Published On: Sun, May 20th, 2012

Somalia: Federalism, Division and The Dual Track Policy

OPINION | MAY 20, 2012

Photo: Alternative to federalism and Somaliland/Somalia ideology – the three branch Somalia (three branches of government in three different parts of the country and three administrative regions).

Abdisamad Mooge “Kayse”

In September 2010 the United States announced a dual-track policy for Somalia that it claimed would broaden its capacity to engage with the Somali government and sub-state political stakeholders in order to promote peace and stability.

The Obama initiative, drafted by the office of Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, has however done the exact opposite to its pledges and is only helping divide Somalia even further.

Ever since it came into effect, more than a dozen sub-state regional administrations have been formed or announced by few exiled men high up on the social ladder among their clan peers. Like a kid behind the virtual game, The Sims, the exiled men with the support of small groups have been dotting virtual administrations all over the Somali map. The declarations have reignited long-standing feuds between rival clans largely due to the fact that their virtual clan borders have often overlapped other virtual boundaries.

Each virtual sub-state actor felt his neighboring state was cashing in from Obama’s dual track policy so they felt the need to have their own account. The United States helped the phenomena spread by stating that they would reward sub-state actors across Somaliland, Puntland, Galmudug and “other emerging administrations”. These groups, many of them unknown before, felt that they were climbing up in the Somali social and political ladder because now they were a “government” dealing with the world’s most powerful nation.

In retrospect, the dual track policy is only a sugar-coated version of America’s covert prison system that it operates outside its national borders. The policy has fueled the scramble to seize control of mixed and/or disputed territories across Somalia. America is not interested in a stable and peaceful Somalia but this policy allows her to reward those who help her contain the war on terrorism in Somalia including Ethiopia.
Anyone who declared their own semi-state and their dislike for al shabab were included in the process.

In fact this policy predates the Somali independence and can be found in the files of U.S. president Harry Truman under the title of “Truman Doctrine”. It is a new label for his “containment” policy which only gave Obama the option to replace the Bush “doctrine” or his so called “pre-emptive” policy.

It is not a policy designed to help strengthen peace and stability in Somalia but a long-strategy policy to contain insurgents such as al-shabab in Somalia, in particular in the south, that is stopping their geographical and influence expansion. The same policy will also be used against a future Somalia to safeguard Ethiopian and Kenyan interest against the Pan-Somalism ideology.

Just like in 1947 when Truman portrayed the USSR and U.S. rivalry as a mighty clash between “totalitarian regimes” and “free people,” the Obama administration is trying to sale this policy as a solution to the Somali conflict. However, it is only deepening the Somali conflict and creating more confusion and division. The policy, like that of Truman, is empowering the wrong actors in Somali sphere and undermining the UN recognized Somali government and clan leaders.

The Truman doctrine which called for the U.S. support for Greece and Turkey against the Soviet is considered as the start of the cold war and today’s dual track policy will only spread more catastrophic disasters.

The United States should not politicalize humanitarian and development aid and should allow the USAID to operate independently. This policy did help contribute to Somalia’s current illnesses including last year’s famine in which tens of thousands of Somalis died of malnutrition-related causes.

Had aid not been politicalized, the U.S. could have saved tens of thousands of Somalis who starved to death because the U.S. refused to engage with millions of Somalis under al shabab insurgents. The regions in southern Somalia including the capital were hit the hardest. Dual track policy is a complete failure and should be rolled back. The policy did not achieve its objectives in regards to containing al shabab either, this is why the country is awash with foreign troops from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi and Djibouti.

The dual policy undermines the Somali government and its sovereignty because how would Washington feel if Iran was dealing with the state of Texas?
The policy is only supported by small segment of the Somali sphere in particular secessionist, federalist and clanist groups and is not the interest of the Somali public.

The United States should channel its foreign assistance through Non-governmental organizations and should for once stop starving people to death because they disagree with Washington. There are better options. America should for once stop buying support and should give generously to those in need without asking anything in return.

The policy champions division and Somalia and its people are not ready for separation nor the so called federal system. Somalia is home to only 9 million inhabitants and that small population should not be forced to break up into two state solution or six or more federal states. Being a tribal society, both federalism as Puntland leaders want and secessionism as Somaliland advocates, will only have severe long-term implications for generations.

The country must remain under a unitary government with Mogadishu as its capital and Hargeisa as its parliamentary seat. All newly formed regions including the so called Marodi Jeeh, Sahil, Cayn and Haylaan just to mention few must be abolished.

