Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2012

SOMALIA: Ethiopian troops arrest rival Somali leaders in central town

LAS ANOD — Ethiopian troops stationed in the central Somali town of Beledweyne in Hiiraan province arrested two Somali leaders on Sunday afternoon after refusing peace deals.

The Ethiopians captured Adan Abdullahi Awale, the regional leader of Somalia’s Sufi paramilitary group Ahlu Sunna, an ally of the weak TFG, and Abdulfatah Hassan Jama, the president of Shabelle Valley administration, a self-style semi-autonomous region in central Somalia.

Eyewitnesses in Beledweyne told Somalilandpress, the Ethiopian troops decided to apprehend the Somali leaders after they clashed outside Beledweyne on Sunday with each laying claim to the strategic town. The Ethiopians tried to mediate between the two groups and urged them to work together against their common al Shabaab enemy. Both men rejected the offers and continued to threatened each others. The Ethiopian forces, who desperately need a local leader to help stabilize the region became fed up with their inner wrangles and decided to arrest them. They were released after spending in prison overnight in an Ethiopian military camp outside the town. Ethiopia has further threatened to arrest all Somali leaders in the region unless they work together to improve security for their people. Both Ahlu Sunna and Shabelle Valley were close Ethiopian ally and Addis Ababa tried to use them to create a buffer zone along its border with Somalia.

Beledweyne is a strategic town located about 20 miles (30 kilometers) from the border with Ethiopia on the road to Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. The town is disputed between Ahlu Sunna, transitional federal government (TFG), Shabelle Valley administration and another semi-autonomous state called Hiiraan State. In December 2011, heavily armed Ethiopian soldiers captured the town from al Shabaab militants. Tired of Somalis lack of leadership and ability to make peace, Ethiopia said they would hand over the occupied town to the AU control.

Classified as a failed state, Somalia has not had a functioning central government for more than 20 years and has been wracked by fighting between various militias.

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Monday, Jan 16, 2012

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  1. Kayse says:

    Thats southern Somalis for you and the world wonders why Somalilanders cant get along with them. Ethiopia should not have released them. They should also arrest Sheikh Sharif and other warlords.

    Viva Ethiopia who always want the best for Somalis but Somalis are full of hate, violence, mistrust, paranoia etc. They cant understand how a country they once invaded can offer them a helping hand because in Somali minds, once you fight you fight forever. Sick.

    I congratulate the Ethiopian army.

    • abu says:

      and so you Kayse, you congratulate the Kaffir''s are you a muslim?

      • sokoru says:

        Some times being a muslim is not enough if you failed to live with people in harmony and peace – then difficult to understand the role of religion particlarly muslim.

        If religion can't change people so why people tell about being religious would be meaning less. So Abu think that you are created to be human-being not really religious but if you do try to live in harmony with others!

        • abu says:

          i do not comprehend your grammatical structures, so you have wasted your time…

          sokuru are you a kaffir?

          • Negash says:

            There are more Muslims in Ethiopia than in the whole of Somalia (Only in Nigeria and Egypt there are more Muslims than in Ethiopia ) Ethiopians were Muslims long before anybody-else and at that time your ancestors were worshiping the moon and their camels. The first Muslim king in History is Ethiopian, Al-Negashi. The first Muslim hijira took place from Mecca to North Ethiopia, when the first muslims were persecuted in Saudi Arabia and sought refugee in ancient Ethiopia-Absynia. Prophet Mohammed spoke good of Habesha/ Ethiopian people not Somalia. Bilal was Ethiopian and the list goes on…

            And now, Ethiopia's top military leader, chief-of staff, is a good Muslim by the name Samora Yonus ! He is the one responsible for all military activities including the invading of your failed country and the demise of ICU and now Al-habab.

            So cut your bullsheet of kaffir and other nonsense and get to the point i.e the real cause of the misery and lawlessness in your country..I guess you are one of the Alshabab terrorists or their sympathizers ! loser. Your endless problem is now overflowing to neighboring and distabilizing the whole region.

          • tataw says:

            Who the hell was your history teacher? I didn't say professor because I don't think you would get that high in your academic skills. How old is Islam Vs. Christianity? Try to learn that introductory level before you delve into confusing History.

          • Warsame says:


            How one can come from Mecca and go to Abyssinian mountains without going through Zaila?

