Published On: Sun, Jul 22nd, 2012

SOMALIA: Al Shabab chains its suicide bomber recruits – the slavery Jihad

MOGADISHU — Somali forces aided by AMISOM troops raided a Quran education center in northern Mogadishu’s Waharade neighbourhood on Thursday where they discovered chained up children.

The government troops said the center was part of a larger network belonging to Al Qaida and Al Shabab — Somalia’s most prominent militant group. They added the students, all below the age of 10, were being taught extreme version of Islam and suicide bombing materials.

All of the kids had their two legs chained together without the knowledge of their parents or relatives. All them slept at the center which operated like a boarding school in similar fashion to many normal Quranic centers dotted across the Horn of Africa nation.

When the forces questioned the teacher, said to be a member of al Shabab, he told them that he chained them up because many of them were skipping classes.

Al Shabab chains its suicide bombers

Al Shabab chains its suicide bombers

All students in this particular center were held against their will just like the general Somali society by foreign men with foreign twisted ideologies. The kids were also brainwashed and told if they blew themselves that they would enter Paradise.

It is not clear how many similar kids blew themselves for al Shabab, perhaps with many first chained up then chained to explosives.

The Somali government has been raiding suspecious centers for the last two months arresting more than 500 al Shabab suspects in the operations.

This is the first time the world has seen how al Qaeda and al Shabab possibly recruit their suicide bombers. The teacher was taken into custody for further investigation.

The government has advised all parents to keep an eye on their children and to closely monitor their education facilities. They urged anyone with information about al Shabab suspects to contact the government.


July 22, 2012

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  1. ali jama says:

    This is highest level of propaganda from The west & Their african slaves operating under The name of A.U.

    If They really want interest NOT to see This kind of medieval behaviour chain children stone to death poeple,all They got to do is train equipt provide regular salary to SNA.

    In no time These guys al-shabab will disappear somali peninsula.

    • san says:

      Then this is propaganda,those children do not exist and the chain is imagination.Now world have to bribe you to get rid of Alshabab!!!!!!!!This is your real Islam and that is your problem that you should handle it and blame is on you .Paying off bunch islamic street thoughs,is just a dream and will not happen!!!!

    • lulu says:

      Chaining children is Western propaganda? You really have a primitive mind. Please do not breed.

      • naasir says:

        propaganda sometime is more power full Than weapon.The whole purpose of This picture is to show The world somalis are not capable catching This terroriest. while The west not give any assistance somali forces on The ground.

        very good excuse to occopied & loot resources.

  2. Kid Carlito says:

    This is actually sickening. The worst thing is that this was all done right in Mogadishu which is suppose to be liberated and free.

    Truly sickening, As-Shaydan need to be rooted out. And we will do everything we can to keep them out of Somaliland.

  3. Allemagan says:

    The parents of these children should not have children if they can not provide them protection from these godless terrorists. In fact these kinds of parents deserve to be sterilized.Who on earth will allow someone to mete this kind of treatment to their child and will not do something about it or will not move a finger. And what kind of god or religion will allow the young and helpless to be treated this way? It is better to keep your children in your houses if this is the kind of Qur'an that they are being taught.

    It seems that Somali people have become a race that will not be moved by any atrocity no matter how heinous. Otherwise, how will they allow few foreign terrorists to turn their lives in to hell like this?

  4. Daahir says:

    Pictures are worth thousands of words, if this is propaganda then the TFG troops and their Bantu supporters must have rounded up children and chained them up in order to receive western sympathy and money, otherwise this is true pictures. The arabs who imported Wahhabism to our peaceful community must be exiled or executed, Sufism is our way life, i would say 80% of Southern Somalis practiced Sufism before the arrival of this hardline Wahabi.

    • kamaal says:

      You did not get The real picture here. why The west can’t help small SNA unites in mogadishu, They will clean every corner in mogadishu and beyond.

      Let’s be realistic here if There’s fire you need equipment to exinguish That fire. west not providing anything accept undermining sovereignty of soamlia blaming all somalis are wahabi and so forth which it is not true.

      Ali jama totaly agree with you.

  5. PuntlandGeezer says:

    see what i mean our nightmares have finally arrived. Now we have a bunch of farah who think blowing themselves up & committing terrorist attacks will go to Heaven & our women who have degraded & disrespect our somalia lifestyle, language, religion, culture etc.
    20 years of chaos has literally brought the wahabis on our doorstep & the only thing which could be a deterrent to Wahabi terrorism is our sufi tradition of Islam & not TFG, SOMALILAND OR PUNTLAND.
    let's all empower our brothers Ahlu Sunna Waljama cuz they are the savior & the protectors who will truly take as from this dark tunnel & show as the light at the end,

    VIVA Ahlu Sunna Waljama

    • naasir says:

      ahlu sunna supported by termites The ethiopian. we need better solution to This problem.

      • PuntlandGeezer says:

        Ahlu Sunna Waljama are the ones who spread islam throughout africa & they deserve respect, we really shouldn't be accusing them of being stooge for ethiopia. sometimes you have to be friends with ur enemies especially wen your enemy is backed up by al qaeda & saudi arabia, this isn't about somali nationalism anymore this is a religion war sufism vs wahabism invaders & the Ahlu Sunna Waljama were forced to choose the gun. al shabaab destroyed so many suffi shrines, beheaded sufi imams & chased them from their own land so foreigners can settle somalia.
        Ahlu Sunna Waljama really had no choice, either to flee somalia or become an ethiopian ally & fight back the wahabis, there nothing wrong with that.

        • naasir says:

          Any group pack by The termite ethiopian up to no good including ahlu sunna. we don’t even know These guys ahlu sunna are real somalis, someone was telling me They can’t speak somali language. of course al-shabab are far more worest.

  6. amal says:

    "It seems that Somali people have become a race that will not be moved by any atrocity no matter how heinous" exactly! They became immune to seeing all sort of atrocities

    I hope these al shayadeen would be defeated soon, very dangerous ideology. They gave bad name to Islam and to the Somali people. I hope their twisted understanding of Islam don't spill over to Puntland, Somaliland, Djibouti etc

    I really feel sorry for these poor children, being chained up and brain washed like that. It's sad

  7. Human beings are obviously respected in Somalia. People, don't be "islamophobes"!

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