What Somalia needs is healing not division and partition. The people must be listened to rather than opportunists who have convinced some locals that it is impossible for them to share anything with other Somalis from other regions. Somalia must wait until a rational debate on secessionism or federalism can focus on good governance as opposed to defending clan identities.

The federal system supported by the likes of Garowe leadership might work for that one clan state but it should not be the blueprint for the rest of the country. It seems the international community is listening to Abdirahman Farole more than it should to President Sheikh Sharif.

The picture Mr. Farole portrays of Puntland is not all rosy and locals are still waiting for him to call for an election. Others in the region have formed their own states within Puntland such as Ras Asr state and West Puntland State. This is a snub shot as to what could happen in future federal system.

Somalia needs to reform but further divisions are not needed. Anyone who knows Somalia knows the country has never in its history been neatly geographically divided along tribe lines. Right now, Somalia needs to reduce the original eighteen regions (gobollada) into three states (each consisting of 6 regions) if it is to build a nation for the Somali people.

Originally Somalia had the following eighteen administrative regions; Awdal, Bakol, Banadir, Bari, Bay, Galgadudud, Gedo, Hiiraan, Lower Juba, Lower Shabelle, Mudug, Middle Juba, Middle Shabelle, Nugaal, Sanaag, Sool, Togdher and North West (Waqoyi Galbeed).

I want to propose that we break it up into only three manageable and productive states that unify our people while being competitive. I am proposing that we combine Awdal, Bari (excluding Bosasso), Sanaag, Sool, Togdheer and North West (excluding Hargeisa) into one State or region.

Then we can have Bakool, Galgadudud, Hiiraan, Mudug, Nugaal, and Middle Shabelle as another region and finally Bay, Banadir (excludes Mogadishu), Gedo, Lower Shabelle, Middle Jubba and Lower Jubba as the third region/state.

The reason I excluded Mogadishu, Bosaaso and Hargeisa is because as we know a lot of people from north Somalia felt all the executive powers in our former government went to the south. The way we can fix that and come up with a formula that works is to treat Mogadishu, Bosasso and Hargeisa as exclusive zones outside the three administrations.

We can keep Mogadishu as the capital and should host our executive branch of government and foreign embassies. Hargeisa can host our legislative body including Gurit and parliament after all Xeer Law and Elders are strong here and Bosaaso can be our Judicial center hosting our High Court and any legal body. Finally Elbur (Ceelbur) in central Somalia and the birth place of Halanle can become the military headquarters.

The military should not take any action unless it has the mandate of all three bodies hosted by three different cities. We live in a modern world, where everything can be broadcasted and transmitted in seconds, so we can have teleconference and live broadcasts of the Villa, Court and Parliament.

Our people will feel inclusive and fair this way so every decision is not made in one place and the others are alienated.

When it comes to the three administrations we can make the town of Sheikh the capital for the North administration, Galkayo can serve as the capital for the central region and finally Kismayo as the capital for the southern administration.

If we propose this model which is simple, fair and addresses the need of all Somalis; we might be able to distinguish between pent-up hatreds and shrewd political manipulation by small groups. The true Somali will be told from the opportunists.

The world does not revolve around the United States; Obama must revisit his so called dual track before it proves more disastrous than it is now.

Meanwhile real Somalis must show love and compassion to all their fellow Somalis from the beaches of Zeila to the sandy coastline of Ras Kamboni and must stop the attacks and stereotypes that only divide us.

I am from Hargeisa and I know the interest of the Somali people is unity but equality must be revisited and former systems must be changed. The real problem is not centralised government but rather nepotism, clan identities, corruption, inequality and inclusive decision-making mechanisms at the top level. These problems are aided by security forces that are poorly trained, unaccountable, and unable to uphold law and order. Government ministers treat law enforcement bodies as their own private entourage.

The federalism that Farole and his cabinet in Garowe advocate will only Jerusalemite major Somali towns with mixed populations. Federalism based on clan identity and tribal boundaries is more dangerous than Somaliland’s secessionism because it will ignite new feuds. The town of Galkayo for example is bitterly contested by Puntland, West Puntland State and Galmudug. Beledweyne like many others is another hotspot and is rivaled by Jubba Valley administration, Ahlu Sunna and Hiiraanland. It is a disastrous system not designed for a tribal society.

