Published On: Mon, Dec 17th, 2012

Somalia aims to resume banana exports

Somalia is one step closer to resuming exports of its famous high-quality bananas following the operations of an export company on Sunday (December 16th) in Mogadishu amid renewed optimism and hope.

Ever since al Qaeda affiliated rebels were pushed out of the city by African Union troops, Mogadishu has been slowly recovering. Somalia’s large diaspora community have been the primary growth driver of Mogadishu’s new property and investment boom and gloom.

Fruit Som said they plan to form an umbrella arm for Somali growers so they can meet foreign market demands according to Mogadishu-based Shabelle media.

Sheikh Osman, the Head of Fruit Som, said he hopes to work with hundreds of small farmers to grow and pick the fruit, and ensure they meet foreign markets’ requirements.

Somalia’s plans to resume its once thriving main cash crop comes after a gap of almost two decades.

Before the collapse of the central government in 1991, Somalia had reputation for its high-quality bananas. Somalia was the largest exporter of the crop in East Africa, which reached the Middle East and EU markets. According to recent surveys, the Somali banana is still preferred in places such as the United Arab Emirates and Iran for its pure organic taste.

At its peak of production, Somalia used about 12,000ha of land to produce the crop and it employed roughly 120,000 people. Researchers also claimed that the Somali bananas do not experience major pests or diseases and that the riverine soil was rich in nutrients. Currently the country grows bananas in 3,000ha for local consumption in green and ripened form.

It hopes to restore its once beloved crop and start shipping consignments to Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf states as well as Iran.


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  1. wanlaweyn says:

    this is done deal there is several companies in this business including fruitsome in shabelle regions and somalifruits in jubba regions based in kismayo that will mainly export to africa italy and asia while fruitsome is targeting middle east. and maybe somaliland kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. kfc says:

    Mashallah somalia continues to rise day by day.

  3. Kayse says:

    Mind you guys, Garadagland does have its own bananas and its called Ina Afdiile 571 "Khat". 571 is more popular than Coca Cola and the Somali flag combined in Garadagland…if you ask one of the habro for the time they will tell you "adeer wa 5 iyo 71 daqiiqo"….amazing! Only in Garadagland do seconds go beyond 60.

    Now we know why they see a country we don't and the IC doesn't. I blame ina Afdiile.

  4. Mike says:

    Will they request more AMISOM troops for the the Banana plantation as well? lol

  5. Buuxiye says:

    Everything is about disunity for people who claim to worship UNITY?

    Somaliland gets it supply of banana from the Raxanweyn and will continue to do so. Let the Banan politics continue to divide Somalia along Clan lines.

    Personally i support the financial empowerment of the Raxanweyn :) Every truck load of Banana that arrives in Somaliland will return with a Truck load of Locally produced goods in time to come.

  6. Warsame says:

    That picture reminds me good old days

  7. Dream on. this is onther trick from the so called president trying to control every resource of the land for his hawiye clan. nothing new. the quality somalis has still long way son.

    • zakaria says:

      how could that even be possible when the entire members of parliments and the elders are different clans, one can not over empower another as each wants a share in the ultimate price which is development etc

  8. zakaria says:

    nice speach but the vizzard has crumbled, all you care about is somaliland and would advocate segmenting our greate nation which is the entire somalia

    • Buuxiye says:

      You don't have a Nation and never will considering you allow your next generation to be fathered by NON-Somalis.

      Fix your own house before you consider dictating to others.

      We have nothing left in common and the language and Diin we share this last generation will soon leave your Failed state!

      :) I am Happy with where my country is going however imperfect it may be.

      Today In Somalia a Blind man is not safe from abuse??? Mr Abdikafi M.Hassan was arrested in Puntland province of Somalia because he disagrees with Faroole's term extention.

  9. kaboon says:

    Is this after or before they feed their starving people, i don't understand how you can export food when your own people have non.

  10. DM BOY says:

    Well said kaboon i could not say more than AFKAAGA CAANA iyo SUBAG lagu qabay.

  11. somalian says:

    its real shame some brothers can't find witin them to be happy for fellow somaliian so sad.

  12. Weli1905 says:

    I am really amazed how simple-minded we Somalis can be. Why can't we all for a moment leave clan and tribal politics and be happy for any Somali achievement, people wake up it's a new millenium tribal affiliation wont get us anywhere every society been through that it seems we the only ones stuck to it.
    It's about time we join the rest of civilized people and be accountable for our action. Long live humanity
    Peace, love for all human beings

  13. hadhka says:

    Behave man ah ah

  14. Abdiwahab says:

    silly wanlawayn go celebrate ur illusionary BANANA republic kkkkkkkk see where i was coming from lol

    • kaboon says:

      kinsi candho inagada afkan xun, if you are happy about selling few bananas to djabouti while i million mooryans starve in silicdisho (muqdisho) then that is your problem, but stop insulting us for laughing at you

  15. Ahmed says:

    Which provinces the banana farms are located in? Are they owned by Hawiye businessmen? If so, were these lands originally inhabited by other Somali tribes?