            Dude, i don't know who your history professor is but Islam came to Somalia first, the city of Zaila is the place where the second hijra took place. It is well documented.

            Ethiopia, or Habasha is the name for the region my friend. You stole it cuz you have no credible history compared to Somalia, the land of Punt, the cushitic empire and Islam in Africa. The ancestral home of the Pharaohs and the land of their gods.

            You are stealing history my friend. It aint gonna work. Ibn-Batuta came to Zaila and Mogadishu in 13 hundreds and he never talked about any other city in the region. This is because of the Islamic History of the Two Somali Cities. Harar also is a historic Muslim Harari and Somali town.

            When you talk about the Muslims in Ethiopia, how many of them are Somali or allied with Somalia because of your Muslim Hating Mountain People, Tigray and Amhara Christians?

            You are not posting on Taiwanese site but a Somalis one. You can't fool us.

          • Negash says:

            Abyssinian mountain are much closer to Saudi Arabia than you barren Somalia. The Prophet sent his people to Ethiopia. They arived in North Ethiopina via present Eritrea (Red-sea). you need elementary education on geography stupid moron.

          • Abu says:

            You think you know about Islam, but you really know nothing.

            You say this Somara Yunus Is Muslim Man, as you refered to as a "good muslim"

            i know what what kind of man he is, and not I would not use the word good in any descriptions.

            Negash are you a Muslim? or are Kaffir?

          • hasssan says:

            Negash: Muslims in Ethiopia are 'Dead Muslims" so that their muslimhood doesn't have any influence anywhere in the World.

    • Morgan says:

      Kayse ya poor thing yesterday you said attacking Buhoodle is like ordering a big mac it was more like running 10 000 mans hurdle you all are just like MO FARAH !!!

    • hasssan says:

      Kayse or Haile??
      am sure that you are not even Somalilander,forget about the real Somali! kkkkkkk

  2. warya says:

    @ Morgan

    Kayse might come off as extreme in his blogs, but he has solid points. Firstly, what was the purpose in the TFG minister of information attending the Talex conference without first getting permission to enter the region from the SL government. The answer is simple – the TFG is trying to destabilize Somaliland like always.

    However, what I fail to understand is what the TFG is doing up north giving fatwas on Somali unity when they can't even decide on the new speaker of parliament in Mogadishu. In fact, a week ago, the MPs were kicking each other in the head and stabbing each other with pens.

    Do you see the hypocrisy? This is the level of envy and selfishness the Somali people have reached. If I can't have peace then I will destroy yours or take you down with me as stated by the NFD Kenyan MP.
    The SSC is an extremist group which is claiming the entire sanaag and sool regions as their own despite the fact that both regions are shared by multiple tribes. And now more recently, they have invited the ONLF to get involved to create to pan-darood front.

    What are the Ogadenis expected to accomplish?Conquer other people's land like Barre's old plan. Put simply, Somaliland has been at peace for 20 years now and all this time the Dhulbhante have not made any complains regarding ANY issue. But now after seeing the continued progress of the western regions of Somaliland compared to their continued self induced stagnation, some groups within the Dhulbhante feel envious. And this idea is supported by their numerous YOUTUBE recorded meetings that state these sentiments. i.e. we can build our own airports, we can compete with THEM
    I never realized airports could be owned by 1 tribe :) how childish.

    Furthermore, to exacerbate the situation these same groups have also still not gotten over the Said Barre era. Some of these people still feel and openly state that they can not accept an non-darood government of any kind; which is a telling sign that Somaliweyne was always just a front for tribalist ambitions.

    Less than a month ago, the SSC group in Buhoodle came to Burco and agreed to be a part of Somaliland in all matters


    And now they have broken the word, and taken a step further my claiming lands shared all multiple tribes. And before that they all agreed in the widhwidh conference to join Somaliland and work within the political system.


    So dear brother, despite Kayse's nonsense these SSC militias and leaders aren't saying much except beating the old tribal drums of the 80s and 90s. If these guys couldn't contribute anything to Somaliland over its 20 year history what will they possibly do to stop the TFG MPS from KOing each other.


    • I Jama says:


      Well put. However, I think Kayse is also right in that Ethiopia has become an excuse or a way for warlords to use scare tactics and common enemy technic to get support. This support is also one being used for reasons to be against Somaliland.

      It is worth while pointing out that most South Somalis create a lot more problems for themselves and simply refuse to be accountable. Instead preferring to jump on others to steer away from solving their inabilities.