Somalis must look beyond the short-term gains of few and look collectively at how the country can move forward by addressing the real problems. Dual track policy only addresses the U.S. security strategy in the region not the Somali problems.

Finally past human right abusers must be tried in a criminal court so the real healing can begin for all Somalis.

By Abdisamad Mooge

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  1. hodan says:

    Bye Bye Somalia, soon God willing Somaliland will host its flag among the great nations of the world.

  2. Hargeisawi-In-London says:

    Simply put: It is not worthy of the name "an opinion piece" in every respect. I am afraid, the word "gibberish" comes to mind. The author sounds like " dhidar onkod kiciyay" – dazed and confused by lightning and thunder. He does not seem to have a grasp of the basics of the problems that have bedeviled the Somali peninsula for…….

  3. Dhugtame says:

    This sounds as someone who was born in the Siyaad Barre era and all he understands is the empty slogans of the dictatorial regime, he even divided what was known as the Somali Republic into the eighteen regions that were invented by Siyaad Barre. These regions were created to give more political leverage to Siyaad Barre's clan and had no legitimacy and the people of Somaliland and Somalia had no say in their creation whatsoever. This shows that the author is not versed with the Somaliland and Somalia history. Therefore, one can not make an educated judgement of the current issues in the region, unless he/she really understands the history of the region and the reason Somaliland joined the union with Somalia. I think the author has no clue, but is expressing this to satisfy his inner emotions and nostalgia for the long gone Siyaad Barre era.

    The other factor that the author doesn't understand is the Somali Republic was formed by two independent countries, Somaliland and Somalia. That union is annulled on May 18th, 1991 after The warlords in Mogadishu marginalized Somaliland politically and opted to form their warlord fiefdoms. The Somaliland Republic was then created through long, transparent and democratic process, where by the people of Somaliland voted overwhelmingly to recuperate their sovereignty – that was twenty-one years ago from last Friday. Anyone who thinks that Somaliland will rejoin Somalia in a union is unrealistic and is virtually daydreaming. One can not ignore the democratic choice of Somaliland's people and just start singing Guulwade Siyaad to solve the complicated problems of the region.

    • khaatumo citizen says:

      These regions were created to give more political leverage to Siyaad Barre's clan nt pple in somalia or sland really, u know how sick that sounds airnt Said Barre's clan somalis jus like those in Waqooyi galbeed and u cant blame a whole clan of siad barre regime did .It seems like the only reason Somaliland supporters want to separate is based on the hate they developed for the rest of Somalia (especially some tribes)

      • Dahir says:

        You are correct, you and your clan are to blame for the destruction of Somalia. until you accept responsibility for benefiting from out blood we will fight you, so go to hell!

        • khaatumo cizen says:

          Dahir please give me a break i wasnt even born at the time, during siad barre's rule, therefore my people suffered as much as yours.. so get a grip and get over it.

  4. Dhugtame says:

    Let us not forget the thirty years of oppression and outrageous genocide committed against the people of Somaliland by the Somalia lead regimes.

  5. Mohamed Farah says:

    Your information was based according your wish and that is what had totally distrusted Somali nation.
    We can not shut our eyes from the reality and it is clear the country should be divided into 5 states or countries like the Dir clan in the north west ( what is called somaliland), Harti clan in the north east( puntland), Hawiya clan in the cenral ( galmudug) Raxanweyn clan south west( Mayland) Darood in the south (jubaland).

    • i hate my clan says:

      mr Farah how do you then sort out the borders based on clan rubish?

      as you know border demarcation is the most dangerous ( Sudan-south Sudan) (Eritrea Ethiopia) (India Pakistan) to name few wars. we need to leave the clan mentality my friend this is 2012 nomad.
      personally, i have grown from tribal ignorance so much so that i do not meet nor discuss tribal issues with my FORMER clan members

  6. koosaar says:


    • mohamed cheers says:

      Seconded..Attn: Sldpress kindly scrap the new un-scrupulous map. It's gibberish to say the least and
      creates more crisis so to speak. It's no dice that works.

  7. cimraan says:

    I agree with the principle of dividing Somalia. however, the most logical division is two parts namely Somalia and Somaliland. just the way it is now. no one will entertain the author’s silly idea. simply this will cause more wars and mayhem.

