Somalia has been hit by a scandal similar to the US  Watergate Scandal. The Financial Times, a respected international business  journal has reported that Yusur Abraar, Governor of the Somalia Central  Bank has resigned her position. Governor Abraar was appointed as a governor  just two months ago.

The story, which was originally broken by Awdal press,  reports that Governor Abraar resigned because she did not want to be  involved in the looting of Somali assets and funds by a group of people  led by the president’s own chief of staff, Mr. Kamal Dahir Gutaale.

The President’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Kamal Dahir  Guutaale, tried to force the newly appointed Governor of the Central  Bank, Ms. Yusur Abraar, to transfer over 100 million dollars to his  cohorts;

Ganjab Investments , The American law firm of Shulman Rogers ,,  while the president of Somalia was out of the town on a visit to Kismayo,  backfired on a colossal scale. Now everyone involved is running for  the dark corners.

This bold and money grab would have succeeded if not  for Ms. Yussur Abrar’s strong ethics, moral fortitude.  Ms. Yusur  Abraar was appointed to be the Governor of the Central Bank seven weeks  ago because of her in depth knowledge and understanding of global finance,  her intelligence, and her convictions.

Ms. Yusur Abrar is a world renowned financial expert  who is, like her predecessor Dr. Abdisalam Omer from the Awdal State  .  Ms. Abraar, upon accepting her appointment, began creating a banking  structure that would prevent government funds from being looted.   Her plan was not to allow any of the over 100 million dollars to be  deposited into the central bank until a reliable banking structure was  in place that would prevent the stealing of Somalia’s money by anyone  in a position of power.  The UN has reported that over 20 million  dollars had been stolen last year from the Central Bank.

Unbeknown to Ms. Yusur Abraar, the President’s own  Chief of Staff had a plan in the works to steal over 100 million dollars  in Somali money from overseas that had been frozen.  The plan was  for all this money to be transferred directly to the law firm of Shulman  Rogers and not into the central bank of Somalia.  The only problem  was that Ms. Yusur Abraar needed to be on board with this deal.

The Chief of Staff did not see Ms. Yusur Abraar’s  moral objections as a big deal.  She was a woman, only in office  for seven weeks, and was now in Mogadishu. History and his life experience  told him that ambitious Somali politicians always cooperate.  He planned  on meeting her at the Jazira hotel and once there “persuade” her  to “do the right thing”.   There was no reason to suspect  that the plan would not work.  The Chief of Staff saw Mogadishu  as his town, his gunmen where there and at his beck and call.   And, after all, Ms. Yusur Abraar could do all the bank reforming she  would like in the future, but he wanted his cut of Somalia’s gold  now.  What choice did she have?

What Mr. Kamal Dahir Guutaale did not know was that  Ms. Yusur Abraar had uncovered his plans, knew that lawyers from Shulman  Rogers where in town and on the day that Mr. Kamal Dahhir Guutaale had  carefully choreographed as the day where Ms. Yusur Abraar was to “sign  on the dotted line”, she was already out of the country and tendering  her resignation.

Ms. Yusur Abraar snuck out of Mogadishu  quietly without the Chief of Staff ever knowing and while in Dubai,  resigned and exposed the Chief of Staff for the thief that he was.   Ms. Kamal Dahir Guutaale and his lawyers from Shulman Rogers where left  holding the bag.

Now comes the fall out.  The President is coming  back to town.  The question is did Mr. Kamal Dahir Guutaale plan  this thievery to occur when the President was away so he could get away  with it?  Or did he plan this thievery when the President was away  so that the President could say he didn’t know?  Basically was  Mr. Kamal Dahir Guutaale acting as the President’s agent, and on the  President’s behalf, or did he try to steal over 100 million dollars  for himself? Who knew what, and when did they know it?

We will know soon enough.  The President will  either fire Mr. Kamal Dahir Guutaale and replace him with a reputable  Chief of Staff or he will keep him on to do his dirty deeds in the future.   Soon we will know the truth.  What else is missing and stolen?

Not too long ago some of the Somali websites and the  East Africa Energy Forum reported that a Mr. Haider and his group were  shopping Somali gas and oil concession with the assistance of another  foreign law firm, Jay Park, and using a company registered in an offshore  country. Whether the president or the prime minister is behind this  scandal as well will also come out soon enough.

Having crooked men in positions of power is not new  to Somalia.  We know that Mr. Kamal Dahir Guutalle is running a  criminal gang, the only question is; was the President behind this?   The truth cannot stay hidden forever.



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1. Contract between Podesta Group, Shulman Rogers and  Central Bank of Somalia

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3. Exhibit B Shulman Rogers and Federal Republic of Somalia

4.Lobbiest Group hired by Shulman Rogers (Podesta Group)

5.Money (Fee) Paid to Shulman Rogers

6.Exhibit A Shulman Rogers and Kamal Dahir Hassan Gutela