Published On: Mon, Sep 10th, 2012

Somalia’s Vote Rigging: One Vote Equals 60,000 Dollars

No Patriotism in Somalia Parliament & President Selection – Money is the Master

It is heartbreaking to watch the corrupted process of parliament and presidential selection, where everybody in Mogadishu is involved: The Tribal Elders, MPs and Presidential Candidates. The MPs paid to the elders to be nominated in the new parliament; candidates of the Parliament Speaker post paid between $10,000 and $30,000 per vote; on 29th Aug 2012 the money-making started over the nomination of the President of the country. Finally, there are reports coming out from presidential election that vote rigging reached $50,000 – $60,000 per vote over nomination of the president, and even some candidates asked their supporters in the parliament to picture their voting paper using smartphones, in order to ensure that supporting MP voted in their favor.

Such reports illustrate the level of corruption in Somalia Presidential and Parliamentary election, and the question is: Will such corrupted politicians lead the country out of the crisis?!

The corruption is at the peak in Somalia – the poorest and most unsecure country in the world. The politicians are very selfish and don’t care the disadvantaged citizens who don’t get the daily meal. Millions of dollars has been circulated in Mogadishu by the corrupted politicians without sense of patriotism and nationalism; they collected millions of dollars out of the aid funds and donations to the poor.

It is clear to the international community that such politicians are using dirty-money to win the top posts in the country, and knowing many of them has been accused for corruption.  The question lingering is: Can corruption solve the problem in Somalia? And why the international community remains blinded over such wide-spread corruption?

Firsthand reports in Mogadishu ensured that many corrupted candidates are distributing luxury cars to the MPs in order to win their votes. Luxury Cars in Mogadishu!!!!  There are no infrastructure and ninety percent of the citizens are under poverty and living on aid. Every year there are famine in Somalia and people die for hunger.

International community must understand that justice and fair distribution of the power that can bring long-lasting solution to Somalia, instead of supporting the 4.5 system that gives the power to few tribes leaving the voiceless majority uncounted.

It is obvious that such selfish and corrupted politicians (e.g. modernized warlords) could have taken arms against each other, if not the pressure created by the presence of the African Forces (AMISOM).

The world is building a corrupted and mysterious administration that doesn’t have strong bases for longer run, instead the latter could have support capacity building and educating the public against corruption and terrorism.

I doubt if these corrupted politicians could have support the Road Map, if Al-Shabab injects larger sum of money into their blood than the international community. We could have seen many of such politicians growing beard and joining Al-Shabab lines.

It is very delighting to see the AMISOM and Kenyan forces chasing Al-Shabab out of the southern Somalia, particularly the recent military victories in Marka and Kismayo cities. However, international community must know chasing Al-Shabab and building muscles of this corrupted politician will neither lead to stable government in Somalia nor will end Al-Shabab terrorist activities. It is highly possible that such corrupted politicians and MPs serve Al-Shabab secretly because their key in life is “Money” and keeping the country in chaos. Somalia’s politicians don’t serve humanity and lack patriotism.

The dirty money in Mogadishu has been used in every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain control over the government institutions. The new government of Somalia will not be an independent from its financial sponsors, which puts the nation under terrible circumstance. The situation in current delegation process in Somalia could be described as One-Vote-One-Dollar.

Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency and their sole object is gain.

The International Community, African Union and UN must invest in the areas that helped itself in the horn of Africa. The Aid donors must focus on the areas with basic modern government structures like Somaliland that has functioning and elected government, in addition to elected parliament, instead of using tribalism and corruption to create government in Somalia. It will be almost impossible to have strong and effective government in Mogadishu via the current corruption selection process.

Vote fraud and rigging will not bring stability in Somalia.



References: The Money Masters.


By\ Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi


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  1. sahra says:

    so sheik sherif could not win because of the money holy mercifully mighty god the man has fifty million dollar find something else to say.

    • amal says:

      sahra, Somalia is a place full of corruption

      • HAWIYE WARRIOR says:

        Agreed with corruption no country is perfect but disagree with the full well maybe once upon a time but not no more because i'am not a liar unlike you whose trying to live in your own do it your self hypnotized denial .Guess what though the tables are turning with Somalia recovering that place called "Somaliland" aka Never Neverland seems to be going backwardness into tribalism and trust me that is not a place you wanna be in especially when it concerns what i call my Somali people regardless of who you are where you was born in and where your allegiance lie

  2. Moha LaClass says:

    Seriously man you need to find another hobby abdul aziz or what ever your name is.
    This election was fair and square if not sharif would've.

  3. amal says:

    What's more important is to bring peace first and then it will take time to mature democratically.

    • wanlaweyn says:

      Amal hassan sheikh mohamud is not rich. sheikh sharif had more money. even aljazeera reported that this new president "had no deep pockets" they were reporting corruption by sh Sharif but they were surprised he did not win. the reason this man won was all other candidates were upset over the alliance of sakiin anb sh sharif and decided to team up on him and choose "change" that is what abdiweli gas said when he cancelled his candidacy.

      • amal says:

        I didn't know him before but I just listened to his speech you posted in another article and he seems much better than sheikh shareef. Glad he won instead of shareef Ahmed.