    • Khaatumo Citizen says:

      dude Banana grow all south and central Somalia we didn't ask their Qabils but I'm guessing is owned by Hawiye, D&M and Darood ( Ogadeen/Marehaan)

      • libbaan says:

        hahahaah NOOO they grow on Dir and Hawiye lands, specially Dir Biimaal and Dir Surre areas near the Merka and Baraawe all the way to Jubba river area, the Majerteens only come to these lands 30 years ago, The Mareexaan they only live in Gedo region

    • Saadiq says:


      To answer your genuine question you raise here, all banana plantation farms are located Afgoye,Jowhar, Qoryooley, ( jilib,jamaame Jubbaland area ).

      MOST banana farms use own and manage by the Italian, they leased from previous goverment twenty years term.but, ppl own the land were indigenous inhabited in this area. the reason given long term lease to Italian was most banana use to export to Italy and all over EU. first banana company SOMALITA.

      DOES hawiye own banana farms? no. hawiye took over some banana farms in these areas when civil war broke out Afgoye,Qoryooley and Jowhar. but, Jilib and jamaame not their reach it's within Jubbaland territory. where are the original inhabited of these farms? the case of Afgoye,Qoryooley,Jowhar inhabited they been bushed out. the one in jilib and jamaame the original owners are still there mix clan Darood 87%, rest are bantu,Gaal Jecel.

      • saadiq says:

        ***correct.. use to own.

      • Ahmed says:


        Thanks for sharing this information. I'm a Somalilander and like to see my fellow brothers and sisters from the south moving forward when it come to peace, development… The only thing that I was worry about is if the original owners of the farm lands were kicked out during the civil war and someone else is ripping them off. What start with xaaraan will lead to destruction.

        All the best and good luck.

        • saadiq says:


          Today south somalia it's divided into two parts. ( from Qoryooley to Baladweyn, south zone one) and ( from jamame to raskanboone and Gedo, deep south zone two) this is the reality on the ground. i believe the only thing somali race can save is respecting each other territory as the somali Elders done for centuries.

          Bantu ppl are mainly farmers they live on the land. but, other somali tribas they rely on livestock. somali bantu represent less than 15% somali population. they will eventually come back to their farmes, and maybe train other somalis how to farm. the bantu farmers in these areas, Afgoye,Qoryooley,jowhar lost their farmes DO to moryaan activity early ninties.but, the deep south they still farm and have their land.

  16. abdi says:

    There no Dir/hawiye in Jubbaland 87% are Darood. it's fact.

  17. Kayse Ayatollah says:

    I have a true story folks. People from north Somalia (Garadag/Gambelaland/Khaatumo/Makhiir/Awdal State) never seen a banana until 1970s….so one day when a Xamari guy decided to visit….he had a banana with him in his lunch bag.

    When the plane landed somewhere in the desert, he began peeling his banana and all the Waqooyi folks were amazed….like kids seeing a live ET.

    "Oo inadeer waxan ku waydiiyeey ninkasi muxu jeex jeexaya? Allaaaaaaa nagaa iska baabaanaay oo gooblanaay (sure sure I know their talk true say)….tolow maa caaday baa (toothbrush)?" the other Halimo jumped in and thought she knew and went "Naayahee naa bahalku waa daad qalatoo dee waka laa so baxaay miidiidi (knife)"………….they started to flee and sang all the way home "Anagu Xamar doni mayno, Xumana uuu gaysan maynoo midiiba naga dhaxaysaaaa…liloolooo looo dhiin dhiin"…

    Now waay yara ilbaaxen they started to eat the banana Mogadishu throws away with their bariis :) Bahal soo dhiintay oo yar oo green ah…

    They only export camels, goats and sheep :) They don't even have fruits to eat let alone export them. Last time I wanted a mango I had to wait two weeks from Mogadishu.

  18. Burcaawi says:

    Keyse (Kinsi Candho),

    You don't seem to have life. You are responding to every article.

    Get a job! You little foget!

  19. Kinsi says:

    How fitting for a Banana Republic, excuse the pun.

    The Global Banana market is totally saturated, the whole third world and their dog exports Bananas.

    Better off giving them to the starving masses.

  20. Allemagan says:

    Whether you export it or consume it locally, growing your own banana beats cutting down a 1000 year old accacia tree so that you can buy an abbysinian Khat. In the latest estimate, 50 percent of the charcoal in northern Somalia is produced by young men who cut mature live tree to satisfy their addiction to Kahat.

    In onother 15-20 years all northern Somalia will become irreversible desert. Let us talk about the destruction of our environment instead of hating other Somalis and their bananas and beans.