  8. GeezerFrmPuntland says:

    the best article I've ever read. I have always believed that federalism was never good for somalia.
    but somalia doesn't realize the fact that Farole & puntland are enemy within, they hide under the cover of somalia. Galkayo should be a sign, divided into two tribes like a border.

  9. issa ahmed says:

    This is good artical to read it put it needs more consultation within somali society as a whole.

  10. amal says:

    This looks like another emotional driven proposal just like that of 1960 (Just being thrown back in hamar). Somali healing? i don't see anything in the article that is bent on healing Somaliland's wounds or gaining their trust. It denies all Somaliland's borders as a separate entity, at least in 1960 we united as a separate state and this was well documented. Proposal of unity without proper thought of the core Somali problem can be self-destructive itself.

  11. amal says:

    I give somalilandPress thumps up for publishing all sorts of ideas, from all sides, and news from Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti etc

    It's well independent Somali website unlike certain ones that are just there to be the mouth piece of particular group or idea. Well done somalilandPress.

  12. Gobaad says:

    Phantom limb syndrome is a medical term where a person believes that the missing limb is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts and in reality this is what most of the people from Somalia are suffering from. They delusionally think that Somaliland is still part of Somalia and believe that they can still plan, divide, and change as they as please without Somalilanders in put. And they blatantly disregarding that Somaliland has long gone and reverted to its Statehood 21 years ago.

    Walaweyn you can plan, divide, and change Somalia as you please, but leave Somaliland out it your problems because Somaliland is back to its former status and standing tall on the world stage now. Get used to it that the missing limb real and not an erroneous perception of reality. So, get real and move on.

  13. Allemagan says:

    This is well-written and well-reasoned Op-ed piece by Abdisamad Mooge. The article presents both sides of the U.S. dual-track policy for Somalia and its merit or lack of very objectively and impartially. However, nomads can never see beyond their noses. Most Somalis see every Somali issue in the light of the discredited 4.5 formula or something similar. The first question nomads ask each other when they meet each other in the semi-arid planes of any Somali territory is "who are you?" – meaning which tribe are you from. And the first question that they can ask or can think of in a political debate is "what do my tribe or clan enclave gets from this?" With this kind of mentality, Somali society is doomed!

    • Allemagan says:

      semi-arid plains – that is

      • mohamed cheers says:

        Allemagan..So being the Somalis mentality as you described, and you being one of them, if you think
        you could make a difference, why are you against the best straight forward easy way out..the original two seperate dejure Somaliland and Somalia should accept a two Sovereignty Govts that would make all the existing crisis resolved with the two sisterly country's problems fading away into thin air..and bad old days back into normal standards for all to embrace ingood faith of goodwill wisdom attain?
        Nay you are another wailer gibberish bandwagon sub-station. Get the hell out of my sight b4 you make
        me more angry.

  14. amal says:


    "And the first question that they can ask or can think of in a political debate is "what do my tribe or clan enclave gets from this?"

    It's funny those you call nomads who can't see beyond their nose didn't ask anything yesterday when joining Somalia in 1960, ironic isn't it. And what did they get?

    Believe me when our life and future depends on it, we will ask more than that.

  15. Gaade says:

    I cannot help but to think my Somaliweyn brothers have not recovered from the prolong conflict, its consequences and are almost incapable to see things right. Their country is about to undergo a profound change which could ulter the minds of their children and send them back into the dark ages in the twenty first century. This could be nothing short of modernised colonial rule. Just imagine the psychological effect that will have on them and on their future generations. There is no doubt if the current efforts of the international community fail, south Somalia will not be as we know it. It will come under a direct UN rule backed by the African Union. Somaliweyn will become irrelavent and Somaliland will be recognised as it will be imposible to come under the command of the Africans and the UN.

    There is something call international law and I am afraid it does not work how my brothers from Somalia think it works. International law does not speak in the language of tribal affliation and overlapping people. The whole world overlaps interms of people relations. You do not have to go far to see this. Africa is populated by people whose their cousins spread over to different teritories. International law understands the language of number and mathamathitics. Talks will take place between Somaliland and Somalia on the premise of sorting their future relations once and for all. If they do not come to a reasonable conclusion which can put their status to rest, a referendum will be conducted for Somaliland under UN observers and the decision of the majority will be final.

    As Somalilanders, we are fearfull for your future and think there a lot we can do to help you achieve a lasting peace but you have to see the dangerious road ahead, embrace the realities on the ground and accept Somaliland as a brotherly independent state that compliments your existance.