  3. garadag40 says:

    warya, afku kuma go' o. ssc do not care about dhulbaahante or somaliweyn they are just haters of somaliland. if sharif cares about somali people . he should be talking about keniya's airplanes hitting his own people

  4. Dhugtame says:

    @ hoe crusher

    It seems you can not stand the facts on the ground, that is why you are getting irritated , warya gives you the right dose of facts. Calm down and listen to people with in-depth knowledge of the subject in hand. They are here to educate you, learn and listen and stop being the ugly ass donkey that you are.

  5. Dhugtame says:

    @ hoe crusher CORRECTION:

    It seems you can not stand the facts on the ground, that is why you are getting irritated , warya gives you the right dose of facts. Calm down and listen to people with in-depth knowledge of the subject in hand. They are here to educate you, learn and listen and stop being the ugly donkey ass you are.

  6. Qamar says:


    It is very much true that King Negashi became muslim, but there is no history indicating that he was the first
    Abbysinian to become muslim, and it is true that there are many muslims living in Ethiopia, but under Christian rule! like everyone in Abbysinnia were at Negashi's time, (including Somalis), s no one knows
    which part of Abbysinia Bilal came from, he could have been from any abbysinian tribe.
    Somalia was the result of muslims refusing to live under Christian rule!, and that war has been going on for thousands of years and is still going on.

    You also say that the commander of the Ethiopian armed forces is Muslim, what kind of muslim invades another muslim country and kills women and chilren

    • Negash says:

      Samora Yonus is Ethiopian & then a muslim. His duty is to protect Ethiopia from any sort of enemy whether Budhist or Muslim. He does not hold his position because he is a muslim but b/c he is Ethiopian. Ethiopia did not invade Somalis to attack muslims, but ICU & terrorist Al-shabab as they arrogantly displayed their intention to export their barbaric and backward ideology to our country and other neighboring countries.
      Religion is secondary for most modern citizens of the world. If that is not the case why did Iran & Iraq fight ? Lybia & Niger ? Sudan & Chad ? Kuwait & Iraq ? Morocco against Sharawi Republic ? The civil war in Yemen ? The list goes on and if you closely look into the statistics, there is no one who killed Muslims more than than the Muslims themselves. For all gulf people you are Somalian Muslim not just Muslim and they will not allow you stay one night in their country for even a second without proper documentation just b/c you happen to be a Muslim by default. So pls forget your Muslim crap and concentrate on the most important thing i.e peace and stability & economic development in the horn for all people, Muslims, Christians or non believers.

      • Abu says:

        Go Away, from here, and take your shirk with you

        • amal says:

          There is a difference between Islam and Muslims. Islam is a religion sent by God with shear and utter perfection for mankind to live by and apply in their daily lives, and muslims are just people who claim to follow it but most don't follow it thus do so much anti islamic crimes like killing etc. And yes being Muslim comes before anything else because God comes before everything even your own mother

      • abelo2 says:

        Negash ,you are Right What Ever THE case we are human being.

  7. Warsame says:


    You are not publishing my comment to Negashi's comments. What is wrong responding to this guy's fabrications?

  8. Qamar says:


    Also the main cause of the instability of Somalia is people hungry for oil in other people's country, and proxies like Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and proxy-proxies such as TFG being used to wage war against innocent people., who do you think you are preaching to? sleeping ethiopians, who cannot think past their nose.

  9. HMObsiye says:

    Do you all come to conclusion as I have done so long time ago. Look, here is this Country called Italian Somaliland, that been divided between Ethiopia and Kenya. If the so-called the SSC group are so into Somaliweyn, how come they do not say a thing about what these Countries who are Not Somalis are doing to the Southern Somalis? Why is Ethiopia and Kenya dividing the South is acceptable but Somalilander,who are Somalis like them and Muslim is NOT going to be accepted as a sovereign Country? What this so-called SSC supporters are telling all Somalis is, if Darood will not rule the way things use to be, then no other Somalis can. And for them to hide under the so-called Somaliweyn don is nothing beyond a hypocrite.
    Any Somali that believe in this garbage that this terror group hide under is really an Idiot.

    I was really surprise, the so-called educated ones the like of Ali Kaliff, will go for this kind of nonsense.May Allah feel Massey for all Somali race.
    Long live Somaliland and it's people.