  21. GREAT SOMALIA says:

    I think we are still not wake up yet. Even when a mother and her infant were separated by Kenya. tax driver were drugged from their car and put into jail. Somalia women were raped by Kenya police and still got away with. what shocked me is: We already lost the dignity we have in the world, and you can tell when we travel around the world. Our vision and intellectual is based on TRIABOLISM. When are we going to understand the big picture? In the world , people that have different culture, speaking different language, and believing different religion have been leaving peace and prosperity. Why is it so hard for people that speaks one language, one religion and one culture to get along? I think we all have problems that we need to find the solution.

    • Mohamd says:

      It is in your name dude. The same chauvinism you are complaining about is in your "GREAT" name and that of a little part that claims to be "somali". What makes you better than other "somali" people living and working in their respected countries?

      You are an ill person out to spread illness and will never rest until everybody else is sick like you.

      • Buurta saw says:

        The sick man is the one who avoid facts and hate his identity and air words that makes the enemies happy. In fact people like this are worse than the enemy. We are great irregardless of politics, we are Somalis, great race and proud of that, for sure we will be a great nation in the future!!!

        • Buuxiye says:

          Great about what?

          3million of your people are living in Refugee camps. You are a disgrace to the Somali name and you and your bantu diluted bloodline wishes to claim to represent all Somalis? *uck you and your lost cause.

          Only failed people who wish to spread their failure with everyone else pretend to represent all Somalis :(

          If anyone should represent the Somali people and their greatness let is be the Djiboutians at least because they have the God given inteligence to STAY far away from your Southern Fufus. The only part of Somali regions begging to be occupied by fufu forces…

          Save us Save us oh Fufu Blease save us… You people could never every ever again have any dignity or respect.

  22. Mohamd says:

    The banana was introduced to the South by Italians who wanted to create a little Italy in East Africa on the back of exporting bananas, sugar and cotton. They first designed Jawhar as a settlement where they could build huge farming projects using Somalis. Other places you will keep hearing from the faqash people is Janaale which was also another settlement designed to cater to the Italian dreams of Africa. But they have no history or even ownership of these lands, that is why the place is cursed.

    Funnily, the bananas were destined for Italian supermarkets. Later on, they use to sell the bad quality bananas to the Somalis which often had to be consumed within a couple of days or they would be poisonous.

    • somali says:

      Listen crazy jackroo, not only jowhar janaale use to produce banane but also other cities, Jamame and jilib was big hub exporting banana area. the Italain run most of banana plantation cuz they know how have the connection export route in Europe.

      In those days the italian they were only allowed export 70% banana production rest used Domestic. NO poisonous banana sold in the market MOGADISHU CITY COUNCIL was very strict

      All the BAQBAQ banana Mogadishu fruit market use export to Bosaso,Hargeisa,Djibouti. the good news is mogadishu will not be the only city which will export fruit abroad other cities also planning.

  23. Allemagan says:

    The most persistent question in this forum became to whom does the banana growing regions belong to; first these regions belong to the original inhabitants of those lands and second to all Somalis. The region was originally called "Dhoobay" and the inhabitants were non-clanish civilized farmers who were referred as Reer Dhoobay and Gosha.

    Folks who call themselves Raskamboni who are today creating a big problem in Kismayo are mostly from NFD and Ethiopian occupied Western Somalia and few of them settle in Afmadow and Dooblay in Juba region.

    Puntlanders (sic) are mostly nomadic camel herders and Qubo fishermen from the eastern coast of Somalia. They do not engage in farming bananas or any other fruits or vegetables. In fact most of the people from northern Somalia and eastern region (Puntalnd) did never see a banana or an egg in their life before 1960. Most of them ate the bananas with its bitter skin the first time they have sampled it. They called the hens "dooro" and they saw it not worthy to be eaten as an egg or chicken by a man.

    We all know who comes from what region and if they can not live in peace with others, these folks should be returned to their little corner and camel well.

  24. osman Qaal says:

    I heard the banana plantations in Somalila owned by foreigners, primarily Italians..

    • Muqtaar says:

      USE to be,but all foreigners left after the civil war. even those companies who had contract with agriculture sector no longer valid.

      Fruit,vagetable,fish are all good. this is what folks in Hargeisa,burco,berbera need to eat, because they will think straight not in reverse.

      • Hussein says:

        That is good one but I would add that the Somalis in Jigjiga led by the crazy man called Abdi Mohamed Omar need to eat this fruit so that they can think like Sayid Mohammed and free them selves from the Ethiopians.

  25. pepito Borja says:

    Growing bananas in somalia is a big bussiness less expenses free from chimecals, compared to other countries who have banana plantations. In somalia there are viable lands particularly near the river banks in shabelle and juba.Iremember one time when Ivisit our co- employee of somal fruit company assigned in kismayo. They have a nice plantations ruined only by the advent of civil war. May the banana plantations will rise again and to produce best quality of exportable bananas.

  26. ali kismayo says:


    We know who occupy farms in Afgoye,Jowhar,Shalanbood. i don't have to go into full detail about, before you jump on jubbaland wagon make you read hsitory about this region. always majority in jubbaland will lead, let's cut these nonsense Moryaan MTYH. TODAY Jubbaland it's in the hands of ppl inhabite these region.

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