    • mohamed cheers says:

      Gaade all granted but what you mean by a referendum will be conducted for Somaliland under the UN observers and the decision of the majority will be final? I thought Somaliland already passed through that
      stage and shouldn't be subjected to farther referendum. Please clarify this ambiguity?

  16. Kayse says:

    Well I am glad that Somalilandpress is more well-balanced than the mouthpiece of few groups. I thank them for sharing my article and clearly those who claim Somaliland has an argument are basing their argument entirely on the abuses of former dicator Mohamed Siyad Bare.

    Mohamed was a dictator meaning he abused everyone and he only rewarded his small circle of family just like the present Council administrations in Hargeisa, Garowe and other parts of the country.

    As long as your living by "my uncle is in power" you will never see what your truly capable of as people and will never develop your skills and knowledge.

    The Council in Hargeisa will collapse once those people out grow out off the Siad Bare cries and Puntland is scrambled and the South becomes one powerful united government that does not have an abusive military.

    Most people in the north will go to the south to seek education and employment. At this present many students are going to Mogadishu for their education and once the Somali government fully restores institutions that will increase the numbers. I also suggest that they give free scholarships to students from north Somalia to encourage them to cross the border so our two people can mingle and find the truth for themselves.

    Right now the Council in Hargeisa is no different to the regime in North Korea who only brainwashes its citizens with the reminder of past wars.

    France out grew from German invasion. North Somalis will soon understand Siad Bare was one man acting alone.

  17. Qudhacdheer-Harg says:


    " ….. clearly those who claim Somaliland has an argument are basing their argument ENTIRELY on the abuses of former dicator Mohamed Siyad Bare."

    Nonsense! This clearly reveals your lack of understanding of what the debate is about.

    "….France out grew from German invasion.."

    Indeed! But is this analogy relevant here? The short simple answer is no. France was freed from Nazi German occupation, but Germany accepts and acknowledges the sovereignty of France. So where is your analogy? You seem like one of those people who write (or say) whatever comes into their head: stupidity at its best

  18. Gobaad says:

    Kayse has just paraphased David H. Shinn's article posted earlier and made it his own by just adding few things to the aricle. In the real world that is a plagiarism!

  19. Allemagan says:

    Unlike few well-known individuals who are prolific in submitting substantial "cut and paste" portions of their opponents' comments as their own contribution, Kayse's comments are original, informative and up to the point. Kayse does not mince words and does not need to copy anyone else's material because he has enough mental fire power to dismantle and destroy any senseless argument. Ask me about that because I debated the man in many situations when we did not agree on issues. Let us get real.

  20. Dr Phil says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but was this Kayse guy not a hard core Somaliland supporter who always posted repeatedly on Somalilandpress for the past few years and now he is so anti-somaliland???

    Malcolm X had an amazing quote: "Stand up for something or fall for anything". It is up to him whether he supports Somaliland or not, Somaliland does not need any of us, its here to stay God Willing. However, do not base your principles on whether you like the Presidents tribe or not or even whether you like the president or not, otherwise your Patriotism will be bought for peanuts as has happened to many a fellow Somalilander. Personally from the offset I will respect a Pan-Somalia advocate more than someone who alternates between a die hard Somaliland patriot and a die hard Somaliweyn advocate, at least with the former I know where they stand.

    But as the saying goes A man is made by his principles and obviously the author here is confused, bitter or just ready to sell his patriotism to the highest bidder.

    • Gobaad says:

      Dr Phil, I am not sure if he ever was hard core Somaliland supporter. From the beginning I found him a kind of psychotic individual who has this sudden shift clockwise in directions from one moment to the next. How can anybody takes serious anything he says. Just tune him out and let him bark with the rest of walaweyn who are ranting and raving to heckle Somalilanders. He is enjoying the earful and attention he is getting from Walweyn lately because he is attacking his own.

    • mohamed omar says:

      @Dr Phill.

      How is The show bought for you oprah kkkk, as a counseler you should be concentrate couseling Those small percentage people who are living delusion Thinking country called s/land brain washed given all sorts of dosage lies.
      At end of The day mentall wellbeing of The person it’s important,somalis already suffer physical abuses killing each other & now we are witnessing mentall abuse in s/land cause by few opportunist telling last 20 years Their own regional citizen we are country and so on. When all over sudden told your not a country but region who wlll be responsible all This,commiting atrocities it’s not only confine physical put also mentall abuse Those responsible will brought to justice in HAGUE.