  10. Jabuuti_Hanolaato says:

    What words offended you about Ethio. to warrant a deletion of my comment? Are you in the pocket of Ethio.? How low SLP can you go to appease Ethio,?

    • HMObsiye says:

      Shut off! Who are you to accuse Somaliland people been in pocket of Ethiopia, while Djibouti is totally ruled by Ethiopian like Mr. Gelle Your president, who was born in Ethiopia.

  11. Hanan Seid says:

    Ethiopia will be the master mind of the horn Africa as she is already,
    and Ethiopia will live peacefully with its neighbours including with Djibouti, SomaliLand republic, Putland republic and the southern republic of somalia.
    Long live Ethiopia who always wish and try to restore peace to the horn africa

  12. ggmickk says:

    well sayed Hanan i think oyu understand good…..

  13. Kayse says:

    Ata Nagesh

    Don't listen to those southern Somali hyenas, they know nothing about history, just give them an ak47, killing, looting, piracy and suicide is what they know best.

    Harar (99 mosques) alone has more mosques than the entire South Somalia, do also remember those Somalis blew up all the mosques in recent years while Ethiopia has expanded them.

    In the minds of Somalis, only "Oromo" are Muslim in Ethiopia, they that ignorant. Half of Oromos are Christians infact while Islam was first introduced to Tigray region (Nagesh) in Ethiopia. The oldest mosque in Ethiopia was built in Tigray in 8th century, then Somalis herded goats and worshiped camels. Islam was introduced to Somalis by Sheikh Isaaq, who was an Iraqi immigrant who lived in Ethiopia's highland regions with Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian Muslims. He married an Ethiopia woman and later moved to what is now Somaliland. This is why Somalilanders and Ethiopians get along—they have historical ties.

    Finally the so called Ahmed Gran or Gurey, was none other than an Arab like Usama Bin Laden and his real name was Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi…Somalis/Afars/Oromos dont even have a name like that.

    They like to twist history and just vomit out rumours they heard from their grandmothers. Learn the real history people. Ethiopia will remain a blessed land by Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and no man, whether be a skinny Somali from the south with an ak-47 and qat or Western imperialist will ever harm Ethiopia.

    It will remain untouchable because it saved the Muslim followers when they were displaced from their homeland.

    Today Ethiopia is the same, tolerate, diverse, developing, united and helping its neighbors—offering mediation between skinnies in southern Somalia, Sudan-South Sudan, Kenya, etc.

    They talk about conquering Ethiopia when they cant even free their shacks from al shabaab…they have to beg Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia to free them from few skirt wearing Arabs and their ragtags.

    God bless Ethiopia and Somaliland. Hatred unlocks no doors in heaven.

    • Warsame says:


      We know who you are now.

    • Negash says:

      True Brother,

      long live Ethiopia & Somali-land. I used to be perplexed why Somali- land wanted to be separated from the rest of Somalia. But I have come to realize you guys are very different than the rest in the South – very civilized, peaceful, pragmatic , far-sighted & business minded. Although there is very little I can do for your country personally, I am 100 % for your independence. Ethiopia is your second home & both countries should prosper though trade, investment , cultural exchange etc ..Good Luck for Somali-land !

    • Ate says:

      well articulated piece of reality, we ca say even more,
      thank you Kayse

  14. Abu says:

    The Noble Qur'an: Al-Ma'idah 5:51

    O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as 'Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers etc.), they are but 'Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as 'Auliya' then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust)."

  15. amal says:

    Our fellow Somalis in the south are the same very people who wish to destabilize Somaliland and wish harm for us while they are telling us that they are our Muslim and Somali brothers and that Ethiopia is our common enemy so we must unite as one big Somalia so that we are strong against Ethiopia. We don't buy that anymore. Being the same religion doesn't mean you'll live in peace together, look whats happening in Southern Somalia. Somaliland came out of that ignorance long time ago and will embrace 21st century in business and economic development and move on with the rest of their African neighbors.

    I used to think Somaliland should step in Somalia to assist them but hell no we must not go near their self-inflicted disaster. They are destructive and wish the same for us while we pray peace for them.

  16. Abu says:

    Dear sister, your idea's are not compatible with Islamic thinking, please refer for guidance and other such books Sahih Bukhari they may help you greatly in thinking and express yourself in the proper manner.

