Published On: Sat, Apr 7th, 2012

Somalia Islamist Lose More Territory

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Somali Government forces backed by Ethiopian troops have taken control of Hudur, about 420km south of the capital Mogadishu, residents said. According to residents, the allied forces entered the town Thursday around 2pm (local time), having moved from an area 15km away. They said there was no resistance from Al-Shabaab militants who left the town earlier. The arriving troops set up positions in and around Hudur, urging the people to conduct business as usual.

Al-Shabaab, the radical Islamist opposed to the Transitional Federal Government, have made no statement regarding the loss of the capital of Bakol region. The fanatical Islamists had reportedly vacated their positions in the town on Wednesday afternoon as the enemy forces advanced “Not even one Al-Shabaab loyalist is in the town (Hudur),” said a resident who asked not to be named for security reason. The development was preceded by intense fighting at a location known as Teed, about 15km west of the town. The clash occurred when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a unit of pro-government forces on a landmine Somali Islamists lose Hudur town Somali and Ethiopia troops have seized two districts in Bay region from the Al-Shabaab Islamist, Mogadishu officials said.

The Somali Transitional Federal Government sources said Al-Shabaab militants abandoned Burhakaba and Qansah-dhere towns, about 200 and 180km southwest of Mogadishu. “This is the third district in Bay region seized by pro-government forces,” said Mr Mohamed Hussein Afarale, a member of Somalia’s Parliament, who was with the advancing troops. The MP made the remarks when the Ethiopians and the pro-government forces captured Qansah-dhere. The advancing troops came from Baidoa town, 240km southwest of Mogadishu, which Al-Shabaab lost in February. “We took over Burhakaba and Qansah-dhere without resistance,” remarked Mr Afarale.

Ethiopian troops have been assisting pro-government forces that have so far seized strategic regional capitals in central and southern Somalia, including Beledweyne in December 2011. Baidoa and Hudur towns were taken over in February and March respectively. Al-Shabaab militants continue to be squeezed into a tight corner as Kenyan troops were pushing from the southern regions and the Ethiopians from the central and southwestern regions

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  1. osman5 says:

    I gathered Al- Shabab lost another town to Ethiopian troops. one would wonder if TFG does have armed forces at all. If so, why can't they fight with Al-shabab without the help of foreign troops.

    I thought one of the primary responsibilities of a government was to protect the land and its inhabitants. The branch of warlords in Mogadishu called themselves a government but they have no teeth.

    I'd suggest that the Somaliander armed fores should consider matching all the way to Mogadisho and commencing a colony there. At least it would be worthy a try.

    Osman Qaal

    • najiib says:

      Osman5,i Think you write what ever comes in your head,TFG don’t have teeth & can chew anything it was pre-plan by The west with The collusion neighbouring countries,TFG can’t even pay Their forces we are talking Thousands not The some size s/l militia. put west created 1700 elite forces They take direct only from EU or USA not from about s/l They standing middle of The desert & shouting for recognition which is not coming,marching s/l army or militia towards mogadishu They don’t have logistics & resources to reach There,can even face ogadane his militia. but still somalis in The area They will wellcome becuase They are somali muslim brothers better Than cristos,how about The fire burning in These regiongs sool,sanaag,ceyn,buhodle need to fix This issue if They can becuase khatumo & awdal are coming up.

  2. Xarago says:

    Guul Victory for Republic of Somalia, Somali people will win inshaallah, enough is enough now is the time to unity and fight to the enemy. Peace will come soon inshaallah guuuul guuul guuul Allahukabar.

    Viva Somalia Alhamdullilah.

  3. Aderujani says:

    As Xarago pointed out, Somalia deserve to be peacefull and Samalians women and children deserve to claim once again a country they call it home. the plight of women, childrens, oldies through the scorching Sahara should stop. I am sorry to draw a parallel but the wild life in Kenya lives in peace and tranquility than our brothers and sisters in Somalia. We have to tame our anger at each other and cast it out to the ocean. We have to channel our greed and violence and cast it out to the ocean. We have to cast out our darker side and join hands with postive thinkers to the region at large.
    Somalia can be an advanced nation sooner than one expected if they properly utilize their enterpreneorship skills seen all over the world. they can build an advanced economy based on their harbors and ports. Can't you see, flow of Billions of cash from millions of Diaspora once a viable government is formed. I am optimistic this is the time to drive out the demon with in us and within the somali fighting factions and cease the current opportunity. This opportunity is created due to the Somali people are tired of the see-saw actions from the different warning factions

    Viva Somalia inshaallah!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. osman5 says:

    Well, what made me to comment was that I hear now and then lawless groups with a long Muslim names causing a havoc in southerns regions of Somalia, Agreed Somaliland is not up to the challenge or perhaps doesn't want bother it.

    What about if you and me start recruiting few Italian and South African mercenaries to establish a new colony there, I'll be the king, you'll be second in line.
    Believe me, the place is up for grab like a kid in a candy store.. It's a gorgeous place to have an empire, I've been there. Mogadishu will be colonized sooner or later. Somalis are not inclined to have a functioning government system. I don't want change the subject but there's no internal fire burning in Somaliland that we aware of. You've probably been misinformed.

    Osman Qaal

    • najiib says:

      Osman5,we are talking about nearly population 8 million in This part of somalia with more Than 27 different clans,it’s not like s/l may be 700 Thousand & 4 different clans live There & now war is raging we go again italian,britsh This sort of nonsence,recruting mercenaries from south africa Those days were when apartheid regime use to rule in south africa,i don’t know That you reading or may be your little bit behind,to colonize This part of somalia it’e not as easy you Think,remember what happen 1993 30,000 us marines landed & left with The movie blac hawk down,2006 when The termites come to somalia They lost more Than 12,000 & somalis may be 17,000 ,people who were fighing Them not only religous groups but whole somalis,yes now They are There before you know it They will be kicked out not by religous groups bur ordinary somalis .They can distablize as much as They want but They will never get what They want,how about s/l What sort of contribution They can make besides wingin & dreaming something That is not in The air,i Thought king or kingdom was confine in Puntland regions but At least They are not craving recognition.