  21. Kayse says:


    Walaal they are only angry because I am no longer on their side of the issue. I used to think Somaliland adm. represented the interest of some northern Somalis, it was not perfect but I thought at least it was maintaining stability. Then I went to Hargeisa myself and saw the administration they claim is nonexistent.

    Normal civilians run the towns, they control the traffic and all sects of law and order.

    This administration has lost all mandate and only serves two subclans and Dahabshiil.

    I am from there and I am not part of their Council, so they expect me to sit there and die or be on deathrow like the young 20 men.

    Not going to happen because I also happen to have a broader family called Somal…

    I was never a die-hard supporter of Somaliland and never will be a die hard supporter of Somalia. It's not good to be rigid, fanatic and too extreme when it comes to nationalism.

    Its good to be flexible and stand for something. I believe in peace, just and equality. Hargeisa Council is only for parts of Burao, Gabiley and western Hargeisa.

    Let us rebuild our Somalia and not waste time on useless councils.

    Dr Phil,

    Sxb even ask Oprah, I was never a die-hard supporter of a project that was two decades in the making only to collapse in months.

    Sometimes its also good to know when to get off the train———–at your station…if Mogadishu goes back to its destruction and abuses, I will be against them too.

  22. khaatumo cizen says:

    lool i haven't had a chance to meet the old Kayse.. but from now on ur Dambiile Qaran like Sii'lanyo calles everyone whos against his dictatorship

  23. Xarago says:

    South is moving on building good government peace and stability if North Somalia refuse to form good government with south and share balance then south will move on. We will make international community witness then you will be isolated like last 21 years. Somalia will not stop by small region with the country who brain washed by secessionist your solution is to come to the table negotiate come up plan to unify the country create great government base on peace, justice, prosperity, power balance, and etc.

    Viva Somalia Republic.

  24. Kayse says:


    First of all North Somalia is not secessionist, those are minority group and everyone else is waiting for a unity government in Mogadishu.

    Its like this abti, if you have a cafe shop that only makes only Somali tea and your choice of beverage is coffee; then you can either wait till someone opens one for you, you find one in another area or you decide to open it yourself but you cant destroy that shop. Somaliland is like the shah place and everyone in North is waiting for the qaxwa in konfur…you cant abandon the shah till the qaxwa is fully running.

    How can we bring the northern minorities back into the fold?

    First of all no force that will only create more opposition including myself and Somali people on both sides of the colonial border as well as the international community.

    So I believe I have another solution.

    We are going to get about 100 intellectuals from the north, we are going to establish a radio and a television station for them so they can broadcast their voice into north Somalia and speak directly to the people without using obvious propaganda tactics.

    We will begin with normal music, events and greetings in which they can also take part. We live in a technological world.

    In the tv station we show young northern Somalis living a professional life in the south and no one is harassing or isolating them. We make a reality show about northerners moving to the south.

    We break the barriers of stereotype.

    We also introduce housing programmes "homes for northerners" where we resettle many northern people in major southern towns.

    Once our people see the true picture, hosility and hate will slowly fade away.

    We should also offer them scholarships and send them back to North, so now people with good experience of the south are also traveling to the north, so the haters become minority over time.

    Our two people will unify without even them knowing it its happening.

    • Qudhacdheer-Harg says:

      Damn it! This guy is a lunatic living in his "own little world", probably inside his own head.

    • Dhugtame says:


      Just concentrate on your coffee shop and internet business, Look some one just ran away with your head phone while you were writing stupidity here. Go run and get him, it is your last headphone and without it no one will ever come to your dirty cafe.

    • mooge says:

      kayse, you sound like civilaize person trying his best to come out reach other people or helping people been held as a hostage by two sub-clan.

      you have a lots of friends now not The delusion one put normal people.

  25. Gobaad says:

    Xarago, clean your own house first and foremost before you ask the Republic of Somaliland to come to the table to negotiate and if at all there going to be a negotiation, it is going to be to hand over all the criminals hiding behind qabiil, pay retributions for the death and destruction against Somaliland and how to give our blessings to each other and to live side by side as two neighbouring. Anything else is an unattainable dream that will never materialize. Long live the Republic of Somaliland!

  26. Nasir says:

    Are u goining to sell your soul because of two subclans and Dahabshiil are dominating you and your tribe politically and financially?. if u can not compete them why don't u join them instead of joining other tribes in Mogdisho.