  17. Kayse says:

    Southern Somalis like to play the Islamic card when they bugged out and on their knees but other times they dont mind bombing and blowing up mosques, just look at how many mosques they destroyed in Mogadishu, Bosasso, Galkaayo and in Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera in the 80s.

    I rather deal with a Christian Ethiopian than a "Muslim" Somali from anything south of Burao. If Muslim mattered to them why they killing each others? Why do they have Suffi group, Wahabi group, Salafi group, etc?????

    Why cant they just be Muslim and accept others have also have the right to worship whatever because if God wanted to use force, He would do it himself…….Islam is not force—"Let there be no compulsion in a religion" Quran.

    In the near future, Somalilanders and Ethiopian Muslims will jointly construct the biggest mosque in East Africa…and Christians will be invited.

  18. abu says:

    " if God wanted to use force, He would do it himself."

    It's seem you nothing of Islam, and if had a just a little knowledge you would not uttered such a sentence, it is kufr fullstop.

    Are you a muslim?

  19. Abu says:

    Why your sentence is kufr read……………………….

    "Speaking About Allah Without Knowledge"

    By Shaykh Jamal ud Deen al Zarabozo

  20. Abu says:

    "Al-Qurtubee in his tafseer, he talks about such people who say when they read the Qur'an in my
    mind this comes to my mind, or my heart tells me this, and he concludes who reads the Qur'an
    and says, "ask your heart" or "my heart tells me," and so forth, they are speaking about Allah
    without knowledge ('ilm), which, as we will talk about, one of the greatest sins that we could
    commit, and that they are actually from zanaadiqa, those who have nothing to do with Islaam,
    and he said they should be killed as apostates (murtadeen)."

  21. Bashe Ali says:

    Shut up Hassani, Abu, Warsame and well done my learned friends esp Kayse for enlightening the poor souls from deep south, and also Amal and her positive contributions.

    Firstly, I aint here to educate anyone but to warn all Somalis from what might happen if they continue their selfish blood sucking behaviour. It is aparent that these fools will never allow anyone capable amongst themselves to lead on merit. They have subjected the entire nation of people to an endless wars and starvation and that is a conducive environment for the likes of Al-Shaabab to take root. Where there is anarchy, the criminals takes over under the guise of religion and it all ends up in a quagmire as we known witness. P.T.O.

  22. Bashe Ali says:

    As a Kenyan born and educated son of an Isack tribe living in UK, I have never encountered so many backward people as my fellow Somalis especially the ones in South. They have no leadership to shout about or repel the many obvious actors playing the plot of their demise, they are one self destructing lot who will only stop when they have sold the country to the wolves.

    The scenario is always changing but I fear for the south Somalia, since Kenya might do them a favour and grab from Mogadishu to Ras Kamboni while Ethiopia will consume Beledweyn to Baidoa. Puntland will either stay in pirate mode or decide to play the Somaliland card and jump ship before they end up as Ethiopias district 6.

  23. Bashe Ali says:

    Somaliland are the only proud Somalis who have decided to work together for the sake of peace and stability and dignity of their brethren. They might be taking a gamble on their future away from the burning south, but one thing is clear, no one can argue with a self respecting young nation of 3.5 million, a democratic oasis in a hostile part of Africa. Sooner or latter the world will accept Somalilands ambition and realise it's better to trust the adult in the room when the other side is consumed in paranoia and self inflicting own goal.

  24. abu says:

    hukm sharia is better than democracy………… Democracy is Kufr…………….

    Kufr is democracy !

  25. Abu says:

    Samora Yunis
    Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1186 24/06/2006

    According to information obtained in the United States by The Indian Ocean Newsletter, the Ethiopian army chief of staff, General Samora Yunis, went to Boston last week to undergo medical treatment. General Yunis is seriously ill, believed to be with AIDS. Other Ethiopian generals, such as Bacha Dabale Abebayehu, have already been infected with HIV.

  26. Qamar says:


    ASC sister, you"re heart is inclined to Islam, Insha'allah, therefore do not let this 'succession' blind you from your pure religion.

  27. Qamar says:


    ASC brother, may Allah reward you, for exposing Ethio generals, that are supposed to be 'muslim', many of these government people deceive in many different ways. I employed a Tigre 'watchman' once in Hargeysa, he told me he was a 'muslim', and his name was Ismail, then one day he was washing his hands and face a CROSS, fell out of his pocket, and I asked what was that, he blatantly told me it was a cross, and his name was Yohannes, cajiib. so you see how innocent, welcoming muslims can be easily deceived. That incident prompt me to realise that there was a systematic invasion to my deen, it opened my eyes!!

