The timetable can only be revised backwards, we have no time lose, no moment to spare and the mood rife, what we should be thinking about is how will the morning of August 21,” Mahiga said.
He said the signatories to the Road-map had agreed that traditional elders now meeting in Mogadishu would select the delegates for the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) not later than June 20. The assembly will convene on July 2 to choose the members of the new Somali parliament, in a month selection process to be validated by arbitration committee comprised of the Elders themselves. A process that will see the number of members of Somali parliament cut from the current 550 to 225 members only.
The communiqué signed by the signatories also recommends that in order to take action on critical legislation currently stuck in the Somali parliament, TFG president will use a presidential decree to convene the NCA, steer the constitutional process towards the adoption stage and adopt the long-pending National security and stabilization plan which lays the foundation for the development of the Somali justice and security sector.
However, the communiqué emphasized that no delay or obstruction will be accepted by the Somali people or the international community, and spoilers will be identified and named for appropriate action on them by Somali and international stakeholders. “We already have the suspects whom we are monitoring and if they continue we shall name them as well as ask the regional governments to enforce sanctions on them which will include travel bans,” Mahiga said.

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  1. Dhugtame says:

    I'm not surprised to hear this from Mahiga, because he lives in a dream world of his own. Despite his long tenure in Somalia, Mahiga is not smart enough to pass 101 course in Somali politics.

  2. osman5 says:

    Mr. Mahiga is flexing his muscles for the corrupt Somalis politicians. He is only delivering a written statement from the IC which has no bearings to the realities on the ground. Somalia problems are very complex, they won't be fixed by outsiders nor Somali's power brokers are prepared to have for corruption free governmental authorities.

    It'd be very likely to stare at rosy pictures of Somalia on the headlines briefly as the reality settles in everything will go back to square one. My prediction is Somali's chronic political deficiencies will get worse before they get better.

    Osman Qaal

    Osman Qaal

    • Xarago says:

      Walaal why you wishing something bad don't predict anything everything is ALLAH hand and Somalia will be peace inshaallah always have hope.

    • Ali says:

      Made a comment, got banned?

      • Ali says:

        I respect somaliland and what it did, but im a somali, and somalia is my country, I am from somaliland, but to me its a state, not a independent country, my grandad fought in the ogaden war trying to unite greater somalia, im saying, give your brothers and sisters from the south a change, or else we are only making our enemies happy with this dividing crap.
        This federal thing might change, well see, democracies are not built overnight, we were the envy of africa, lets do that again
        Gobaad, nly person thats living in cuculand is you, your a somali, then a somalilander, dont hide, be proud ya fool
        One language
        One religion
        One nation

        • osman5 says:

          Your lines are very weak and almost similar to the lines use by street beggars. The unification you're blabbing on would be up for debate if Djibouti, Haud/reserved area and NFD were in the equation.
          F.Y.I. even ,if a union between Somaliland and Somalia was materialized it would never equate Greater Somalia.

          Osman Qaal

          • Ali says:

            Weak or did my words hit a nerve, pity really as your one deluded fool.
            Somalia will be great again, you keep that backward mentality while were moving forward.

  3. Nuurdeen says:

    Far from surprising seeing people trying to put dirt on the progress of Somalia, but inshallah Somalia will have a functioning, non-corrupt and representative government by the end of August.

    I just can't understand why people here don't want a functioning Gov't in Somalia so we Somalis who have spread wide and far can rebuild our country? Come on now, im tired of Somalis claiming European citizenship and abandoning our culture, even though I was born in the UK. Im very happy with northern Somalia's Somaliland's progress but where's it's recognition? They need to understand that the world is run by a few powers that sit at the top of the UN, and unfortunately, if they don't want something, then it won't happen..the only way Somaliland will prosper further is if it joins Somalia's Federal system.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Nah no dice, these are the same warlords who failed over and over again and recycling them wouldn't make a dime difference. I hope your friend Mahiga knows what he's doing as last minute face saving by utterly
      crowning obiter dictum synopsis which's umbinding and bound to unfaultier.

    • The kid Carlito says:

      I think you got it all wrong. I for one wish all the best for Somalia as a country and that it prospers according to whatever model it chooses.

      You made a good point when you said that people should wish well on Somalia and I urge all Somalilanders to do the same. However, it works both ways and you pretty much lost my sympathy when you started to dictate what Somaliland should which is to rejoin the union in a federal system. Absurdly you claim that this is the only way for Somaliland to prosper, which is a joke considering that Somaliland has been doing just that; prospering for the last 21 years with little support or assistant.

      Somaliland is long gone it will never join the union so never include Somaliland in your hopes for Somalia's new federal system. You wish for that which you stated Somalia to have a "functioning, non-corrupt and representative government by the end of August" and this is what Somaliland has been experiencing for over a decade now.

      Like I have stated in my previous posts there are examples of countries such as Taiwan, who are not members of the UN and are not recognized officially yet they are for all purposes and intents a country. Therefore your argument that because we have not received international recognition we should rejoin the union is fallacious, instead the fact that we have not received international recognition should compel us even more to improve on state building, democratization and strengthening civic institutions and our burgeoning economy. And then when the time is right recognition will come.