      • farxaan says:

        well said, talks,money did not work in This election if That is The case”sharif will won it The election”.This is allaince and working together,

  4. khaatumo citizen says:

    Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi what have you been chewing mayn chill, the election was fair, whole world could see it,


    If their wasn't no patriotism in the Parliament then how comes they are picking good honest educated people starting from the Honorable speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari to the new also Honorable president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Im not implying their wasn't no foul play at all but that the good prevailed over the evil by a big majority that's all so saying it was a full blown corruption is an insult to those that made sure Somalia moved forward for the last few months. What happened today in Somalia is in the same league as the west if not better (serious face) if you didn't know what real democracy looked like well today you got the chance to witness it with your own eyes. So enough with the BS and stop panicking because you found out today that your 20 + years in a coma secessionist dream had their life support switched off by the ballet of a box lol. Its a new day and a new down for the Somali people stop being stuck with the 90's Siad Barres image because everyone suffered true his evil hands and get with the program while its fresh in second gear going to third or get left behind in the sixth with a big cloud of dust in your face.

    • wanlaweyn says:

      brother you make good points but you need to stop this rubbish about tribalism like "hawie nation is rising"
      and change your name to something like "somali warrior" lol it is brotherly advice most of somalia are occupied by non hawio tribes so become a patriot not tribalist. gongrats to HE hassan sh moh

  6. Mohammed says:

    Kaboon : The new president doesn't have a foreign passport. He returned to Mogadishu in the early 90's and have stayed there ever since. Read something before commenting.

  7. Kayse says:

    These lies by al Mukhtairi would have little support if the guys with all the money got elected including Sheikh Sharif but Pro Hassan is as poor as they come. This was a valid vote and what matter is the Somali people accept the result and welcome the new chapter in the Somali Republic.

    We really don't care what this Arab man thinks who is probably sitting on a $10m oil mansion in the Khaleej. They love Somalia's chaos because then no oil is developed in the Somali Republic so the Arabs get richer and obese.

    He should focus on his dictatorial country and if he cares about "Somaliland" he should bring some of his oil money there and do something real.

    God bless the Somali Republic. A new educated Speaker, President and an educated Parliament…Somalia either does it or doesn't. You will never see it coming what it has. Don't give up.

    • Somaliland says:


      You are just a fool who always write whatever comes into your crazy mind. It was well-known fact that there were vote-buying going on in both before the parliament were set and during the so-called Somalia Presidential election. However, it turn out that those who spend money, the like of Sheikh Sharrif and Abdiweli lost to unknown individual. But, for sure money was changing hands like crazy during the campaign.

      For your info. the writer of this article, does not live in Gulf region, but in the west maybe a town near where you live in Australia.

    • jamaal says:

      muchtairi is another low life jackass arab nothing more or leaa.They have all The money in The world They can’t even build bicycle.arabs are known to have double faces That is why They never go mutairi what he wrote is baseless if corruption would decide The out come of The election Sharif would won it, because he has spare cash he could spend.the election it was not motivated by money but who can take somalia better direction.

  8. Allemagan says:

    Who is Abdulaziz Almutairi? This man is a one boiler operator in Kuwait. He is an Ethiopian by nationality. You will say how do I know that? I debated this hired propagandist for what is called Somaliland (sic.) Many times. He has written hundreds of hateful articles that promote the balka ization of Somalia. Now that is that.

    He is trying to belittle the achievement of our people. If money worked here, where is Sharif Shikh Ahmed who allegedly spent more money than any other candidate? Where is Sharif Hassan Aden the speaker of the parliament? The men who won their positions do not have money to spend but they have education, integrity and genuine desire their country. Stop the nonsense and misleading propaganda.

  9. Allemagan says:

    Genuine desire to serve their country that is

  10. Dhuguse says:

    The fact is, the people in Somalia are born with the corruptions. Hore ayaa loo yidhi, hal booli ihi nirig xalaal ah ma dhasho.

    From the outset, Somalilanders awoke with the unexpected rigging of the constitution referendum in June 1961 when they declared that voters more than the whole population of Somaliland had voted in small village of wanlaweyn, all in favor of the proposed constitution, while the fact was, the population in that village were no ore than two thousand. In connection with that incident, they are still bearing the nickname "Wanlaweyn" and that is why Somalilander can no longer trust them.

  11. sahre says:

    @dhuguse Somalia is moving the right direction our national nightmare is over this article utter nonsense you need stop name calling to be honest with you we could care less about what anybody says for first time the future of Somalia looks bigger brighter than ever my advice to you joint us.

  12. [...] reports stated that the bribe price of MP votes reached as high as $50-60,000, though President Mohamud was not implicated specifically in these [...]

  13. mohamed cheers says:

    Honestly, if the new u-turn of electing Prof. Hassan Sheikh Mahamoud didn't happen, I would be
    in to support the Article of Abdulaziz Al-mutairi, but now my thoughts have changed to support the
    new u-turn of how the results came out to surprise us and fools like Kayse the blacksmith escape
    goat lol. Therefore, I could only assume that the rigging fraud election corruptions were mainly
    associated with the beleagured/defeated warlords we all are familiar with. Good riddance.

  14. Gee says:

    Abdl Aziz, it easy to blame, but finding justification before taking up your pen to blame is always wise. Out of the 22 we did not hear a single candidate complaining of losing the game due to corruption.

  15. Abdulrahman Ahmed says:

    Al-Mutairi is right and Somalia need an educated man like this great writer. My friend corruption is not money only, tribalism is part of corruption, and the new president came to power using tribalism and obvious Somalis hated Sheikh Hassan who allied to Sharif at last minute…

    It is corrupted process as long as it is not public voting… Dont tell me that new president did not pay single dollar.. He paid good amout of money and he has financial sponsors including businessmen from Mogadishu, who wants to get their business done after he takes the oath….

    this is bloody corruption…. Thanks Al-Mutairi for enlightment.

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