      • osman5 says:

        Ok, maybe I'm a bit behind but I know for sure for Puntland is immensely confused. It can't decide whether it should a daughter of a wife. it's a part of Somalia but in a way is not. It confuses a lot of people.
        Puntland reminds me a female assistant in my depart who used have a hyphenated name (Davidson-McDonald) for her surname. I used make fun of her every day. Going back to my original point colonialism is suitable in Mogadishu.

        Osman Qaal

        • najiib says:

          I am not here to defend or go agianest Puntland,At least These guys They know where The movie will end up which it’s semi-autonomous states.if declare independent no one will accept Them,This’s what it’s happening s/l half of The population develop some sort of mental disorders cuase indepedent issue which it’s not on sight.colonizers will not last That long in This part of somalia,why? it’s power house.

          • osman5 says:

            You sound a smart man. I certain enjoy conversing with you but you have to stop using multiple names depends on the topic at hand..
            Using different names is not going to give an advantage but rather you're making yourself sound like a fool.

            Osman qaal

          • najiib says:

            Osman5,never use different names i am too high for That,a good debater don’t dublicate names.

  5. Maxamed Iid Farey says:

    It is now undeniable that Alshabab is beaten down to mere idealogical mouthpiece. It does not matter who helped the Somali government get rid of Alshabab. Now is the time the Government of Sheik Sharif, Sharif Sakin, and Dr. Abdiweli to take charge fight with corruption, increase and equip the Somali National Armed Forces properly, rebuild the nation and its infrastructure, reinvest in the people, and form much larger and wider coalition to fight with Alshabab. It is time to hire the former members of the Somali Secret Services, Hangash, and CID who are across the nation and who did not participate in the civil war. Somaliland's success despite the regions having turmoil politically hinged on grass-roots driven reconciliation, good cooperation between the government and the people, capable secret services, good governance despite the limited foreign aid untill recently, anti-corruption process, and discussing with traditional elders, business people, religious leaders that are non-violent in engaging them having their say, input, and feed back in correcting the future of the Somaliland in the regions it is supported.

  6. Ina Saajin Farey says:

    It is time we learn from the North and try to implement measures similar to the North that emcompasses all the sectors of Southern Somalia to end the political, social, public, and political deficit in the South. It is time President Sheik Sharif gets out of his rhetoric jaggernauting and getting engaged in real politics like his former Prime Minister the brave and nationalist Farmajo. It is time he fights with corruption, pays the police and the military on time, it is time he equips them properly and makes them an all inclusive force , it is time he demobilizes the militia's and enroll those who
    qualify into the realms of the Somali National Armed Forces, It is time that Ahlu-Sunnah, Putland, Galmudug, Raskamboni, and Azania allow their troops to be preparted for demobiization and integration into the control and command structure of the Somali national armed forces.

    • najiib says:

      Ina saajin,your right what you wrote most of it put not all,who is sheikh sharif? he was hand picked by The west as They call him”QUN YAR U SOCOD”ethops They did not like him first put west told don’t worreid he will be working with you,The guy he’s nothing put sitting dock,secondly who get rid off mr farmajo well he was call by kampala & told tim to leave Tho he had The vote of This shanti parlement,if no resources no big country backing up you have no choice.integration of ahlu-sunnah,puntland,galmudug,raskanboni,azania,how do you integrate These forces most of Them are Paid & control foreign countries accept Puntland.The solution it’s not easy put every problem has a solution.

      • amal says:

        Ina Saajin Farey, well said walaal
        It is high time south Somalia learn from Somaliland. Somalia does not have much time nor should they wait for others to sort out their mess. The Somali problem in the south can only be solved by Somalis but they have to be serious and focused. No need for them to whine about why the international world is meddling and controlling Somalia like a puppet and commanding them what to do or what not to do or bla bla. Somaliland is a muslim and a Somali state yet we don’t have foreigners meddling and shaping our internal and external affairs. Take in control of your own country once and for all. But to just focus on what Somaliland is doing wrong or how to stop them instead of how to establish governance and rule of law in Somalia is crazy. They should learn from Somaliland and apply similar measures instead of seeing Somaliland as nightmare. It needs time and effort. InshAllah khair and peace to the south

        • najiib says:

          I am sorry to say This you can’t compare s/l to This part south somalia in terms of population size & diversity clan group,it’s like comparing 10kg bag of sugar & 50kg bag of sugar see The different weights,learning from s/l or Puntland it’s not bad but The situation is totaly different,usaully foreign power meddle where They can control The whole country.There’s only one solution can get rid of foreign interference & islamist groups.This will be next debate.

  7. osman5 says:

    Ina Saajin Farey,

    I totally agreed with you. It seems you have a fair judgement in mind. if all Somalis collectively would have focus on what matters to Somalia only they could potentially get their house in order.

    I'm getting second tired of hearing the West has installed a new administration in Somalia followed by spurious religious groups revolted to undermine the newly administration.

    For one, tthe sky will not fall on Somalis if they kiss Somaliland good bye and everything else will follow suit. holding Somaliland as a bargain chip is not going to work and the world knows about that.
    In the event, the Somalis won't able to manage their affairs within a year or so, the place eventually will be recolonized regardless the color of the new ruler. Why not a group of Somalis diaspora grab the opportunity to take over.

    Osman Qaal

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