      But union with Somalia will never occur, its a promise we made to our people I am a 21 years old the same age as my beloved country. We follow this path not because of hate or spite but because its the best way to provide for our people and to realise our aspirations. For Somalia I wish it all the best in the same way I wish Djibouti all the best, however Somaliland is gone, gone, gone so the sooner you accept this the better for all concerend.

      • Ali says:

        Whoever says somalia and somaliland should split are traitors to the somali people and want tthe ethiopian dream, divide and conquer, somaliland is created by colonial past, its somalia, for the somali people, nobody will ever recognise it, im from the north but im sick of hearing this somaliland imdependent, why? It will nly split our country and make us weak, same religion, lang, culture so whats the problem?
        We can do what UK did with wales and england, give them there own laws and freedoms but londomsn the capital, we can do the same thing, nationally seperate, internationaly united.
        Stop being up a whites mans ass and help/support your peoe instead of being embarresed of them

        • Kayse says:

          Ali why do I get the feeling that you personally have something personal on the bases of tribe against those that believe in Somaliland? You are missing the argument, read the title of the topic again "federal"…is Somaliland the one after federal? No right, so who else is also dividing?

          Puntland region is the one strongly for Federal because it feels its one Mjertein clan can get more out of federal than sharing state with others in particular the Haawiye.

          Federalism is more dangerous than two state division because once federal is in motion every subclan will declare their village as a federal state.

          You guys have to look at the issue probably and stop seeing only Somaliland.

          • cabdull says:

            you are spot on when it comes to federalism instead of uniting the people it's actually encouraging them to split in to tribal lines which is very dangerous but you are also very wrong about Somaliland because its a Isaac project the main reason why the West ain't recognizing Somaliland it's rejected by the majority Sool Sanaag Cayn people even your ally Awdal is starting to back away you would of had a better chance if you claimed independence only for the places where the Isaac's are at least 70% and called it Isaacland because if Somaliland hasn't been granted independence for more than two decades then i don't think it'll ever will so it seems like this marriage is for eternity so the question now is are you gonna stamp your feet like a little child and moan about it for the next 20 100 1000 years or are you gonna play your vital role in restoring Somalia to its rightful place as the super power not just for East Africa but the whole of the Continent i no your gonna laugh about the super power bit but believe me if the Somali people are one there is no country we cant defeat also we are 1 people with 1 language 1 religion and 1 culture no other country in Africa has got that UNITED WE ARE STRONG DIVIDED WE ARE WEAK well that all depends on you and so far we have chosen to divide and wish the worst on each other may Allah have mercy on our dead brothers souls that fought in Ogaden & North Eastern Province for a Greater Somalia and those that are still alive must be in disarray of how it all went so pear shaped

          • Jollyboy says:

            Keep dreaming Somaliland is not interested!!!

          • khaatumo citizen says:

            correction: the region is called somali region in ethiopia or Western Somalis not Ogadenia other tribes live there too//

            but yh united we stand, divided we fall.. all those advocating division among somali people should be considered as traitors

          • muqtaar says:

            @ abdull+ali.

            well said mate some people have only one vision and a wrong one.

        • Gobaad says:

          Ali, "…We can do what UK did with wales and england, give them there own laws and freedoms …" Do your think that Somalia has jurisdiction over the Republic of Somaliland? What world are you living in or perhaps you were in a coma or suffering from amentia for the last 21 years. Two state solution is what the international Community wants and anything less does not set well with Somalilanders. Anybody who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves.

          • khaatumo citizen says:

            if thats what internaional community wants then why they dont regcognise ur two-subclan state exactly ..

    • ali says:

      reason some folks not intereted seeing proper functioning goverment is They Think fake recognition will soon if rest of somalia keep wobbling.

  4. Xarago says:

    Future is pride for Somalia Republic is time to unite come together and build our country peace is coming inshaallah.

  5. Kayse says:

    More division, every clan and subclan declaring their village as a Federal state.

  6. amal says:

    Yes it looks like Somalia is having federal system because pirateland dictates it. This is a sign that Somaliland has nothing to do with it and two state solution is what the international world is intending otherwise why would they be adopting federalism. Nevertheless, the final decision lies with Somaliland and not Somalia or anyone else.

  7. youssra says:

    nuurdeen yu so realistic man!!!!!!!! kids understand that!!!but the northern clan of somaliland just try to run away from the harsh truth…it is hard to swallow the bitter pills…they want to heard what they want…let's see another 21 years their lalalaland will not exist on the map and the reallity will be hard to face..good luck

  8. Mr. Ahmed Abdi says:

    we need our invitation as we are among the concerned clans tribbes or communities . as I am a master of Art in kampala and the nomminnee leading the community of concern Toljecle from the North of Somalia want to joint as a respected and invited expert speaker to organise the ideas generated by the traditional leaders and plan together with the efforts needed by the Somali people rebuild a recognizable efficient government . therefore we need your address and contacts for planing a trip to mogadishu on the set day prior to the meeting.

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