    Thanks to Allah, on this site 'Kayse', has exposed himself!! I was getting very confused with this chap.

  28. Bashe Ali says:


    If a muslim is an indicator of where the truth and justice is, then how come all Muslim nations are either under dictatorship or in civil strife. The clever ones are busy educating their people and the foolish ones are busy destroying their history and dignity.

    Ethiopia for all the hatred they receive are a multi lingual, multi tribes, multi religion country whereby people go to mosque and others to church without any sense of inferiority perceived by muslim majority country in crisis i.e., SOMALIA…

  29. Bashe Ali says:


    Shut up and bring peace to your homeland before you comment on other countries, look, it is you who needs mental evaluation not Ethiopia, it is you who live in a stateless country not Ethiopia, and it is you who is full of envy and anger twards Somaliland people not Ethiopia.

    Grow up or stay hating in that deep jungle of hate you guys are crawling from, Somalis are not stupid they know it is not Ethiopia, Kenya or Uganda that is killing them, but their unwillingness to listen to each other or abide to any law which is defining their bone headed nature to the wider audience and the only way to rule these acacia tree rooted in the desert is by chopping the bad ones and control the rest with all means possible.

    Islam has been taken hostage by idiots and it about time the world teaches these Jahiliyahs propagating the name of the prophet for their selfish ends, some lesson or two.

    • Abu says:

      It would be so easy to pick apart your sentences, your errors are too numerous, like your friend Kayse.

      A product of a secular education, Seek correct Islamic knowledge before it's is too late for you.

  30. Qamar says:

    Bashe Ali

    Islam is not just an indicator but the very truth and justice, it is the muslims that have not ustiised Islam in the way Allah had ordered ththem to, that is why they have been enslaved by the Kafirs. True education is Islam, and the foolish ones are those who do not know that.

    We all know the Ethiopian history, they have always been protected by the West, and Somalia, we know the history there, it is a country that has been fighting for its diin for 100s of years, divided into 5 by the colonists, and it still not being left alone.

    I am from Hargeisa, but truly, I do not buy the 'Somaliland' craze, because I believe that one finger cannot wash your face, and that you need to have all yr fingers together to properly wash you face, I also do not believe Ethiopia would ever want the best for Somalis, because the past and the present will always dictate the future, like the Somali proverb says: Ninkii garan waaya waxaa jooga, waxaa soo socdana garan maayaan.

  31. Abu says:

    Jazakallah Khair for the website, it is a very sad state of affairs what has been happening in that region.

    May allah subhanahu wa ta'ala break Meles Zenawi Back, Ameen

    • Abu says:

      "This comment has been deleted by the administrator."

      He did not break any rules, please justify your reasons for deleting his post.

      Was it the link that made me aware to the terrible of plight of the women who abused by the ethiopian kaffir soldiersin the "ogaden" "Safrya" region.

      Not Caring About the Affairs of Muslims

      A person with a sick heart does not react to the needs of Muslims by making supplications, giving charity, or offering assistance. He does not care if his brothers are afflicted by a hardship in any part of the world such as being overwhelmed by the enemy, being persecuted, or being stricken by disasters. It is enough for him that his conditions are good! This is because of his ailing Iman; A believer is the opposite of that as described by the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa sallam: "A believer feels pain for the believers, just as the body feels distress over what is troubling the head." (Related by Ahmad).

  32. somaliland!!! says:

    Somalia is suffering from paranoia, Ethiopia this, Ethiopia that, Somalia will never be divided bla bla Somaliweyn is dead and using the religion card or Somalihood against us will not work. Somaliland and Somalia tried unity and it failed so why can they just live side by side. Islam permits to use your own judgment, Arabia divided into may nations and they are doing pretty fine. Somalia needs to fix their issues before they point fingers at others. Islam is a religion of peace and hiding behind it will not work. Where will violence take you. I guess Somaliland will have to teach Somalia how to live in peace with each other and with their African neighbors. Kayse has a point

    • Abu says:

      And has it ever occurred to you, that some people of issaq orgin do not harbour your view points.

      by the way kayse has no points to give, that is, if you wish to follow the religon made up by kayse,

      i much prefer Islam instead.

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