  27. Bashe says:

    Kayse is either day dreaming or just stubborn, I also advocate we do not separate but in my opinion, the South has to become more democratic away from AU watchmen. Secondly, we cannot talk about unity without a legitimate gov't in the South, a gov't which understands what is required to restore trust and unity. We have more in common than otherwise and it is only great leaders who can unite all Somalis from A-Z, NO CLAN is better than the other.

  28. Mohamd says:

    If you can't make the best of what you got now, then you will add nothing to others. I was born in the South during the early 80s, and saw the huge difference in ppls spirits between SL ppl and Wallaween. If you want to live in a world full of delusion, unfairness and treachory; go to wallaween. If you want ppl to be str8 up with you so you live the str8 life; stay with SL.

    The future is finance and communications, and I don't see any ppl that can be trusted with sensative data other than those from SL. The Wallaween have no future except begging white countries.

  29. Jamal Adan says:

    I agree with you Kayse.

  30. Jollyjon says:

    Kaye you are a joke saying that only the minority believe in Somaliland I myself am a non-Ishaaq and yet me and my wider family are die hard Somaliland to the death therefore please do not lie. If you want to flash yourself at the Somaliweyn peoples go ahead but leave our country and our students alone you joke of a human being.

    You do not represent us you represent yourself show some respect to the peoples democratic ambitions. And by the way when Silanyo and his administration end Never dare to try and be a Somaliland supporter again as people like you are too snakelike to trust.

    And I hope Somalia gets good governance for itself yet its future governance has nothing to do with us so be gone.

  31. Abraham says:

    This is a classic 'protest article' by someone who is angry at a system and has no logic in it whatsoever.

  32. Abraham says:

    I will take Kayse's idea seriously when he convinces the MJ tribe in Puntland that half of their tribal enclave will be hand over to Somaliland on a silver plate as his ridiculous but rather impressive looking map suggests.

  33. Omer Yare says:

    The problem with Somalilanders is we give merit to people like Keysa, Allamagen and the likes who do not deserve to be responded to, because they are big mouths that contribute nothing to a reasonable debates.

    Let them do their crap and do not give them a platform to continue throwing their garbage on us. the guys are just frustrated and without your response will go and hung themselves.

  34. khaatumo citizen says:

    @Omer Yare

    wassup with the personal attacks, I think they have strong beliefs and opinions, you can either agree with them or disagree.. peace..

  35. Gaade says:


    'Nin gu kaa weyn kaa garaad roon!' Adeer waxba ha is khaldin dadkana ha khaldin. Looks like some people are getting ideas fast, you know what I am talking about. Somaliland is not public opinion and it cannot be changed. By the way you came to the game too late. You guys should have started this 20 years ago (Kaftan odaynimo weeye!).

  36. Somali-weyn doon says:

    Great article. What we need is we are all Somali's and whole the wold knows that name. There is no what so called Somali-land republic, we should know that first of all. When am saying that does't mean I hate those people but It's true. So we have to stop the propaganda news. I thought It has already ended after the London conference that fake dream. What we have right now is we have to think deeply how we progress, and develop our great country. We are all Muslim, one nation, so we should take a lesson what we had for the past 20+ years. My ALLAH SW bless all the Somali people, and give us the best Islamic government in the world. I am quit sure if we hope all that and ask to ALLAH to forgive us we will be the better sooner. Salaam to all. Viva Somali Weyn.

  37. Gobaad says:

    Somaliweyn doon, "… I thought It has already ended after the London conference that fake dream. " Ended for you Walaweyn to give up the phatom-limb mentality and move on. somaliland had left quarter of a century ago. What kind of a wife would cry after a divorce that took place 21 something years ago unless she mentally unstable and still believe that she married to th man. Get a life and move on.

  38. isqsomalilandunion says:

    I really honor your idea Kayse, being from Hargeysa as well, but I feel that making the former 18 administrative regions as states united under a shared power the central government, similar to maybe Mexico, would probably make much more sense. I believe that little factions such as Somaliland, Hiraanland, and Puntland need to disappear and good, democratic governance should take over. I also feel that Hargeysa should be the capital of Somalia in order for Somaliland to be in same page with Somalia TFG. May Allah SWT give them barakah in their endeavors and help Somalia attain unity and good governance and development Ameen!!!

    – Isaaq and a Realist

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